39th Anniversary of Marrying the Lady of My Dreams

39th Anniversary of Marrying the Lady of My Dreams

39th  Anniversary – Love Poems and Stories

My life has always had a fairy tale aspect to it. The central mystery of my life has always been how I met and married the girl of my dreams. I first met her in 1974 when I fell asleep in a  high school physics class in Berkeley, California. Then I had the “dream” as I quickly dubbed it, week after week until one day she walked off a bus and into my life in South Korea where I had gone in the Peace Corps to find her because I knew that she would be waiting there. I had the last dream the day I had decided to give notice and return to the United States to go to graduate school and give up on the foolish dream quest of mine.  That morning she came to me and said

“Don’t worry we will meet soon.”

곧 만날 테니 걱정하지 마

god mannal teni geogjeonghaji ma

She walked off a bus and into my life that day. That night was September 7th,  39 years ago. We married seven weeks later.

Here then are my love poems, and stories, all dedicated to my lady of my dreams, Angela Lee.

Index of First Lines


Dream Girl
Married My Dream Girl


A Million Ways to Say I Love You
Ode To Love on Valentine’s Day
Chains That Bind Us
Where Do You and I Begin
Fragments Of a Dream
The Story of How We Met
Fate Intertwined
Darling, My Love of My Life
Eternal Love
One Morning -Memories of You
You Still Haunt My Life
Till The End of Time
Angel Of Desire
Sae Young Ji Ma
Your Love Conquers the Darkness
Then One Day
My Spirits Soared and Flew Up
Like A Bee to A Flower
And This Time
10,000 Miles Can’t Separate Us
Me And My Angela Lee
I Love You
You Forever?
A Ray of Light
Fear Of Being Alone
My Only Lady Love
One Fine Day
Your Smile
18 Years of Love
Love Jones
Angela Lee Was Her Name Acrostic Poem
I Like to Drink Hot Coffee in The Morning Italian
Drinking My Hot Coffee in the Morning Italian Forms
Drinking My Hot Coffee in The Morning Light Italian Forms
Nighttime Love Blues
Met My Soul Mate
Soul Mate Soul Mate
Morning Greets Me Soul Mate
Eternal Puzzle
Red Wine Not Tea
Decisive Decision  Changed My Life
15 Versions of Angela

Begin Stories and Poems

Dream Girl

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

The dreams started when I was a senior at Berkeley High School in 1974. About a month before I graduated, I fell asleep in a physics class after lunch and had the first dream:

A beautiful Asian woman was standing next to me, talking in a strange language. She was stunning—the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was in her early twenties, with long black hair, and piercing black eyes. She had the look of royalty. She looked at me and then disappeared, beamed out of my dream like in Star Trek. I fell out of my chair screaming, “Who are you?” She did not answer.

About a month went by, and then I started having the dream repeatedly. Always the same pattern. Early morning, she would stand next to me talking. I would ask who she was, and she would disappear. She was the most beautiful, alluring woman I had ever seen. I was struck speechless every time I had the dream.

I had the dream every month during the eight years during which I went to college and served in the Peace Corps. In fact, when I joined the Peace Corps, I had to decide whether to go Korea or Thailand. The night before I had to submit my decision, I had the dream again and she made me sure that I knew she was in Korea waiting for me.

All she said was when I asked again as always who are you? Where are you?”

“I am in Korea”

After the Peace Corps, I still hadn’t met my dream woman. I got a job working for the U.S. Army as an instructor and stayed in Korea. I kept having the dream, until I had the very last one: She was standing next to me, speaking to me in Korean, but I finally understood her. She said, “Don’t worry, we will be together soon.”

Why was that the last time I had the dream?

Because the very next night, the girl in my dream got off the bus in front of me. She went on to the base with an acquaintance of mine, a fellow teacher, and they went to see a movie. I saw her and found the courage to speak with her.

We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet that weekend.

The next night, she was waiting for me as I entered the Army base to teach a class. She told me she was a college senior and she had something to tell me. I signed her on to the base and left her at the library to study while I taught, and then we went out for coffee after class.

She told me she was madly in love with me, and that I was the man for her. I told her not to worry as I felt the same.

That weekend, we met Saturday and Sunday and hung out all day. On Sunday night, I proposed to her. It was only three days after we had met, but for me it felt like we had met eight years ago. I had been waiting all my life for her to walk out of my dreams and into my life, and here she was.

Her mother did not want her to marry a foreigner. One day, about a month after we met, she invited me to meet her parents. I brought a bottle of Jack Daniels for her father and drank the entire bottle with him. He approved of me, but her mother still had reservations.

After a Buddhist priest told her my future wife and I were a perfect astrological combination, she agreed, and we planned our wedding.

The wedding was a media sensation in South Korea. My wife explained it to me years later. At the time, I was overwhelmed just by the fact that we were getting married and I didn’t fully understand how unusual this was.

My wife was of the old royal clan, distant relatives to the former kings of Korea. In the clan’s history, only two people had ever married foreigners: my
wife, and Rhee Syngman, who was the first President of South Korea. My father, who was a former Undersecretary of Labor, came out for the wedding, which fueled even more media interest.

Our marriage defied the stereotypical Korean-foreign marriage where the women
married some hapless GI just to escape poverty and immigrate to the U.S. We were the first foreign/Korean couple to get married at a Korean Army base. Over 1,000 people came to the wedding, and my father was interviewed on the morning news programs.

This all happened thirty-nine years ago, and I am still married to the girl in my dreams. Now in my dreams she watches over me when we are apart.

Dreamgirls re-publishedlove Poems

Love Poems from Snarling Cup of Coffee Chapbook Collection, 2nd posting

Medium published love poems

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Through Loving Words: Volume 1 A New Love Blooms


In the first volume of Through Loving Words, the poems within describe the joy that can be found in the blossoming of new love.  Each poet describes falling in love in unique and descriptive ways — from meeting someone and slowly falling in love with them through the mundane minutiae of everyday life to the coveted “love at first sight” spark and the resulting explosion of passion and lust.  Pick any poem within the collection and experience anew the fervor of fresh love and lust and let your love bloom!

