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Corona Ghosts

175,000 Corona Ghosts

Subterranean Blues will publish my poem, “Waiting for the Grim Reaper’s Decision”

I sent them the following poems as well

The Bombs that Took Her Away
175,000 Corona Ghosts Message to our LeadersHerman Cain was his Name

the Meaning of Life

Waiting for the Grim Reaper’s Decision





One night
After falling
into a deep sleep

I woke up<
standing in a long line
with people
of all nationalities
dresse in black uniforms

I look up
and see a giant Screen
showing scenes
from past lives

I ask the person
in front of me
where was I

he merely grunted
and pointed to a sign
The sign said in multiple languages

No talking
No smoking
No eating
No sleeping

Be patient
Your turn for judgement
Will be soon

no one can escape their fate
For this is your judgement date

A punk rock band
Was playing
Screaming out
No sleeping

No eating
No talking

Be afraid
Be very afraid
The hour is getting late

God is on the make
The devil is on the take

No one can escape their fate
For this is your judgement date

I watched the various condemned
Walking to the front of the room

Step by step
When they got
to the front of the room

They were shoved into a chair
And strapped to a machine

And the grim reaper
Would bark out a few questions

Then their live would flash by
On the screen
Then the screen
would flash

A simple symbol
either a green light
A red light
A yellow light
or a black light
would appear

and the grim reaper
Would pronounce sentence
In the language of the person
In front of him

Then sentence pronounced
The body would disappear

And the grim reaper
Would bark out

Soon it was my turn

The grim reaper barked out

name: John (Jake) Cosmos Aller
Date and place of birth
October 30, 1955 Oakland, California

There is a discrepancy here
Your birthday is listed twice
as either October 29
Or October 30

Which is the real date?

The 30th

And he pointed
his hand held computer

And I saw my life flash by
30 seconds later
The screen flashed green

You have been given a reprieve

And will be returned to your life
But with a warning
Your time is limited
As is it
For all of you

Make the most of it
Someone upstairs has marked
Your file
For positive review

for the next date
when you will meet your fate
Good luck

I asked
How much time do I have
He smiled

No one is allowedTo knows the date
That they are scheduled
To meet their fate

That information is classified
Q level top secret ultra
Only St. Peter’s knows
And he does not tell me

You have no need to know
And neither of us
Are cleared for that

So just go back
And make the most
Of the time you have

The sun was coming up
I looked at my wife
The love of my life

And vowed to make
Every moment count
Until my next date
With the grim reaper

175,000 Corona Ghosts Message to our Leaders


1750,000 Corona ghosts
Have a message
For our feckless leaders

Their voices crying out
In the corona winds
That are sweeping the world

Led by the implacable enemy
General Corona
And his army of virus bots

The corona ghosts cry out
Why Mr. President
Can’t you take responsibility
And apologize to the world

For the mess you made
Due to your incompetence

Why Mr. president
Do you continue to listen to quacks
Whether than your own experts

And why dear God
Don’t you mask up
Right now?

Mr. President
Why can’t you get
The senate to get off
Their proverbial buts

And deliver Corona relief
To those fortunate
To still be alive?

And Mr. President
The way things are going
We may see you soon
As you too may become
Another Corona Ghost

Herman Cain Was his Name

Herman Cain was his name
Being President of Godfather Pizza
That was his name
And his claims to fame

He ran his company with pizzaz
Being famous for being famous
Knew all the right people

Did the right thing
But still on that date
He met his fate

And became
Just one
of the 150,000 Corona Ghosts
Ghosts in the corona winds

That are sweeping the land
Killing people left and right

As General Corona marches forward
With his army of virus bots
Infecting everyone they met

And in the end
It did not matter
Who Herman Cain was

He became just
Corona Ghost

the Meaning of Life

Sometimes I contemplate
The meaning of life
And the central mystery
That still haunts my life

The fairy tale romance
That overwhelmed me
38 years ago

When I met my fate
On that august date

I still do now know
How and why
I had the dream

All I know
Is that she came
To me in a dream

And then walked into my life
And became my wife

But I sill don’t know the meaning
Of life itself

All I know
Is that I married
The women of my dreams

And that has made
All the difference

based on my true love story. For details see “Dream Girl” on my blog, “the world according to cosmos

the END

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