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corona virus

Corona Virus Poems

Corona Virus Poems

Updated – new poems and new audio as of 4/4/2020

These are my corona virus poems. I will update this whenever I write a new corona theme poem.  I have posted these also on All Poetry, Poetry Soup, Cosmos Funnel, Hello Poetry, Poetry Nook, Poetry Magnum Opus, Poetry Circle, Sweek and on FB writing groups. I have also submitted some of them for publication. And will let you know when and if they are published.

I would also love to include Corona poems written from my community of followers so please send them to me at  Include your name, bio, photo, poem and web site/twitter handle etc.

corona virus


every day I turn on the news published

Christian Right on Corona

Corona Virus Pandemic Thoughts

the virus king cried audio

more corona virus poems

Bring Out Your Dead

My Poems

the Virus from Hell is amused

corona virus
corona virus






the Virus from Hell is amused
laughing at the world’s panicked reaction
as it marches through the world unabated
infecting everyone in its wake

as the world awaits its fate
the virus smiles he ain’t no fake
he is the real deal
he is death itself

he is the end of the world
the grim reaper is smiling
god is silent as usual

the world’s leaders
dither and dater
as the economy craters

everyone hoping that God
will save them
the virus does not care

insults and orders do not work
the virus simply does its virus thing
infecting everyone it encounters
and thousands will die

equal opportunity offender
killing the rich and the poor alike
but more poor people
just so many more poor people
than the few billionaires

the virus smile
his work is done
and mankind is doomed
so be it the virus thinks

that is the way of the world
and the virus is the new king
of the world

End of the World

corona virus
corona virus

end of world
the fears world-wide
soon find us dead

bring out the dead
ll the dead die
death lies here there

there goes here
as death here comes
soon here death comes

Every Day I Turn on the News

cnn logo
cnn logo

debunking the bioweaapon conspiracy theories

published in Spillwords

Thank you for your recent submission!
Due to the relevancy of the subject matter of your poetry we have decided to publish it ahead of your last scheduled submission.
Below are the edited publication details:
“everyday I turn on the news” will be published on 3/26/20 at 2:30am Eastern Time (ET)
“Dora The Intergalactic Explorer” will be published on 4/27/20 at 2:30am Eastern Time (ET)
Below is the link to your last submission:

every day I turn on the news
nothing but news about the virus
the virus from hell

the world is filled with fear
and my anxiety levels rise

every time I turn on the news
oh my god I say
we are all going to die

and I am so afraid
afraid of everyone
afraid of everything

dreading the latest news
and nothing relieves my fear

I watch the world
loosing its collective mind
wondering how much more of this
can  we all take

I scream out
Dear God save us all
god is silent as usual

and so I realized
we are doomed

perhaps it is the end times
perhaps not

I turn off the TV
try to stay calm

hoping the madness
will not overwhelm us all

Irony Meters Blow Gaskets 

donald trump
donald trump








the Irony meter gasket
is blown again and again

with every statement
of our chaos president
and his endless surrogates

promoting the latest Presidential
on spot guidance by our great leader

that must be true
because our dear leader
says it is so

The President accuses his democratic rival
of being senile and needs to be in home
and will be run by his radical left allies

and the right wing media
echoes the presidential absurd comments

refusing to acknowledge
that the president himself
is rapidly fading into dementia

and his radical right cronies
are looting the government
driving out expertise
even in the midst of pandemic

