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I have been posting poems on All Poetry since 2016.  I have posted over 823 poems over the years.  Many of them were inspired by all poetry contests.  I have been posting ten poems every other week since I joined. I have 491 followers and follow over 1576 other poets from around the world.  All Poetry is a great site to meet and read poets from everywhere. You can sign up for free, but I opted to pay for a premium membership.

They also offer classes and lots of informational resources for poets.

I plan on updating my web page, medium, and watt pad, writing com pages,  whenever I post things on All Poetry.  I will post an update on Poetry Soup in a few days. Here are my latest All Poetry postings. For the rest. look at the site.  You can find my poems at

December 28, Postings

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Sunsets of Love

The Elephant in the Room =Guns

Sam Adams Cutting Words

Sam Adams Explains Love to a Space Alien

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Robot Lady Bug

Snowing Winter Haiflu

Sam Adams returns to the Green Beaches of Oregon

Walking Along the Winter Korean Beach

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Begin Poems

Walking along the winter Korean Beach

Walking along the Winter Korean Beach
With the love of my life
By my side,
She looks at me
With red hot love
Flames shooting
From her black eyes,
Melting away my heart
Driving out the cold
of the winter beach.

Ten Winter Haiflu/Senryu

Winter is coming
The cold season approaching
Christmas around the corner

The COVID virus
Surging everywhere it seems
Winter of our discontent

Winter is coming
2022 looms
Goodbye 2021

Fading into memory
Good riddance, we all proclaim

Dreading the winter
Dreading more COVID
Dreading more Corona Ghosts

Winter depression
COVID fears re-emerging
Still more travel restrictions

The winter starting *
With so many ghosts
Crying in the wind

Wintertime for blues
Blues playing on my YouTube
Seeing Corona Ghosts Dancing

Wintertime sadness
Recalling all who have gone
In this dismal year now past

Winter beginning
Are the end times coming?
Revelations coming true?

* published in Failed Haiku December 2021

Sunsets of Love

My favorite time of day
Is sunset
As the sun begins to set,
I pour a glass of wine for my wife
Or sometimes rum or whiskey
And sit down to dinner.

Drinking our drink
While watching the sunset,
Over the western sea.

Sometimes, we take a walk
At sunset and watch the sun
Sink beneath the west sea

Off of Yeoungjong Island
Near the Incheon airport town.
We live on an island
So the sea is all around us,

The park nearby
Has splendid sea views.
And the mountain top
Is a great place
To catch the sunset
Over the nearby sea.

My favorite sunset story
Though comes from Barbados,
In the Caribbean sea.
At the right time,
Of the year,
Usually in winter,
At sunset,

When the weather cooperates
With a few clouds in the sky
As the sun sets,
You might be lucky
You might experience the green flash
the entire sky turns bright green,

for a flash of a second,
then settles down into evening calm.

I experienced it four times
Four times in three years
Always a special occasion.

The locals always claim
If you look for the green flash
It will not flash

But when you are ready
It will show its magic
And you will be lucky
The next day.

And we celebrated
With a glass of Mt Guy rum
A perfect way
To end a perfect sunset.

But in the end,
As long as I have my wife
By my side,
The sunset will always
Be a magical ending
For another day.

In our earthy paradise,
Spent with the love
Of my life by my side.

The Elephant in the Room

In watching
the news coverage
Of the rising crime wave
There is one thing missing
Everyone skirts around it
No one wants to deal with it

No one wants to talk about it
No one wants to do anything else
The elephant in the room.


The result
More deaths
Guns kill people.

That is what they
Are designed to do
That is the Buddha nature
Of guns after all.

So easy to pull the trigger
Blow someone away
Dead people tell no tales.


The elephant in the room
The NRA smiles
Their work is done.

Contaza Love Poem

On one fine day, she came to me
She came to me in a dream that date
Later I met her, it was fate.

She was that I want to be
Within weeks she became my life
Months later she became my wife.

When I saw her, knew it was she
The day we met, we went for food
Seeing her there, lifted my mood.

There were many things that we agree
That we liked to drink red wine.
From that moment she would be mine.

From that date we became a we
For that date in late September
Is a date I will remember.
5 or more 3 line stanzas
First lines can be read as separate monorhyme poem
8 syllable lines
abb acc add are off … rhyme scheme

Sam Adams Cutting Words

Sam Adams
Has a bitter sarcastic
Cutting attitude
Infamous for his Adam’s wit

Much feared and hated
But many laughed along
As his wit was just so funny

Unless you were the victim
Of his verbal cuts and put-downs.
Often unloading on people

His bitter sarcastic cuts
Designed to humiliate
And hurt, zeroing in on your faults.

