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Monday July 31. 2018


Driving to the End of the World


Driving to the end of the world

The end times approach


Driving through the smoke filled air

North of Mt Shasta

Heart of bigfoot country


End of the world images

Fill my head with dismal

end of the world visions

the apocalypse is upon us


The wicked evil as hell

blood red sun

Leers at me with an evil grin


Screaming at me

What fools these mortals be


Global climate change

Is as real as the smoky fires

That Burn and burn and burn


As our leaders turn turn turn away

They Can’t handle the truth

They will sacrifice all life on earth


So the oil and coal barons

The so called masters of the universe

Can make their obscene profits

Sending the rest  of us to hell



Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Merry Christmas from your friends at AT&T

Sometimes I wonder


About the morality of the corporate giants


That rule our world



On the day before Christmas


AT and T received a huge Christmas gift


From the President of the United States



The biggest tax cut in U.S. History


And the President proclaimed


That it would unleash jobs jobs jobs



Apparently, ATT never got the memo


And they announced thousands of layoffs


The day before Christmas



A true PR nightmare


That could have been avoided


They could have waited two weeks


And announced their restructuring plan


After the New Years



But no they decided to show the world


Their true colors


Heartless soulless monsters


Who don’t give a damn


About their workers, their customers


Or their employees



And certainly are not Christians


Though I am sure that they think


They are doing what Jesus would



All they care about


Is feathering their own pockets



Is it any wonder


That Americans hate the big corporations


That rule us like ancient emperors?



And will they fade away


Into the dustbin of history


One can only pray


For such a Christmas miracle


© Jake Aller




John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer. He served 27 years with the U.S. State Department, in ten countries. An aspiring novelist for several years, he has completed four novels, and has published his poetry and fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.

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Friday, 10 November 2017

It’s a Gun Situation, Mr President

Mr. President

You are wrong once again.

You said that the tragic events in Texas

And Las Vegas were not “gun situations”

But rather, were mental health problems


And that in Texas if there had been gun controls

Perhaps fewer people would have died


Mr. President

I know you a smart man,

The smartest man in the world

According to you


So please contemplate this fact:

According to the latest findings,

It is a gun situation


In fact, the reason the U.S.

Has so many gun deaths

Is because we have so many guns,

45% of the worlds guns in fact


And 33 percent of the world’s shooters

Are Americans killing other Americans


And most of them, the majority of them,

Are White People killing other people

Not murdering terrorists.

Most are in fact,
Out-of-control citizens.


So Mr. President

When will you come to your senses


And do what 90 percent of the public wants,

Enact nation wide effective gun controls?


And tell the NRA

they can take their blood money elsewhere


When, Mr. President

When will you act

When will you take charge


And become a President of the people

Instead of the President of the NRA?


© Jake Aller


What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer


John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer. He served 27 years with the U.S. State Department, in ten countries. An aspiring novelist for several years, he has completed four novels, and has published his poetry and fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

When will this Madness end?

Yet again we turn on the TV

And witness horrible scenes

Of unparalleled violence, hatred, and despair


An old man consumed by his own demons

Opens fire from a hotel room

Killing 58 people injuring hundreds

In Las Vegas, Sin City


And the cry goes out throughout the land

Why yet again this tragedy?


The usual suspects are rounded up

It’s the culture, stupid, cry the conservative voices


Guns are the price of our freedom

Guns Don’t Kill People

The only solution is more guns for everyone


The only solution for a bad guy with a gun

Is a good guy with a gun

An armed society is a polite society


No, it’s the guns, cry the liberal pundits

We must confiscate the guns

Ban Assault weapons

And join the rest of the world

Where such carnage does not occur


And we sit around and argue

Knowing that there will be a next time

And another time and time and time again

Until the end of time


What is the sickness in our souls

That allows for this hatred to fester so

Deep within the minds of our killers


Nothing will change

Until we confront the evil

That lurks deep within each of us


There will be another Las Vegas

Soon enough


© Jake Aller


Families across 14 states unite in grief after Las Vegas shooting


John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer. He served 27 years with the U.S. State Department, in ten countries. An aspiring novelist for several years, he has completed four novels, and has published his poetry and fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Donald Trump, Our Great Compassionate Dear Leader

As an elderly man falls

In front of him

During a charity dinner event

Hitting his head bleeding out


Quote the MAGA Donald Trump our future dear leader


“It is disgusting. I mean the guy was bleeding

all over the nice marble floor”


Donald Trump the self-proclaimed

saviour of the nation

Could not be bothered to lift a finger


“Thank God for the marines who took out the garbage

But they left a mess on the nice marble floor

And ruined their nice uniforms”

and disrupted a fine dinner


Did he call the grieving family the next day

Of course not

Quote the Great Leader, the Donald

“I forgot to call.” That is not his thing at all


And still, I wonder

How such a disgusting excuse

For a human being became

The leader of the greatest nation

On earth


And what it means for the future

Is it proof that we are doomed

That America is in the final stage

Of terminal decline?


Or will Americans take

out the garbage

From the white house?


© Jake Aller


The Time Donald Trump Turned Away in Disgust While a Man Was Bleeding to Death in Front of Him


John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet and former Foreign Service officer. He served 27 years with the U.S. State Department, in ten countries. An aspiring novelist for several years, he has completed four novels, and has published his poetry and fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.



Political and other Rants by the Cosmos

This is the post excerpt.

from time to time I will write my observations on political and other issues.  Here are some of my current observations.   Comments welcomed, but as always play nice.