Oh  yeah the irony meters
are blowing gaskets
every single day


trump clown in chief
trump clown in chief






the world descends into chaos
as our world leaders
led by the chaos president
are overwhelmed

by the smallest
enemy of all
a simple virus
straight out of hell

blows through the crumbling
third world public health infrastructure
living proof of the decline of America
and no one is prepared

and panic ensures
with every Presidential tweet
as people don’t believe
a word he says

conspiracy rumors spread
everyone believes their own reality

as the world spins out of control
the chaos king is in his element
convince that only he knows
the deal

and everyone else
is iust a bit player
in the reality show
that he presides over

and so the rest of us
hunker down

just hoping for the best
as the panic and
chaos spreads faster
than the virus

are we doomed
can we survive
will God save us?
he is silent as always


Corona Virus Fears Tanka

cover 19
cover 19

Corona virus
lurking fears all around me
we all will die



the TV screaming nonstop
Must be afraid be afraid

My Phobias Overwhelm Me

covid 19 spread
covid 19 spread

lately I have become scared
of everything




the news scares me, the corona virus scares me, the presidential race scares me, fears of gun men in the street, terrorism, fears of getting sick, fears of dogs, fears of other people, fear of loosing money, fears of becoming demented old man, lost in his nightmares on the street just another invisible homeless bum in the end of his life

all these phobias overwhelm me
time to walk away from my fears

and realize
it will be alright

everything will be alright
As long as I have you
by my side

Fear Fills the Air

cnn logo
cnn logo




watching the news
blather on and on

the world is ending
pandemic is coming

we are going to die
and the fear grows
and the restrictions grow

travel comes to stop
the economy comes to  a stop

everyone is so afraid
our leaders fret
say that everything is fine
as the world enters

the second great depression
and we are faced
with the reality
all over the world

idiots in high places
the masters of the universe
are in charge

the internet spreads
the wildest rumors
must be true

I read it on the internet
the truth is lost
in the shuffle

no one believes anyone
everything thinks
that they know
it is all a conspiracy

the thought comes to mind
we are all so ’S….
end of the world
is upon us

is this the best we can get?


watching the news
one wonders




how in this great country
of ours

335 million people
among the most educated
richest people in the world

we can end up
with such idiots in high places
running out country?

these idiots in charge
no disrespect intended

both political parties
all corporations
and our institutions
except maybe the military

has been infected
by this virus
of epic incompetence
greed and indifference
to the general good

who loudly constantly proclaim
that they are Christians
while violating
all of Christ’s teachings

Jesus if he came back
would scream out
I am not Christian

it is all about me
and mine

and you can go
to hell
if you dare to disagree

and so we tweet and titter
and watch the news
reading the latest rumors
and I wonder

if there is a god
or if there is a devil
and are we overwhelmed
by the dismal news

why can’t we have better
better people
in our leaders
around the world

has god abandoned us
are we in hell
or did god ever exist
except in our fevered imagination

will god save us all
or will the world
just go around the sun
indifferent to our pleas?

no answer
must watch the news
consumed by the need
to see the latest news

and so it goes
and I wake up

the sun is up
and the nightmares
fade away

until I watch the news
and the madness consumes
us all again and again

as the corona virus
marches on and on
consuming us all
as the world falls apart

these must be the end times
I hope I will be raptured away
even if I am not a Christian

More Trouble Every Day

The Old Zappa song plays
on in my head
every time I turn on the news

and see more trouble every day
no one can delay
the trouble coming every day

Frank Zappa died too soon
before the horrors of the Trump era
and the corona end of the world plague

that he would have foreseen
if he had lived on
he was truly a prophet

crying in the wildness
while making money
as an over night sensation

as he saw the slime
oozing out of the TV sets
we will do what we are told
for the rights to us have been sold

And Jesus too
has been sold
to the highest bidder

nothing but a business deal
in America
the land of the constant deal

and so I turn off the TV
and realize that

the torture never ends
the torture never ends

Trouble Every Day

more trouble every day  Frank Zappa

Well I’m about to get sick
From watchin’ my TV
Been checkin’ out the news
Until my eyeballs fail to see
I mean to say that every day
Is just another rotten mess
And when it’s gonna change, my friends
Is anybody’s guess
So I’m watchin’ and I’m waitin’
Hopin’ for the best
Even think I’ll go to prayin’
Every time I hear ’em sayin’
That there’s no way to delay
That trouble comin’ every day
No way to delay
That trouble comin’ every day
Wednesday I watched the riot…
I seen the cops out on the street
Watched ’em throwin’ rocks and stuff
And chokin’ in the heat
Listened to reports
About the whisky passin’ ’round
Seen the smoke & fire
And the market burnin’ down
Watched while everybody
On his street would take a turn
To stomp and smash and bash and crash
And slash and bust…