The following authors contributed to this collection: Alethia Pritikin, Alexandra Graffeo, Alexia Leigh, Bree Leto, Darren Beaney, Donald James, Ellen R. Grace, Emily D. Xi, Farhan Ali Baloch, Gerald O. Ryan, Ginna Wilkerson, Jake Cosmos Aller, James Alexander, Jasmine Tiera Harrell, John Ling, Jonathan Miller, Kaitlin Richcreek, Kevin Grommersch, Kiara Ash, Liz Taylor, Nick Sweet, Oz Hardwick, Peggy M. Earnest, Robert Fife, Samhita K., Taryn Thuynsma, Terril George, Vinod Pachu

Foreword by Peter Fenton

ISBN: 978-1-954403-46-8

Through Loving Words: Volume 3 A True Love Lasts


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In the third volume of Through Loving Words, lifelong lovers describe the successes and failures they experience as they face the world together.  The poems describe the richness and depth that love brings to our lives.  Through the voices of the poets, we learn that love only lasts when you work with your partner and appreciate them through all the twists and turns that life throws your way.

The following authors contributed to this collection of poems: Aziza Aremo, Beatrice de Filippis, Bree Leto, Caitlynn Lowery, Chloe Tonge, Darnini Deer , Lindsey Leggett, Emily Powers, Farhan Ali Baloch, Ginna Wilkerson, Guinevere Schaal, Heidi Guldbaek, Jackson Cass, Jake Cosmos Aller, James Alexander, John Ling, Kate Murray, Kevin Grommersch, Lisa Molina, Liz degregorio, Marie mcmullin, Melanie Boyd, Nick Sweet, Nina Sparling, Nisa Moazzam Gulzar, Robert Fife, Robert Martin, Stephanie Cotta, Susy Kamber, Tania Przywara, Tori Grant Welhouse

Foreword by Peter Fenton

ISBN: 978-1-954403-50-5

Dream Girl – A True Love Story

The dreams started when Sam was a senior at Berkeley high school in 1974, around Maria’s birthday in late May, perhaps.   About a month before Sam graduated, he fell asleep in a physics class after lunch and had the first dream:

About a month before Sam graduated, he fell asleep in a physics class after lunch and had the first dream:

A beautiful Asian woman was standing next to him talking in a strange language.  She was stunning – the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  She was in her early twenties, with long black hair, and piercing black eyes. She had the look of royalty.  She looked at me and then disappeared, beamed out of his dreamlike in “Star Trek.”  He fell out of my chair screaming, “Who are you?”  She did not answer.

Later that day Sam told his best friend, Robert Sicular who was in the class with him about the dream.  He also told them that he knew that he would meet her someday and that was the woman he was destined to marry.

Robert said,

“Man, that is crazy shit, dude. You had best quit smoking weed before class man. You be high. Have any of that shit?

Nah smoked it all up. But dude the dream is real.


Sam told Robert’s parents, Bob, and Ruth about the dream. Bob and Ruth were close to Sam. Sam hung out at their house a lot to escape his parents as he had grown up in a very dysfunctional family.

Bob said,

“Well, that is the craziest love story I have ever heard so it must be true.”

Ruth said

“Follow your dreams. You will have to meet her someday, but you may have to go to Asia to find her. Where do you think she is?”

“Maybe Japan, maybe Korea, maybe Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam? The Philippines? But not China because whatever she is speaking is not Chinese.”

Sam tells them that he had the dream again.

One day Sam was late for his summer job working in the parks department. He had the dream again about 6 am and it woke him up.  The same thing occurs.  She is standing there talking to him and she has love in her eyes for him.  She reaches out to touch him and then disappears.  He felt electricity flowing from her as she touched him. Sam got up and accidentally breaks the mirror in the bathroom.  Sam tells his mother who said that he will have seven years of bad luck as a result of breaking a mirror and later Sam thought that he had endured seven years of failed relationships and missed romantic opportunities because fate was conspiring to prevent him from getting seriously involved with anyone else because the universe was saving him for his one true soul mate.

A few days later, Sam is hanging out with his friends Matt and Mark playing pool at his house downstairs in the basement. Sam tells them he had the dream again.

Matt says,

“Dude! That is just too creepy to believe. You should not be telling people that shit, they might think that you are some sort of nutter.  I mean we know you are nuts but in a good way and we love ya for its bro, but others, well they might think you are certifiable.”

Mark looked at Sam and said,

“Yeah dude, that is crazy shit, I mean shit like that ain’t real you know what I mean?”

“Matt, Mark, I swear to god it is too. I had the dream again. And I know I am going to meet her and marry her someday.”

“Right on dude. Party on! We believe you.”

About a month went by and then Sam started having the “dream”, as he called it, repeatedly.  Always the same pattern – early morning, she would stand next to me talking, I would ask who she was, and she would disappear.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she struck him speechless every time he had the dream.

Going to Korea to find his Dream girl

One day in late May, about a week before Sam graduated from college, he had been accepted into the Peace Corps.  He had a deadline to respond to whether he would accept the proposed assignment. He had a choice going to Korea as a TB control worker in August or to Thailand as an ESL teacher in a rural school in October.  He was leaning towards Korea.  He had taken Japanese and Chinese history classes in college and he was fascinated with the region and was curious about Korea.   And besides, he was ready to get going.

On May 18, 1979, at 5:30 Sam had a slightly different dream.  In the dream, she told him when he asked where she was, “Seoul, Korea.” And smiled at him. And disappeared as she usually did”.

Searching for the Dream Girl in Korea

In August 1979, Sam arrived in Korea. He looks around and sees thousands of women who look like the girl in the dream, but none of them are her.  He knew he was going to meet her. He started having that dream monthly.  Usually near the end of the month and almost always first thing in the morning.  The dream was always the same.  She would repeat the word Aka which Sam later learned was the Korean word for baby and became her pet name once they met.  The rest of the conversation he could not understand at all.