Korean Federation Peace proposal

Mid east peace proposal

metro expansion

Bart Expansion Plans

world cup of football

debt relief

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My thoughts on the dismal state of Baseball and what can be done to bring it back

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Dream 3071 Letter to Pence Calling for Him to Form a New party Dedicated to Restoring Christian Principles and Declaring America to be the Christian Nation

Dream 961 Zombie Idea of Cutting Taxes Solves All Economic Problems Refuses to Die despite all evidence that it is complete bunk

False and Fake News

What immigration policy reforms outside the amnesty fight should receive priority in the next administration

firing squad for not standing up during the national anthem

90 year old man arrested for feeding the homeless

future medical care in the U.S.

michele obama whore of Bablyon

I need an interpreter to understand this word salad

50 Peace Corps reunion

Ted Nugent Calls For Native Americans to be deported.

Getting Rid of Coins

Here are 11 kinds of Bible verses evangelical Christians love to ignore

privitize the commissary

My Energy PolicyMy Transportation Policy

Dream 4032 The Abortion Debate Deconstructed









Minnie’s Diary published “the Market Rules Us All”

Minnie’s Diary has published a cynical look at love in the modern era called, “the Market Rules Us All.  Here it is:

The Market Rules Us All 

The market rules all

We are nothing but products

The rights to us

Have long been sold

Bow down and worship

The all mighty market

Everything we do

Everything we see

Everything we are

Nothing but our personal brand

Nothing human left over

Nothing authentic left over

Nothing but lies

Fake news


The world does not care one whit

About you and me

As people

It is all about the profits that can be made

By exploiting our labor

And once we are used up

We become a liability

And a burden

If you have not made it to the top

By age 55

You are a loser

And should be retired

Forced to live out your life

On your miserable pension

As you wait to die

No longer useful

To the Masters of the Universe

And true love

Nothing but an illusion

It is all about the sex, baby

And how getting your baby

Ahead at all costs

Who cares about love

It is all nothing

But a second hand emotion

As the song puts it

Love is nothing but a sexual commodity

And we are all nothing but interchangeable

Commodities in the marriage and love market

And porno values rules the bedroom

As we are nothing more than used body parts

Who cares about friendship

It is all about how they can use you

And you can use them

To get ahead

True Love and genuine connections

Cannot survive

In this toxic soup

Of the modern materialist world

God and spirituality

Nothing but a scam

As our so call Christian Leaders

Proclaim their love for you

All they love is your donations

And they too are part of the market

Jesus if he ever comes back

Will no doubt

Be used to sell more goods

As the right to Jesus

Has also been sold


favorite places in Youngchando Island Korea

My Favorite Places in Yongchongdo Island, South Korea

Youngchong island Korea where the Airport is located has lots of things to do besides of course the airport. I have retired here from service in the US State Department.  I live in the Airport town next to the Unseo station.  Here are a few of my favorite places to go.

Baegunsan Mountain

One of my favorite places is Baegunsan Mountain. (762 ft / 232 m height).  This mountain dominates the island and there are trails to the top from many parts of the island.  It is about 10 kilometers from the airport.  Coming from Seoul or Incheon you can take the Airport railroad and get off at Unseo Station, three stops from the airport.  From the station exit the station via exit A and walk right, then turn right again and you will find the trailhead down the street on the left side right after the first intersection. The trailhead is marked only in Korean though. There are multiple paths to the top.  It should take about an hour to reach the top. The views are spectacular.

Youngunsa and Yaksuam Temples

From the top of Bekuensan, you can walk down to Youngunsa Temple and Yaksuam Temples.  These temples are over 1,000 years old and are very tranquil places to visit.


Youngunsa Temple

199-1, Anambra, Jung-gu, Incheon 22359, South Korea

One can arrange a free tour at the airport transit tour desk.  Worth doing if you are the airport and have a couple of hours to kill.  It is a 20-minute bus ride from the airport.  You pay just for the transportation, entrance to the temple is free.

There is a very old tree over 1,000 years old at the center of the temple which is also about a thousand year old.



Bakrangsan Mountain

Another nice hike in Yongchongdo is Bakrangsan mountain.  From Unseo station on the airport railroad line, go out exit A and turn right and at the end of the street, right across the street, you will see a road leading up the hill. Follow the road and you will run into the trailhead.  The signs are all in Korea. It is a short walk to the top where there are fine views and a nice gazebo.  From there you can walk down to the entrance of the World Peace Forrest.  Should take no more than an hour to reach the summit and the Peace Forrest.





World Peace Forrest

The world peace forest is a five-mile walk through lovely forests surrounding the new airport town.  You can walk to it from the airport railroad Unseo station, third stop from the airport.  Exit the station via exit A and turn left. Go past the Lotte market and across the street you will see the entrance.  Follow the trail to the other end where you run into the entrance to Bakrangsan.   If you are lucky you may run into some of the deer that live in the peace forest and mountains.  There are also foxes in the park and mountains and wild boar.  I have seen the deer and foxes but yet to encounter the wild boars. Both the forest and Bakrangsan mountain have spectacular wildflowers in the summer and the fall and spring colors are magnificent. The trail is mostly marked in Korean.  Halfway up the trail, there is a path that goes back to town and the station. That sign is marked in Korean and English.


The beaches

There are three beaches on Yongchongdo.  Eurwangi, Maisan and Wangsan beaches. You can get to the beaches from the airport via the Maglev train getting off at Youngju station – the ARA train runs there on the weekends and holidays. These are the closest beaches to both Seoul and Incheon and are quite crowded during the summer season and weekends all year long.  There are lots of good seafood restaurants near the beaches and plenty of places to stay.

