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Reading the Classics

Books Read 2020

so far this year I have read  57 books so I am a bit behind my goal of 100 books.  I have read a lot of classic books and will finish the George Elliot novels which are long…..

  1. Dante the Divine Comedy own library

  2. John Burnet Bangkok Haunts

  3. Micah Caida Time Trap Red Moon Trilogy Vol 1

  4. Demelza Carlton See You In Hell

  5. Lee Child Jack Reacher 61 Hours own library

  6. Lee Child Jack Reacher the Enemy own library

  7. CS Lewis The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in Spanish

  8. Theresa Crater Under the Stone Paw

  9. Charles Cuming A Foreign Country

  10. Earnest Dempsey the Secrets of the Stones

  11. Earnest Dempsey The Templar Curse

  12. Bradon Ellis Atlantis Quadrilogy

  13. Sterling E Lanier Hiero’s Journey own library

  14. George Elliot Adam Bede

  15. TS Elliot Complete Poems and Plays own library

  16. Milos Fowler Captain Bartholomew Quasar

  17. AC Fuller The Cutline an Alex Vance Novel own library

  18. AC Fuller The Inverted Pyramid own library

  19. AC Fuller The Anonymous Source own library

  20. AC Fuller the Mockingbird Drive own library

  21. AC Fuller the Shadow File own library

  22. AC Fuller the Last Journalist

  23. Jeschonek The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe

  24. Jeschonek the Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake

  25. Dieter Kellen Enigma What Lies Below

  26. Harvard Classics Volume One own library

  27. Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

  28. William Penn Fruits of Solitude

  29. The Journals of John Woolman

  30. Harvard Classics Volume Two

  31. Plato the Apology, Phaedo and Crito

  32. The Golden Sayings of Epictetus

  33. The Mediations of Marcus Aurelius

  34. Warren Hately Reporting the Appocalypse

  35. Jim Heskett Museum Attack

  36. John Ling Fallen Angel

  37. Robert Ludlum the Cry of the Haledon

  38. Lincoln Cole Second Chances

  39. Mathew Mather Dark Net

  40. Kyle Mills the Utopia Experiment

  41. James Rollins Map of Bones own library

  42. Nick Thacker the Depths

  43. Nick Thacker the Enigma Strain

  44. Nick Thacker The Relics

  45. Nick Thacker the Atlantis Stone

  46. Elizabeth Williamson Tokyo Firewall

To Read

Elliot Novels

Mod Po 2020 Poems (to be listed as I read them)
Harvard classics through Volume Six
Poets Companion finish
Art and Craft of Poetry finish
Poetry for Dummies
Whitman Leaves of Grass
Dickenson Collected Poems
       Robert Service Poems (from Alaskan gold rush period)
       Poetry for dummies
The Poets Companion
Art and Craft of Poetry

here’s the latest list