political rants

I have lots of opinions about everything hence the title “the World According to Cosmos”

During my time with the government, I was constrained in what I could say, not to mention saying the wrong thing could get one in serious hot water so I kept my opinions

to myself.

So I will from time to time let loose my opinions about well everything.

to start here are some of my thoughts that I wrote up earlier and shared on FB.

comments welcome but as always play nice


world cup of baseball

god tells baker polls could be wrong

Florida Principal Tells Students They Will Be Punished for Protesting the National Anthem

sarah palin on slavery

mbl and nfl expansion

tax reform

radical rethink of North Korean problem

Dream 7053 Letter to NFL

There is no substantive

future medical care in the U.S.

Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to be deported

I need an interpreter to understand this word salad

michele obama whore of Bablyon

future medical care in the U.S.

Mid east peace proposal

Korean Federation Peace proposal

90 year old man arrested for feeding the homeless

What immigration policy reforms outside the amnesty fight should receive priority in the next administration

debt relief

False and Fake News

Dream 961 Zombie Idea of Cutting Taxes Solves All Economic Problems Refuses to Die despite all evidence that it is complete bunk

Dream 3071 Letter to Pence Calling for Him to Form a New party Dedicated to Restoring Christian Principles and Declaring America to be Christian Nation

Donald Trump Wants to Unite the Country By Making Sure We All Live

My thoughts on the dismal state of Baseball and what can be done to bring it back

Dear Jim Bakker hears God docx

debt relief

world cup of football

Bart Expansion Plans

metro expansion