One winter while Sam was in the Peace Corps, he went to Taiwan on a personal visit. He met a famous fortuneteller who made three predictions – He would marry an Asian woman; he would marry when he was 27 and he would become a diplomat.  All three predictions turned out to be true.

After the Peace Corps, Sam took a job in Korea and decided that he would give it one more year. If he did not meet her by then he would return to Seattle to go to Graduate school at the University of Washington in Korean studies.  Sam moved about the entire country. Sam was lonely, dissatisfied, and. Felt that he was wasting his time. He kept having the dream though.

On Wednesday, August 26, 1982, Sam got on a military bus at Camp Casey near where he lived in Tongduchon in a rented room. He was living basically those days out of a suitcase in a rented room as his employer kept sending him all over the country. He must have moved at least ten times that year.

That morning he had the last dream. And somehow felt that he was about to meet the girl in the dream. In the dream, she came to him again, but this time, Sam understood her Korean.  She said, “Don’t worry, we will be together soon and once we are together, we will be together forever. I have been waiting for our last life together. And now I have found you.”

That night, Sam got off the bus in front of Camp Red Cloud where he was teaching.  Sam got off the bus and the girl in the dream walked off the bus, out of his dreams and into his life.  It was the moment he had been waiting for all his life.

The class went by in a blur.  Sam was still stunned that he had met her.  He came up with a lame excuse that he wanted a language partner, and she could help him with his Korean, and he could help her with her English

She spoke English well as she was an English Education major at Sungsil Woman’s University and was a senior.  She was 23 years old and he was 27 years old.  He was born in the year of the goat and she was born in the year of the pig. According to fortune-tellers they had a perfect astrological chart and were soul mates.

That night Sam called his friend Robert, who had been in the room when Sam had first dreamt of meeting Maria, and told him that he had met the girl in the dream.


“I have big news; I met the girl in the dream. The girl I have been dreaming about for these last eight years. She is real. I met her on a bus. She is stunning. She is a college senior, and we are meeting tomorrow. “

“Dude. That is unreal. But whatever you do not tell her about the dream, at least not right away. That might freak her out. It would freak anyone out. Shit like that does not happen you know man. Are you all alright? Been taking drugs? Drinking too much?”

“Dude. It is all good. It is real. And I am going to marry her!

“Whatever dude. I believe you because you believe in the dream, I sure hope it is real.”

“It is real, dude.”

The next night she was waiting for him at the army base where he was to teach a class.  She told him that she had to see him as she had something to tell him Sam signed her on to the base and left her at the library to study.  She was a college senior she told him. They went out for coffee after class at a classical music cafe.  She told him she was madly in love with him and that he was the man for her.  He told her not to worry as he felt the same.

Whirlwind Romance

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they met each day and went for a long walk in the mountains near the base and had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together.  She made him kimbap (Korean sushi rolls) every day.

They talked further about her life and his life so far.  Her English was far better than his Korean, so they mostly talked in English.    She was a senior at Sungmyeong Woman’s University majoring in English Education.  But she wanted to work for a corporation rather than become a high school English teacher.   She was also going to start a graduate degree at Seoul working on an MBA degree in a new program that was taught in English.

He told her that he had been accepted to go to the University of Washington for a MA degree in Korean studies but would start that in about a year.  He would be teaching for CTC for a few months but wanted to find another teaching job somewhere in Korea as he was tired of teaching on base and the pay was not particularly good. Sam told her that perhaps she could come to Seattle with him and study there.  She looked at him and said that she would love that.

Maria looked at Sam and said

“Sam, it is obvious we belong together. You are mine and I am yours.”


“I agree. Let us get married, October 29th is my legal birthday. We can do the paperwork then and have a wedding later. What do you think?”

“Sure. That will work. You have to meet my parents though soon.”


In any event, they agreed that they would do the formal paperwork through the embassy on Friday, October 29th, 1982, which was Sam’s birthday.

They married two months later after a Buddhist priest told her mother that our astrological match was a perfect fit.  Her mother did not want her to marry a foreigner.  One day about a month after they had met, she invited him to meet her parents, but she did not tell them Sam was a foreigner.  Sam brought a bottle of Jack Daniels for his Father-in-Law and Uncle in law and drank the entire bottle with them. He approved of him, but Sam’s Mother-in-Law still had reservations. After the Buddhist Priests told her it was a perfect astrological combination, she agreed, and they planned on getting married.  As she put it, “who am I to go against the will of heaven?”

And so, they got married.

audio clips

waterfalls of love


praise the love of my life


my love beckons me

next glass of wine is for love

man plays games with his love

lucky in love

5-7-5 love poem

love cheritas

A Million Ways to Say I Love You

They say
There are a million ways
To say I love you

In this day and age
I could only find
In my computer’s brain
The words to say I love you

In 53 languages of the
10,000 languages
Spoken on this planet
Someday I may be able

To say the simple words
I love you
In all known languages
This will have to suffice for a start

So, I will say it
Loud, and clear
Just so you understand:

I love you (English)
Mein tumse pyar karta hoon (Hindi)

मैं तुमसे प्यार करता हूँ
main tumase pyaar karata hoon

Tu Tane prem karoo chu (Gujarati)

હું તને પ્રેમ કરું છુ
Huṁ tanē prēma karuṁ chu

আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি
Āmi tōmākē bhālōbāsi


Me tula premkarto (Marati)

मी तुझ्यावर प्रेम करतो
Mī tujhyāvara prēma karatō

Me tula premkarto (Marati)

میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں

Hum apse mohabbat karte hain (Urdu)

دوستت دارم

Man Dooset Daram (Persian)

ਮੈਂ ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਪਿਆਰ ਕਰਦਾ ਹਾਂ
Maiṁ tuhānū pi’āra karadā hāṁ
Mein thoda prem karanga (Punjabi)

انا احبك
Ana Ahabik Yanooni (Arabic)
Havala (Hebrew)

Wǒ ài nǐ
Yongchon (Chinese)

Aishitemasu  (Japanese)