Eurwangni Beach (을왕리해수욕장)   

15, Eurwang-ro 13beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 을왕로13번길 15 (을왕동)

From the airport, take bus 302 or 306 Gate 2A (1F) and get off at Eurwangi Beach, the bus goes to the rest of the beaches as well. There are also buses from Unseo station as well.

Seonnyeo (Fairy) Rock Beach (선녀바위)

  • Region : Jung-gu Incheon
  • Theme : Rare Animals/ Plants/Spectacular Cliffs & Rock Formations
  • The name “Fairy Rock Beach” comes from the fact that fresh water is gathered at the seashore beneath…
Wangsan Beach (왕산해수욕장)

  • Region : Jung-gu Incheon
  • Theme : Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands
  • Though Wangsang Beach is just 5 minutes away from Eurwang-ri, the beach has quite a different ambian…


Masian Beach

118, Masiran-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon 22385 South Korea

2.9 miles from Eurwangni Beach



Muuido Island

Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon South Korea

4.3 miles from Eurwangni Beach


Silmido Island

Muui-dong, Jung-gu, Incheon South Korea

3.3 miles from Eurwangni Beach


Muido, So Muido and Silmido are islands near to Yongchongdo.  The ferry ride is only five minutes, but it is a bit expensive, 11,000 won per person but the good news is that the bridge will open in April 2019 making a trip to these islands much more affordable.  You can get to the islands by taking a bus from the airport, or from the Yongju maglev stop.  The Airport railroad goes to Youngju on weekends and holidays.  The last ferry leaves at 6:30 pm, and departs every 15 minutes.  The bus from the airport departs every 30 minutes. The island bus runs every 30 minutes as well I believe, the last bus to the ferry terminal is about 6 pm.


There are hotels and Korean style resorts near the ferry terminal on the island, and at the beach, there are huts for rent. There are restaurants near the ferry terminal and at the beach but the selection is limited to Korean seafood.


The ferry terminal (before you take the ferry to the island) has a Korean tourism information stand. The people there are very helpful, speak good English and have lots of maps and guides in English and can also tell you about the ferries to the other islands.  Well worth a stop.  You should stock up on tourism information here if you are going to the outer islands as once you get there is very little English language signage or English speakers on the islands. They are open until 6 pm most days.



310-11, Daemuui-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 대무의로 310-11 (무의동)


Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands


  • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-32-760-7114
  • Information

Muuido Island is located in Jung-gu, Incheon which is not far from the mainland but is only accessible by ferry. Nearby are two smaller islands, Silmido Island and Somuuido Island. In olden times, small boats were used to go from Muuido Island to Somuuido Island but the two islands are currently connected by a bridge so visitors can reach Somuuido after a 10-15 minute walk. Muuido Village Bus (maeul bus; 마을버스) takes people from Keunmuri Dock (큰무리선착장) to Gwangmyeonghang Port (광명항). To enjoy the beauty of Somuuido Island fully, Muuibadanuri-gil 8 Course is a must-visit path, taking around 1 hour and giving stunning views of the East Sea vista. Two beaches, Hanagae Beach and Silmi Beach, are famous beaches in Muuido Island. One interesting thing in Silmi Beach is that people can walk to Silmido Island at low tide. Hiking up Horyonggoksan Mountain (호룡곡산) and Guksabong Peak is also available on Hanagae Island.


The trail head to Horyonggoksan Mountain (호룡곡산) and Guksabong Peak can be found at the ferry terminal and also near So Muido and at Hangagae beach as well.  The round trip takes about three hours and the trail is well marked but only in Korean.  Go up the stairs and at the top turn right to access the main trail head.


So Muido is a nice spot for a walk as well. Take the bus to the end of the island, and walk across.  There are places to stop and eat in So Muido. The walk to the top of the mountain is a nice walk takes about an half an hour to reach the top. There is a private beach on the way back to town.




Silmido island is the site of a secret military base where they trained commandos going undercover into North Korea.  They closed the base in the 80’s and a Korean K drama was filmed at the island.  The island has a resort where one can stay but there is not much there not even restaurants.  Still the beach is nice but a bit deserted.  You can walk across to Silmido at low tide, at high tide it becomes a separate island.


Sindo, Modo and Jangbo islands


Shindo, Modo and Jangbo Islands located near Incheon International Airport are great places to get away from Seoul or Incheon for that matter. These three islands are near Yongchongdo.  You need to take a ferry to reach them. The ferry ride to Jangbo the biggest of the islands takes about an hour. The ferry runs every hour on the hour the last ferry back leaves about 6 pm.  You can catch the ferry at Sammok quay.  There are buses from the airport and from Unseo station to the ferry terminal.


Sindo Island

Ongjin-gun, Incheon South Korea

7 miles from Eurwangni Beach


Modo Island


Modo island is connected to Shindo island.  You can easily walk around both Modo and Shindo in an hour or two.  There are places to eat and spend the night, but Jangbo island is the biggest of the three and has the best facilities, beaches, restaurants and walking biking trails.


Jangbo Island


The island is located one hour and 40 minutes from Seoul. To get there take airport express train from Seoul Station and get off at Unseo station and then transfer to a bus going to Sammok wharf in Yeongjong Island, Incheon. The ferry from there takes 40 minutes.  The last ferry back leaves at 6 pm.  There are plenty of places to stay near the beaches which are a short walk from the ferry terminal.  This is also a popular place to camp as there are camping grounds near the ferry terminal. There is a mountain hiking trail that follows the ridge line all over the island and is a great hike.   If you go to Jangbong island, it is worth stopping off at Shindo and Modo islands first and take a walk.  A number of K dramas have been filmed on these islands.