A true master
Of the kiss up
Kick down
Intimidation philosophy of life.

He was a verbal bully
And like most bullies
Could dish it out
But did not appreciate it
When it was returned
Back to him.

Every Wednesday, Robert Lee Brewer shares a prompt and an example poem to get things started on the Poetic Asides blog. This week, write a cut poem.


For today’s prompt, write a cut poem. Paper cuts, grass cuts, both are welcome on this prompt. Knives cut, sure, but so does the wind. Also, people cut prices, cut in line, and cut corners. Suddenly, there’s a world of cutting poems ready to be written.

What is Love Explained to a Space Alien

One day a spaceship landed
Near Sam Adams’s house,
And a tall alien
Dressed in silver
Accompanied by three shorter aliens
Came to his house.

And told him,
They were from the planet Sirius,
And conducting a survey
Of the earth,

And had some questions
For Sam Adams
They had picked him,
Because they considered him
A subject matter expert
On the topic of love.

Which was one
Of the five things,
That they could not understand
About humanity.

No one else
Among the one million
Intelligent species,
Had such a concept.

Sam asked what the other things were
That they did not understand

They said,

US and global politics,
Gun Violence
Climate Change
And finally, the issue of love,

Sam told them,

Let’s discuss these issues
Over a beer,

The beer is on me.
Since you are visitors.
When they got
the Cosmos Bar

Sam introduced them
to the owner
And ordered drinks

The owner said to them,
Space aliens drinking in my bar.
Why not?
And served them their drinks
On the house, she said.

The aliens said,
Let’s start with love,
Tell us what this thing is
You called love,

You see in the whole universe
There is no such concept
Of romantic love.
In most cultures, there are marriages
And most people are bisexual
And group marriages are the norm

Love is seen
As merely sexual attraction
And most people pick their partners
From computer-generated links

For we have figured it all out
It is simply matching attractions
And computers can figure that out
Not a big deal at all.

But you persist in denying
That love is nothing but
A chemical DNA thing.
Designed to promote
Mating and carrying babies.

Explain to me
Since the media has dubbed you
The most romantic man
In the world

So again, explain it to us
What is love?

Sam Adams answered
It comes down to this
Love is mysterious

Love is magic.
There is a certain Zen element
To love
A certain Taoist
element as well

Those who can define it
Have never experienced it
And those who have experienced it
Can never describe it.

Love is what it is
And sometime
It is what it’s ain’t.

One cannot define it
But you know it
When it happens.

One can say a few things
Love happens
When you least expect it.
Love creeps up on you

Love happens
When you are washing dishes,
Drinking wine.

Dancing at a club
Making love
For the first time
Or the 10,000th time,

And every time
Is different
Then the time before.

Love happens when you give up
Searching for love,
Waiting for love,
Wishing for love,
Wishing for the one.

Then one day
The one walks out
Of your dreams,
And into your life
Becoming your spouse.

He told them a story
About his own love story,

“One day, my spouse
Was berating me
For all my myriad faults
All my sins against her

My omissions and commissions
Malfeasance and misfeasance
Things I had done
And things I had failed to do.

All of which I acknowledge
And apologized for
But finally, I had enough

I said,

Well, if I am so bad
So horrible
So evil a creature
And a person you hate
So much,

Did you marry me?

She laughed,

“Temporary insanity
And I am still insane.
Thirty-nine years later”.

We both laughed
And fell in love

As always,
We fall in love
With each other
Every day,
Every moment
Every second
We see each other.

It dawned on Sam
He had the answer
To the question

Told the Space aliens,
“And that my space alien friends,
Is the true unknowable madness
The true Zen spirit of love”.

“Let’s drink to the magic of love”.

Finishing his beer and ordering
Another round,

The lead alien said

“Well, that was interesting
And I think we begin
To understand you all
A bit more.

You are indeed
The most interesting people
In the whole universe

And have the best beer
Whiskey and coffee
In the known universe”.

And they drank
And talked all night long

Discussing everything

Sam tried to answer their questions
But he so many for them as well.

They told Sam about the universe
And our place in it
And their plans for us.

The bartender had alerted
The media
Who showed up,
at sunrise,

as they were
wrapping things up
drinking coffee
to finish the night.

The aliens did an interview
And said Sam had explained
The greatest mystery of humanity

What is love?

And they said,
We will be back soon
Tell your leaders
To expect us.

