picture of 2018 year of chaos

Year of Chaos Finally Ends

Year of Chaos Finally Ends

Year of Chaos finally Ends

In December the Cosmic Coyote
The Navaho trickster God

Reflected upon the passing of the old year
And the dawning of the new

And smiled
Wondering if this was the beginning

of the end
Of the reign of the Chaos President

Who took over the land
Plunging the world into chaos

As he promised the world
He would do

January Californians Smoke Weed as the World Freezes
January began the year

With the government shut down
And chaos in the air

With cold weather
And foul temperatures

And California legalizes weed
As the prohibition against weed
Slowly crumbles worldwide

The Me two movement gathers steam
World wide

Men are on notice
Women will no longer tolerate
Loutish behavior

The President should be worried
As should all the male
Masters of the Universe

The weather continues to be stranger
And weirder

With bomb cyclones shutting down
The NYC subway

And it snows in the Sahara
While Australia bakes
In the hottest summer ever

And America spends a record 307 billion dollars
Battling the impact of non-existent climate change

The North Koreans and South Koreans
Agree to talk and talk and talk and talk

But one wonders if all this talk
Will ever amount to anything?

The war against immigrants
Continues in the US
And around the world

As the President announces
More mass deportations

And calls most nations
Of Africa and Latin America
Shit hole countries

Calling upon White Europeans
To come to America

Norway says
No thanks

Why would we want to go
Live in a land

Where one could die
Any moment

By a gun nut
And if one lives
Go bankrupt with medical bills

Rumors of war continue around the world
The US Government shuts down
And re-open

With politicians vowing
To continue their endless fights

China clones monkeys
And designer babies are born

Is this the end of the human race
Will human 2.0 replace us soon?
February Continues the Deep Freeze

February continues the cold spell,
Heaviest snowfall in Moscow
Kills 2,000 trees

The “beast from the east”
Sends Siberian weather
All the way to Italy

The market is spooked
declines 4.5 percent in one day

Then continues its roller coaster ride
Reaching a peak in October

Before having the worst decline
In history in December
Is the market telling us something?

The Olympics comes and go
In Korea

As the Two Koreas
Continue to talk and talk and talk

Gun men slaughter students in Florida
Students march demanding action

Congress can’t be bothered to do anything
Even after a gun man opens fire on them
At a base-ball game

The NRA continues to proclaim
The solution is more guns
Guns for all will end this insanity

As we all kill each other
Ending the human race

March Madness

March begins with a bang
As President Trump

Launches his trade war
Against the entire world

The Asia Pacific Trade deal
Goes forward
With the US on the sidelines

Is this yet another sign
That the American Era
Is ending everywhere in the world

The President has mastered
The art of firing people
By tweet

As his secretary of State
Is shown the door

For the offense
Of calling him a moron

No one speaks to the President like that
And survives for long

As the President morphs
Into a mob boss

World Happiness Report
names Finland as world’s happiest country
and Burundi the unhappiest

Toys R Us Closes shop
As the retail bloodletting
Accelerates across the land

No one wants to go to the mall
And risk being shot
By crazed gun men

President Putin is re-elected
Trump, his bosom buddy in crime

Calls him to congratulate him
As his aides
Cringe in embarrassment

Self-Driving cars
Kill their first victim

But the rush to develop
The car of the future
continues unabated

the world’s last northern white rhino
dies in the wild
as the sixth extinction event continues

will humanity join the rhino
in extinction?

April Brings No Relief to the Madness

US, UK and French Forces Attack Syria
blowing away their chemical weapons

The war continues in Syria
Yemen and a thousand other places

As Russia, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia
The UK, France and the US
All double down

Meanwhile gun man open fire in Nashville
Killing people at breakfast
Just another day

In the life of gun-mad America
No one even notices any more
Except for those who die

Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae-in meet
And promise to end the war for good
Is peace about to break out ?

Indian announces that for the first time
All Indian villages have power

Will they now join the world
In watching the longing running show
In the US – the Simpsons?

In Pakistan they break a world record
50.5 degrees Celsius

As the world continues
To slowly bake
Due to non-existent climate change

May Brings No Relief

The WHO Announces their list
Of the world’s most polluted cities

A worldwide hall of shame
Millions go to work
Breathing the deadly air

The Climate Denier in Chief
Does not notice

Or care
That millions are dying

Due to that hoax of climate change
As long as his buddies make money

Who gives a damn about foreigners
In shit hole countries, anyway?