More info from Visit Incheon web page follows:

Coastal Trail connecting Sindo Island, Sido Island and Modo Islands

Come to the triplet islands and have a bike tour around them for a fantastic ride along the shoreline. The triplet islands are very well known as one of the best spots in Korea for a bike tour. Come down to the Sinsimodo Islands for a safe and pleasant bicycle touring. Take a boat at Sammok Quay in Yeongjongdo Island. You will get to Sindo Island Quay in about 10 minutes. The three islands of Sindo Island, Sido Island and Modo Island are all connected by bridges, so you can tour all of them in a day. You can rent a bike on the island. There are only a few cars on the road, thus the island is recognized as one of the best places for bike riders.

Sindo Island Pureun Beonmal, a designated traditional agricultural village

The name Sindo Island(literally “the island of trust”) has come from the fact that its residents are conscientious and innocent. It is in this context that the salt produced in the island is called jinyeom (literally “genuine salt”). As the island have mud flats, salt evaporation ponds, and rice paddies, visitors can enjoy everything they can expect from the country’s rural area in Sindo Island Pureun Beotmal designated by the government as a traditional agricultural village.

Sinsido Island Yeondogyo Bridge

Sindo Island is connected to Sido Island by a bridge. The name of Sido Island has come from the legend that troops of the Joseon Dynasty practiced archery in Manisan Mountain with targets set in Sido Island(“an arrow island”). The island is also called “Salseom (‘sal’ also means an arrow in Korean).” Given the actual distance between the two locations, the story is hardly credible, but the idea is intriguing enough. Sido Island has been filming locations for popular TV dramas such as “Full House” and “Sad Love Story” because of the harmony between its slow slope hills and the sea.

Sugi Beach, the filming location of ‘Full House’

Sugi Beach in Sido Island was the filming location for the popular TV series called ‘Full House.’ You can see a few islands in the distance. The beach is covered with quality and beautiful white sands. Main characters in the TV drama series often spent time together here. Who would not have fallen in love with each other in such a beautiful environment?

Simodo Island Yeondogyo Bridge

Sido Island and Modo Island are connected by a bridge. Believe it or not, you can get to a totally different island in just a few minutes. The name Modo Island comes from the word ttiyeom (‘tti’ refers to King cogongrass). The legend says that fishermen in the region once complained that his fish net only had grass instead of fish. ‘Mo’ in Modo Island means ‘grass’ in Chinese.

Baemikkumi Sculpture Park

Baemikkumi Sculpture Park is located on Baemikkumi Beach in Modo Island. The ‘Baemikkumi’ (the local dialect meaning a hole in the bottom of a ship) has come from the fact the beach is as flat as the bottom of a ship. The beach is also famous for a sculpture park featuring a number of surreal erotic sculptures. Blue water, white sand, and dreamlike sculptures blend well with one another. The sculpture park has become a reason to many for a visit to Modo Island.

The Sinsimodo Islands, a paradise for bike enthusiasts

Together, the Sinsimodo Islands are small but pretty places to visit. Most notably, as they are connected, the Sinsimodo Islands will sustain the fame of a paradise for bikers in the West Sea for a long time to come.




Incheon  Wolmido


36, Wolmimunhwa-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 중구 월미문화로 36 (북성동1가)


Seasides/ Beaches/ Islands


  • 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330
    (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
    • For more info: +82-32-765-4169


Incheon Jung-gu Culture & Tourism
(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
www.my-land.kr (Korean only)

  • Information

Wolmido Island (월미도), located roughly 1km off the coast of Incheon, has since become part of the mainland with the creation of a new highway. The name Wolmido Island comes from the shape of the island as it resembles the tail of a half moon. Thanks to its location near Seoul and the convenient transportation, many people visit here during weekends.

The Culture Street starts with Doodle Pillar, and continues onward to Meeting Square, Arts Square, Performance Square, Good Harvest Square and several other notable highlights. Throughout these areas, spontaneous performances are performed, and street artists can draw for you on the spot. Moreover, many cafes and seafood restaurants are lined along the coast so you can enjoy coffee or fresh seafood while viewing the sea.

A must-see attraction on Wolmido Island is “Play Hill.” It’s not as large as other theme parks in Korea, but the Apollo Disco and the Viking rides are truly thrilling. If you’re not into rides, the Apollo Disco ride is still fun just watching. You can also get on a cruise to look around the island.


Comment:  this is of course the location of the most famous battle during the Korean war.


The island has a large park that had been a Korean military base and was only opened to the public since the turn of the century.  The park is worth a long walk.  The views are spectacular from the top.


The amusement park is a bit hooky in my opinion, but still worth a stop and a photo. The waterfront is nice to stroll along but the restaurants there are way over priced.


Jayu freedom park is near Wolmido and features a giant statue of General Mc Arthur and is also worth a visit.


There is a club that has Halloween decoration all year long and that is worth a picture. There are also statues and public art everywhere.  And of course coffee shops, beer pubs etc.


About 100 US dollars per person for a sashimi dinner with drinks.  The best sea food restaurants are a few blocks away from the water front area, and dinner for two will set you back about 40 dollars including soju.


The Korean government opened a maglev train around Wolmido for the Asian games. But after the games ended the maglev train was disconnected.  In my opinion they missed an opportunity and should have extended it to Songdo and the airport as getting to Songdo from the airport is a big of a long subway ride.


