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CNN Change Your Ads now!  Golf Tips are so boring!!!!!

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  CNN Change Your Ads now!  Golf Tips are so boring!!!!!

Call for Public Service

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see below for updates they have updated their currency announcements to reflect the actual value of the currency and not just the percent change which was not that useful without the underlying currency values. why they did not do that is beyond me.  will sent this to CNN


Dear CNN

Some one has failed big time in your advertising division.  You are repeating the same adds over and over every half hour.  I am sick of the golf tips,  after then 100th viewing they are so boring!!!!!the Microsoft Executive’s words of wisdom,  same thing goes for Virgin Atlantic – and Mr. Branson really needs a hair cut and a shave before doing a commercial, just saying…. furthermore I get the point Chris Cuomo Tells the truth,  Ruddy Giuliani is a lier,  No One Gets a Pass etc etc, Anderson Cooper really cares about the people he interviews etc and Steamboat Hot Springs is special.  I believe you.  Basically I’ve seen enough of your ads to last a lifetime!

On the other hand, your pictures of your announcers showing up all over the place is nice.  those are not over played for some reason.  the Richard Quest travel ads are also refreshed frequently for some reason.  that should be the standard, run a ad for no more than one week, then move on to the next ad.  Should not be that difficult a standard.  Also you spend way too much of your ad space tooting your own horn and not enough on outside ads.  Perhaps you are just not attracting enough advertisers?  It just looks pitiful watching your constant adds for your own shows. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, here in Korea where I am watching CNN the political ads don’t seem to appear.  I would have liked to have seen the Mike Bloomberg take down of Trump ads. 

to sum up, Please refresh your adds weekly!  Otherwise you risk boring your audience to death.

and one more pet peeve.  When you show currency change please show the currency value along with the change.   It is hard to follow for example Korean won down 2.3% without showing the underlying value.  You show market changes with the value of the market index why not show the value of the currency?  Makes it a whole lot easier to follow quickly which is the point of showing the currency updates anyway.  Should be a quick simple fix.

Update:  glad to see that you finally fixed this small simple yet meaningful hack.  So much better now that you can see the actual value and not just the percent change which was not that helpful.

now if only you will update your golf adds, your steamboat add and your other ads. I noticed that you have refreshed your cuomo prime time add.

about time.


thanks for paying attention to your customers




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