Hundreds die in dust storms in India
While volcanos blow up in Hawaii

And mudslides kill more in Rwanda
And Pakistan break more heat records

And California prepares for the killer fires
Soon to Engauge the entire west coast

And Ebola re-emerges as a global threat
The largest-ever wave rocks the Pacific

Israel fires missiles at bases in Syria
As the war threatens to spin out of control

Church bombings in Surabaya
Church shootings in Texas
And school shootings everywhere

Not enough good men with guns
To protect us all
From the evil dooers all around

Largest drug seizure in US history
Enough Fentanyl to kill 26 million people

As the war on drugs continues
More people get high every day
As legal weed spreads everywhere

Bangladesh police shoot 52 drug traffickers
So many more people
Yet to kill in the war on drugs

June Swoon

The Chaos President
Tweets that he has the right

To pardon himself for all crimes
He did not commit

It is all a witch hunt by his enemies
As he is the most beloved President
In the history of the world

The UN rules that the US can’t rip children
From their families at the border

The Chaos President does not respond
As fascism slowly takes over the US

And in the rest of the world
it is open season on immigrants

56 Ethiopians die when their boat sinks
And no one notices or even cares anymore

Hungary outlaws helping undocumented immigrants
And continues to build their wall

The President continues to vow
To shut down the government

If he does not get his wall funding
By December he finally gets his wish

And the government shuts down
As the new Mexican President

And the newly embolden congress
Refuses to pay for the damn wall

Kim and Trump meet in Singapore
A great victory of the North Koreans
Who promise to end their nuke program

But will they be to trust any deal
Made with the greatest deal maker in history?

A Raccoon climbs 23 story office building in St Paul, Minnesota,
becoming an internet sensation

As more wildlife wander about suburban landscapes
no longer afraid of humanity

Stephen Hawking dies
And the world looses

A voice of sanity
In a world filled with madness

The President vows to set up the Space Force
As the militarization of Space continues

China launches a moon probe
to the dark side of the moon
As the dark side takes over the earth

July Continues Out of Control
The world-wide trade war continues
EU imposes Tariffs on US Goods

The Chaos President is not amused
Calls The EU a Trade Foe

Millions protest against his cruel immigration policies
But no one real cares about the plight of migrants

Lone gunman shooting kills 3
including gunman and injures 13
in Toronto, Canada

Has the US gun madness
Spread to the Canadians?

Meanwhile California continues to burn
And burn and burn

As does the entire west coast
The smoking flames consume all

Turning the world
into an end of the world nightmare

still silence from the climate denier
who blames the wild fires

on bad forest management
rather that climate change

the wild fires burn out of control
in Europe as well

as Spain, and Greece
join the flames

Longest “blood moon” eclipse
of the 21st century,

lasting 1 hour 43 minutes
perhaps a harbinger

A message from God
as the end times approach

Eritrea and Ethiopia announce
re-establishment of diplomatic ties
between the two countries

the world watches the feel good
story of the year

the Thai soccer boys
rescued from a cave in Thailand

The President goes to the UK
No one wants to meet him
Except the Queen

Who meets him
Laughing at the giant inflatable baby Trump
That follows him everywhere

Trump Meets his master Putin
Looking like an underling
Reporting to his mob boss

August No Longer a Month of No News

President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela
survives an assassination attempt by drone,
live on TV

Mendocino Fire becomes the largest recorded fire
in California’s history at 290,600 acres,
overtaking 2017 Thomas Fire

South Sudan and Sudan end their war
With a truce

Will it last
Or will the war continue

President Trump revokes security clearance
of former CIA Director

and Trump critic John Brennan
for the crime of standing up to the President

Michael Cohen the President’s fixer
Pleads guilty to paying off Trump’s mistresses

No one believes the President
Did not know about the hush money

Longest ever bull market in Wall Street
Continues until October

When the market finally has enough
Of the Trump reality Show

Senator Mc Caine Dies
As does the Queen of Soul

The Chaos President is not invited
To their funeral

September Follies Continue the Madness

Anonymous senior White house
official opinion piece

“I am part of the resistance
inside the Trump administration”