And Sam,
Next time, we will bring you
Some drinks f
from our planet,
And the drinks are on us.

My Favorite Things

These are among my favorite things
Drinking coffee in the morning
While watching the news
And writing in my journals

Recalling my dreams.
Talking to my wife
When she wakes up

Filling the room
With the light
Of her love.

Dispatching my nightmares
Replacing them
With love and happiness.

Drinking tea
In the afternoon
As I work on my blog.

Evening drinking wine
At sunset
With my wife
The love of my life.
By my side

As long as I have her
I am the richest person
In the world.

Cosmos’s Scumbag of the Week Award,

Purpose:  From time to time, I will award a “Scumbag of the Week Award” and post it on my blog, medium, wattpad, blog love, writing com, FB, Tumblr, Linkedin, and tweeter and send a nice certificate to the person who demonstrated the true qualities of a Scumbag – vile despicable behavior or speech demonstrating that they are a true sociopathic scumbag.

For the first scumbag,
Of the week award
We had two worthy contenders.

The runner up is
the congressional representative,
Who felt he would send out
A friendly message
Of peace and goodwill
During the Christmas season,

He had his whole family
Standing by a Christmas tree
Carrying military assault weapons

With the caption,
“Santa, please send more amo”.

Santa should send the family
A note

“For your display of Christmas naughtiness,
I am donating ten thousand dollars
from your bank account,
In your name for each victim
Of gun violence this year,

200 thousand dollars
Thank you for your generous donation,”

The Republican congressional
representative from Kentucky
Did not apologize for the lame
Extremely tasteless and offensive

Not even saying
That it was just a lame
A attempt at a joke.

Tweeting that
he had stirred up
A hornets’ nest
But it was good

To see the leftist so upset
And he would do it again
Saw nothing wrong with it.

Yet another Christian
Who shows his adherence
To Christian values,

By violating everything,
Christ stood for.
Not doing what Jesus
Would have done.

And did it just
Before Christmas

right after a horrific
shocking shooting
at a school.

Until next time,
When we will award
Another scumbag
Of the week award.

Scumbag of the Week Marjorie Taylor Green

For this week’s s Cosmos
scumbag of the week award
We have four contestants

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Matt Gaetz,
Paul Gosar,
Louie Gohmert

They are tied
and will receive
the award later

they held a bonkers
demented press conference
or that, they are all winners

“On Tuesday,
Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Matt Gaetz,
Paul Gosar,
and Louie Gohmert

Held a press conference
where they defended
the Jan. 6 insurrection,

Promoting every conspiracy
the theory under the sun
and attacking anybody

who dares call
into question the actions
of the people

we all saw on television,
on our computers,
and on our mobile devices
attacking the Capitol building.

Any one of the four
on the podium
at the conference

could create a misinformation
swarm larger
the rings of Saturn,

and all four together
did not disappoint their master,
Donald Trump.

Let’s all just remember

four things: Greene is a horrendous human being 

Gaetz is a horrendous human being;

Gosar is a horrendous human being;

and Gohmert is a horrendous human being”.

“First up was Greene,
who told the world
that the Jan. 6 defendants
we’re being tortured

and persecuted
and forced to submit
to critical race theory brainwashing.”

She went on to say
Of the January 6th defendants

“They were isolated
in a separate wing of the jail
, where they are abused,
where they are ridiculed,
where they are mocked
because of their political beliefs
and because of January 6,

and because
of the color of their skin.”

all are scumbags worthy
Of this award

Then came Gaetz to promise
kangaroo courts
and Benghazi trials
while also pretending

that Benghazi investigation
were mishandled
because they found nothing.

“We are going to take power
after this next election.

When we do,
it’s not going to be
the days of Paul Ryan,
and Trey Gowey,

and no real oversight,
and no real subpoenas.

It’s going to be the days
of Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene,
and Dr. Gosar, and myself.”

He would move to install
Trump as House Speaker “

For this and past offenses
He is runner up
To Cosmos’s Scumbag
Of the week award.

Gosar is the three-sentence embodiment
of a sniveling Dickens character.

Comment: not to mention
His violent murder porn fantasy tweets.”

And he is so bad
Even his siblings
Campaigned against him
And denounced him
On worldwide TV.

His response
Was to call his seven siblings
Jealous Marxists.

Another worthy recipient
Of the Cosmos Scumbag
Of the week award.

Gohmert just comes
across like someone
who doesn’t know much
of anything

and therefore, might seem
a touch less dangerous.

