Final February Challenge Results

Final February Challenge Results

I have completed 40 flash fiction pieces so far for this February challenge, 30 for the Writers Digest challenge, 8 for two Writers Digest challenges, and two bonus flash pieces based on dreams.  Also completed 15 haiku for the Poetry Mangum Opus but did not post them.

More February Flash Fiction

February Flash Fiction Updates

February Flash Fiction Challenge

flash fiction challenge updates

Writers Digest

The Prompts

Day 1 Keys
Day Two Prompt Circular
Day three Prompt limitations
Day four mystery
Day Five: A Dream that Came true
Day Six: a character who tries to be
Day Seven: Workplace conflict
Day Eight: re-gifting
Day Nine Grim reaper
Day ten romance story
Day 11 Hoarding  TBC
Day 12 magic
Day 13 grim reaper
Day 14 animal
Day 16 hobby
Day 17 Book
Day18 Time  the first Terran Emperor
Day 19 Horror
Day 20 Lost
Day 21 Confronting one’s Fears
Day 22 Open the Door
Day 23 Ten minute Story
Day 24 Very Short Story
Day 25 Promises
Day 25 Rise and Fall of the Fake Indian Casino bonus
Day 26 Structure Story as a List
Day 27 Idea Take Shape
Day 28 Endless Beginnings

The List

Hidden Keys to The Universe.
End of The Beginning, Beginning of The End.
A Man Has to Know His Limitations.
Where Did All the Blacks Go?
Dream That Came True.
Sam Adams Crisis of Conscious
Sam Adams Workplace Conflict Leads to a Bad Day.
Sam Adams reignites the War on Christmas
Timeless Love story
Sam Adams the Hoarder (TBC)
World domination but at a terrible price
Conversation with the grim reaper
Sam Adams first Contact
The Demon Car Attack
Cosmic Cat from Berkeley
Sam Adams Discovers the Cosmic Conspiracy
Sam Adams Meets Gloria Magnolia Shah  (Bonus from dream)
Time Police TBC
Sam Adams Battles the Zombie Hoard
Earthquake refugees (bonus)
Lost in the Mountains (TBC)
The First Terran Emperor
Jason the Dog that Saved Sam’s Soul
Open the Door
Ten Minutes to Doomsday
World 111 Goes Nuclear
Maria Keeps Her Promise of Revenge
Rise and Fall of the Fake Indian Casino bonus
69 Days of 69 Sex X rated Flash
Put a Ring on It
The Beginning of the End/End of the Beginning

four flash fiction for writing com micro-fiction contest -100 words drabble

My Bag is Packed and Ready to Go.
Open the Key to Other Worlds.
The Shadow Knows.

The Temple of Doom Opens a Portal to Other Worlds

Sam Adams worked at the Cosmos Research center in Berkeley, California. They considered themselves the real “X files” and consulted with governments, corporations, and private citizens around the world. They sent a team to the field to investigate each claim submitted for verification and charged fees for their investigation.  90 percent of the time they uncovered an elaborate hoax.  They published their findings on their website,” The Cosmos Institute Investigates – The Truth Is Out There,  Out There.”


Most times they published a detailed analysis of the claim and their finding which usually stated this is a hoax.   Among the claims that they left “ pending” were Bigfoot, Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, the existence of aliens.


One of the pending cases that intrigued the world was what exactly happened to Sam Adams, James Jones, and Maria Shah?  Where did they disappear and was there foul play involved?


Maria Lee the founder of the institute finally had to hold a press conference to announce their preliminary findings.


She was a plain-spoken woman who carried a lot of respect as she used to be with both the CIA and FBI working in their “X Files” shops – which did exist but were secret agencies.  She knew a lot of things that she could not talk about.


She had a team of experienced researchers.  But no one knew her true mission.


One of her key researchers was Sam Adams.  He had been there since the beginning and she knew that he had some suspicions about their work but so far he seemed loyal and trustworthy.


Sam Adams had received a mysterious message claiming that they had found the


location of the legendary Temple of Doom located in the mountains of madness


near the Himalayas.   Inside the temple were gateways to other worlds, portals left


over by the ancient Lemurians who had come to earth from Sirius.


Sam Adams organized an expedition to locate the Temple of Doom.  They started


in the jungles of the golden triangle engaging some dodgy characters.


It was a hot day and they had to constantly wipe the bugs off their hair, and hats and wipe the sweet off their sleeves.

The bugs gave way as they climbed into cooler mountain climes.  The way got rougher as they climbed. They spent the night.

When they got up they found that their local guides had all run off with their supplies, and there were tiger tracks all around the camp and they found the body of James Jones badly mauled but with his head missing.

The next morning they saw the temple at the top of the mountain.

In front of the temple were hung the heads of all their missing party and the head of the tiger who had killed them.

When they got there about noon, giant talking apes stopped them and said

“Wait here.”

an old monk welcomed them.  He gave them a tour of the compound and they came to the gateways.  Each was a glass door with a title next to it.

He said


You have come to the gateway to other worlds.  Be careful when you go through the gate.  Some are one-way gates.  You had best go through one at a time and wait for a half-hour, if they don’t return you know it is a one-way gate.  I don’t know where half of these gates go.  I’ve only been through a few.  Narnia is my favorite.

Sam and his party went through the Narnia gate. A few hours later, Maria returned alone and said that Sam and the others had opted to stay.  She left with the five remaining staffers and reported back to Maria Lee.

She said,

“Well, we found the portals and confirmed the long rumored story that both Oz and Narnia were based on true stories – someone had been there probably CS Lewis and Frank Baum.

We went to Narnia five people three women and two women and found ourselves in a battle for control – the white witch had returned.  In the end there can only be two kings and Queens of Narnia and I opted to return to report the success of the mission.  Sam left me his official resignation with instructions that his final pay check be sent to his ex-wife.

Maria responded

“That tracks with what our operatives told us , especially that Narnia and Oz existed, but we had to be sure ourselves.”

She and the old monk went out to announce to the world the opening of the ancient gateway to other worlds. He merely said

I have been waiting for this moment for 5,000 thousand years. I am the last of the Lemurians, and was born 5,000 years ago. I am from the planet Sirius and will be returning home through the gateway.

The end or is it?

The End


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