Rocks the political world
Everyone wants to know
Who is the mystery man

“Fear: Trump in the White House”
further rocks the political world

as people wake up
realizing the Chaos President

Is the proverbial emperor
with no clothes

the Supreme Court hearing
turns into the proverbial circus
as woman after woman

accuses him of drunken misconduct
the President stands

by his man
as they are kindred spirits

Hurricane Florence rips ashore
The US

Just another warning from God
According to the preachers

The US China trade war gets serious
As both sides slap

tariffs on each other
And neither side backs down

The Korean leaders meet again
More positive talk

As peace threatens
to breaks out
In Northeast Asia

October Brings No Relief

The United States, Mexico and Canada
agree a new trade deal to replace NAFTA

Critics say it is the same old deal
In new packaging

The Saudis kill in cold blood
A Washington Post reporter

Our chaos President does not care
As the Washington Post

Is the enemy of the People
And the Saudis are our friend

US unemployment figures hit lowest level since 1969
– 3.7% according to Department of Labor

Yet most people
don’t believe the good news

The Chaos President
takes credit for it

Saying it is all because he is such a genius

The UN reports that the climate crisis is real
As the world continues to burn

The Chaos President denies the obvious

As he tries to steer the US
Back to the past pleasing
his oil and coal company bosses

The President freaks out
About the alleged invasion of the caravan people

4,000 poor migrants
March to the border

And the President declares
an national security emergency

deploying troops on the border
to stop the invasion

Sears files for bankruptcy
As Americans desert the malls

Afraid of the gun men
Who stalk all public places

Canada legalizes the sale of recreational cannabis,
the second country after Uruguay

as the entire west coast of America
legalizes the once evil weed

as the war on drugs
begins to end

In Brazil the Brazilian Trump emerges victorious
Joining his brethren

the Philippines President
The Hungarian Prime Ministers and others

As neo fascism takes over the world
Led by the Orange man in the White House

November Elections Shake the US

In the mid term elections
The people finally speak up

They don’t like
the Trump Reality Show any more

And the democrats sweep the house
Women taking the lead

First native American women are elected
First Muslim females are elected

First gay governor is elected
Youngest women ever elected

Is this the beginning of the end
Of the reign of the Chaos President?

The fires continue to burn in California
As Paradise goes up in smoke

Killing 88 people
And burning the town to the ground

The Chaos President
Denounces the state of California

For gross mismagement
And threatens to withhold funding

Showing the world yet again
That he is Mr. Sensitive

Amazon selects their new corporate outposts
In NYC and Arlington, Virginia

Part of their evil master plan
To take over the world

One city after another
Fall under their sway

Protests across France
against rising fuel prices

leave 400 injured
as the Yellow Vest revolution

sweeps across France
and Europe

Truly a revolt of the people
Against the elites in the cities

An American missionary
Travels to a remote island

Where he is killed
By stone age tribes

Who don’t want to hear
About Jesus

The EU approves Brexit
The UK parliament debates it

As the deadline for a deal
looms nearer and nearer

Chinese scientists claims to have made
The first designer baby in history

It is only a matter of time
Before the first clones appear

Is this the dawning
of Humanity 2.0?

December Ends the Year of Living Dangerously

The month begins
with the yellow vest revolution

Scientists and political leaders
Gather together in Poland

Warning of the collapse of civilization
and the natural world

where the US delegation
oddly promotes fossil fuels

as the solution
to the climate change crisis

President GH Bush dies
The nation mourns

the late President
as one of the last decent leaders

As the Chaos President
Tries to behave himself

President Trump announces John Kelly
will be stepping down

as White House Chief of Staff
at the end of the year

allowing Trump
to be Trump

Diplomats from 200 countries
agree to follow up the UN Paris Climate Agreement

The US refuses to play nice with others
And goes home more alone than ever before

The Chaos President announces Victory is ours
And orders troops pulled out of Syria and Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis
announces his resignation

after disagreements
with President Donald Trump

as the last grown up leaves the stage
the markets react

the biggest sell off
in history

as the world watches
the Chaos President

ends the year
shutting down the government

and promoting more chaos
demanding money for his promised wall

and the coyote trickster god
smiles at the chaos of the world

wondering what lies ahead
as the year 2019 looms

it can’t be any worst he says
but I wonder

will 2019 be the year of the end
will the wheels fall off the bus

as we careen out of control
with the Chaos President

steering us all
off the proverbial Clift?

world events 2019

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