COSCTCO Has My Number

COSCTCO Has My Number






0regon Reflections

I have been a COSTCO member since 1998.  I love COSTCO. It is one of the best corporations in the world and always does things right.  In short, they have Soul.  My home COSTCO was the Springfield, VA COSTCO, and the MEDFORD COSTCO and here in Korea, the Ilsang COSTCO and before that the SONGDO COSTCO, but I have shopped at many other COSTCO’s over the years.

Here are some of my Ode to COSTCO poems.  I will send it to COSTCO HQ and report back if they respond.

BING AI provides some background to start us off.

COSTCO is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores, also known as warehouse clubs or wholesale clubs. COSTCO sells a wide range of products, from groceries and electronics to furniture and clothing, at discounted prices. COSTCO also offers services such as gas stations, pharmacies, optical centers, travel packages, and more. COSTCO is known for its Kirkland Signature brand, which is its private label of products that are often of high quality and low cost. COSTCO is also famous for its rotisserie chicken, hot dogs, and pizza, which are sold at its food courts.

COSTCO’s history dates back to 1976, when Sol Price, a pioneer in warehouse club retailing, opened the first Price Club in San Diego, California. Price Club was the world’s first membership warehouse club, a place where efficient buying and operating practices gave members access to unmatched savings. Price Club targeted small business owners, who could buy items in bulk for their use or resale. Price Club expanded rapidly, opening stores across the US and Canada.

In 1983, James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman, two former Price Club executives, opened the first COSTCO in Seattle, Washington. COSTCO followed a similar business model as Price Club but also catered to individual consumers as well as businesses. COSTCO also differentiated itself by offering a wider selection of products, including fresh produce, meat, seafood, bakery, and deli items. COSTCO also introduced its Kirkland Signature brand in 1992, which soon became a hallmark of its quality and value proposition. COSTCO grew quickly, opening stores in various states and countries.

In 1993, Price Club and COSTCO merged to form Price/COSTCO, a company that combined the strengths and expertise of both warehouse clubs. The merger created the largest membership warehouse club chain in the world, with over 200 locations and 22 million members. In 1997, the company changed its name to COSTCO Companies, Inc., and in 1999, it adopted its current name, COSTCO Wholesale Corporation.

Today, COSTCO is the third largest retailer in the world and the largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, rotisserie chicken, and wine. COSTCO has over 860 warehouses worldwide, serving more than 127 million members in 14 countries. COSTCO’s mission is to continually provide its members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. COSTCO’s vision is to be the most respected and successful warehouse club in the world.

If you want to learn more about COSTCO, you can visit its official website1 or read some of the articles below:

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Shopping At COSTCO Always an Adventure

Lost Shopping Cart in Songdo

Lost Shoe in Medford

Close Encounter with Potential Killer On Richmond Highway

Ode To the COSTCO Workers Around The World

Ode To COSTCO Old Poem

COSTCO People Watching



COSTCO People Watching

I love my COSTCO.

I love going there to shop.

But most importantly

I love people-watching.


Looking at people as they walk by

Wondering what their stories are.

And covertly checking

Out the beautiful girls

As they walk on by.


And when they smile at me

It makes my day.


Yes, I love my COSTCO.

And COSTCO loves me back.


Extracting my money

From my wallet.


I go in for one simple thing

And walk out

Having spent 500 dollars.


Yes, COSTCO has my number

And loves me too

Long live COSTCO

Shopping At COSTCO Always An Adventure

I have been a COSTCO member

Since 2000 or so

And have shopped all over


Springfield Virginia

Was my home COSTCO,


Until we moved to Medford, Oregon.

Also shopped at the DC COSTCO,

The Richmond Highway COSTCO

COSTCO in Richmond, California

Or Fairfield California

When we are in the Bay Area.



COSTCO in Ilsan,  Korea

Is now our home base.


Wherever we went

We always felt

Welcomed, safe


And the staff

Were always friendly

And helpful.


But shopping at COSTCO

Always is an adventure

Here then are our COSTCO misadventures

Lost Shopping Cart In Songdo

Shopping at COSTCO

In Songdo Korea

In the COVID era,


We encountered

A strange phenomenon

We thought that someone

Had stolen our shopping cart.


We alerted the COSTCO staff

And they found

Our lost shopping cart.


The COSTCO staff

Were helpful as always.

And we left, shaken up

But finally satisfied.

Lost Shoe In Medford

In Medford, Oregon

We shopped at COSTCO

Bought thousands of dollars

In-home improvement products

As we renovated our rental properties.