Aloha (Hawaian)

Cinta (Indonesian)

Dangshinun sarang hayo (Korean)

사랑 해요
salang haeyo

Kasih (Malay)

P̄hm rạk khuṇ  Thai

iwedihalehu (Ahmaric)

khony hak chao (Lao)

Akoay Paginghe ikou (Tagalog)

Toi yeu ong(Vietnamese)

Renmen (Creole)

Jesuis l’amour voies(French)

Liefdle (Flemish)

Estoy amor tu (Spanish)

Yosono amore tu (Italian)

Estou o amore tu (Portugese)

Dashuri (Albanian)

Maiteizam (Basque)

обичам те
obicham teOBHYAM (Bulgarian)

Ljubav (Croatian)

Laska (Czech)

Jeger en kaerlighed du (Danish)

Ikben houden van jig (Dutch)

Gra (Gaelic)

Ich bin lieben tu (German)

ε αγαπώ
Se agapó

Agape/eros (Greek)

Ami (esperanto)

Armastama (Estonian)

Rakam (Finish)

Envagyok szeretet te (Hungarian)

Elska (Icelandic)

Ejekirin (Kurdish)

Milestiba (Latvian)

Meile (Lithuanian)

Eu dragoste tu (Romanian)


Я люблю вас
YA lyublyu vas (Russian)

Elske (Norweigan)
Easka (Slovak)

Волим те
Volim te

JBYBAB (Serbian)

Jagdan karlek du (Swedish)

я тебе люблю
ya tebe lyublyu

KOYATH (Ukraine)

Benin sevi sen (Turkish)
Ahava (Yiddish)
Ngingu u thando ungu (Zulu)

Ode To Love on Valentine’s Day

I love You
I Love You






Ever since I met you my dear
My life has not been the same

Before I found you
I was lost, sad and lonely
Going nowhere as fast as possible

I was stuck
Did not know what direction to pursue

At the intersection
watching life go by
I was lost, lonely
and full of despair

Then one day I saw you
The girl of my dream
Standing there
on the side of the road

I was filled with terror
Could not speak
What if you refused to see me
What if you denied
my protestations of love

What if you walked away
Never to be seen again
I knew I had to do something
I had to do it then and there

And then you came up to me
Your voice
The voice of an Angel

Sweat, full of light
Fun and entire sunshine
Ever since the day I met you
Whenever I feel down
and depressed

I look at your picture
And sunshine fills my heart
And I am confident, happy, and ready
To face all of life’s travails

As long as I have your love
And your support
I can overcome all obstacles
And face all dangers

Together we can do most anything
Without you I will be lost
In the swamp of despair

So, my dear
Please stay with me
Forever to the end of time

Let us journey forward
Never looking back
My love, my life

The sun in the sky
The moon that lights
my dreams at night

The stars
that beacon far away
Thanks to the Gods above
For bringing you into my life

And I promise I will love you
Forever and a day

Just to see your face
Is heaven itself

Just to hear your voice
Is all that I ever need

My love, my soul mate
Hurry back to me

We have so much loving to do
So much living to do
So much to do together

Walking confidently
Boldly into the future

Without you
All is nothing
But dust

With you
Everything is possible

My love
Until I see you again

A thousand kisses
And a million thoughts of love
That will have to suffice

Until we are reunited
My love, my darling,
My life and dreams

Hurry back to rescue me
From the despair and darkness
All around me

Until then
I salute you
Oh, Queen of my Heart
General of Love
Captain of my Soul

Chains That Bind Us

I realize that my love for you
Is like a chain of steel
Unbreakable, Tough as nails

Yet as your love entangles me
I realize that I embrace my imprisonment
Don’t want to venture out of my cell

Made of our years together
bit by bit
We have become entangled

Where I end,
and you begin
Hopelessly entangled

Even if I wanted
to break free
I could not

For I am you
and you are me
My fate is in your hands

So, I relax
Decide to Just enjoy
The ride of my life

As we move
Towards the final moments
Together as we have always been

merged into one being
Staring at each other

who is that creature
Of eternal mystery

That has so captured my soul
And imprisoned
it in her love

I smile thinking
of your love
The endless pleasure

It has brought me
The endless pain
I have endured

Just to be next to you,
Part of you
Until the day

I die
When we meet
in the next world

Where Do You and I Begin  Love Poem

I woke up one day and realized
I no longer knew
where you and I began
and where you and I ended

we had become almost one
We talked in half sentences
Knowing what the other wanted
and knowing how it would end

We ate the same foods with some resistance
because I still crave an old fashioned American meal
but still we were becoming more and more the same

and I was scared of losing myself
In your embrace
and becoming you

and you becoming me
and this fear of losing me
in the ocean of us

overwhelms me at time
but I know that I will always
Return to your arms

because I cannot live
A moment without you at my side
and I know you are the same
we feel each other’s inner pain
we feel each other’s outer pain

and our history has merged
into one

and is that the secret
of a long marriage?

Have I figured it all out
in the end does it come to this?

a merging of two souls and two bodies?
I don’t have the answers
But I don’t have any more doubts
or regrets at the path I have taken

I still look forward
to waking up each day
Seeing you there

and knowing that everyday
we have together
is a gift that I will cherish

Until my dying breath

Fragments of a Dream

I am a fifty plus man
Who lives on in his head
And dreams

With the libido of an 20 year old
Full of dreams
Wild erotic fantasies about this women
And that women
All the time

And desires for his wife
Who when she is in the mood
Is the best he ever had

But getting her in the mood
Makes him weary
And frustrated
And dreaming of sex

So, what can he do
Continue the path
Of least resistance

Waiting for her to get in the mood
Or change his game plan

To get her in the mood more often
That is the question
That has no answer

So, on Valentine’s Day
He dreams of ultimate sex
With the one true love of his life

And waits for her
To come to him
When she is in the mood

The Story of How We Met

It all began in Berkeley, California
In the springtime of 1974

One fateful afternoon
I was dozing in my high school
Physics class.

