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September 23, 2018

Cat Fight in Incheon

Watching two cats

Fighting alongside the sidewalk

In suburban Incheon New Airport Town

Completely indifferent

To the humans walking around them


And the humans were indifferent to the cats

As they stood there fighting

And screeching at each other


One orange one

One half black half white one

Both middle age in cat years


As I sat there watching the cats

really getting into it

I wondered what they were arguing about?


But since I don’t speak cat

I really didn’t know


All I know is they were really screeching at each other

And almost look like they were about to attack each other


But one cat backed down

As the other cat stood their proverbial ground


If they were humans one would have pulled out a knife

Or a gun

And someone would have been killed


But being mere cats

They stared at each other

And walked away


but they kept glancing at each other

So I knew the fight as not over

Merely postponed until a later hour


Cats truly are the aliens

Who live among us humans


September 23, 2018


Robotic Love

And other Poems


Jake Cosmos Aller




  1. Robotic Love
  2. The Waves
  3. Island Paradise

4.      The Sun Rises on the Last Man on Earth

  1. Six Months After the End of the World



Robotic Love


It seems in this toxic modern world

That love has become irrelevant

That love is merely a second hand emotion


That all there is

Is nothing but sex


Pure pornographic sex

And everything human

Has been reduced to a commodity


True love

Soul mate transformational love

No longer exists


And all of us

Have gradually lost our humanity

And we are becoming nothing


But interchangeable commodities

To be bought and sold


And our love

Such as it is

Is nothing but robotic masturbation


Thus is the state

Of love in the modern world




The Waves

The waves fall upon the Oregon coast

Wave after wave fall along the coast


Thousands of years have passed

Since mankind last saw the waves

On the coast


The waves don’t remember mankind

Nothing does


The world went on without mankind

And mankind faded into history


Just another lost ruling race

Like the ancient dinosaurs


And the waves continue

Their nightly dance


Indifferent to the fate of nations

That no longer exist


Such is the nature

Of the waves

Of fortune






Island Paradise

Living life large

In a tropical paradise


Nice weather

Great food


Fresh sea breezes

Caressing one’s skin


The stress of the modern world

Receding like a bad nightmare


As the sun’s tropical heat

Warms one’s soul




The Sun Rises on the Last Man on Earth

The sun rose high in the sky

On the last day of the world

The sunlight filled the sky

And the last man on earth

Woke up


And realized that today

Would be his last day on earth


He looked at the sun

And smiled


And warmed himself

As the sun rose

In the sky


And he walked out

Into the parched

dried burned out land


where nothing grew any more

where global climate changed

had destroyed the world

turning everything into a dessert

He started walking in search of water

And food


And walked miles

In the hot deserted world


Dreaming of the past world

And wondering if the sun would rise

The next day


As this would surely be his last day on earth

As he lay down to die


The sun smiled at him

And granted him


One more day

In the world

One more chance to live


And the sun set

And the night began


And the man slept

And woke up


The sun came up

And he was alive

But the world remained dead





April 26 2018 Update


Just published in Whispers and poem for Day 26th of the Tiferet Journal Poem a Thon 2018.  If you have not checked out their FB page please consider doing so before the end of the month when the poem thon is finished and please consider sponsoring my participation.


And also check out my poetry blog for this and other poems and political rants.  I’d love to increase my visitor count.


In the future look for me to explore becoming an Instagram poet and a you tube poet!


Angela Lee


Angela is my life

No better friend in the universe

Greatest Love of all

Every Day I thank God

Love of my life

Angela My Soul Mate

Love of my long life

Everything I ever desire

Everything I ever needed

published in Whispers April 2018

Dear Whispers’ Contributors and Readers,


This collection of acrostic poems gathered by our Activity Feature Editor, Jack Horne, is a wonderful representation and celebration of the artists that participated in this column–a gift to read today.  Poetry is meant to be shared.  The monthly activities allow us to stretch sometimes or maybe a chance to relax as the words flow as an outgrowth of the challenge Jack chooses.  Here is a link to–


April Activity Feature–Acrostic Poems–Hosted By–Jack Horne–Whispers’ Activity Feature Editor



Thank you, international artists.  The gathering of many was a joy for me to read today.  If you missed the deadline, please feel free to share your acrostic poems as comments. For those that shared in the harmony of the whole in Jack’s column, you may share additional poems in the comments’ section too.


Keep on writing and sharing your words. Best wishes to all of you.