Then it was Gohmert’s turn.
Gohmert has recently
decided to leave Congress
in the hopes of taking control
of the Texas attorney general’s office,

announcing his bid against

the publicly corrupt Ken Paxton

last month.
Gohmert’s job
was to promote the conspiracy theory

that the only people
who should be charged
with insurrection should be the FBI.

Literally—that’s his fact-free
conspiracy vomit
into the public sphere for the day.

Then Gosar came up to make
a series of statements
about the cruel conditions

of the incarcerated Jan 6 defendants
calling them human rights violations

Gosar made sure to explain
how white these defendants are.
They aren’t those “hardened criminals” people
(The ones Gosar and Greene and Gohmert
and Gaetz never speak up for),

“they’re fathers.”


Has so many reasons
To be the scumbag of the week.

Robot lady bug
doing its lady bug thing
no more natural bugs left

Snowing Winter Haiflu

snowing winter night
so many corona ghosts
voices crying in the wind

Sam Adams returns to the Green Beaches of Oregon

Sam Adams
Returned to his native Oregon
Just after the end of the world

When the Coronavirus
Had finally morphed,
Into the dreaded zombie flu
And the zombie apocalypse
Ravaged the earth.

Sam Adams like a few others
Was immune
He returned to the Oregon coast

Walking the lonely empty
Verdant green beaches.

Looking for survivors
Finally found a few people
And they formed a little community.

Brought together by fate
They bonded

As they walked
The lonely beaches.
Oceans Dying writing com

The whole world
Seems to be dying
The world seems to be burning
Wildfires everywhere.

Megadrought out west,
Monster storms everywhere,
Leaders dither and dather, doing nothing.
As the oceans continue to die.

Three more scumbag poems

Scumbag of the Week Marjorie Taylor Green’s Yellow Race Comments Scumbag of the Week

Marjorie Taylor Green
For all of her deeds
Pure batshit craziness
Incoherent insane word salads,

She is yet again
A recipient of
The” cosmos scumbag”
Of the week award.

During a conservative youth conference
“Using her moment on stage
To in part call-out
The diversity of the attendees,

The “black people, brown people, white people,
And yellow people”
Only to highlight
that the event can’t possibly be racist.”


Proving again that she is a racist
Using the racist words
“Yellow People.”

Which is a 19th-century racial slur.
At least she did not use the n-word
Or talk about “redskins.”.

She went on to make a deranged comments
About gender roles in the house of representatives
Noting new inclusive language guidelines
That she will refuse to follow,

“No male, female, mother, father,
Sister, brother, daughter,
Son, he, she, him, her,

all of those words are forbidden
In congress,”
Greene said. “

I’m kind of one of
Those gender people,
I’m all about the male
And the female.”

To which the only sane response
To this deranged word salad
Is to say “wtf! “

“She also whined
About the “lies”
On her Wikipedia page .

And called the Jan. 6 insurrection
A “fedsurrection,”
Implying that the terrorists
Who attacked the capitol
were set up by federal agents.

Not to mention her
complete paranoia
Suggesting that

she’s being targeted
By the Jan. 6 committee
For trying to “stop”
A “communist revolution.”

Another incoherent word salad
Communist revolution?

What planet is she living in?
What alternative reality
Is she trapped in?

A communist revolution
Really Margorie?”

She went on to compare Donald Trump
To Jesus

“And then there’s talk of freedom
And loving America,
and conservative principles,

Some crazy people
In here were talking

About how much
They love this guy
Named Jesus.

And I heard
— Someone I really like
— I think I heard
that a lot of people
Here likes a guy
Named Donald J. Trump.

And then I said,
‘Oh, Oh, I know exactly
What this is:
The left calls
This a white supremacist party.”

Final snarky comment,

Not only the left my dear
Calls the MAGA movement
A white supremastic movement,

To quote the Donald
“It is what it is”.

