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majorie taylor green Scumbag

majorie taylor green Scumbag


More Cosmos’s Scumbag  Awards

Cosmos’s Scumbag Of The Week Awards

Dear Steven Colbert, et al,

From time to time, I will award a “ Cosmos Scumbag of the Week Award” and post it on my Anchor (podcast on Spotify and Radio Public) blog, Blog Loving, FB, LinkedIn, Medium, Wattpad, Writing com, Tumblr,  and Twitter, and send a nice certificate to the person who demonstrated

the qualities of a Scumbag – vile despicable behavior or speech demonstrating that they are a true sociopathic scumbag.

what is a scumbag?

Let me know what you think, and feel free to nominate a scumbag of your own.  I’d love to post other nominees. Do let me know if you can use this material on your show. Most of them are part-found poems using the awardees’ language or media accounts to incriminate themselves, along with my snarky commentary.

I am also sending this to  Jimmy Kimble,  John Oliver,  Trevor at the Daily Show,  Bill Maher, and Seth Myers in hopes that they can use it on their shows.  I will also send a copy to the award recipients. Would appreciate it if you could let me know if you find this useful or could use it. the Direct URL is

Dream Girl True Love Story

Also please check out my true love story, “Dream Girl at the following direct DL.   Also published in the book, ‘Dreams and the Unexplainable” by the Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers in 2018.  I met my wife in Korea after serving in the Peace Corps and teaching for the U, S Army.  I first met her in a dream in high school in 1974, when I fell asleep in a  boring Physics class at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California, and  saw standing next to me the most beautiful woman in the universe, and she was talking to me in a strange Asian language. I fell out of my chair screaming “Who are You?” much to the amusement and laughter of my class and teacher.

I knew that I would eventually meet and marry her. Eight years later on September 7, 1982, she walked off a bus into my life, and we got married seven weeks later on October 29th, 1982.  She joined the US Army as an intel officer and was for a  while the first Korea born female Army officer to serve in Korea, and I believe the first Korean-born female U.S, army officer.   She retired as a Major.

Joy Links Forever Just Published Dream Girl and Cheating Death Twenty Times

Dreamgirl re-published

“Dreams Do Come True”

Travelers Tales

Please also check out the hitchhiker tales talking about my epic hitchhiking the U.S. in 1975 when I was broke, young and foolish.  Also published by the Poet Magazine in their Anthology of “On the Road” in 2020.  The URL is

Hitchhiking and Other Travel Poems


Hitchhiking Tales


hitchhiking tales jpg

I most recently drove across the country in 2016 to celebrate my retirement by seeing the U.S.  I traveled over 10,000 miles, and 35 states in three months.  And in 2019 finally visited Alaska my last of the 50 states to visit.  I have also visited 55 countries.  I speak Korea, Spanish, Thai and some Hindi.

Hitchhiking and Other Travel Poems


I joined the State Department as a foreign service officer and served in ten countries over the next 25 years serving in Antigua, Barbados, (based in Barbados but covering seven Eastern Caribbean countries, Dominica, Grenada, St, Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Korea,  Spain, Thailand, India (Mumbai) and four tours in DC.   We retired to live half the year in Korea and half in the States but then, COVID hit and we have been here ever since, except for a two-week trip to D.C, last November.   We hope to visit the U, S this summer for an extended period, and I hope to attend your show in the audience.

There are 18 awardees so far.


Kentucky Factory Manager
Christmas Gun Card
Marjorie Taylor Green Found Poem Marjorie Taylor Green
Matt Gaetz Found Poem
Paul Gosar found poem
Louie Gohmert Found Poem Scumbag
Award Korean Husband Who Left His Wife at Deserted Highway Stop
Marjorie Taylor Green’s Yellow Race Comments Marjorie Taylor Green.
Ann Coulter Defense of Kim Potter
Jessie Watters Anti-Fauci Death Threats
Missouri  Governor’s and Attorney general’s Anti-Mask Crusade
Missouri policeman who attempted to arrest a school bus driver for wearing a mask which he falsely claimed was now illegal to wear in public
Rep. Boebert Scumbag of the Week for her thought Crimes against Human reason
Tucker Carlson for Being a Russian Tool on Fox News
Former President Trump for Being Putin’s B…. in Ukraine

and President Putin gets the “Scumbag of the Century Award,  for invading Ukraine and bombing a Jewish cemetery. while allegedly fighting Nazis and trying to overthrow the Jewish President.