I looked up and saw
A tall, beautiful Asian women

Standing looking at me.

I screamed out,
Who are you?

She disappeared
Like she was beamed
away from my dream.

I knew that someday
I would meet the girl
In the dream

Little did I know
I would have to wait
until 1982

Starting that month
I began having the same dream
Month and month and month.

Always the same.
She was saying something
To me in a strange language.

Then one day I had the dream
And knew that she was in Korea.

So, I chose to go Korea
In the Peace Corps,
Somehow knowing
That I would meet her there.

One day I was in a foul mood.
I had decided to give up
on dating Korean women,

And on women in general
After having had several relationships
That did not go anywhere.

I was thinking of returning to the States
For Graduate school.

That morning early in the morning
I had the last of these dreams.

This time I understood her.
She said, “Don’t worry.

We’ll meet soon.”
That evening
As I was getting off the bus
To go to my class

I saw getting off the bus
The girl in my dream.

It was she!
I was speechless.

I did not know what to do.
Over the course of the evening
I ran into her several times.

Finally, I was introduced to her.
I muttered some lame excuse
About wanting to find a Korean tutor,

And got her number.
The next day she came to the gate of my base.
Where I was teaching ESL to Koreans

She said that she had to speak with me.
I told to wait in the library
for about an hour,

And I would cancel class
And meet her then.

We went out for coffee.
She told me that she was madly
In love with me

And simply had to have me.
I told her I felt the same way.

I proposed five days later,
And got married one month later.

Does she believe this story?
She claims she does not believe it

Because it is impossible to be true.
But I know that there are other worlds
And other times.

In a past life,
we must have been together somehow.
and our love was so strong
That it crossed over the barrier
of past lives.

She found me in 1974,
But it took until 1982
For us to actually meet.

And it has been 39 years
Since we met in the physical sphere
Or 46 years since the dream began

And I still recall
the dream
And meeting her

I had no choice
When I met her

We were fated to be together
Until the end of this lifetime
And the next and the next

Fate Intertwined
May 1, 1999

It was many a year ago
about 15 years ago

That I was born again
When I met the love of my life

Who took away my sins, my fear
And my self-doubt

And I began an adventure
That has not ended

Together we have moved
Down the path of Life

And together we shall move on
Forever and a day

Our souls intertwined
Our fates bewitched together

Forever more
My love

My hope, my dream,
my eternity

Darling, My Love of My Life

How much pain I feel today
Because you are in pain

I cannot rest, cannot sit still
All I can do is worried and think

What will I do
If God takes you away from me?
What would I do without you by my side?

I cannot live without you
You have to be there by my side
or in my heart
Forever until the day I die

I will not live without you
This world is so cruel and mean

I need someone like you
By my side to fight the battles

And encourage me to stand up
And be counted

I have learned so much
Watching you
You never back down

Never give up
And you win in the end

With your unique mix of charm, guile and
Iron will hide within a velvet glove

Clearly someday you will become
One of the Masters of the World
And I will be there by your side

Your love, your confident
and your greatest
Fan of all

I need you by my side
Forever and a day
Say you will be mine
And I will die a happy man

If you die before I do
My life would end

In a pit of utter despair
So, get up

Don’t let the bugs get you down
And I know we will have
Many more years together

Before we become an old couple
Still walking down, the street
Full of wonder and love for each other
My love, Forever

Eternal Love

I woke up
And jumped out of my bed
And stared out wildly

Into a strange new environment
Into the middle of it all

There it stood
A carbon copy man with no heart

Starting down the freeways of my mind
What the Hell can I find

For years and years
All I can do is cry

For months and months
All I can do is curl up
and die

Then overnight
A vision of radiant beauty
Awoke me from my stupor
and drunken bum shows

The vision
of my possible future
Was you

My love, my life,
and my dreams
All I knew I knew alone

All I can do is love you till
The end of time

One Morning -Memories of You

One morning
I awoke with a vicious hangover

Struggled all day
Just couldn’t make it at all
Then I walked out of my gloom
Into the bright light of the day

And on that fine morning
You walked into my life

You were like a ray of light
Piercing through the fog of despair

You were a beacon
Shinning on through the night

You were a mightily candle
In the midst of the darkest night

Angela, my dear,
I have no fear

Wherever you are in this world
Or the next one

You have my love
Till the ends of time

My shinning beacon of hope
And good cheer

You Still Haunt My Life

Still haunt my life

You still fill
Every moment of my thoughts
With images of you

Your voice
Your smile
Your way of being

Fills me with awe
Wonder, amazement
And grace

And still, I wonder
Yes, I wonder

How did a wretched sinner
A wretched, vile, no nothing of a man
A low bum of the lowest order

Meet such a radiant princess

It is a case of beauty and the beast
And how and why
You came into my life

I do not understand
But the moment I met you

All those years ago
I was filled with power
Of your love
Overwhelming me
Overpowering me
Rewiring all my circuits
In my corrupted body
Turning a mere boy
Into a Man

And to you
I salute you
And worship you
And give thanks

Every day
To all the gods above
And the demons deep below
That you found me

Till The End of Time

I wake up out of bed
And stare out wildly

Into a strange new environment

Into the middle of it all

There it stood

A carbon copy man with no heart


Staring down the freeways of my mind

What the hell can I find


For years and years

All I can do is cry

For months and months

All I can do is curl up and die


Then overnight

A vision of radiant beauty

Awoke me from my stupor

And drunken bum shows

The vision of my possible future

Was you, my love, my life, my dreams


And all I knew

I knew alone


Some day

In the future

I will meet you my dream girl


Until then

All I can do is love you

Till the ends of time

Angel Of Desire

One day,
A long, long, long time ago
In a distant land and place
There lived a lonely, wretched man
He was filled with anger, hatred, and despair
All was lost, darkness and gloom
He wandered the world
Here and there

Looking for something
He knew not what

Then one fine evening
He looked up and saw

A vision, an angel of delight
A woman of divine splendor
A lady so fantastic
He thought surely he was dreaming