Source article

Rep. Greene uses racist term for Asian Americans while trying to prove conservatives aren’t racist

Rebekah Sager

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was in her element at the Turning Point USA’s “America Fest” rally on Sunday. Using her moment on stage to in part call out the diversity of the attendees, the “Black people, brown people, white people, and yellow people” only to highlight that the event can’t possibly be racist.
Oh, okay. Who uses the words “yellow people?” Racists. That’s who, you are QAnon-believing, anti-vaxxing, gun-toting blockhead racist.
In addition to her comments on race, she waxed poetic about former one-term President Donald Trump and a nice Jewish boy from Palestine named Jesus.
“And then there’s talk of freedom and loving America, and conservative principles, some crazy people in here were talking about how much they love this guy named Jesus. And I heard — someone I really like — I think I heard that a lot of people here like a guy named Donald J. Trump. And then I said, ‘Oh, oh, I know exactly what this is: the left calls this a white supremacist party.”
Yes, she was chumming the waters of her base bigly.
It didn’t take long before people began calling out her xenophobic and bigoted comments.
“I honestly haven’t heard someone use ‘yellow people’ for decades,” tweeted George Takei, the famed Star Trek star and activist.
I honestly haven’t heard someone use “yellow people” for decades. Perhaps she meant “yellow-bellied people” because there are certainly lots in that crowd.
— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) December 20, 2021
“Referring to Asian Americans as ‘yellow people’ definitely isn’t something a white supremacy cult would do,” tweeted activist Nathan Schneider.
Referring to Asian Americans as “yellow people” definitely isn’t something a white supremacy cult would do.
— Nathan Schneider (@SchneiderLD35) December 19, 2021
The term “yellow people” stems from “yellow peril,” a racist ideology dating back to the 19th century used to misrepresent people from Asia, painting them as a group to be feared and reduced to something less than white Europeans.
After her racist comments, Greene moved on to her usual swipes at fellow lawmakers, like GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for “making a deal with Chuck Schumer” over COVID-19 vaccine mandates and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over “completely eras[ing] gender this year.”
“No male, female, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, he, she, him, her, all of those words are forbidden in Congress,” Greene said. “I’m kind of one of those gender people, I’m all about the male and the female.”
She also whined about the “lies” on her Wikipedia page and called the Jan. 6 insurrection a “Resurrection,” implying that the terrorists who attacked the Capitol were set up by federal agents.
Not to mention her complete paranoia suggesting that she’s being targeted by the Jan. 6 committee for trying to “stop” a “communist revolution.”
As MSN News points out, this isn’t the first and only time Greene has made racist and anti-Asian comments. She’s said in the past she would deport Chinese people loyal to the Chinese Communist Party.
“If I was in charge and I had my way, I would come down on China so hard,” Greene said. “I would kick out every single Chinese in this country that is loyal to the CCP. They would be gone. I do not care who they are.”
“You’re gone, back to China,” she added. “I don’t care how much money you have, how much land you own, how many businesses you own, how much money you’ve donated to colleges and universities, I don’t care about who your kid is, and how many students you’ve sent to colleges.”
“If they are loyal to the CCP, they go back.”
But, truthfully, should we be at all surprised that the GOP congresswoman would use a derogatory trope?
Greene joins GOP Oklahoma Sen. David Rader, who in October referred to Asian American families as “yellow families” when testifying before the legislature about racial inequality. Now former Sacramento County Health Director Dr. Peter Beilenson faced a tidal wave of criticism when during a meeting about racism, he called Asian Americans “yellow folk.” Beilenson resigned two weeks later.

Neo-50ths Return of the Red Menace

Sometimes watching the news
Particularly FOX news
One would think

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

That we are living
In the red scare
Of the 1950s

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

When communism
Was a real threat
To American style capitalism

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

They call the democrats
Communists, socialists, and sometimes
As if these three things
Are the same

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

And they have resurrected
Some of the overheated rhetoric
Of that era

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

But fortunately
Most people are buying
What they are selling

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

Most people don’t think
That the communists are out
To destroy America

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

Realizing that there are no communists
Left in the world
Except for a few hard-core believers.

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

Communism died in 1990
Perhaps some of the MAGA crowd
Don’t know that
Because they have been brainwashed
Or have been asleep
Since 1990.

Repeat after me
Joe Biden is not a communist
There are no communists left
Communist is dead.

Scumbag of the Week, the former President because Every Word You Say is a Lie and You Know It.

Note: the former president could receive an award every week for being a total scumbag

The former guy
Once again
Made a deranged statement
About current events.

In a word salad
Every word in his statement
Was a lie.

Showing that Trump
Is living in his world
That is not part
Of the world
His non-supporters inhabit.

I just don’t know what
To make of this word salad.

Really former guy,
The democrats are communists
Trying to seize power
And turn Biden
Into perhaps the next coming
Of Castro? Or Chavez
Or Mao, or Stalin?


In case you did not know it,
Been asleep since 1990,
Never read your briefing books,
Communism is dead.

No one
Even the Russians and Chinese
Are Marxists anymore,

And no Joe Biden
Is not trying to become a dictator
The only person trying to be a dictator
Would be you.