Finally, Wolmido has a Korean tourism information stand. The people there are very helpful, speak good English and have lots of maps and guides in English and can also tell you about the ferries to the other islands.  Well worth a stop.  They are open until 6 pm most days.


To reach Wolmido, get off at the Incheon station on the Seoul-Incheon subway line.  Take a bus to Wolmido or a taxi. It is not far from the station.  Another fun way to get there is to take the ferry from Yongchongdo (airport island).  The ferry runs every 30 minutes and is a five minute ferry ride.  The last ferry is at 6:00 pm.


Gerang Mountain in Incheon (계양상)


This mountain is the biggest mountain in Incheon but hiking up to the top is not too difficult. Takes about one to two hours to reach the top and back down.  There are lots of side trails as well.  The spring and fall colors are magnificent.  Lots of nice wildflowers as well.  The mountain links to several other mountains in central Incheon.  There is a nice old fortress at the top of the mountain.  There are plenty of Korean restaurants at the bottom of the mountain.


The closest subway to  Gyeansan (giei_iaŋ_saŋ) is Gyeyang subway on the Incheon subway line 1.  You can transfer from the Airport express railroad coming from the airport or from downtown Seoul.


Introduction of Mt. Gyeyang

With its altitude of 395m, Mt. Gyeyang is the guardian and holy mountain that represents Incheon. From the beginning of B.C. to the end of the 19th century, the city of Gyeyang was moved from the south of Gohyeon-eup in the Three Kingdoms Period having Mt. Gyeyang at the center and then to the northern and eastern direction. Until its transfer to the southern direction in Bupyeong-dohobueup during the Joseon Period, the city was developed through the capital transfer that was conducted for 6 times. At the peak of the eastern ridge in Mt. Gyeyang, there is Gyeyang Mountain Fortress that was built during the Three Kingdoms Period. Also in the south, Jungsimseong Castle, which was constructed in the 20th year of King Gojong (1883) with the participation of the residents in Bupyeong Village in preparation for defending the coast, is stretched along the ridge of Jingmaei Hill. According to the change of the place name, Mt. Gyeyang was called as Sujuak in Suju of the Goryeo Period and Mt. Annam during Annam-Dohobu. Since the period when this mountain was called as Mt. Gyeyang in the period of Gyeyang-dohobu, it has been called by its present name. This mountain was once called as Mt. Anam and Mt. Gyeongmyeong.

The name of Mt. Gyeyang was originated from the naturally grown Japanese Judas-tree and Korean box trees. Mt. Gyeyang was selected as the first urban natural park of Incheon city on Jan. 8, 1944 (Gyeyang Park) and since then, it became the No. 1 Municipal Park.


88, Gyesansae-ro, Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, 21067, Rep. of KOREA  82-32-551-5701

Copyright ⓒ 2015 Gyeyang Incheon. All Right Reserved.


Office of Gyeyang-Gu Page – Includes information on hiking trails as well as travel advice in English




Sorae Pogu


111-200, Nonhyeon-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea


This is the second largest seafood market in Incheon and specializes in crab, lobster, octopus, and shellfish freshly harvested from the nearby harbor.  The boats come back laden with fresh seafood early in the morning.   The place is happening all day long.  You can buy your food at the market and then take it to nearby restaurants where they will prepare it for you and sell you soju and beer to wash it down.  A very Korean experience!

More info on the port from Visit Incheon web site

Incheon Port was opened to the international community in 1883 through which western civilization came. Sorae Port has served as an important fish market for the Incheon region for more than 60 years after a small-scale fish market was formed in the wake of the Korean War (1950-1953) as war refugees caught shrimps and sold salted shrimps in an open market. Now the fish market at the port is across a railway bridge which has been remodeled as a pedestrian-exclusive bridge.

The market is particularly famous for shrimps, salted fish and blue crabs. In addition to such fresh seafood, you can enjoy fish stand owners’ generosity and seagulls flying over fishing boats and the fish market against a blue sky. The port plays host to festivals of fleshy prawn and blue crabs, whose freshness and taste are recognized nationally, attracting crowds of people from various areas of the country. Come to Sorae Port to smell the sea and feel the sky while touring a dynamic fish market and enjoying fresh seafood of your choice.


Yeonan Pier Yeonan Pier is home to various important facilities such passenger terminals, Marine Square, the Fish Market Complex, the Raw Fish Restaurant Street, the Seawater Bath Street, Cruise Port, and Namhang Wharf. It is a popular weekend getaway place not only for residents of Incheon but also for tourists from other areas of Korea. For instance, the Fish Market Complex which more than 500 stores call home attracts a crowd of people wanting to buy a variety of fresh and salted fishery goods. The Raw Fish Restaurant Street is home to large-scale raw fish restaurant towns like the Raw Fish Department Store run by Incheon Fisheries Cooperative Association and the Yeonan Raw Fish Plaza. Visitors can enjoy diverse seafood dishes at affordable prices.

Yeonan Pier is also known for blue crabs. Female crabs are popular in spring while male crabs are delicious in autumn. Most notably, blue crabs caught around Yeonpyeongdo Island are highly regarded for the eggs and meat filling the shells completely.



poem a thon 2018 check it out

the TiferetApril2018Poemathon is live as we speak.  here are my poems so far = comments and feedback welcome.


