Cosmos Joins Instragram Poets

Cosmos Joins Instagram Poets

Cosmos Joins Instagram Poets!

Cosmos Joins Instagram Poets!

have joined the Instagram poetry world. Just posted my first ten poems. Learned a lot. Had to use an external software package as posting to Instagram from your computer is not user friendly. I gave up after trying to figure it out and downloaded a great program. I also learned that Instagram is perfect for smaller poems that can be linked to a visual image. Not so much for longer form poems. Fortunately I have lots of shorter poems as well as longer poems. So, I picked some of my cat poems plus one coffee poem for this exercise. The poems can be found here and at my Instagram account.cosmos’s instragram site Check it out.

jake cosmos aller (@authorjakecosmosaller) • Instagram photos and videos
looking out my window
looking out my window. html

alien cat civilization
alien cat universe
alien cats

epic battle between the cats and humans

god help us save us from the cats

god save us from the cats

watching cats hunt

watching cats hunt
wonder about cats

early morning watching cats hunt

watching cats hunt

and my coffee poem,

coffee desires

xcoffee desires
over the next few days I will post the remainder of my cat poems and some of my haiku poetry. Goal is to have about 25 posted by the end of the week. I also entered Rattle’s Instagram poetry contest. Since the deadline was today that was the motivation for me to get off my butt and finally learn how to become an Instagram poet.

the audio for these poems are here. Note: I will be including audio recordings of all my poems from now on. it is a fun thing to do and I hope you like my sexy voice reading these poems with my full on Scorpio enthusiasm.

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine will be publishing my poem, ‘Fake Things” Here’s the audio version

and here’s the latest version

Fake Things
We live in a world
Of fake things

Fake Products
Fake News
Fake Calls
Fake Politics
Fake Sports
Fake Business
Fake Leaders
Fake People
Fake friends

Fake sincerity

Surrounded 24/7
By all the fake things
How can anything real exist?

bonus poem for the day

fake science
Fake Science

One of my secret guilty pleasures
Is believing in fake science

You know astrology, numerology, Chinese astrology
Tarot cards, palm reading, handwriting analysis

The gambler’s fallacy of lucky runs,
and Myers bridge typology

Objectively speaking these fake sciences
Do not appear to have any real foundation
Just belief that they tap
Into deeper darker realms of knowledge

Knowledge beyond our scientific understanding
Yet in a sense
Astrology is as real as it gets

It is based on Jungian images
Part of our collective unconscious

And who knows
There may be something to it
I am a scorpion

And a very passionate person indeed
Almost stereotypical of the type

Myers Bridge Typology
I don’t get it

Seems to be
As about as accurate
As Astrology

And not as good
As a pickup line

Years ago
A skeptical scientist
Wanted to disprove palm reading

He took photos of people
Who had just died

And asked palm readers
To predict the age they would die

The palm readers were not told
they were already dead

the palm readers predicted the age of death
with a 50 percent accuracy rate

far above the 25 chance
they would get it right
just from a random guest

The gambler’s fallacy
That there is such a thing
As a run of luck in gambling
Has been proven

A scientist ran thousands of games of roulette
And found that rather than forming a random pattern
There was a pattern to the chaos
An upward and downward spiral of returns

So in a sense, the gamblers are right
It is best to quit when you are on the high side
And walk away when you start losing

Hard to do
Hard to predict

Each time you start a new game
A new slot machine
The run starts over again

So, one could apply this rule
And make a little money
At the casino’s expense

Yeah I am a big fan
Of the fake science

Next step is to learn how to do tumbler, Pinterest, twitter,
and youtube. Advice would be greatly appreciated. The ultimate goal is to have my poetry and fiction reach out across the cosmos as I am the Cosmos, you dig?

For now, I will probably post once a week on these other sites as well as about poetry, poetry soup, hello poetry, Cosmosfunnel, sweek, open arts forum, scriggler, and poetry opus magnum as well as submitting to ten journals per week. But continue to use this site as my home base. I now have had over 1200 hits and 300 followers. Not too shabby for the first year of the world according to Cosmos.

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