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I continue to be published.    45 Magazine, Tiger Shark and I Universe (In India) have published some of my poetry.

My poem, Strong Wine has been published in 45 magazine!

check it out at

https://45magazineiwa.com45 magazine publishes Strong Wine2019/11/14/strong-wine/

Ten New Poems

Duane Poetree Poems 2016-2019

cosmic Haiku and other short poems

Strong Wine

glass of wine

One night I was starring
In my wine glass
Deep in thought

When I saw
Something in my wine
That haunts me still

I saw in the bottom of the glass
Evil dooers abandon evil
And became saints

I saw rich men give up
Their awesome greed

And poor people
Awarded dignity

And all men
Became brothers

All women
Became sisters

And war ended once and for all
And peace broke out
And hatred disappear

And I stared
Into my glass wine

I drink the wine
Hoping the vision

Would infect me
And change the world

But alas the world
Remained the same

The evil doers came back
The rich continued to conspire

And the poor still remained poor
And the war continued on and on

So I drank my wine
And went to sleep

Written by Jake Cosmos Aller – Incheon, South Korea

Tiger Shark Published my poem, A Poet’s Trial based on a recent nightmare

I find myself in a trial
Accused of harboring anti-state opinions
Of writing scurrilous seditious treasonous ‘poems’
Of encouraging disrespect for religious sensitivity
Of mocking God, Christianity and Christian values

The lead prosecutor in the case
Has decided to make me the poster boy
Thousands more have been arrested
Blogs have been taken over

Under the Protect American Freedom Act
Enacted by executive order
After Congress was suspended

The law the prosecutor reminds us
Is pretty clear

It is illegal to publish
Or to say in public
Obscene, seditious, anti-state
anti-American, anti-Christian
material of any type

Illegal to mock political
and business leaders,
And church leaders

Illegal to question
the motives of those in power

Illegal to print
publish classified material
Illegal to access such materials
online Or in print

The internet has been cleaned up
Access to such sites banned
And most of my work
has been banned

As well as the work
of all the other bloggers

Arrested during
‘Operation Restoring American Freedom’

And illegal to praise
the enemies of the United States
in the GWT – global war against terror

All of these provisions were enacted
under valid emergency provisions
and were enacted to preserve
and protect the freedom of Americans
to be free from such seditious trash

no one should be allowed
to publish such material

it is anti-American
to the core

the prosecutor announces
they will prove
I am guilty of all of these crimes

My private journals
my blog musings
my face book postings
as are my dream journals

And after hours of entering
this into the records
the prosecutor rest

Saying I am the most dangerous man
In America

My defense attorney quotes
hundreds of years of supreme court
and other legal precedents

Saying that writers can publish
whatever they want to publish

with a few exceptions.
The national security exceptions
do not apply because
I did not reveal classified information

and because it was clear
that my publications were intended
as either satire or dark political humor

or horror stories and poems.
If you read or saw sites online
my work was actually pretty tame

What was at stake
was whether Americans
had a right to mock their leaders

whether we had a right to express our opinion
and whether we had any freedom left.
It used to be that one

had a certain expectation of privacy
when writing in one’s personal journals
or diaries

If I am found guilty
then no American
will ever be free to think,
or write or express anything
other than the official party line

and America will become
Just another right wing
authoritarian fascist state.
The judge rules that those issues
are irrelevant.

All that is relevant is
did I knowingly write material
that violates the current law?

My defense attorney
noted that everything
I wrote was legal
under prevailing laws
at the time I wrote them

Since my arrest
under the new law
I have not been allowed
near a computer

nor allowed to write in a journal,
nor allowed reading material
other than a bible
and I am not a Christian.

I have been kept in solidarity confinement
for demanding what until
now was allowed to prisoners

in pre-trial confinement,
access to the internet,
phone calls
visits from friends and family
and exercise
All denied

and in fact
for the first four months of detention
I was lost in the system

My wife and family members
never told
Where I was
I was disappeared
No record was made
Where I was

I was a cypher
a ghost in the machine
i did not exist

In fact,
when my wife
hired a lawyer
And demanded to know where I was
The government’s position was
that was classified
And she had no need to know

And I have been tortured
during interrogations
where lawyers were not permitted
despite my asking for them

The prosecutor objected
saying that everything was done
under the provisions
of the Protect American Freedom Act
enacted while the Congress
was suspended
due to the national emergency

And the Protect American Freedom Act provisions
explicitly state that the act
and its implementation are beyond judicial review

I ask the court
to let me speak

I make an impassioned plea
to let me and my fellow bloggers go
and to rule that the Protect American Freedom Act
is unconstitutional

and while Congress has been illegally suspended
the constitution is still the law of the land
and the Supreme Court has not been outlawed yet.