Poems for 2018 Poem A Thon

 Post daily on Teferet Site and on All Poetry, and on poetry blog


Sunday April 1  Thank God For Angela

April 2, 2018  Angela Haiku

April 3, 2018  2007 How Much I Despise You

April 4 April 2 Trump’s Wall Against Reason

April 5  Angela Lee

April 6   Haiku

April 7  Spring Time Snow

April 8  Living with Pain Hanibun

April 9  Hiking the Hills of My Youth Hanibun

Sunday April 1  Thank God For Angela

Every day I wake up

And see you there


I thank God

That he had the wisdom

To send you to me


To save me

By bringing you into my life

You are the sunshine

That lights up the day

You are reason

I get up in the morning


And you are reason

I exist

Without you I am nothing


But dust blowing in the wind

Waiting until death

Takes me down




April 2, 2018  Angela Haiku

Every day I wake up

To the love of my long life

And say Thanks to God




April 3, 2018  2007 How Much I Despise You


2007 How Much I Despise You


2017 How Much I despise You

Following 2016 the second worst year ever

Will 2018 be any better ?


And what we have suffered

The darkness settles on the land

Like a curse on the land


As our mad demented senile dotard king wannabe

Struts about the worlds stage

Ushering Americas  inevitable decline




April 42 Trump’s Wall Against Reason

The President wants to build a wall

Against the southern hordes

Another great wall

To keep the barbarians out


He wants to build a wall

Against reason

Against science

Against the modern world


Hiding behind the wall

On the southern border


Desperately trying to keep them out

The unwashed masses

The undocumented

The illegals


Streaming across the border

Seeking to wreck the pure land

Murderous hordes

Rapists, drug dealers


Coming to take our land over

As he stands on the border

Trying to stop the hordes himself



April 2 It Has Been Done Before


Before Trump’s Wall

There were many other walls


The Berlin Wall

The Great Wall

Hadrian’s Wall


All the walls of the ancient world

All failed

To keep the enemies out


The enemies of freedom

The enemies of the state

Still came across the border

To loot, steal, rape and plunder


And nothing could stop

The flood of history



April 2 Walls Divide Us


In Modern America

We all live in gated communities

Trying desperately to keep them out


Out of sight

Out of mind

And out of our lives


And yet we fail

Fail to accept the others

Are human beings

Are our fellow creatures


As we wall ourselves off

Into our separate communities


We loose our humanity

And we loose our selves


As we hide in our walls

Hide in our bubbles




April 2 Mr. Trump


Please tear down this wall

Please open up your heart

Please stop this madness


We are all Americans

We are all one people

And your wall

Will not stop us

From becoming one people


Please tear down this wall

Please build bridges to the future

Please open your heart

And let the love shine through




April 3 TRUMP

The President of the United States

Republican Leader of the Free world

Uber ales nations

Muttering insanities

Preposterous Nonsensical tweets


April 3 Putin


Post Modern Leader

Uniting all the Russians

Triumphant against all enemies

Including the Great Satan

Nevertheless always living in fear


April 5 Angela (Acrostic poem for Whispers)

Angela is my life

No better friend in the universe

Greatest Love of all

Every Day I thank God

Love of my life

Angela My Soul Mate

Love of my long life

Everything I ever desires

Everything I ever needed


April 5 TRUMP

The President of the United States

Republican Leader of the Free world

Uber ales nations

Muttering insanities

Preposterous Nonsensical tweets



April 5 Putin


Post Modern Leader

Uniting all the Russians

Triumphant against all enemies

Including the Great Satan

Nevertheless always living in fear



April 6  Haiku

I met my late fate

Seeing her face in a bar

And my fate ended



April 7 Hiking in the Spring Time Snow


Talking a walk in the mountains

In the spring time snow


Snow falling down all over the trail

As I wander through the hills


Breathing the early spring smells

And seeing the world covered in white magic


The last remnants of the winter’s touch

Before the spring time gambol of flowers


Overwhelms nature once again

Preparing for the summer’s hellish heat






Living with Pain


Back in 1996 I had the accident that changed everything.  I went jogging one morning. It was dark outside, and I thought that I knew the trail.  Big mistake.  I fell down a ledge hidden where the trail should have been.  I shattered me heal in a million pieces.  I was rushed to an ER and told that I need an emergency operation and would be bed ridden for four months.


My wife was in San Antonio at the time serving in the Army, I was in DC working for the State Department.  I flew in a wheel chair to San Antonio where they proclaimed that they had to wait a week for the swelling to go down before they could operate.  The Air force doctors wanted to try a new procedure – using shark cartridge as a bone supplement.  The operation was a success until I quit taking antibiotics six months later.  I was in DC by myself then.  I went to the hospital for an unrelated thing -removal of a cist I think.  But the doctors took one look at me and proclaimed that the staph had become a multiple drug resistant staph and I needed an urgent operation.  The next day I had the third of 15 operations.  I endured six months at Walter Reed hospital but that was in the 90’s prior to the wars of the 21st century filled the base up. They had few customers and I got to know the doctors well.


I know pain

Intimately aware of every ache

Every pain


Ever since that day

When I went under the knife

And had the 14 operations


That saved my life

But I am not one to complain

I became one with the pain


Which I endure to this day

Knowing that I am alive

Having cheated death

Twenty times in life


Waiting for the grim reaper

To finally claim me


But that day has not come

And until then

I will endure




Hiking the Hills of My Youth


I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60’s.  Ever since I was a youngster I would wander the hills of Berkeley hiking for hours by myself and sometimes with my friends.  I explored every nook and cranny every corner of the hills and got to know nature in its infinite beauty.