He did not know what to say
He did not what to do
All he could do

Was stare at this unearthly vision
He approached her

He needed her
He wanted her
He knew that if he could not have her
He would surely die

His mind was aflutter
His mind was filled
With the vision of that beauty

Overwhelming him with desire
Soon he met her
Wooed her, married her

Life changed forever
from that moment forward
The gloom lifted
The darkness was banished
Sunshine filled his heart
And music filled his ears

Every time he looked at her
His heart went aflutter
He could not live without her

Then one day
This man was forced to live
Another life of loneliness
Despair and Darkness
All Around him yet again

The lady of his dreams
The angel of his desire
Lives 10,000 miles away

Leaving him darkness, gloom, and despair
The only hope he has
Is that soon, one day
This separation will end

Forever more
And then he will be complete yet again
With his Angel of Desire

And the Darkness, gloom, and anger
Will be banished forever more
In the brightness of her eternal smile

So, he lies down to sleep
And sees his Angel in his Dreams
Wakes up with a smile

Knowing soon he will be with her
Forever more together
With his Angel of Desire
Sae Young Ji ma

Sae Yong Ji Ma

Inscrutable are the ways of the Gods
I think of my fate
often sit and ponder

Deep, dark, dangerous ambitions
Burn deep within me

With a wild never ending flame
And I lust, cringe, and want
o then came
A wonder of the East

A passionate queen of my fantasy
So, I dream on and on
Knowing all along
She was just another mortal being
nd not a goddess
So, I dream on and on
Someday soon

I will meet
The girl of my dreams

Wild, passionate, and free
And we will soar into the sun

Flying forever
on the wings of our cosmic love


Sae Yong Ji Ma

The gods themselves wanted her
Because of her beauty

Tanta potentia forma est
They came to Earth
Out of clouds of mists

They poisoned my queen
And left me alone

A broken man on a misty beach
Suspended forever between the blinks
Of time’s eternal laughter



You are the fresh wind
Blowing from the ocean
To wash away the grime of my soul
You are the wildflowers
That freshens the alpine
Desolation of my soul

You are all that I crave
In the darkest hours of night

At five a.m. I awake
Screaming with loneliness
It is then that I need you

It is then that
I crave your company
You are the Moon leading me on
You are the star
Twinkling with a devilish grin

You are my devil and my angel
You are my everything at once

How could I have helped myself
From falling for your charms
And so, I dream on and on

This time is special
This time you won’t fly
Far, far away

So, I dream, hope and cry
This time

The Meaning of Love
At long last
I feel in the bones

I understand and know
The meaning
and substance of my love

Your Love Conquers the Darkness

Many a year ago
I wondered the world
Lost, without purpose
Without meaning,

My life was empty
Full of gloom, and darkness
All around

I tried to see through the fog
But failed to see a way
through the thick illusions

Covering everything, coloring everything
The darkest gloom of night all around me

Love Cheritas

Then one day

Then one day

I saw your face
You lit up my life

You changed my fate
The darkness was lifted
he sunlight rushed in

My spirits soared and flew up

My spirits soared and flew up

To the heavens themselves
and I rejoiced in my love

In my freedom and my glory
Happiness and peace
descended upon my Soul

I am still drawn to your light

Like a bee to a flower
Like a bear to honey

Nothing can keep
me away
I need you

Cherish You and Worship You

Cherish you and worship you

For you are my sunshine
Moon shine and light of my universe

If you ever left me
Never to return
The darkness will come back

And this time

And this time

There will be no escape
From the ever present gloom

All around me
Waiting for our love
to fail

10,000 Miles Can’t Separate Us

In the early light of the rising sun
And underneath the dying
cadences of a decadent moon
I arise out of my light slumbers

Dreaming of my past and of you
A vista of happiness fills my mind
As I realized
That 10,000 miles can’t separate us

Me and My Angela Lee

Fills my mind with regrets
Regret at the 10,000 miles
that lie between our souls

After all
One cannot make love
across a 10,000 mile gap

For my organs
cannot travel that far
Only in the memories of you
And me

Together can I be satisfied
Until the distance between us
Is overcome
And we are together
Once more

I Love You

I am still

The most madly in love person
I love you more and more

I love you more
than mere words could ever say
I love you so much I cannot say

When first ever I saw your face
My heart went beep
And my legs went numb

And the words for the first time
Failed me

If you had not
Seen me that way
I would not have been able to live again
My life began when I first saw your face
And now, my love
I pledge to you
that I shall always be true
And never will a day past
In which I fail to show
My undying love for you
My queen, my princess,
My life and my hope
How can I express in mere words
The thousand torrents
of my love crazed thoughts about you
Truly, life began when I met you

You Forever

Mystical moment
Divine silences
Overwhelm me
With wonder, awe, and fear
The fear of losing control
The fear of destroying myself
In the vain hope of gaining your soul
And all along
I know it is a false dream
That I dare to dream
Wat can I do?
I sit, dream, and think
And in the depths
of my mercurial soul
I can see
You need to be free
Free as a bird
To sail away
Am I holding you back
Imprisoning you
Or am I guarding you
Saving you
Loving you
Hating you
Because I love you

What is it?

What’ll it be?
We’re two people
Joined by unhappy
yet happy fate

Can we be happy together
Living in separate hells
Or occasional heavens
Thus, I cry out
Don’t leave me

Knowing full well
That you will
Maybe sooner, maybe later
Maybe forever

My life began when I met you

And will surely end if you leave me

So, we go on
Living our life
Intertwined so much
We can’t leave

And we are fated
To be together

And so, I have my answer
And I smile

A Ray of Light

In the darkest day of gloom
When all I could do
Was to grab a broom

And vainly sweep away
At the ever present gloom
All I could see

in the fog shrouded doom
Was the cosmic ray of light
Searching the mists of the moores

I arose from my campfires
In search of this
light from afar

Through forests and fountains
I traversed
All I could see was
still more gloom
In the end of the trail

Near where I stored my mail
I came upon the source of the light
I climbed the final step