Award Nominations

 Kentucky Candle Manager Who Threatens to Fire Employees Who Want to Flee the Tornado That Destroyed the Factory

In the wake
Of the historic tornadoes
That destroyed so many towns
In six states,

There have been many cases
Of people stepping up
Doing the right thing
Acting like true heroes.

This, sadly, is not one
Of those stories.

Instead, it is the story
Of a factory manager
Who knowing that the tornado
Was rushing at his factory,

Told his employees
Keep working
If you leave
Fleeing for your life
You will be terminated.

The employees
Were too stunned
To do anything.

A few minutes later
The factory was destroyed
Most of the workers
And that scumbag manager
Buried under the rubble.

If the manager
Had acted like the Christian
He claimed he was,

And told his employees
To get the hell out of there
Closing for the day.

Some of them might
Have survived.

For these actions
He truly deserves
The scumbag of the week award.

 the Christmas Gun Card

The second recipient
is the congressional representative,
Who felt he would send out
A friendly message
Of peace and goodwill

During the Christmas season,
He had his whole family
Standing by a Christmas tree
Carrying military assault weapons
With the caption,

“Santa, please send more ammo”.

Santa should send the family
A note

“: For your display of Christmas naughtiness,
I am donating ten thousand dollars
from your bank account,

In your name for each victim
Of gun violence this year,

200 thousand dollars
Thank you for your generous donation,”

The Republican congressional
representative from Kentucky
Did not apologize for the lame
Extremely tasteless and offensive
an attempt at a joke

Not even saying
That it was just a lame
ass attempt at a joke.

Tweeting that he had stirred up
A hornets’ nest

But it was good
To see the leftist so upset
And he would do it again

He felt he totally
owned the “libtards” communists
Saw nothing wrong with it.

Yet another Christian
Who shows his adherence
To Christian values,

By violating everything,
Christ stood for.
Not doing what Jesus
Would have done.

And did it just
Before Christmas
right after a horrific
shocking shooting
at a school.

By a kid the same age
as he kids
shown holding an assault rifle
underneath a Christmas tree.

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, Rep. Matt Gaetz,  Rep. Paul Gondor, and Rep. Louie Gohmert for their continued attempt to portray the January 6th insurrectionists as freedom-loving patriots and political prisoners of a communist, dystopian, fascist, racist anti-white socialist dictatorship.

For this week’s s Cosmos
scumbag of the week award
We have four recipients

Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Matt Gaetz,
Paul Gosar,
Louie Gohmert





paul gosnar

they held a bonkers
demented press conference
for that, they are all winners.





“On Tuesday,
Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Matt Gaetz,
Paul Gosar,
and Louie Gohmert

held a press conference
where they defended
the Jan. 6 insurrection,
promoting every conspiracy
the theory under the sun

and attacking anybody
who dares call i
into question the actions
of the people

we all saw on television,
on our computers,
and on our mobile devices

attacking the Capitol building.
Any one of the three
on the podium
during today’s press conference
could create a misinformation
swarm larger
then the rings of Saturn,

and all four together
did not disappoint their master,
Donald Trump.

let’s all just remember
four things: Greene is a horrendous human being 

Gaetz is a horrendous human being;

Gosar is a horrendous human being;

and Gohmert is a horrendous human being”.

“First up was Greene,
who told the world
that the Jan. 6 defendants

we’re being tortured
and persecuted
and forced to submit
to critical race theory brainwashing.”

He went on to say
Of the January 6th defendants

“They were isolated
in a separate wing of the jail
, where they are abused,

where they are ridiculed,
where they are mocked
because of their political beliefs
and because of January 6,

and because
of the color of their skin.”

All are scumbags worthy
Of this award

Rep.  Matt Gaetz Found Poem Promising More Kangaroo Courts, and calling for Trump to Serve as the Speaker of the House.

Then came Gaetz to promise
kangaroo courts
and Benghazi trials
while also pretending
that Benghazi investigation
were mishandled
because they found nothing.