The Torture Never Stops
Frank Zappa

torture never stops

Flies all green and buzzin’
In this dungeon of despair
Prisoners grumblin
Piss they clothes
Scratch their matted hair
A tiny light from a window-hole
Hundred yards away
That all they ever get to know
‘Bout the regular life in the day
‘Bout the regular life in the day
Slime and rot and rats and snuck
Vomit on the floor
Fifty ugly soldier men
Holdin’ spears by the iron door
Stinks so bad, stones are chokin’
Weepin’ greenish drops
In the den where
The giant fire puffer works
And the torture never stops
The torture never stops, torture
The torture never stops
The torture never stops
Flies all green and buzzin’
In this dungeon of despair
An evil prince eats a steamin’ pig
In a tumbers right near there
In the chambers right near there
He eats de snouts an trotters first!…

by pass the alarms spreading across the land

to bypass the alarms spreading across the land
the circuit breakers are breaking down
as the alarms go on and on
with the end of the world
the end days approaching
spreading the alarm far and wide

corona cinqku

corona virus
corona virus

it came from hell
we must be all prepared
meet God


Taking a Walk in the Corona Era

peace forest
peace forest

every day I go for a walk
in the spring time woods
near my house

braving the weather
and the dreaded corona virus




wearing masks and gloves
keeping a distance
from anyone we encounter

that is life it seems
in the era of the corona virus

when will it end
no one knows
until then
I will brave the viral threat

and confront my fears
and walk in the park

with the love of my life
my bride my wife
by my side

in these challenging times
that is all we can do

A lone man stands in an empty parking lot

empty parking lot
empty parking lot

A lone man stands in an empty parking lot



contemplating the new normal
social distancing run amuck

as fears of the corona super plague
plague the land
driving everyone inside

sheltering in place
afraid to go out
afraid of the deadly c virus

It is a hell of a world we live in ain’t it?

two friends on a bench
two friends on a bench

It is a hell of a world we live in ain’t it?




said the old man to me
sitting on a bench
in the park in the woods

as we both sought shelter
from the spreading chaos
the pandemic swirling around us

Yes I said
standing up
to enforce the proper distance
between us

don’t want to give the virus a chance
to spread between us

he smiled and said
relax I already went through it
I am fine and you will too

Pause for a moment amidst the media madness

Pause for a moment amidst the media madness
All around us fears and chaos
Unlike the end of the world approaching us
Sadness overcomes us dooming us to our fate
Every we go nothing but death awaits

I feel as if the whole world needs to be cancelled


I feel as if the whole world
needs to be canceled
due to rough times ahead
due to the corona madness
and the thread of pure craziness
that it inspires in us all

The Virus King Cried

the virus king cried
virus king cried

the virus king smiled
as the politicians lied
saying that the end was near
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king sneered
as people panicked
and partied on the beach
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king laughed
as the markets crashed
millions became unemployed
the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king roared
as the world slid into chaos
people turning on one another

the virus king infected thousands more
and killed hundreds of people

the virus king smirked
knowing that there was nothing
that they could do to stop
his army from infecting millions
and killing thousands

the virus King begin to realize
that soon there would be no one left
no one for his army to infect
as everyone was dying

the virus King yelled
remaining defiant
as civilization collapsed
billions were infected
millions died

the Virus King at last cried
when he saw that he was defeated
as one by one
people began to recover
and his reign of terror came to an end