All the actions of the government
Including suspending the congress
Ruling by emergency decree
are illegal and against the constitution

The Preserve American Freedom Act
Which is a mockery of the constitution
And bill of rights

All Are the hallmarks
of a fascist dictatorship

The type of government
That we fought world war 11 against
And just for the record
Thank you so much for calling me
The most dangerous man in America

That will be the title
of my next book
I guarantee that someday soon
I will write it

I turn to the Prosecutor

and said
Sir I think
our dear leader

made a mistake on that
Might want to arrest the Supreme Court,
and all the other judges as well

And declare that the Constitution
has been suspended for good
as it is no longer relevant

and our dear leader
is the greatest
most intelligent leader
we have ever had

I apologize for my writing
If it offended his sensitivities
So be it

And calling him a fascist
It used to be that stating
a factual statement
Was a legal defense

Look it up
He is a fascist dictator
It is not just me saying that

And while you are it
if you can find the time
after you finish kissing the president’s ass
that is

You should tell the dear leader
to not stop there
He should declare
the Democratic party illegal
and arrest all democratic elected official

Why not?
Send them all to prison.
That’s what I advise the Dear leader to do

The Judge laughs
and the Prosecutor fumes

The jury rules
unanimously that I am not guilty.

The judge asks
for an emergency supreme court review
of the constitutional provisions we cite

I am ordered released from prison
The next day
I am rearrested on new charges pending the appeal.

The Supreme Court rules in my favor
and I am ordered free again

I return home a hero
As the constitution has been restored
And the President removed from office

After the people’s revolt
Drove him from office

Lost and Found By John (Jake) Cosmos Aller

Published in issue 13<
tiger shark

I was lost
you found me
You walked

out of my dreams
And into my life

And that made
all the difference In the world

Hot Coffee

I like my coffee
Like women
hot as hell
But sweet as heaven

Published in Eskimo Pie December 2016

Published in Coffee with Underhill January 2017

111 The Universe has published my cat poems

“The Cosmic Cat from Berkeley” 

I next encountered the divine
Many years later in Berkeley, California
I had gone home
to be with my Mother

While taking leave
from my job in the Foreign Service
I had two weeks there by myself

My wife came later
near the end of the trip

Every morning I woke up
had coffee

Did yoga
Spoke to my mother
Who was sliding into dementia
Day by day

Then I would go out
And explore the city

Go to a museum
Go to one neighborhood
And just be there
Rediscovering the Bay area
After years of being away

Having dinner
with old friends
Seeing movies etc

Every morning
A black cat came to visit
The cat was friendly
and waited for me

And then would join me
in my morning rambles
Following me to the bus stop

I stated talking to the black cat
He looked at me
with the spark of divinity
In his dark eyes

I called him the cosmic cat
He seemed to like that

He would look at me
And I opened up to him

Told the cat
all my dark secrets

As I walked the streets
Of the old neighborhood

Every morning
and every evening

the cat
Would be there to greet me
And to carry out our endless conversation

Then I had to leave
And in our final conversation
I asked the cosmic cat

Say, Cosmic Cat
are you just a cat

Or are you a demonic cat
Are you possessed by God
Or by Satan ?

The cat looked at me
And I realized that God

Was indeed residing in the cat
But that god was residing everywhere

All I had to do was open my mind
And the rest would follow

So I said Good bye
to the cosmic cat

And he purred
and came up to me

And I felt the comforting
presence of the divine

As I said goodbye to the cosmic cat
And said goodbye to my mother

As this was the last time
That we would be able to really talk

I told my mother
about the cosmic cat

She smiled
and said that the cat was there for me
and her to comfort us both

in our hour of need
and that the cat
was indeed a cosmic cat

Buddha Cat of Edsall Road


I had another encounter
With the divine recently

Another Cosmic cat perhaps
Perhaps not

who knows
or what cats are
are they aliens from another dimension?
or was he channeling God

I called him the Buddha cat
For the cat loves
Sitting in a meditative pose

Not moving<span
Just starting at me

With his soulful deep eyes
Boring into my soul
exploring all my secret thoughts

the buddha cat
does not move does not
react as he isso deep
into his interior mediation

truly in tune
with the cat universe
and the cosmos as well

the buddha cat
seems to be one
with God
one with Buddha
One with Allah

And all the other
Billion names of God
Known and unknown

The buddha cat
can teach us all
About the art of meditation

As he zones inward
And loses his soul
Joining the cosmos
And becoming The buddha cat

The buddha cat
Lives in a modest Town house
In a modest suburb

Proving yet again
The divine spirit of God
Is everywhere all around us

The buddha cat
Reminds us all
To look for god

In the everyday
All around us
If we but have eyes
to see

To see God


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