And one more poem from day 25

In Search of America 1975 – Hitchhiking Tales


When I was young

And foolish

Broke and stubborn


I hitchhiked across the USA

Started in Salt Lake City

Where my greyhound bus pass

Was stolen


The station manager

Could have helped me

But refused to do so


Threaten to call the cops

When I grabbed my bags

Without the stolen tags


I said

Go ahead

But I am so out of here


Wondered about Salt Lake City

Went to a bar


Found I had to buy my booze

Next door


And they would mix it for me

Had to order food too


After a bloody Mary

And a burger

I walked about town



Saw the Mormon Temple


Finally about 3 pm

It was time to hit the road

Did not look back


Ended up in Cody Wyoming

Got  a room shower

Steak beer

Using my rapidly depleted cash


Spent 25 dollars

Money really went far

Back in those days


A band of professional

Communist agitators

Gave me a ride


To Des Moines

Lots of weed booze

And politics later

Got off the road


Slept outside

Next day

A beautiful woman


Drove me to near Chicago

In a red mustang


Might have been

The girl in the song


Took it easy

Digging her vibe


She invited home

But was not sure

If her estranged husband

Would welcome me


So I being foolish

And inexperienced with women

Did not go to her place


And always regretted

That I had lost

My chance that day


Then on to Chicago

Several rides later


Visited friends


Hit the road again

A series of uneventful rides

With truckers


And others

And a week later

I ended in New York City


Slept along the way

In cars


In truck stops

In high way rest stops


Always moving

Always going

None stop talking


And lots of free weed

And beer

And conversation


One more memorable ride

Occurred outside Albany

On my return to Chicago


A middle age creepy looking man

Picked me up

In a brand new Cadillac


He was he said a dynamite deliverer

For the Mafia

Went to various places

To blow up shit


He hated a lot of people

Particularly hippies from California

And Jewish people


Looking at me to confirm

That I was both


I told him that I lived in New York

And had never been to California


And although I might looked Jewish

As I what was called back in the day

A “Jewfro”

I was not Jewish


Many years later I discovered

That I am indeed part Jewish

But then I did not know


And I felt a bit of strategic information

Might keep me alive

Then I realized that he was just jiving with me

And we relaxed


And he pulled out some weed

And beer

And we mellowed out


But I believe that he really was with the mob

Perhaps not a dynamite dealer

A real made Italian made mafia member


By Chicago

I had enough

I called my Dad

Told him what had happened


Wanted a ticket home

And he sent me a ticket

And 500 dollars


And I went home

I told him I would tell him

My tales someday

But never did


I learned so much

About my fellow Americans

And the strange vibe

That was 1975


And now it is too late

But I wanted to finally

Tell the world


Of my hitchhiking tales

In search of America 1975


I’d love to hear of other hitchhiking stories.  Please send them to me and I’ll create a Hitchhiking Tales page on my blog and share it with every one.

The blog can be found at https://theworldaccordingtocosmos.com


Prior Poems of the Day

God Does Not Talk to Idiots March 20 2018


Poems about God


Here are some of my poems about God.  Comments welcomed.  And if I offend people, well you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to my opinion.



God Does Not Talk to Idiots


Every day

There is another outrageous statement

From this preacher or that preacher


Saying that God spoke to them

And told them that Trump


Was anointed by God himself

And would bring us all to the promised land


Well I hate to bring it up

But felt that I must


If God exists

And is all powerful


Why would he waste his time

Talking to these idiot preachers?


And why would he anoint Trump

The most ungodly of all politicians


How do these preachers know

It is God calling


Does God speak to them?

And what does God sound like?


How did God talk to them?

On the phone? By email? By tweet

Or by visions or voices in their head?


Or are they just raving lunatics

Who think that God is calling them?


