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April 6th, 2022 Poems

nuclear explosion

nuclear explosion


April 6th, 2022 Poems

Welcome to Cosmos’ annual April Poetry Madness.  Last year I wrote 300 poems in one month, this year I will write less as that was just way too much to deal with.

Today’s poems will be April  6th poems followed by April 7  to 10 in separate postings, one per day.

I will post them as I write them, and try to update them every day or so.  I will finish May 1 US time, as that will still be April 30 KST (Korea, where I currently reside.)  Most will be G rated but a few may not be. I will try to label those or not post them. The topics will be wherever my mad muse takes me, and I usually don’t have a clue until I write them.

I will post here the poems I wrote based on prompts from NaPoWriMo, (the poetry’s world’s equivalence to the annual NaNoWriMo novel competition which I will enter again in November). Writers’ com’s Dew Drop-in, Poetry Super-highway, Writers Digest, and occasionally other prompts. I will write a few more each day, but not post them, as I need to build up more “unpublished poems” for future submissions.

Daily posting All poetry, Anchor, this blog, FB, Medium, PSH, Wattpad, Writing com, and Writer’s Digest.

I will post each poem, followed by the prompt, occasional author and notes, and photos. I will convert it to a podcast later, available on anchor, radio public, blog radio, Spotify, and elsewhere under the name “The World According to Cosmos: or Jake Cosmos Aller. See the following for more information on the podcasts.

Podcast update

At the end of the month, I will add up the total poems written this month, total posted, total not-posted, and total YTD.

I have found that this annual exercise has been a big help in helping me hone my craft as I am entirely self-taught except for having taken the Mod Po class several times. It helps me stretch my poetic muscles. It has been a lot of fun but a challenge.

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Begin Poems:

Sam Adams Goes Down the Rabbit Hole, NaPoWriMo Prompt






Sam Adams was having a bad night
He often would fall into a deep trouble sleep
Where his mind would go down deep
Into the proverbial rabbit holes

Exploring one dark nightmare
After another.

He saw himself in Ukraine
As a front line soldier
Watching the Russians
Come in killing people
Left and right.

Saw the Russians line up
And execute men
Raping women and children
Setting the victims on fire.

Then he was in the U.S.
When the nukes began to fall
All over the world
Armageddon on steroids.

Nuclear madness erupted
The Russians bombing NATO allies
The US, French and British firing back
Berlin, DC, London, Moscow became
Nuclear graveyards.

China bombs Taiwan,
Then invades the island.
India and Pakistan trade nuclear attacks.
Iran attacks Israel and Saudi as well.

North Korea invades the South
Nukes flying over Seoul
And Tokyo

Amid this total madness
Giant ships appear in the sky
And a full scale
the alien invasion begins.

The terrified survivors
flee the carnage
As nuclear winter
settles on the land.

The invaders from the sky
End the war

Enslaving most humans
That had survived.

Somehow Sam Adams and his wife
Were still alive
Living in a refugee camp
Deep in the mountains.

Fleeing the wild animals
The tigers, lions, and wolves
That were feasting on dead humans
And cattle everywhere.

The aliens following the humans
Looking for more to enslave.
The nuclear war though was over

The few remaining soldiers
Fighting against the common enemy,

Sam Adams woke up
Realizing that it was all
Just a nightmare.

Turning on the TV
Watching the carnage in Ukraine
He wondered if his nightmare
Was it an omen of the future?

April 6—Rabbit hole—start a poem on one topic, and let it lead you down a “rabbit hole” of discovery, burrowing into various topics, and maybe ending far, far away from where you started. (Let yourself research this one. Enjoy Google and Wikipedia!)

Love is Blind Dew Drop Inn

lovers winter beach






Love is blind they say
I say that love
is not blind.

Love is openness
Love is richness
Love is visionary.

Love is the smell
Love is the sound
Love is the sight
Of one’s beloved.

And when one is in love
The blind begin to see
The deaf begin to hear
The mute begins to speak
The lame begin to dance.

With love’s embrace
All the senses
Come to life.

April 7—“Play the opposites”—a theatre term I sometimes don’t like! But here I mean: do something unexpected in your poem, once or more than once. Any time you spot a cliché of feeling or words, try its opposite, and somehow make it work!







You are everything
That a man could ever
Dream of having,

You are the one
The one true love
The eternal soul mate.

When you first came
I knew that the struggle
For love was over.

For you were the one
And will be
Until the end of time.

April 7, 2021: Poetry Writing Prompt – Dick Westheimer

This poetry writing prompt was submitted by Dick Westheimer:

Write a poem where the only pronoun is “you.”

If you write a poem from this prompt, post it as a comment underneath the prompt in the Poetry Super Highway Facebook Group.
#napowrimo #poetry

The Abundance of Love and Money Writers Digest

many packs of us dollars








I have had an abundance
Of love in my life
My cup does run over

Ever since I met you
My life has been filled
With love and happiness

I have had
an abundance
Of money in my life

When I met you
You were
my lotto ticket

You were my golden pig
You were the jackpot
Of the casino of my life

And now that I am an old man
I am overwhelmed
With such an abundance
Of love, happiness, and wealth

What if I die tomorrow
I will die content
With the abundance
Of everything I enjoyed
In my life with my golden pig.

Write a poem every day of April with the 2022 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. For today’s prompt, write an abundance poem.

So believe it or not, and for better or worse, we’ll be a full week finished with this challenge once we write today’s poem! Are you excited? If so, would you say you have an abundance of excitement?

For today’s prompt, write an abundance poem. There can be an abundance of things, both good and bad. An abundance of sunshine, money, and chocolate. Or an abundance of rain, debt, and liverwurst. Today, I hope there will be an abundance of poeming!

Love drug Local Gems  Song Lyrics

When I first saw you in September
A date that I will always remember
I knew then on that date
I had truly met my fate.






For I knew I had fallen under your spell
You had cast a mad love spell on me
Your mojo was working overtime on me

And I would be forever your love slave.
For I had to have you had to make you mine
For you were everything I longed for

Everything I was dreaming of
You were my everything.


You were my love bug
You were my love connection
You were my love drug
You were my everything.
My foolish love bugs.

When you walked off that bus
You entered my life
And soon became my wife

And everything changed.
From that moment on
I was you
And you were me

Just the way it should be,
It was 39 years since you walked
Into my life,

Turning it inside out
Tearing it upside down.
And for 39 years together

Every single day, every hour, every minute
Every single second whenever I look at you
I fell madly in love again and again and again.

Just the way it is
Between you and me
For you are my love angel
Sent to rescue me.


You were my love bug
You were my love connection
You were my love drug
You were my everything.
My foolish love connection,

When I first saw you there
Your cosmic love vibrations
Sent me flying to the moon
To Jupiter and beyond.

Flying on the back
Of your love
Returning me once more
To your waiting embrace.

Your love came me such a thrill
The thrill has never ended
Like a fine bottle of wine
It gets better and better.

I can no longer imagine
A life without you by my side
And if you go before I do
I will surely soon follow you.

When we met that cosmic date
I knew that I had met my soul mate
And soon we would be together
Until the end of time.


You were my love bug
You were my love connection
You were my love drug
You were my everything
My lovely love drug.

You were my love drug
I did not need any other
With your love by my side

I did not need alcohol
I did not need acid
I did not need booze
I do not need Cialis
I did not need cocaine
I did not need heroin
I did not need magic mushrooms
I did not need speed
I did not need Viagra

For you were all that I ever needed
You were indeed my love drug.


You were my love bug
You were my love connection
You were my love drug

You were my everything
My everything
My love drug.

the End

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