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Fake Things

There are so many fake things in the world these days. Here are some of my poetic observations regarding the proliferation of fake things in the modern world. There are a few true things in the world still. But the fake things, the fraudulent things are spreading all over the world like a malignant out of control invasive species, a mental meme of fakery covering the whole world sucking the life out of the world.

Enjoy these poetic rants.

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Jake Aller

Fake Gods
Every day

There is another outrageous statement
From this preacher or that preacher

Saying that God spoke to them
And told them that Trump

Was anointed by God himself
And would bring us all to the promised land

Well I hate to bring it up
But felt that I must

If God exists
And is all powerful

Why would he waste his time
Talking to these idiot preachers?

And why would he anoint Trump
The most ungodly of all politicians
How do these preachers know
It is God calling

Or perhaps it is a fake God
I mean why not?

In this age of fake age, fake asses, fake angels, fake artists, fake booze, fake boobs, fake calls, fake card games, fake casinos, fake clothes, fake computer programs, fake computer games, fake coffee, fake devils, fake doctors, fake drugs, fake eyes, fake faces, fake falls during the world cup, fake fish, fake food, fake friends, fake Gods, fake games, fake hair, fake judges, fake lawyers, fake live celebrities on TV, fake legs, fake lotto tickets, fake hearts, fake languages, fake love, fake meat, fake minds, fake ministers, fake names, fake passes, fake players, fake people, fake pot, fake politicians, fake porn, fake photos, fake poets, fake priests, fake products, fake sex, fake songs, fake sports stars, fake movies, fake TV, fake teeth, fake vaginas, fake watches, fake writers, fake victims, fake videos, fake universities and fake well everything else

Why not a fake God
Pretending to be God
Just in it for the power,
the money

And the sweat love of the beautiful babes
That he has convinced
Has to sleep with him
As God has ordained it

Yeah I think that it is
God has been replaced
By a Fake God

Does the fake God speak to them?
And what does the fake God sound like?

How did the fake God talk to them?
On the phone? By email? By tweet
Or by visions or voices in their head?

Or are they just raving lunatics
Who think that the real nonexistent God
is calling them?
Not knowing or caring it is the fake God
On the cosmic hotline from the fake heaven

God, either the real deal
Or the Fake God
does not in my opinion
Talk to idiots

Too many things to do
Running this fake God scam
While the real God is either on vacation
Or is locked up in a cosmic dungeon somewhere
Or has been killed by the fake God
In league with the real Satan

Nor should God either the real God
or the Fake God
tolerate these fools any more

The Fake God does not send us hurricanes or tornados
To punish us

That is beneath his cosmic pay grade
And the real God
Has been cut off from his power sources
Locked away into cosmic dungeon
Without a phone, internet, or power outlet

The real God is God
and is mysterious
And if he speaks to us at all

We surely do not understand
Anything he says

As we have surely screwed up
The teachings of his prophets

And all we can hear
Is the voice of the fake God
The cosmic shyster
Who has been impersonating God
Perhaps for thousands of year

So I wish to end this by saying
Oh you false prophets


The real God is not calling you
And never has
But the fake god
That’s another story

But, please
Just SFTU already
Fake People
I am living in a world of fake people
Everyone around me is fake
Everyone is running their own scams
Hiding their true nature

Behind their fake smiles
Their fake sincerity

Nothing is real any more
The news is fake

Nothing but noise
Designed to trap you
In endless out rage
And fear

For the profits
Made by the evil masters
The spin masters
The people behind the news

And everyone pretends
That this is all real
But everyone knows
It is all fake

Fake people living fake lives
In fake worlds
Surrounded by fake things
And believing fake Gods

As we all move forward
Living our fake life
In a fake world

Lost in a fake universe
Governed by a fake God
Fake Love

There is nothing real anymore
In this fake world of ours
Everything has been reduced
To nothing but commodities
To be bought and sold

And in such a toxic world
There is no room
For true love

For truth
For a real love
That transcends the fake world

And even if you find the one
You can never be sure
If it is real
Could just be yet another scam

In a world filled with fake people
Fake relationships

Fraud, and fear
Rule the world
And the market rules us all

And so true love
Has no role
In the fake modern world
Fake Life

We all live in a fake world
Imagining the illusions
Are the real world
It is all in our insane heads

Nothing but psychotic nonsense
That we project into the world

The world is filled with fake people
Living fake lives in fake villages
In faked communities

Following the latest faked scandal
The latest fake outrage

Not knowing or caring
That nothing is real

Except perhaps death
And taxes

And if you have the right attorney
Even that can be faked

Fake Death
The Gods of Science
Are about to discover

The secrets of life and death
And banish death
To the dust bin of history

As we all replace
Our bodies and our souls
With robotic new fake bodies

With the illusion
That we can live forever
Just replacing this and that body part

Living out our empty life
Wishing that we could end it all
And embrace death

But in world of fake life
Death too becomes fake

And so we are doomed
To live our futile fake life

Until at last we meet death
Perhaps in a thousand years
Perhaps in a million years

Perhaps tomorrow
Death in the end

Will prove to be
The one real thing
In this fake universe of ours
Fake Calls
Fake Calls
Every day I get woken up
As the sun comes up
By my phone ringing
With a fake call

It seems that the only people
Who ever bother to call me
Are the fake call people

Who all call me
With fake sincerity

Offering me a great deal
On this and that scam

I curse at them
Yell at them
Mutter obscenities in foreign tongues
And block their calls

Yet it does not seem to matter
The next call will be
Yet another fake call

Am I doomed to receive
Fake calls until I day I die

I turn on my computer
And read my fake news accounts
And watch TV for the latest fake news

And the politicians lying
And the criminals scheming
To take my money

The Zappa song comes to mind

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help . . . no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That’s right, folks . . .
Don’t touch that dial

And I scream to the universe
Just leave me alone
Then the phone rings…..

Fake News



Of the constant deluge
The constant flood
Of fake news in my inbox

It seems everything is fake these days
The Presidents lies
The media lies

The country lies to itself
Everything is not all right jack
And never will be right

As long as have the idiot in charge
With his constant tweets
Posturing and lies

And the spinmeisters
Spinning away

The truth is a lie
The lie is true

I can’t tell any more
It is all fake news to me

Enough no more
Give it to me straight

Quit the god damn lying
And tell us the truth

But then we can’t handle the truth
Can me?

And so the fake news continues
The constant spam
The constant lies

As we all die
From too much information
All the time

I want to quit
Go away somewhere

But nowhere is safe
As we all stuck here

In the world of fake news

see for more updates

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