AI taking over the world

AI Taking Over the World

These are my poems about AI taking over the world. Part of my Fake Things chapbook.

AI Fake Photos

AI fake model photo
fake model

xrealistic fake photos of people who don’t existThe AI industry

Is getting closer and closer
To their goal

Of creating totally fake personas
That are almost impossible
To spot
Truly fake people
For a fake world

The fake photos
Of fake people

Who never lived
Are almost impossible
To detect

Soon fake photos
Will be everywhere
Selling us all the fake goods

That the marketing gurus
Convince us all
That we so definitely need

None of it real
In a world filled with fake things
This is the ultimate fake thing

Deep Fakes

wikipedia on deep fakes

This category is about to explode
With the development of deep fakes

Videos that look like the real thing
And you can’t tell the real from the fake anymore
Unless you have very specialized equipment

And not only will this be used in porn
It will also be used in fake news videos

Showing politicians and business men
Saying and doing things

That they did not do
And a picture or video is worth a thousand words

Their denials will sound like fake denials
And the damage will have been done

Fake Real Estate Ads – True Story

We were victimized
By a scam artist
We rented our apartment
In Medford Oregon

Some one scrapped our add
From Zillow
Created a fake add
And tried to get people
To send them the security deposit

Then we saw
That fake real estate adds
Are all over the place
Close to 25 percent of ads
Are faked they say

Often run by Nigerians
Who have added
Fake real estate ads
To their vast portfolio
Of fake ads

Many of these ads
Originate in Houston
Or Atlanta
The largest Nigerian expat
Communities in the US

Where they continue their scams
The old adage
Caveat emptor comes to mind

In this day and age
Of fake this and that
Nothing can be believed
As everything can be a scam

Fake Videos

The world is awash
With fake videos

Purporting to be
Various celebrities

Having sex
Part of the fake porn industry

Or making outrageous comments
All part of the fake outrage industry

And it will get worst
With the development
Of the deep fake

Where fake photos
and fake videos
can’t be distinguished
from the real thing

Fake Photos

It used to be easy to spot fake photos
It is almost impossible to tell the difference

Between a fake photo
And a real photo

But most of the time
It is obvious

I had a favorite fake wedding photo
It showed the man who was relatively short
Standing next to his bride who was relatively tall

But in the picture she was levitating
I asked the man
Is your wife into yoga?

And showed him that she was flying in the air
And denied him the visa
Because he had presented false documentation

If he had shown a real picture
I would have given him the visa
Had no other reason to be suspicious

fake Humans – Coming of the Clones

is just a matter of time
In this fake SF world
We live in

That human clones
Will be invented
The first ones
Will be just for body parts

And won’t be fully human
But eventually

100 percent clones
Will become as real
As you and me

And when they do
Will the clones
Have human rights

Or will they become
Nothing but slaves
To the real human masters

Or will they turn
On their owners

And hunt us down
With their robot warriors

Death to all humans ?

Fake Humans -Designer Babies

In China
A line was crossed
That should never have been crossed

A scientist
Decided to create a designer baby
Designed to be disease free

And he created the first
Designer baby
Which has now been born

Soon, very soon
Designer babies will become
The latest thing
For the rich and powerful

And twenty years from now
The designer babies
Will turn on us

The normal humans
And decide that we are too weak
And too feeble
To be allowed to exist anymore

And so they will order
Their robotic slaves
To hunt us down
And terminate us all

Fake Humans – AI Decides to Kill All Humans

terminator photo
BARCELONA, SPAIN – MAY 09: The Terminator robot is seen in the paddock following qualifying for the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 9, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

It seems to me
That in this SF Fake world
We all live in

That soon
Very soon
The nightmare of the fake AI machines
Taking over the world

And deciding
To kill all humans
Is about to become
Nightmarishly real

And we are all doomed
To be hunted down
By the machines

Like in the terminator movies
That is our fate

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