Bring out your dead

grimm reaper
grimm reaper

the call bring out your dead
spreads around the world
as millions die

all over the world
the virus has spread
mutated and killed

all over the world
bring out your dead

the mournful cries
echoing in the wind
of the dying cities

mass starvation
as no is working
in the fields

as more people die
and the world spins
around the sun
with the politicians lying
and the dead still dying

as civilization dies
and humanity flee
into the wilderness
chased by the killer virus
straight down to hell

the Virus Came From Hell


the virus came from hell
straight out of a mad lab



born and raised in China
the virus spread from Dinah
all over to carolina

it spread from the lab
the mad virus of Hell
was mad as hell at humans
who it blamed for everything
seeing itself as cleansing everything
killing the world and everything
revenge against humans

perhaps virus came from God
more likely came from Satan
part of natures’ revenge
all designed to avenge
the damage to Stonehenge
virus came from Satan

The Delivery System of the Virus is Round

cover 19 spread
cover 19 spread

the delivery system of the virus is round
very simple system
the virus spreads around
and all must pay the price
death and destruction

the corona virus is testing us all

the corona virus is testing us all
is it a plague
sent by God
if we have faith
will we recover

or it is beyond our control
the end of the world
does god hear our prayers
does god even exist

the virus from hell
spreads around the world
and test our faith

will god save us all
I have no answer
but perhaps if god exists
we will recover
from this plague
from hell

The call goes out

the call goes out
stay at home
to beat the dreaded c virus
will we live
or all die?

the four horse men ready to ride


four horsemen
four horsemen

the end of the world is upon us
as god unleashes the corona virus
which is spreading across the land


the four horse men are ready
to begin their grim journey
announcing the end of the world

the white horse comes first
offering peace and hope
in the midst of death
and despair

the red horse rides second
ushering in war
throughout the world
as nations turn on each other
and civil war looms

the Black Horse is ready
unleashing famine
on a starving world
as people stay at home
and food rots in the field

no one is able
to work any more
as the virus kills more
and more

the pale horse rides last

bringing death
in his wake
death all around us

as the virus kills us all
and civilization ends

the four horse men
have done their job

the virus finishes its reign of terror
and the few survivors
beging to recover

end of the world
came and went
and they are still alive
thanks to God

who remains silent
as always

nature spirits revolt agains humanity

all around the world
nature’s spirits
are on the move

the world is changing
as the nature’s spirits
rise up
in revolt against humanity

is this the end time
is nature on revolt
against humanity

is this the end for us all
will the virus kill us all
will nature rise up
and kill us all?

Last Human on Island

in the deep blue sea
nothing there
but death and destruction
virus all around
pandemic plague
Apocalyptic views
end of times
death of civilization

corona virus Haiku


corona virus
corona virus

corona virus

staying home
waiting for death
Afraid everything

the virus came from hell

the virus came from hell
staying home waiting for death
Afraid everything

Bring Out Your Dead

bring out your dead cries
break out all over the world
we are waiting death

death comes knocking

death comes knocking
on our doorsteps tonight
will God hear prayers

be afraid afraid

be afraid afraid
Must be afraid every one
Death is at our door

The Virus Came From Hell

the virus came from Hell
ravaging the entire world
all waiting for death

from april 2020 Poems

Cosmos’s 2020 April Poetry

Wednesday April 1  Hope Springs Eternal in our Winter of our Discontent   writer’s digest prompt Posted

corona virus
corona virus

Hope springs eternal in the winter of our discontent



On the daily news that fills us with dread
Perfect storm of hatred, fear and despair
Everywhere we go nonstop fear broadcasted

Despair fills my heart as I turn on the news
Everywhere we are in the midst of the pandemic
Simply put death is at hand

Planning for the future yet waiting for death
At worst we will all die not today but soon
In the long term we are all dead

Remembering the dead all around us
yet I end this poem with a word of hope

hoping for the best
while preparing for the worst
all I can do to stay sane
as I await my fate

on this dismal date
April 1 is indeed
April Fool’s date
is that our fate
this endless dance with death?