Also of course food and clothing

And sundry items


Always walking out

After spending hundreds of dollars.


COSTCO knows

How to extract money

From their grateful customers.


But one day

We had a strange thing happen

While trying on shoes

Somehow, I lost my shoes.


Someone had stolen

My shoes

Or so it seemed.


We searched high

And low

But never found

Our shoes.


The manager was apologetic

But there was little to be done

Just another misadventure

In COSTCO land.

Close Encounter With Potential Killer On Richmond Highway COSTCO

In all my years

Of shopping at COSTCO

Only once did I feel

Threatened or unsafe.


It happened so suddenly

My wife was

Accosted by someone

Claiming we had cut in line.


She was holding my spot

As I brought the cart over.


An angry black woman

Got real personal

In her face


Using abusive language.

And making a huge scene

My wife told her

To buzz off.


This all occurred

While I was in the restroom


Came back to find the woman

Cursing at Angela.

Then we left


She was waiting for us

At the exit.

We felt uncomfortable


Went to the manager

Who escorted us

To our car.


We felt that woman

Who was high

Probably on speed

Or crack cocaine.


Might have gone

To get a gun

To blow us away.


But fortunately

She left

And we left.


Shaken by the close

Encounter with a random act

Of senseless violence.

Ode To The COSTCO Workers Around The World


Before COVID shutdowns

I always liked going to COSTCO.


Liked the sampling

The bustle,

Checking out new products.


Checking out the other customers

The staff were always friendly

Helpful and courteous.


But with the COVID shutdowns

COSTCO has become

Even more of a lifesaver


For many people

Around the world.


And we all feel

That COSTCO has our backs

As we navigate the new normal.


COSTCO was one of the first corporations

To mandate mask use throughout their stores

Before it was required.


They had senior hours

To protect the most vulnerable.


COSTCO workers

Are my heroes

In these dark times

We are living in.


I love my COSTCO

I love going there to shop.

But most importantly


I love people-watching.

Looking at people as they walk by

Wondering what their stories are.


And covertly checking

Out the beautiful girls

As they walk on by.


And when they,

Smile at me

It makes my day


Yes I love my COSTCO


Loves me back.


Extracting my money

From my wallet.

I go in for one simple thing


And walk out

Having spent 500 dollars.


Yes COSTCO has my number

And loves me too.


This poem is about the narrator’s frustration with the long lines and crowds at COSTCO, and how he wishes he could escape to a more peaceful place.

I Hate Going to COSTCO.

The lines are always too long.

The people are always rude.


The carts are always full.

The prices are always high.

The products are always cheap.

The samples are always gone.


The parking lot is always full,

I wish I could go somewhere else.


Somewhere quiet and serene.

Somewhere with no lines,

And no crowds.


Somewhere with no carts

And no samples.



With no prices.

And no products.


Somewhere like heaven

But I can’t.



I need to buy toilet paper.

And rotisserie chicken

And Kirkland Signature vodka


And a giant teddy bear.

And a 65-inch TV.


And a lifetime

Supply of batteries.


And a coffin,

For when

I die of COSTCO blues.


This poem is about the narrator’s love for COSTCO, and how he finds everything he needs and wants there, including his soulmate.

I love going to COSTCO.

The lines are always worth the wait.

The people are always friendly.

The carts are always full of goodies.


The prices are always low.

The products are always high-quality.

The samples are always delicious.


The parking lot is always spacious.

I don’t want to go anywhere else.

COSTCO is my paradise.

COSTCO is my home.

COSTCO is my everything.


I find everything I need.

And want at COSTCO.

Food and drinks

And clothes and books.

Gadgets and toys,

And tools and furniture.

Jewelry and flowers,

And art and travel.

And most importantly,


COSTCO Wedding

I met my soul mate

while shopping at COSTCO

in suburban Virginia.


We were both reaching

For the last rotisserie chicken.


We locked eyes

and smiled.

sparks flew

from heart to heart


we shared coffee

and pizza

and talked

until they kicked us out


We decided

To share the chicken

And our lives.


We got married at COSTCO,

In front of the giant teddy bear.
the store general manager

We exchanged rings

From the jewelry section.

We cut a cake from the bakery.

the general manager

officiated the ceremony

attended by customers, family
and friends
shown on ZOOM

at every COSTCO
as this was the first
COSTCO Wedding!

We toasted with

Kirkland Signature champagne.


We danced to the music

From the electronics department.