“We are going to take power
after this next election.
When we do,
it’s not going to be
the days of Paul Ryan,
and Trey Gowey,
and no real oversight,

and no real subpoenas.
It’s going to be the days
of Jim Jordan, Marjorie Taylor Greene,
and Dr. Gosar, and myself.”

He would move to install
Trump as House Speaker “

For this and past offenses
he is awarded this week’s Cosmos Scumbag of the Week Award

Rep, Paul Gosar for his murder porn cartoons and numerous other offenses.

“Gosar is the three-sentence embodiment
of a sniveling Dickens character.”

Comment: not to mention
His violent murder porn fantasy tweets.”

And he is so bad
Even his siblings
Campaigned against him

And denounced him
On worldwide TV.

His response
Was to call his seven siblings
Jealous Marxists.

Another worthy recipient
Of the Cosmos Scumbag of the week award.

The Cosmos Scumbag of the Week Award goes to Rep. Louie Gohmert often dubbed the dumbest Member of Congress, known for his deranged, incoherent world salads,  and LOSER  in the Texas Republican primary race for attorney general for calling for arrest of FBI instigators of the Insurection because reasons

“Gohmert just comes
across like someone
who doesn’t know much
of anything

and therefore, might seem
a touch less dangerous.
Then it was Gohmert’s turn.

Gohmert has recently
decided to leave Congress
in the hopes of taking control

(he lost – LOSER of the Texas attorney general’s office, ”

announcing his bid against

the publicly corrupt Ken Paxton

“last month.
Gohmert’s job
was to promote the conspiracy theory

that the only people
who should be charged
with insurrection should be the FBI.

Literally—that’s his fact-free
conspiracy vomit
into the public sphere for the day.

Then Gosar came up to make
a series of statements

about the cruel conditions
of the incarcerated Jan 6 defendants
calling them human rights violations

Gosar made sure to explain
how white these defendants are.

They aren’t those “hardened criminals” people
(The ones Gosar and Greene and Gohmert
and Gaetz never speak up for),

“they’re fathers.”


Has so many reasons
To be the scumbag of the week.

I am sure we will award them all many more Cosmos Scumbag of the Week awards. At the end of the year, I will pick the top ten for the Scumbag of the year award and I expect they will be finalists.

The scumbag of the week award is supposed to be international. I am awarding my first international award to the Korean Husband Who Left His Wife at A Deserted Highway Rest Stop

For this week’s scumbag of the week award, we go to South Korea where I currently reside.

the Award goes to the Korean husband who dropped his wife, kicked her out of the Taxi , at a deserted highway rest stop late at night in a wintry rain storm because of an argument.   The runner up is the truck driver who ran her over and kept going, and the taxi driver who dropped her off.  He went back and found the dead body.

A Korean married couple
Got into a horrific accident
While in a taxi heading home.

The man told the driver
To drop his wife
Off at a deserted highway rest stop.

In the middle of the night
During a frosty winter rainfall.

The taxi driver complied
The woman got off
They took off.

The woman
Went for a walk
Down the deserted highway.

A five-ton truck
Ran her over
And keep driving.

Hit and run driver

The taxi driver
Drove back.

Saw that she was missing
Alerted the authorities.

They found her body
By the side of the road.

And skid marks
Indicating what had happened.

The award winner is the husband

The truck driver and taxi drivers
are our runner ups For this first international
Scumbag of the week award..

Marjorie Taylor Green’s Yellow Race Comments Marjorie Taylor Green.




Marjorie Taylor Green
For all of her deeds
Pure batshit craziness
Incoherent insane word salads,

She is a recipient of
The” cosmos scumbag of the week award”.

During a conservative youth conference
“using her moment on stage

To in part call-out
The diversity of the attendees,

The “black people, brown people, white people,
And yellow people”

Only to highlight
that the event can’t possibly be racist.”


Proving again that she is a racist
Using the racist words
“Yellow People.”

Which is a 19th-century racial slur.

At least she did not use the n-word
Or talk about “redskins.”.

She went on to make deranged comments
About gender roles in the house of representatives

Noting new inclusive language guidelines
That she will refuse to follow,

“No male, female, mother, father,
Sister, brother, daughter,
Son, he, she, him, her,

all of those words are forbidden
In congress,”

Greene said. “

I’m kind of one of
Those gender people,

I’m all about the male
And the female.”