And opened my mail
And out of it poured
a bright radiant light

Which chased away my gloom
And destroyed my doom
And flew away on my broom

And into my life
This beautiful radiant maiden
This beam of cosmic light was you
My dear

Fear Of Being Alone

Now my dear
More than ever
My mind returns to you in fear
The fear of being
left out in the cold
Alone mounts day by day

Mankind is but a timid ant
Pretending to be a wolf
Alone on a celestial stage
No one cares to watch our folly
Somehow with your presence near
I lose this all-pervading fear
And I feel I am truly human again
Yet my feelings for you
Run as deep as all of creation
And are as profound as a single bell
Chiming lonely in the purple crystalline sky
My love for you
Is as pure as a virgin bottle of wine
Yet my carnal desires are blatant
As youporn.com
My respect for you
Is greater than my respect for God
For a god can’t be loved as a woman can

My Only Lady Love

In the dying decaying luminance
Of the falling
dying setting western sun
I sat under
the fragrance of a pine tree
And watched the real world fly by
In the maddened urge to succeed
One can sometimes
lose track of what success is
With these gloomy thoughts on hand
My mind wrenched itself back to the place
And engaged in reveries
Of my life
My love, and my dreams
My one and only Lady Love

One Fine Day

One day
I awoke
Saw you there
All my pain
Wiped away
A dream comes true
Your Smile
Your smile
Lights up the room
And dispels the gloom
And lifts the fog
Your smile
Shines in the night
Like a diamond
In the sky

Eyes do not die
Eyes do not lie
They do not tell
The time of day

Nor scream
The pain of nights

Eyes merely reveal
The inner secrets
Of the Soul

Your eyes
Are the very secrets
Of the Universe

Your eyes
Bore into my soul

And root out
All corruption

Leaving me
Free and strong

Your eyes
Are more beautiful
Than the dearest diamond

Sparkling in the silver sky
Your eyes
Are like the very essence
Of God

Staring out at me
Driving me insane
With love

Your eyes are the key
To the deep
Secrets of my own soul

Your eyes
Are beyond words to describe

18 Years of Love


After 18 years of marriage
One knows a few things
About this thing called Love

At first love
Is a wild, euphoric high
It comes over you

Like a drug
Love strikes you
And it goes straight
to your heart

Like a drug junkie
to the heart

Love destroys
All reason
All rationality

You must have
The object of your love
You must
Overcome all barriers

That people put in your way
Then one day
You achieve your love

And your love
Changes, subtly over the years

Gradually changing
From a hot passionate fire
To a mellow, smooth flame
a flickering candle
in the wind of passion

Sustained, steady, lower heat
With occasional flare ups

Now and then
The wild passionate nature
Of the beast called love
Comes back to the foreground

And overwhelms the conscious mind
But the love you felt fades

Replaced by the second phase of love
Contentment, peace,

And all you need
Is to be
With the one you love

After ten years
This too changes

And it becomes
Yet another creature
You begin to wonder
You begin to doubt
You begin to question

You say is this
All that there is
This mellow, smooth feeling

Has the wild passionate
Flavor of my love
Turned from a sharp
Biting bite of a fiery
Bolt of whisky

To that of a more refined
Smoother blend of drink?
Do I crave that first rush
Of love yet again

At this point
The danger arises
That one begins to look

And think
Is this it
Am I doomed

To be with my love
Forever and ever

You begin to find fault
Your love is too fat
Your love is too thin
Your love is too serious
Your love is too silly
She is just too much
To deal with any more

And you begin
To say
Do I really still love
This lady

Is it still real?
And you look around

And see around you
Many other women

And you think
What about her
What about her
What about her and her and her?

Do I want another flavor
do I want another altogether?
Do I want a different drink?

And then it happens
That crazed bitch called love
Comes back at you

A million miles a minute
And you realize
That Love once achieved
Is never far away

That old feeling
Comes back with a vengeance

The love you felt
Once before
Like a hurricane
like an tornado
like an earthquake
Is still there

Buried under years
Of living together
Of years of compromises

Doing it this way
Because it is her way

And all along
You wanted her

And the dreams come back
The wild crazy days

Begin to come back
And you say

She is the way she is
And I love her
The way she is

And whatever may come
I still want her
I still need her

She is still mine
And I am still hers

And the desire to look
For another
kind of flavor
Fades away

Back into the dark corners
Of your mind

And you say
To all the world

I still love you

Won’t you be mine?
Won’t you be with me?

I still want
To make wild passionate love

Every night of the year
I still want to experience

The wildness of your love
I still want to get freaky

Deaky and meaky with you
Oh God
How I want you

How I want to express
My feelings for you

Bottled up deep inside
All these years
We grow apart

We live in different places
Different times and places
And then when we are together

The love gets missed
Among the arguments
And the disagreements

And the different attitudes
And I know
That you are you

And I am me
And that we are
As opposite
As two lovers could ever be
And it is hard
For the heat of love
To survive

The cooling down of the flame
Of love that occurs with time
But, babe, the love
We shared can come back
To life

And we can be
As wild young lovers

All we have to do is try
So won’t you be
My lover again for me
Won’t you let our love
Blossom forth
And let us
Run wild, naked, and free
And become
As wild as we wana be

18 years of love
Can survive
18 years of marriage

can become 28 years
can become 39 years
of love and madness

And I want to be
With you again
For another 40 years of life
I cannot conceive
Of a life without you

Even though we are separated
Thousands of miles between us
There is not a moment
That goes by
When I don’t think
Of something that makes me smile

People here
Ask me

How come
You can be always
So cheerful and upbeat

Every day
You burst through

The office
Like a ray
Of sunshine

Boosting through the clouds
Radiating joy to all around

And I had no answer
Until it dawned on me

My love for you
My dear
Transforms me

And everytime I think of you
The power of your love

Overwhelms me
And I am filled
With an inexplicable happiness

Joy and passion
Please hurry back to me
My dear

Let me your lover boy
Let us be wild and crazy lovers
Again, and again

Even though I am now
Older, and more decrepit
And much fatter

And slower, with less hair
The physical body is decaying
Starting to show

The effect of age
But underneath it all
There still beats

The passionate heart
That first met you
So, my love

My love I met in a dream
Those many years ago
Will you be mine again
Will you let the wine of our love
Become hot and wild again?