Ever since those days I have longed for the day that I could spend my days hiking and wondering the hills.  Now that I am retired and living in Korea I can go for a long walk in the hills every day I want.  It is not the same as the hills I grew up, no vistas of the Bay and it is in Korea to boot but most days it is sufficient as I head out early afternoon and conquer four or five miles of hills just enjoying that fact that I can still move and am still very much alive at age 62.


I grew up hiking the hills of Berkeley, California

Grew up knowing every corner of the hills

And the infinite beauty of the Bay Area


And now I find myself in a strange land

With time on my hands

I wander the hills above the airport

In Incheon Korea


And wander about here and there

Just being grateful

That I am still alive

And kicking at age 62











fake things

Fake Things

There are so many fake things in the world these days. Here are some of my poetic observations regarding the proliferation of fake things in the modern world. There are a few true things in the world still. But the fake things, the fraudulent things are spreading all over the world like a malignant out of control invasive species, a mental meme of fakery covering the whole world sucking the life out of the world.

Enjoy these poetic rants.

and my world according to cosmos page has been updated, both the FB version and the word version, FB disabled the auto linkage feature so I have to run both pages

if someone knows how to work aroud this please let me know

Jake Aller

Fake Gods
Every day

There is another outrageous statement
From this preacher or that preacher

Saying that God spoke to them
And told them that Trump

Was anointed by God himself
And would bring us all to the promised land

Well I hate to bring it up
But felt that I must

If God exists
And is all powerful

Why would he waste his time
Talking to these idiot preachers?

And why would he anoint Trump
The most ungodly of all politicians
How do these preachers know
It is God calling

Or perhaps it is a fake God
I mean why not?

In this age of fake age, fake asses, fake angels, fake artists, fake booze, fake boobs, fake calls, fake card games, fake casinos, fake clothes, fake computer programs, fake computer games, fake coffee, fake devils, fake doctors, fake drugs, fake eyes, fake faces, fake falls during the world cup, fake fish, fake food, fake friends, fake Gods, fake games, fake hair, fake judges, fake lawyers, fake live celebrities on TV, fake legs, fake lotto tickets, fake hearts, fake languages, fake love, fake meat, fake minds, fake ministers, fake names, fake passes, fake players, fake people, fake pot, fake politicians, fake porn, fake photos, fake poets, fake priests, fake products, fake sex, fake songs, fake sports stars, fake movies, fake TV, fake teeth, fake vaginas, fake watches, fake writers, fake victims, fake videos, fake universities and fake well everything else

Why not a fake God
Pretending to be God
Just in it for the power,
the money

And the sweat love of the beautiful babes
That he has convinced
Has to sleep with him
As God has ordained it

Yeah I think that it is
God has been replaced
By a Fake God

Does the fake God speak to them?
And what does the fake God sound like?

How did the fake God talk to them?
On the phone? By email? By tweet
Or by visions or voices in their head?

Or are they just raving lunatics
Who think that the real nonexistent God
is calling them?
Not knowing or caring it is the fake God
On the cosmic hotline from the fake heaven

God, either the real deal
Or the Fake God
does not in my opinion
Talk to idiots

Too many things to do
Running this fake God scam
While the real God is either on vacation
Or is locked up in a cosmic dungeon somewhere
Or has been killed by the fake God
In league with the real Satan

Nor should God either the real God
or the Fake God
tolerate these fools any more

The Fake God does not send us hurricanes or tornados
To punish us

That is beneath his cosmic pay grade
And the real God
Has been cut off from his power sources
Locked away into cosmic dungeon
Without a phone, internet, or power outlet

The real God is God
and is mysterious
And if he speaks to us at all

We surely do not understand
Anything he says

As we have surely screwed up
The teachings of his prophets

And all we can hear
Is the voice of the fake God
The cosmic shyster
Who has been impersonating God
Perhaps for thousands of year

So I wish to end this by saying
Oh you false prophets


The real God is not calling you
And never has
But the fake god
That’s another story

But, please
Just SFTU already
Fake People
I am living in a world of fake people
Everyone around me is fake
Everyone is running their own scams
Hiding their true nature

Behind their fake smiles
Their fake sincerity

Nothing is real any more
The news is fake

Nothing but noise
Designed to trap you
In endless out rage
And fear

For the profits
Made by the evil masters
The spin masters
The people behind the news

And everyone pretends
That this is all real
But everyone knows
It is all fake

Fake people living fake lives
In fake worlds
Surrounded by fake things
And believing fake Gods

As we all move forward
Living our fake life
In a fake world

Lost in a fake universe
Governed by a fake God
Fake Love

There is nothing real anymore
In this fake world of ours
Everything has been reduced
To nothing but commodities
To be bought and sold

And in such a toxic world
There is no room
For true love

For truth
For a real love
That transcends the fake world

And even if you find the one
You can never be sure
If it is real
Could just be yet another scam

In a world filled with fake people
Fake relationships

Fraud, and fear
Rule the world
And the market rules us all

And so true love
Has no role
In the fake modern world
Fake Life

We all live in a fake world
Imagining the illusions
Are the real world
It is all in our insane heads

Nothing but psychotic nonsense
That we project into the world

The world is filled with fake people
Living fake lives in fake villages
In faked communities

Following the latest faked scandal
The latest fake outrage

Not knowing or caring
That nothing is real

Except perhaps death
And taxes

And if you have the right attorney
Even that can be faked

Fake Death
The Gods of Science
Are about to discover

The secrets of life and death
And banish death
To the dust bin of history

As we all replace
Our bodies and our souls
With robotic new fake bodies

With the illusion
That we can live forever
Just replacing this and that body part