We spent our honeymoon

At COSTCO in Spain.

In a tent

From the camping section.


We made love on a mattress

From the bedding section.


We cuddled under a blanket

From the home section

We dreamed of our future



Raising our kids,

And growing old together.


And saving

And living and loving


note:  Not a true story, although we both love our COSTCO.

Lost Bag Nightmare

I am at a crowded cafeteria and a college campus I am an underground agent for the government and we are tracking the movements of a potential terrorist who has threatened to kill Palestinians and or Jewish kids at this college,

I put down my bag on on a counter and we went to track down the terrorists when we finished arresting them, avoiding a huge incident when we finished arresting the terrorists. I go back and find that my bag is completely gone.

I don’t know what to do. I lost my laptop and my phone and some money in it, and a library book.

I was devastated as I had lost my bag.  I also realized I was stupid for leaving the bag unattended so I called my wife who was out of town. And she agreed I could go to COSTCO to replace the phone and the computer.

I arranged to do that but I missed my computer and missed my phone and I am upset at how stupid and careless I had been.

COSTCO Goes Green

thoughts while walking through COSTCO one day.

COSTCO announces a bold new strategy to combat climate change. They will put in every COSTCO warehouse and office building around the world solar panels and mini wind turbines to generate enough power to run their warehouses off the grid and to sell the power back to the local utilities if there is any excess power.

They also in some areas agreed to install geothermal water heating and solar water heating everywhere.

They also agree to fund local bus service so people can get to and from COSTCO from the nearest metro subway systems and they challenge Walmart, Sam’s, Target, and other large big box stores worldwide to follow suit.  Most of them agreed to do so and join COSTO in forming the Green Business Alliance which will bring together the Corporate sector to jointly work on climate and renewable energy initiatives with governments and the academic sector, vowing to hold a COSTCO Foundation Green Energy annual summit bringing together business, academic and Government leaders to make concrete progress.

COSTCO said that saving the planet is the most important thing that they could do and that they would be fully supportive of a new Green Deal. They also will sell COSTCO renewable energy supplies and they will set up a renewable energy research corporation to help companies and individuals install renewable energy systems.

The progressive left hails COSTCO and conservatives denounce COSTCO for going “woke”. The public slides with COSTCO’s reputation and sales go way up.

Letter to COSTCO


I have been a member since 1998. I have long admired your corporation for being a great corporation with progressive values. You are a leader in so many areas, not to mention that you are a great company to work for, sell great products at a great price, and have the best customer service in the world.

You do so many things you do right , and thank you for that, for all the good that you do every day. I would like to suggest that you do much more to combat climate change and become a leader in combating climate change, which as you are no doubt aware is an existential crisis. Climate change and the need to shift to a new Green Deal are imperative if we want to save the entire planet.

There are many things that corporations could do and it’s time for COSTCO to step up to do their part. At a minimum, I would recommend that you commit to putting in every single COSTCO warehouse worldwide solar panels on the rooftops and in shading over the car lots, and mini wind turbines so that each COSTCO will be carbon neutral and self-sufficient in terms of energy. This should also include setting up water harvesting systems so that all the water will be self-generated and solar water heaters as well.  Excess power could be sold back to the local utilities at cost.  I would also greatly expand electric vehicle charging stations.

COSTCO is unfortunately not that accessible to people without public transit. This is something that COSTCO should address. At a minimum, they should set up a free shuttle bus system going employees, visitors, and members taking people from the nearest metro subway stop to COSTCO and this should run during COSTCO business hours starting about 1/2 an hour before the opening of business ending a half an hour after the close of business. It should be free to the public and should run every half hour. This would be a very simple and cost-effective way to make sure that people can easily access COSTCO corporation shops and COSTCO should also consider contributing money to the local public transit companies to expand bus service in the COSTCO neighborhoods that they serve.

I would suggest you call upon your colleagues in the big box industries around the world to do the same, committing to addressing climate change, transit accessibility, and water conservation policies in every store worldwide. If COSTCO steps up and takes the lead, Walmart, Target and the other big market companies will feel they need to do the same.  This commitment will  make a tremendous difference around the world and it would not cost her much to do so in fact it would save money on energy for all your COSTCO operations worldwide

I’m asking you to commit to making every single COSTCO a green energy building do it for the sake of the planet thank you.

I have blogged about my positive experiences with COSTCO here and feel free to publish any of my COSTCO poems on your website and your magazines. Thanks again for doing everything you do.

Long Live COSTCO.

The End

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