God does not in my opinion

Talk to idiots


Nor should he tolerate these fools any more


God does not send us hurricanes or tornados

To punish us


That is beneath his pay grade


God is god and is mysterious

And if he speaks to us at all


We surely do not understand

Anything he says


As we have surely screwed up

The teachings of his prophets


So, I wish to end this by saying

Oh, you false prophets




God is not calling you

And never has


Just SFTU already




God in My Coffee

One dismal demented morning

As I contemplated the dawning day


Trying to wake up from the nightmares

That have been haunting my every night


I reached for my morning cup of hot coffee

And as I drank my morning poison


My snarling sarcastic cup of java

Frying my neurons with caffeine


I saw God

He had the look – tall white hair beard

And those piercing blue eyes

Starting at you with the thousand-year stare

Of the truly committed


Yes, it was God himself

In the bottom of my cup of coffee

And he was smiling at me

Beckoning me to join him


And so, I jumped into my cup

And went through the door


And found myself

In a giant hallway

Filled with Mr. Smith like

angels working on computers


Programing the day’s plans

I asked where I could find God


They told me that I had an appointment

And I went down the hallway


And found myself in another room

And found God sitting there

Waiting for me


He offered me coffee

And we drank coffee


And talked about this and that

I asked him what he wanted


He said nothing but my understanding

And Patience


And told me that I was lost

But would be found soon


And told me to go back home

And wait for his signal


For the revolution was coming

And I would lead God’s forces


And then I found myself

Back at home

And drank another cup of coffee



Four Poems About God


Meeting God at the Lake


In my 61 years around the sun

I encountered God four times

At least I thought it was God

But could never be sure


The first time I met God

I had taken magic mushrooms

And had gone to a lake


And soon was tripping inside my head

Lost in inner space


Zoning out tuning in

Dropping down the proverbial rabbit hole


And then in the middle of my madness

I felt oneness with the universe

My body melted away


And I joined the universe

All bonderies dropped away


And I knew that the universe

Was alive and I was part of the Cosmos

And the Cosmos was part of me


And I wondered at that moment

If I was face to face with God


I asked God to reveal himself to me

And nothing happened


Just laughter as the whole universe

Burst into laughter


And the madness began to fade

And I slowly came down from the high


And became aware of myself

And I was no longer one

With the universe


I felt profoundly moved by the experience

Felt that I had achieved perhaps nirvana

Or felt the presence of God


The feeling faded over time

And I resume my quest to find God


But knew that I would never again

Come so close to the divine essence

Of the very Universe




The Cosmic Cat from Berkeley


I next encountered the divine

Many years later in Berkeley, California

I had gone home to be with my Mother


While taking leave from my job

in the Foreign Service


I had two weeks there by myself

My wife came later

near the end of the trip


every morning I woke up

had coffee

Did yoga


Spoke to my mother

Who was sliding into dementia

Day by day losing her reason


Then I would go out

And explore the city

Go to a museum

Go to one neighborhood

And just be there


Rediscovering the Bay area

After years of being away


Having dinner with old friends

Seeing movies etc


Every morning a black cat came to visit

The cat was friendly and waited for me

And then would join me in my morning rambles

Following me to the bus stop


I stated talking to the black cat

He looked at me with the spark of divinity


In his dark eyes

I called him the cosmic cat


He seemed to like that

He would look at me

And I opened to me

Told the cat all my dark secrets


As I walked the streets

Of the old neighborhood


Every morning and every evening the cat

Would be there to greet me

And to carry out our endless conversation


Then I had to leave

And in our final conversation

I asked the cosmic cat


Say, Cat are you just a cat

Or are you a demonic cat

Are you possessed by God

Or by Satan


The cat looked at me

And I realized that God

Was indeed residing in the cat


But that god was residing everywhere

All I had to do was open my mind

And the rest would follow


So, I said Good bye to the cosmic cat

And he purred and came up to me

And I felt the comforting presence of the divine

As I said goodbye to the cosmic cat

And said goodbye to my mother

As this was the last time

That we would be able to really talk


I told my mother about the cosmic cat

She smiled and said that the cat

was there for me and her


to comfort us both in our hour of need

and that the cat was indeed

a cosmic cat


Talking with God in Bombay

Five years later

After I had last talked to God

In the form of the cosmic cat


Who hung out with in Berkeley

I found myself in Bombay, India


One day, I went to Church

And on the way home


I stopped on the side of the road

And prayed to God to provide me a sign


What should I do I asked God

And then I felt it again


God seemed to be everywhere

And nowhere


And I found myself down the rabbit hole again

And I had a vision of an old man


Sitting by the side of a bed

Looking at an old women


And realized that I was seeing the future

And the women in my vision was my wife


And then I knew the answer

that God was giving me


I had to find my way

Back to my wife

And rekindled the love that we shared


I looked up and saw my wife’s face

In the sky


I went home and wrote

A long poem for my wife


And called her up

And began talking to her


For the first time

In a long time


And I told her what was on mind

And told her that we had to decide


Would we continue as a couple

Or will continue to drift apart
Somehow I finished the conversation

And fell asleep with the peace and contentment

Of God’s presence filling my heart and soul


The feeling of being connected with God

Faded over the time


But the conviction that God had spoken to me

Never really left me


I asked God whether God was the God of Jesus

Or Allah or Brahmin

And I realized that God is God


And the universe is God and I am God

And that was the end of the story

And my last time I prayed to God




The Cosmic Dog from Goa


My final time with God

Happened a year latter

I was staying down in Goa

With my wife


Enjoying being with her

After our reconciliation

We stayed at the Taj Mahal Goa

Living like Kings and Queen

Just for a few days

High up on a hill

Overlooking the beach


Every morning I went down to the beach

And did yoga by the water

While contemplating life


And every morning

I saw the same dog


Not just a dog

But a cosmic dog

Filled with the divine spark of God


And the dog recognized me

And spoke to me and I knew

That God was present once more

In the face of the that cosmic dog


Kindred spirit

perhaps to the cosmic cat

that had save my soul

in Berkeley so long ago


I told the dog everything

And he just looked at me

With those soulful eyes of his

And I knew he knew that I knew

That he was possessed by God


God had sent him to me

To make sure that I was on the right path


That the reconciliation that God had promoted

Was on track that I was back with my wife

And that everything was the way it should be


Again I asked God whether he was Jesus or Allah

Or Brahmin or Ganesh or Buddha


God the cosmic dog just stared at me

I finally asked him directly

Say if you are God the God of Jesus

Bark once

The Dog looked at me and barked


I said well if you are Allah bark twice

The dog barked twice

Well are you buddha then bark three times if yes

The god dog barked three times


Hmm well are you Satan

The dog growled at me

And I knew I had gone too far


Finally, I was at peace

And for the next three days


The God Dog was my constant companion

And I knew God for the final time

In my life




Disgraced evangelist Jim Bakker warns critics they will face God’s wrath for making fun of him