Living out our empty life
Wishing that we could end it all
And embrace death

But in world of fake life
Death too becomes fake

And so we are doomed
To live our futile fake life

Until at last we meet death
Perhaps in a thousand years
Perhaps in a million years

Perhaps tomorrow
Death in the end

Will prove to be
The one real thing
In this fake universe of ours
Fake Calls
Fake Calls
Every day I get woken up
As the sun comes up
By my phone ringing
With a fake call

It seems that the only people
Who ever bother to call me
Are the fake call people

Who all call me
With fake sincerity

Offering me a great deal
On this and that scam

I curse at them
Yell at them
Mutter obscenities in foreign tongues
And block their calls

Yet it does not seem to matter
The next call will be
Yet another fake call

Am I doomed to receive
Fake calls until I day I die

I turn on my computer
And read my fake news accounts
And watch TV for the latest fake news

And the politicians lying
And the criminals scheming
To take my money

The Zappa song comes to mind

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help . . . no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold

That’s right, folks . . .
Don’t touch that dial

And I scream to the universe
Just leave me alone
Then the phone rings…..

Fake News



Of the constant deluge
The constant flood
Of fake news in my inbox

It seems everything is fake these days
The Presidents lies
The media lies

The country lies to itself
Everything is not all right jack
And never will be right

As long as have the idiot in charge
With his constant tweets
Posturing and lies

And the spinmeisters
Spinning away

The truth is a lie
The lie is true

I can’t tell any more
It is all fake news to me

Enough no more
Give it to me straight

Quit the god damn lying
And tell us the truth

But then we can’t handle the truth
Can me?

And so the fake news continues
The constant spam
The constant lies

As we all die
From too much information
All the time

I want to quit
Go away somewhere

But nowhere is safe
As we all stuck here

In the world of fake news

see https://theworldaccordingtocomos.com for more updates

cheating Death twenty Times

Cheating Death 20 Times Part 1

     BY: Jake Cosmos Aller

               True Stories

In my 62 trips around the sun, I cheated death 20 times.  These are the true stories. If I ever meet the grim reaper I’d like to ask him why he spared me all these times.

Five Childhood Illnesses hit me at age six        

I was a preemie.  Born two months early.  They had just developed oxygen tents for preemies and I was one of the first babies they saved using that technology, so in a way even being born meant that I had cheated death.  The doctors thought that I would develop severe medical conditions.  They were right; I have had bad eyes, bad teeth, and a residual learning disability from birth. And I had a weak immune system to boot.  When I was six years old, I missed almost all the first grade and had to repeat the first grade because I developed all the childhood illnesses at once.  I had whooping cough, pneumonia, the flu, German measles, and regular measles, chicken pox, and mono all in that year.  And hay fever to boot.  For me, once I recovered I was in good health for years except for seasonal allergies in the fall and spring.

Typhoid Fever almost kills me in Korea

I graduated from high school and college and mostly was healthy, no major issues other than colds, the flu, and seasonal allergies.  While I was in the Peace Corps training, we did a hike in the mountains in the East Coast of Korea. We stopped to drink water from a stream.  I developed severe diarrhea and a fever. I was rushed to the local hospital and transferred to a hospital in Seoul.  I had developed Typhoid fever, one of the last such cases in Korea as the Koreans had largely eliminated the threat of Typhoid Fever given the overall improvement in the country’s infrastructure.  The doctors at first could not figure it out, but in the end they figured it out.  I spent four weeks in the hospital missing a lot of my crucial language training. The Peace Corps offered me the opportunity to go home or transfer to another Peace Corps program but opted to finish the training and my service.  During the stay in the hospital, I was a celebrity of sorts – the only foreign patient and the nurses and doctors stopped by to practice their English with and I practiced my very rudimentary Korean as I flirted up a storm with the pretty nurses.

Guardian Angel Saves Me in Korea

I have always been a skeptical person, and not much of a believer. I have never been a Christian.  I have always been an agnostic or even an atheist.   But one day many years ago I experienced an event that changed my perspective on life. Since that time, I have become a believer in guardian angels that look after us in this corrupted world of ours.  I can’t explain what happened that day, other than to realize that there are stranger things in life than we can imagine and that someone or something was looking out for me that day.

In 1990, I was living in South Korea teaching ESL for a Korean University and government, and Asian studies for the University of Maryland for military forces stationed in Korea.  I was living in Seoul with my spouse who was a U.S. army officer, newly assigned to Korea.  She was born in Korea and was in fact the first Korean American female officer to be assigned to Korea.

We had been married for about six years having met in 1982 and had a whirlwind romance, marrying two months after we met.  That is the subject of another story though.  One spring day we took a trip to the east coast of Korea.  It was about a five to six-hour journey by car.  My wife was driving because I did not drive due to bad vision and because I was afraid to drive in the chaotic driving environment in South Korea.  We left Seoul about 11 am and by 3 pm we were halfway to our destination, Soraksan which is the number one mountain park in South Korea. It was a fine Spring day, just perfect weather, and we were both looking forward to taking a few days off.

Just outside of the town of Wongju, the freeway backed up and there was heavy traffic ahead of us.  I saw a sign for the Wongaksan National Park which I had never visited before and I told Angela, let’s get off the freeway and check it out.  I felt something telling me we had to exit the freeway that moment. I had a premonition that something bad was coming down the freeway and we were heading right into it.  We never forgot that day.  And to this day almost thirty years later I often think back what would have happened if I had ignored that warning in my head and had insisted that we keep going to what would have been our death.

To be continued…


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