books read

Books read 2019

books read

read during 2018

Reading the Classics

updated my list of books read

so far for 2020 I have read the following

The List

  1. TS Elliot Collected Poems
  2. Elizabeth Williamson Tokyo Firewall
  3. Benjamin Franklin Auto-Biography part one of Harvard Classics
  4. John Woolman Autobiography part one of Harvard Classics
  5. William Penn reflections in Solitude  part one of Harvard classics
  6. Best American Poetry 2019
  7. Best American Poetry 2018
  8. Best American Poetry 2017
  9. Dante Divine Comedy
  10. Charles Cuming  A Foreign Country
  11. Lee Child The Enemy
  12. Lee Child 61 Hours
  13. Kyle Mills the Utopia Experiment
  14. Robert Ludlum the Cry of the Haladon
  15. Sterling Lanier Hiero’s Journey
  16. John Burnet Bangkok Haunts
  17. Elizabeth Carter Under the Paw
  18. John LIng Fallen Angel
  19. AC Fuller The Cutline
  20. Nick Thacker the Atlantis Stone
  21. Jm Heskett Museum Attack
  22. Mathew Mathew Dark Net
  23. Bradon Ellis Atlantis Quadrilogy

waiting to read next
Whitman Leaves of Grass
Dickenson Collected Poems
       Robert Service Poems (from Alaskan gold rush period)
       Poetry for dummies
The Poets Companion
Art and Craft of Poetry