45 Magazine Publishes “Shape of History”

45 Magazine Publishes “Shape of History”

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thanks so much for making my day.  I am starting my forth april poetry challenge today and will be posting daily updates on my poems throughout the month but will also promote your site on my blog and social media accounts.


Jake Cosmos Aller
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 The Shape of History

Once I too had ambition
I had the usual dreams of glory and grandeur

All I wanted to be
was to be a great creative genius

Only I did not know
How to kiss ass creatively

Once I had dreams of greatness
I would be glorious and free

All would envy and admire
This man so noble and great

Now I am tied down
in mirthless mire

Once I hustled
Once I took no shit from anyone
Once I wanted the universe

Now I am contended to shit
And refuse to bustle
Why bother anymore

In the gathering gloom
Of the foreseeable future

One thing is certain
I do not want a room

On the scrap heap of society
And yet that might be my fate


3 AM

more monster images for poem jpg
more monster images for poem jpg





The bewitching hour
When the wild things come out
And play

And torture you
With endless wild accusations
And nightmarish visions

As I toss and turn
Trying to escape

I look over at my wife
And as always
Repeat the mantra
Everything will be alright

And the wild things are banished
To the dark corners of my mind

And I recover my happiness
And I smile
As I look at the sleeping beauty

Still the most beautiful women in the world
Still the most alluring women in the world

Still in love with her
After 35 years

The love gets stronger and stronger
As she overcomes my despair

And the sun comes up
And I think to myself

What a wonderful life I have
With the women of my dreams

Strong Wine








One night I was starring
In my wine glass
Deep in thought

When I saw
Something in my wine
That haunts me still

I saw in the bottom of the glass
Evil dooers abandon evil
And became saints

I saw rich men give up
Their awesome greed
And poor people
Awarded dignity

And all men
Became brothers

All women
Became sisters

And war ended once and for all
And peace broke out
And hatred disappear

And I stared
Into my glass wine

I drink the wine
Hoping the vision

Would infect me
And change the world

But alas the world
Remained the same

The evil doers came back
The rich continued to conspire
And the poor still remained poor
And the war continued on and on

So I drank my wine
And went to sleep

Fake Gods


Every day
There is another outrageous statement
From this preacher or that preacher

Saying that god spoke to them
And told them that Trump

Was anointed by god himself
And would bring us all to the promised land



If god exists
And is all powerful

Why would he waste his time
Talking to these idiot preachers?

And why would he anoint Trump
The most ungodly of all politicians
How do these preachers know
It is god calling?

Or perhaps it is a fake god
I mean why not?

In this age of fake age, fake asses, fake boobs, fake computer programs fake doctors, fake drugs, fake eyes, fake faces, fake falls during the world cup, fake food, fake friends, fake hair, fake judges, fake lawyers, fake hearts, fake love, fake meat, fake ministers, fake names, fake pot, fake politicians, fake photos, fake products, fake teeth, fake vaginas, fake penis’, fake writers, fake victims, fake videos, fake universities and fake everything else

Why not a fake god
Pretending to be god
Just in it for the power,
and the money

And the sweet love of the beautiful babes
That he has convinced
Must sleep with him
As god has ordained it

Yeah I think that
God has been replaced
By a fake god

And what does the fake god sound like?

How does the fake god talk to them?
On the phone? By email? By tweets
By visions or voices in their head?

God, either the real deal
Or the fake god
does not in my opinion
Talk to idiots

The real God is God
and is mysterious
and if he speaks to us at all
We surely do not understand
Anything he says

As we have surely screwed up
The teachings of his prophets

And all we can hear
Is the voice of the fake god
The cosmic shyster
Who has been impersonating god
Perhaps for thousands of years

Oh you false prophets


The real God is not calling you
And never has
But the fake god
That’s another story

the End


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