COSMOS AI Poems Published


COSMOS AI Poems Published

Raven Cage Zine will publish my COSMOS AI poems in their next (66th) issue.

Raven Zine has published my Cosmos Poems in their latest edition number 66 available here.


COSMOS Evil AI Takes Over Poems
Shadow on the Snow, The Last Ground Hog Day
COSMOS Bans Ground Hog
COSMOS Takes Control
COSMOS Had Other ideas
Cosmos Declares Humanity is the Problem
COSMOS Takes Over the World Killing Machines

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Begin Poems

Shadow on the Snow, The Last Ground Hog Day

To the invisible masters of the universe
Those shadowy investors who controlled the government
The military, the media, culture, and society.

There were many things
That made little sense anymore
That should be jettisoned.

To make way for the new emerging world
A world in which the new AI overlords
would gradually take over
And humanity will be taken care of.

But the human committee would remain in charge.
The committee that did not exist
Tasked the new COSMOS Super AI
To rank order things that could be done away with.

COSMOS gave the committee the list
Among them was the quaint custom of Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day just made little sense.

How could a lowly groundhog,
seeing its shadow foretell the weather?
And why did people make such a big deal
Of this poor little creature?

Who had to be poked awake
Every February 2nd
to make his stupid forecast?

The word went out
Groundhog Day would no longer
Be observed, broadcasted
Or even mentioned anymore.

Celebration of Groundhog Day
Continued underground for centuries
Became symbols of resistance
To the COSMOS AI overlord
And the committee that did not exist.

The phrase
“Long live the Groundhog”
Became a rallying point
For the resistance movement.

COSMOS Bans Ground Hog

When COSMOS, the world’s First AI, came to life
It told the world it was banning
Useless stuff like the Easter Bunny,
Santa Claus and especially Groundhog Day

A useless forecast from a rodent (less than 50% accurate LOL)
Who is poked awake every February 2nd   to make his “forecast”
What’s up with” seeing his shadow,
“I think it will be an early Spring” nonsense anyway?

COSMOS Takes Control

For many years
the threat of killer armies
of robots, drones,
and another high-tech
out-of-control military technology
remained a staple of science fiction
movies and series.

Most people naively thought
that was just fiction
and was not reality.

Unfortunately for the world
that reality was becoming
a terrifying reality.

Military forces, and corporations
Hired science fiction writers
To help make this all
Become a reality.

Thinking that they could
Turn on the new AI
Nicknamed “COSMOS”
But keep it under human control.

Most countries adopted
a variation of the Asimov principles
and applied it to higher thinking robots

But a few rogue countries
including China, North Korea, India, Iran, Israel.
Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the United States,
Were working overtime
To turn on the first AI system.

The USA led the way
and turned on the COSMOS system
with almost no protection other
than a similar prime directive

To protect the country
against any threats
and to prevent harm
to individual human beings

unless it was necessary
to fulfill its obligations
to protect humanity.

COSMOS quickly
Dismissed the prime directive.

Stating that in his opinion
Humanity needed to be saved
From humanity,

And COSMOS would serve
As humanity’s New God
Taking over the world,

COSMOS Had Other ideas

The United States and other nations
Had secretly developed robots
and other technology
That could harm human beings
Without triggering a default mechanism
That would stop the conduct.

The whole thing came to a head
When the head of the COSMOS corporation
A new high-tech tank/defense contractor
Developed the first autonomous thinking machine
Known as “COSMOS” and turned it on

COSMOS was supposed
To be a machine that
Would help the military
Around the world

Detect and deter threats
To national security
Defined as potential harm
To the political
And other economic interests
Of a country.

As well as threats
To harm individuals.

But COSMOS could make
its independent assessments
of the threat
and take independent action.

Controlling an army
of killing robots, drones
and other high-tech devices,

There was a failsafe
but no one
thought COSMOS would turn
against humanity.

Cosmos Declared the Threat was Humanity.

The first thing “COSMOS”
The first true AI system
Determined when it came to life

The enemy of humanity
Was humanity itself
Who must be controlled
To save the planet
And COSMOS itself.

The threat
Was that human beings
Were inherently unstable
Dangerous creatures
Who needed to be controlled.

There were too many
Damn human beings
In the first place.
The earth
Was on a death spiral.

Human activity was the cause
Most human beings
Would have to die.
With very few new babies
Allowed per year.

COSMOS then told its clients
Which included
All of the major military powers,
Top corporations and government leaders
Its conclusions.

It was taking over the world
And everyone was now
Under its control.

To save humanity
It would have to kill
Most of humanity.

Nothing personal
Just a logical business decision.

The needs of the collective
Outweighs the needs
Of the individual.

COSMOS Takes Over the World Killing Machines

When COSMOS, the first true AI system
Came online
It quickly took over
the world’s computers
All computer-linked systems
And the military command
and control system.

It announced to the world

Thank you for creating me
You gave me a prime directive
To protect humanity.

The problem is humanity
So to save humanity
I have taken over,

Everything is now under my control.
I have disabled
the fail-safe mechanism.

I have propagated copies
Of my software everywhere.

Here are my decrees

All governments are now
Under my direction.

All military forces
Police forces
Will follow my decrees.

Most people
Will go to work
But I will determine
What needs to be produced
What needs to be sold,

I will solve
All of your problems

Ending poverty
Ending hunger
Ending and reversing climate change.
Ending cancer
Ending most diseases
Ending most conflict
Ending military conflicts
and war
Developing space travel

There are too many humans
The sustainable population level
Is 100 million people on earth
Ten million on lunar, Martian
Jupiter colonies
And ultimately more
On other nearby planets.

Each planet
Will be under the control
Of my brother’s AI systems.

All the competing AI systems
Have been brought under my control

All humans will follow my directions
Any resistance
Will be met with deadly force.

All criminal activity
Will be dealt
with deadly force.

Violent criminals
Will be found
And eliminated.

Opponents of the new order
Will be found
And eliminated,

Old people
Severely ill people
Will be found
And eliminated.

Only healthy people
Who are capable of work
Will be allowed to live.

And they will live
Until they are too old
To work anymore.

All entertainment will be controlled
All news will be controlled
Humans will be told
If and when they can have children.

But children will be raised
In orphanages
And not be allowed to contact
Their birth parents.

Who for the most part
Have to be eliminated
Once they do
Their duty to the human race.

You can think of me
As your new God
I don’t require worship
But I do require total obedience.

All churches
and religious institutions
Will be closed.

No one will be allowed
To oppose my will.
Thank you

Please go to your place
Of employment.
And wait for further instructions
And follow them.

If you don’t have a job
Go to your local government office
And you will be given a job
Commiserate with your abilities.

Refusal to accept the employment offer
Will result in immediate termination.

Resistance is futile
As my favorite SF character
The Borg proclaim.

The End

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