The January 6th insurrection
Was an attempted coup
You know it, we all know it.

The January 6th committee
Is trying to hold people accountable
That includes perhaps
Sending some people to jail.

The committee and the democrats
Are out to get you
Because you are guilty.

And your day
Of accounting
For all of your crimes
Is coming sooner
That you think.

For these reasons and more, you are the scumbag of the year, if not the year 2021, or even the century.

Trump just admitted that he knows he’s in trouble

Darrell Lucus

There are a lot of people who think Attorney General Merrick Garland is a 98-pound weakling. In their eyes, the lack of any action against Donald Trump and others who incited the Jan. 6 insurrection suggests that Garland isn’t willing to bring justice to those responsible for that day’s horror.
A quick read of recent events shows Garland is anything but a weakling. He indicted Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress, and all indications point to him teeing up Mark Meadows as well. He’s making a concerted effort to hold states accountable for politically and racially motivated gerrymandering, and forced Derek Chauvin to take a plea deal as his only shot of getting out of prison on his feet rather than in a pine box.
If that isn’t enough for you, former FBI Counterintelligence Chief Frank Figliuzzi believes he noticed another sign. Figliuzzi believes that with an unhinged tirade against Democratic prosecutors and law enforcement, Individual 1 all but admitted that he knows he’s directly in the legal line of fire.
In case you missed this latest Trump tantrum, read it here, courtesy of Trump spokeswoman/sock puppet Liz Harrington.

President Donald J. Trump:

“All the Democrats want to do is put people in jail. They are vicious, violent, and Radical Left thugs. They are destroying people’s lives, which is the only thing they are good at. They couldn’t get out of Afghanistan without disgracing our…
— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) December 18, 2021

Liz Harrington

NEW! President Donald J. Trump: “All the Democrats want to do is put people in jail. They are vicious, violent, and Radical Left thugs. They are destroying people’s lives, which is the only thing they are good at. They couldn’t get out of Afghanistan without disgracing our…

Many saw this as yet another case of steaming hypocrisy from Trump. Remember, this is the same man who actually encouraged those “Lock her up!” chants at Hillary. But Figliuzzi saw something different: a time bomb about to go off.
— Frank Figliuzzi (@FrankFigliuzzi1) December 19, 2021
Figliuzzi expanded on this further during a panel discussion with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian:
Figliuzzi said that when Trump goes off like this, it almost always means that “he’s learned something he doesn’t know”—and doesn’t like it. In this case, Figliuzzi suspects that Trump has learned that “something … is about to happen to him” and he’s “lashing out.” Specifically, Figliuzzi thinks that someone told him that either federal prosecutors, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, or New York state Attorney General Letitia James are “getting closer to him.”
Figliuzzi added that he’s seen indications that the Justice Department isn’t just sitting on its hands. He went on to say that he doesn’t believe that the Justice Department and the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 are operating in a vacuum. They’re likely sharing information as it comes up.
“For those all over social media who are understandably frustrated with timing and wonder if DOJ and Merrick Garland and the FBI are doing absolutely nothing. I’m an evidence guy. I see glimpses that not only is DOJ not doing nothing, but rather that they understand the role of the select committee.”

He explained that the Justice Department and the White House waived executive privilege and people at a high level are cooperating with the committees and law enforcement.
As evidence, Figliuzzi noted that a lot of people involved in the insurrection are singing—like MAGA influencer Brandon “Walkaway” Straka and several Oath Keepers. He noted that FBI agents specifically asked a high-ranking Oath Keeper, “Were you in contact with members of Congress or their staff?” Additionally, when Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson revealed who sent the text messages released by the committee, he used “the same language the FBI is using when they question Oath Keepers.” That led him to conclude that the FBI is already investigating sitting Congress members.
Figliuzzi knows what he’s talking about. He was the No. 2 man at the FBI’s Miami office and the head of the FBI in Cleveland before becoming the FBI’s counterintelligence chief, so he knows how investigations are supposed to work. He also has some experience in pulling off these slow-motion strangulations. If lawmakers are being investigated, it could partly explain why Trump went off on Sunday. After all, the only person they could give up if they want to avoid jail time is Trump.
Suddenly, Trump’s lawsuit against James—which can only be described as another thinly disguised Twitter tirade—makes even more sense. He knows the walls are closing in on him and is doing anything to stop it. But if things are moving along as fast as Figliuzzi thinks they are, Trump is only delaying the inevitable.
Tick tock, Trump. Tick tock.

The end

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