To which the only sane response
To this deranged word salad

Is to say “wtf! “

“she also whined
About the “lies”

On her Wikipedia page.

And called the Jan. 6 insurrection
A “fedsurrection,”

Implying that the terrorists
Who attacked the capitol
were set up by federal agents.

Not to mention her
complete paranoia

Suggesting that

she’s being targeted
By the Jan. 6 committee

For trying to “stop”
A “communist revolution.”

Another incoherent word salad

Communist revolution?

What planet is she living on?
What alternative reality
Is she trapped in?

A communist revolution

Is that the best you can come up with?

She went on to compare Donald Trump
To Jesus
“and then there’s talk of freedom
And loving America,
and conservative principles,

Some crazy people
In here were talking

About how much
They love this guy
Named Jesus.
And I heard

— Someone I like
— I think I heard
that a lot of people
Here likes a guy
Named Donald J. Trump.

And then I said,
‘Oh, Oh, I know exactly
What this is:

The left calls
This a white supremacist party.”

Final snarky comment,
Not only the left my dear
Calls the MAGA movement
A white suprematism movement,

To quote the Donald
“It is what it is”.

Source article


Rep. Greene uses the racist term for Asian Americans while trying to prove conservatives aren’t racist

Rebekah Sager

Ann Coulter Racist Defense of the Aubrey Killers, Kim Potter,  Chauvin, and Rittenhouse


ann coulter

Ann Coulter could be awarded
The Scumbag of the Week award,
For almost every week

She unleashes such hateful racist vitriol
Garbage upon the world.

Her latest outrage
A defense of Kim Potter
The cop that accidentally
Killed a black man

During a traffic stop.
Pulling out her gun
Instead of the tazer.
The jury found her guilty
Of negligent homicide.

Following up on her defense
of Chauvin. the murderer of George Floyd,
and the murderers of Aubrey, and Karl Rittenhouse,

She is batting 1-3 so far.

Ann took issue

With the trial,
And the media coverage.

Noting that the media
Did not blame the victim enough,

That the victim deserved
What he got.

Because he was violent
Out-of-control thug,

And the cop,

Was right
To use deadly force
To put him down.”


She fails to note
That everyone at the trial
Knew that.

The jury did not believe
That excused the cop
from the charge of manslaughter

Because everyone else
Except for Ann,
Saw it for what it was

What was obvious to all
Is that it was
A racist murder
By a white officer
in broad daylight
Of an unarmed, compliant
Subdued black man.

“It is what it is “
Quote the Donald.

Obvious to the entire world,
except for Ann Coulter – maybe she needs new glasses?
or a compassionate soul?

even though she claims she is a Christian
while violating all the core tenets
of her faith.

Jesus would be leading the BLM protests
if he were to come back today.

Just saying,

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight
His crime attempting to pass a counterfeit 20 dollar bill
and being high in public.

His real offense was being black
and daring to complain
he could not breathe
as Chauvin strangled him to death.

I suppose Chauvan thought
he should just STF up
while he killed him.

Protesting he could not breathe
infuriated CHauvan
who saw it as defiance

by an uppity drugged up
black man
of his right to subdue him
by any means necessarily.

and besides they had a history
both worked part time
as night club security
and apparently hated each other.

and if he died
too bad he had it coming.
F black drug addict.

“The NYT and other media outlets
Justified their coverage

Of focusing on the cop’s actions
Rather than on the crimes
Of the victim.

For this flaming of racist hatred
Of blaming the victim,
Of justifying another act

Of brutal, horrific police misconduct,
Ann Coulter is the scumbag
Of the week.

Jessie Watters for Calling for the Assassination of Dr. Fauci on National TV- he has yet to apologize, be charged, or be fired!


jessie watters

Jessie Watters
A Fox News Reporter
Is this week’s scumbag
Of the week winner,




His offense?
Telling a crowd to
“ambush” Dr. Fauci
with a “kill shot”
so he “doesn’t
see it coming”


dr fauci







Dr. Fauci responded
To this piece of insanity,


“The only thing
that I have ever done
throughout these two years
is to encourage people
to practice good public health practices:
to get vaccinated,
to be careful in public settings,
to wear a mask,”

And for that,”
You have some guy out there
saying that people
should be giving me
a kill shot
to ambush me.