Or are we doomed to slowly
Let the love we felt
Fade away
Into a shadow of itself?

A taste remains of what once was
And we no longer have
That passion for each other

Like so many other
Married, with the passion gone

Too resigned to each other
To want to break free
But the thrill has gone

Away for good
Let’s us resolve
To find that thrill again

Refire that spark
Of love
Turn on the passion

And ride it out
The tiger of love
Is running in my heart

And we must tame it
And channel it
And make sure it
Is running after you

That is what
One learns
After 18 years of love

Love Jones

I got the Love Jones, baby
And it won’t leave me alone
I got the Love Jones, baby

And it won’t leave me alone
I’ve been writing these love poems
All day long

And I have been dreaming
Of all the ways I could make love
To my secret lover

If only she will let me be
If only she will open her heart

And let me in
Perhaps the love Jones
Might leave me along

But I got the love Jones
Bad baby
Can’t you tell?

That the love Jones
Has grabbed my Soul
Twisted it up into little pieces
And I need you

To unravel the Love Jones
I need you to answer the call
Of the Love Jones Baby

I need you
To let me be free
Of the spell
Of the Love Jones

I got the Love Jones
I got it bad

And only you can
Put a stop to the love Jones
Let me enter your life

Put out the fire of desire
Send the Love Jones packing
And let me make sweat love to you

Oh, Love Jones
Go away
Let me be in peace

Love Jones
Leave me be

I got the love Jones
For you
Can’t you see?
What you do to me?

I got the Love Jones
Baby and it ain’t going away

Until I get to make love to you
Then perhaps this Love Jones
Will leave me be

Love Jones

Angela Lee was her Name Acrostic Poem

Angela Lee
Name of an angel

Gone from Heaven
entered the earth
Looking for me
Even now
Everywhere I go
Was she heaven sent?
Always appearing in my dreams
She was there one day
Here she stood
Ever in my mind
Rarely gone away
No matter what
Always by my side
Married her
Ever since that date
I met my fate

I Like to Drink Hot Coffee in the Morning Italian

I like to drink hot coffee in the morning
Drinking hot coffee makes it a good morning
As I drink my coffee no more mourning
But in the afternoon I like to drink my iced tea
Just like to sit there drinking being one with me

That is all that I want or need just to be
As the day turns into the night I drink wine
Looking at my lovely wife she is just mine

Filling me with love, my heart begins to shine
Drinking My Hot Coffee in The Morning Italian Forms

Drinking coffee in the morning
Makes my day a goodmorning
Drinking tea in the afternoon
Just with her by my side
Recalling that date I met my fate
39 years ago, today

Drinking My Hot Coffee in The Morning Light Italian Forms
I like to drink hot coffee in the morning
Drinking hot coffee makes it a good morning
As I drink my coffee no more mourning

But in the afternoon I like to drink my iced tea
Just like to sit there drinking being one with me
That is all that I want or need just to be

As the day turns into the night I drink wine
Looking at my lovely wife she is just mine
Filling me with love, my heart begins to shine
Nighttime blues Poetic Bloomings


At night
As the sun sets
In the west
Over my veranda
I sit contemplating the sunset
Drinking a glass of red wine
With the love of my life
By my side
Saying to my wife
Ah, this is life.

Soul Mate Pensively  post on Pensively/Tale weaver

I met my Soul Mate
On that date
I met my fate
Later she became my classmate

Just the operation of cosmic fate
For eight years
She haunted my life
Then one day

She walked off a bus
Six weeks later
She became my wife

That was 39 years ago
When we met in reality
47 since the dream
That started my life


true Love
my Soul Mate
I dreamt about her
every day for eight years
then she came to be my wife

“Women are meant to be Loved”

Soul Mate Soul Mate
I met my Soul Mate
On that date
I met my fate

Later she became my classmate
Just the operation of cosmic fate
For eight years
She haunted my life
Then one day
She walked off a bus
Six weeks later
She became my wife
That was 39 years ago
When we met in reality
47 since the dream
That started my life

Morning Greets Me Soul Mate

Morning greets me
As I drink my coffee
And enjoy herbal flower tea
I am filled with gratitude
In the evening drink my wine
With the love of my life
By my side

Eternal Puzzle

The eternal puzzle
Of my life
The central mystery
Of my fairy tale life
Has always been
How I met
And married
the lady of my dreams
How I dreamt of her
For eight years
Until that date
When I met my fate
She walked into my life
Became my wife
39 years later
We are still together
As we are soul mates
Fated to be together
Until the end of days

Red Wine Not Tea

Red Wine Not Tea
Red wine with the wife
does it for me
red wine Not Tea
Just want to be
With my hot wife

Red Wine Not Tea
Red Wine with Wife

Decisive decision  Changed my Life

One day
I had a decision to make
I had just met the girl

Of my dreams
On a bus

She walked into my life
I had to decide whether
To postpone going back
To graduate school

For one year
To see how things
Would play out
With the women

I knew would be my wife
It was the best decision
I ever made in my life

15 Versions of Angela

Lee Chongoak
Born in Korea
May 28, 1959

Dream girl

Came to me

46 years ago


  1. 39 years ago

Walked off that bus
Into my life

Just like that
My life began
That date

I met my dream girl
She became my wife
entered into my life

She quickly took charge
Ordering my life
Taking over

Looking at her
Love at first sight
She took over my soul

ntense black eyes
Flashing with wit
Overwhelming my defenses

She spoke
With the voice
Of an angel

She changed her name
To Angela Lee
That is who she became

She joined the US army
Rose to the rank of major
Retired for good measure

She made me
Into the man
I was fated to become

for 39 years
She has been there
Through thick and thin

I still look at her
Filled with wild passion
And lustful desire

I want to be with her
Loving her
Until my dying breath

The End

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