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새해 복 많이 보내세요 (Saehae bok manhi bonaeseyo).
happy new years in Korean! from a cold Korean day

2018 End of the Year Updates to World According to Cosmos

I have just updated my blog, “the World According to Cosmos” with fresh content for the new years. I have over 300 followers and over 1,000 hits since I launched it in February 2018.
Please head on over and sign up. I hope you will like it.

here are the “2018 End of the Year Updates to “the World According to Cosmos.”

Highlights include publication of my poetry in All Poetry, Poetry Soup, Cosmosfunnel, Hello Poetry, Poetry Magnum Opus,, and Open Arts Forum among other sites. You can follow me there, as well as here!!!!
The Ugly writers have published a number of my poems on Sleaze. I have started publishing my Fake Things chapbook on the blog, with my ‘Fake Foods” poems being featured. I also have started publishing my “Snarling Cup of Coffee” chapbook featuring my coffee poems and my love poems. Duane Poetree recently published my “No More Coffee “ blues and he has published a number of other of my poems. Please visit his site for great poetry. Outlaw poetry is another site that has published a lot of my work. Please visit them as well. Two Drops of Ink has published a number of my poems as have Scarlet Leaf Review. Please visit them as well. Ariel Chart has published some of my short stories. Worth a visit there as well.

in the coming year I hope to become an Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube poet as well. Stay tune.

Have a great and productive year of the Golden Pig in 2019.

year of the pig

It is especially poignant because my wife was born 60 years ago in the year of the Golden Pig. I was born in the year of the Goat. According to Chinese astrology that is the best possible marriage combination.

year of the pig

Enjoy and visit my web page and let me know what you think.

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