Favorite FB Groups

I belong to a lot of FB writing groups. Here are some of my favorites. Check them out!

FB all poetry
FB poetry soup
FB echoic
FB facebook poets
FB Romeo’s poetry
FB between lines
FB idiotic feeble minded poets
FB starving poets
FB modern poetry league
FB poetry share
FB Payton’s place
FB Raven Cage
FB Dark Poetry
FB Haiku and Hanibun
FB Outlaw Poets
FB poets around the world
FB global vision
FB WPOM poets
FB writers ignite
FB poetry askew club
FB contemporary poets
FB wicket writers inn
FB artistic poetry
FB fallen angels
FB poets corner
FB poetry in the blood
FB poetic vibes
FB outlaw poetry network
FB poetry anything goes
FB rattle poetry
FB poetic friends
FB poets ink
FB Dragonstone
FB planet for a budding poet
FB Jim’s poetry
FB shattered ink
FB planet for a budding poet
FB FB shattered ink
FB rebel Jones
FB moon town café
FB All Poetry
FB Moon Town Cafe
FR Poetry Soup
FB Poetry Wall
FB Poets Unashamed
FB Poetry War Zone
FB poems r us
FB poets Assalyium
FB International Assembly of Poets
FB Poetry Outloud
FB Poetry Sharing

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