and to end with a sign of hope
I know that if I have you by my side
I will survive I will survive
until the end of time itself
takes us to the other side

based on writer’s digest daily April poetry month challenge to write a poem about hope


the Virus King Has  Arrived

poetry soup version is the Virus King has arrived = as poetry soup did not like the word “Hell”


the virus from hell has arrived
catching the world unprepared


it erupted out of China
then began its terrifying reign
wiping out thousands of people
destroying jobs and economies
killing people left and right

it seemed like something
out of our worst nightmares
but at least it was not
the dreaded zombie flu
perhaps that is next’s fall’s nightmare

as the virus from hell
prepares for a fresh assault
to finish us all off

second poem for april poetry month © 2 hours ago, john Cosmos Aller      

Thursday April 2 posting

Kimchi Blues


Oh yeah

I got the kimchi blues
every day since I first ate it
back in the day

long before i went to Korea
ended up staying on in Korea
after i retired from decade
in the Foreign Service

and ten years studying
and living in Korea
before I joined
the Foreign Service

When I first ate kimchi
I was hooked
sort of a spicier version

of German sauerkraut
which i loved on my top dog
from Berkeley high school days

then off to korea
in the peace corps
where I ate kimchi

every day for every meal
and eventually I woke up
dreaming of kimchi and rice

instead of pancakes and eggs
then I knew
that I had finally adjusted
and was becoming half Korean

and now I am a hopeless kimchi addict
need to have my spicy kimchi
which is so good for you

perhaps even defeating the dreaded corona virus?
who knows but I will be eating Kimchi
until my day is done

Friday April 3

Cosmic Poet Modified Bio Poem  for poetry soup contest 

cosmos on the mekong







I am wicked, wild, wacky, whimsical
i love my angela lee, coffee, nature
I can solve gun violence, homelessness and climate change
I feel anxiety, gloominess yet Joy-fullness as well
I fear the corona virus, cancer and  developing Alzheimer’s
Must publish my novels, ten books of poetry and movie of my life
Currently resident of korea, west coast of United States

Humor keeps us sane

Pensively prompt – unpublished

corona virus
corona virus






it is a piece of what we need to do
to prevent us from getting
the dreaded corona virus
coming up your nose

Peacock Speaks

peacock speaks
peakcock speaks

as the virus spreads
around the world
the peacock in the zoo
speaks up



talking on behalf
of their fellow species
he called upon humans
to free them from their zoo prisons
and let them be free

before it was too late
and humanity met their fate
becoming a ghost in the wind

creative talents unleashed prompt

Iguana Talks to humanity

iquana will miss human friends
iguana will miss human friends

the wise old Iguana
woke from its nightmares
of the end of the world

as humanity faded away
the iguana was scared
but afraid of the future

and he would miss
his human friends

creative talents unleashed prompt prompt daily dew april poems

To all the friends I am about to loose

over the years
I have known so many people
and now when the virus
is spreading out around the world

I will soon be hearing
that this person has died
and that person has died

I will outlive many of my friends
from around the world

part of getting old
something that I fear

one day perhaps
people will hear
that jake has died

and they will say
that they barely knew me
and wished that they had

taken the time
to become my friend
Just as I think
about all the friends

i am about to loose
to this killer virus
running amuck prompt daily dew april poems

corona fears

covid 19 virus
covid 19 virus











the word fills us with dread
spreading around the world today
will we all survive this

Saturday April 4

quarantine blues


Quarantine such an ugly word
Unlike any other
All at home
Regardless of desires
No where to go
That is the worst part of it
In fact enforced staying at home
Not too bad
Especially if I have you by my side

Blues come over me
Looking out the window
Unable to go out
Everyone everybody afraidSums up my fearful fears

poetry soup contest

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End April Poems

the End


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