16 OCT 2017 AT 15:27 ET                   


Evangelist Jim Bakker — screen shot


In video captured by Right Wing Watch, disgraced evangelist Jim Bakker raged at his critics saying, they will face the wrath of God for mocking his End Time warnings and making fun of him throughout his checkered career.

Not mentioning his time in the wilderness, after he spent time in prison after bilking his followers out of $158 million, Bakker boasted that he has made many predictions — including 9/11 — that have come true, and that he is not being treated like the prophet he is.

“When God says something to you, you don’t always know the exact time it’s going to happen,” Bakker thundered. “[So] stop beating up the prophets because God says, ‘Woe unto you when you beat up on the prophets.’”

Bakker then threatened damnation on those who have ridiculed him over the years.

“If you don’t want to hear it, just shut me off,” Bakker said. “Especially you folks that monitor me every day to try to destroy me. Just go away. You don’t have to be there, you don’t have to hear it. But one day, you’re going to shake your fist in God’s face and you’re going to say, ‘God, why didn’t you warn me?’ And He’s going say, ‘You sat there and you made fun of Jim Bakker all those years. I warned you but you didn’t listen.’”


God Talks to Rev. Bakker


Rev.  Bakker says


When God says something to you,

you don’t always know the exact time it’s going to happen,”

Bakker thundered.


“[So] stop beating up the prophets because God says,

‘Woe unto you when you beat up on the prophets.’”


God just called me up this morning with a message

He said,


Jake. This is God speaking

I loved your poem,

“God Does Not Talk to Idiots.”


God, I don’t even know if you exist

How did you get my number


I am God you idiot and know everything

Or course, God Sir.


What’s up your royal highness?

Just God would do for now, Jake



So Jake, I have a message for Rev. Bakker

And I want you to deliver it


You can email it in

As I am sure he will not like it at all


Why can’t you deliver it?


Because God roared

“I don’t talk to idiots.”


What’s the message?


Quit using my name in vain

Quit saying I call you

Quit saying I talk with you


I don’t know you from Adam

And I don’t like you


How dare you swindle 185 million dollars

From your followers

Using my good name


You sir are an asshole

And Satan has a room for you

Just confirmed it this morning


Oh my more thing, this article says

Bakker then threatened damnation

on those who have ridiculed him over the years.

“If you don’t want to hear it, just shut me off,” Bakker said.


God laughed and said to me

I will shut him up for good for sure

And my TV is set to delete his face


Every time I turn it on

Tell him that as well


“Especially you folks that monitor me every day to try to destroy me.

And tell him that I am one of those who monitor him every day


And I do want to destroy him


He is bad for the whole brand you know?


Bakker went on to say


Just go away.

You don’t have to be there, you don’t have to hear it.

But one day, you’re going to shake your fist in God’s face

and you’re going to say, ‘God, why didn’t you warn me?’


Tell him that is rich coming from such a con man

I have been warning people against these shysters

For centuries – it is in the bible after all


And He’s going say,

‘You sat there and you made fun of Jim Bakker all those years.

I warned you but you didn’t listen


Yes Rev. Bakker warned you repeatedly ad nauseum

Until I wanted to vomit


But thought it would be best

to just let him rot in prison.

Give him a taste of hell to come.”


“So Jake, will you accept this cosmic commission?”


Sure thing God.


And that ended my conversation with God


So Rev. Bakker, here’s the deal. God is angry at you

And your friends for misrepresenting the word of God


All these years and for ripping for the gullible

And living the high life getting rich off your believers


I’d repent of your sins I were you

and I’d follow God’s parting words


Finally just tell Rev. Bakker and his fellow false prophets

STFU before I smite you to Hell”





Buddha’s Prayer


The world is in a horrible place

The forces of darkness

Evil and hate have overwhelmed us all

Taking us down a dark and dangerous path


And I pray to all the Gods for deliverance

No one answers my prayers

As I watch the news

And the worlds spins further away

Into darkness and chaos


I then see the Buddha

Smiling at me

And as I contemplate the end

I realize that it all will work out


That is the Buddha nature of the world

Good always wins

And evil is just another illusion

End Poems About God