I mean,
what kind of craziness
is there in society these days?”

The guy
should be fired on the spot,”

As far as I know, he is still on the air at Fox.
for this and many other vile commentaries

Jessie Watters
Is the scumbag of the week.

FOX’s Jesse Watters tells fans to ‘ambush’ Fauci with a ‘kill shot’—Fauci calls for Watters’ firing

Rebekah Sager

Missouri Governor, attorney general, and local cop for Anti-Mask crusades because you know freedom…..

the Missouri Governor, State Attorney general,
and local cops
Have been on an anti-mask crusade.

Telling people to challenge
People who dare to wear a mask
To protect themselves and others.

As COVID continues
To run out of control
In Missouri.

Which has one of the lowest
Vaccination rates in the country.

The governor has forbidden
Schools from requiring masks
Or vaccinations.

A cop stopped a school bus,
Threatening to arrest the driver
Who was wearing a mask
Following school policy
And CDC guidelines.

Falsely saying
It was now illegal
To wear a mask in public.

And that masks
Do not protect one
Against COVID.

Which was a “libtard” l hoax
To begin with.

One can  only hope
That the cop
Will get COVID.

Poetic justice at work.

The bus driver
Stood his ground.
Refused to take off the mask.
and was not fired
by the school district.

For these actions
the Governor, Attorney General
and the policeman all
Deserves the honor

Of being the scumbag of the week.

Rep. Boebert Is This Week’s Recent End Of The Cosmos Comeback Of The Word Award For Her Crimes Against Common Decency, Human Reason, And Sanity.

lauren boebert







“As some Ukrainians

flee their homeland

and others take cover in underground shelters

while Russia fires missiles into major cities,

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.)

says two other nations
have citizens in need of saving:
Canada and the United States.

“I pray for Ukraine, and I wish them the best,”
But we also have neighbors to the north
who need freedom and need to be liberated, “
and we need that right here at home, as well.

This was the most obnoxious, vile,
the pernicious canard of the week.

A total nonsensical, non sequitur.
What does the invasion of Ukraine
By Russian forces have to do

With protests against
Mask mandates and vaccine restrictions
In the U.S. and Canada.

The two events are not even remotely
The same thing.

To her and her ilk
Mandating masks, and vaccines
Amid a still deadly pandemic

Is an infringement on their freedom
To be a self-centered a…..
putting themselves and others at risk
including possible death.

And Canada and the US
Are now living in a monstrous communist. Fascist/socialist
dystopic radical leftist woke tyranny
oppressing “normal, i, e, white Christians)

And we need to be liberated
Just like the Ukrainians.

For these crimes against human thought,
Reason, common sense, and common decency
She is the Cosmos Scumbag of the week.

Tucker Carlson For Being Putin’s Tool On Fox News


tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson daily on his show
Has shown that he is nothing more
Than Putin’s puppet


Parroting Russian State TV propaganda
Calling into question the heroism
Of the Ukrainian People
And the government

For that, he is the Cosmos Scumbag of the Week

Former President Trump for Being Putin’s B…. in Ukraine

Former President Trump
daily is his press releases
Has shown that he is nothing more,



Than Putin’s B…..
Parroting Russian State TV propaganda

Calling into question the heroism
Of the Ukrainian People
And the government.

And making the absurd argument
That Putin would never have invaded
Ukraine if he had won.

Because Putin respected him
And knew Trump would not tolerate
That one bit.

The reality of course
Is that the former President
When he was President
Was nothing but Putin’s B…,.

No doubt if Russia invaded
He would have excused it
And not rallied NATO
And the country
To resist the Russian invasion.

Might even have threatened

to pull out of NATO
and Germany

though he likes Poland
because they offer
to name the new US base
Ft. Trump.

For all of these reasons, Former President Trump
You are the recipient of the Cosmos Scumbag
Of the Week award.

President of Russia Putin Scumbag of the Century

You richly deserve this award because of your brazen, blatantly illegal, immoral invasion of your neighbor. You set off the worst military action in Europe since World War 11, targeting civilians and even bombing a Jewish cemetery while falsely claiming you are fighting Nazis and attempting to overthrow the Jewish Nazi president. This clearly shows you are the world’s greatest scumbag and deserve the Scumbag of the Century award.

the End


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