Guns KIll People

Unfortunately mass shootings have become so common in the U.S. here are my “gun” poems written over the last few years. A  few have been published.

I hope and pray that our political leaders will do something to solve the problem. the NRA’s position seems to be more guns for everyone is the solution.  They are so wrong. the widespread availability of super lethal weapons is the problem.   You simply can’t kill on a mass level with knives, or hammers, you need a high powered weapon designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time possible and you need to be so deranged that you want to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.

universal background checks would help, treating guns like we treat cars would help. red flag laws would help. Guns should be registered, and owners should have to buy liability insurance.  the Federal government should spend time and money studying the causes and prevention of gun violence.  Buying back assault weapons would be a good idea as well.

I do agree with the NRA on one point, we should prosecute people who use guns in the commission of a crime and enforce all existing laws.

Go Bold or Go Home!
gun violence in America

Another Mass Shooting to Start the Day

here then are my gun poems

Another Day Another Shooting

another day in paradise
just another day in America
land of the free
Home of the brave

and guns
lots of guns
more guns for all
cries the NRA

yes another day
another gun battle
another white man
who just wants to kill

the President sends his condolences
Thanks the law enforcement
for an incredible job well done
It was horrible

Hate has no place
in our country
and we will take of it
and do what ever we can do

nothing but false words
empty words
lots of things to do

it is mental illness problem
but he fails to mention
the words gun at all
not at all

and tomorrow and tomorrow
but he at least finally said
hate has no role in country
nothing but prime BS
in my humble opinion

he did not mention
white supremacy
his rhetoric had nothing
nothing to do about this at all

and so tomorrow
I will turn on the TV
and we see
nothing at all

and the dead
will remain dead
the guns will fire again
nothing will be done

welcome to America
land of the free
home of the brave

Mr. President Words Matter


Mr President
Words matter
your words matter

your words of hate
your words of division

your words
calling fellow human beings
scum, vermit, faith
invaders, animals

they matter a lot
and is it little wonder
that people listen
to the hate you sprew forth

and some deranged people
take action
on your call
for action

against the invaders
on the border
they march to the border
to kill the invaders

your words matter
Mr. President
and your false words
of regret

fool no one
the damage has been done
the hate has been spread
just as you intended

and you
have the gall
to call yourself
A Christian

you are the anti-Christ
you are not a Christian
so please quite pretending
to be what you are not

please man up
accept your responsibility
set things right

the dead though
don’t need your prayers
they need action
they need leadership

and you are the president
so please start acting
like you give a damn

and if you do so
you will find
people will follow you

but please
quite the words
of hate
the words that hurt

and quit calling immigrants
invaders and vermin
they are human beings
they are deserving of respect

this I ask of you
In Jesus’s name
even though I am not a Christian
please Donald Trump group

and become the president
of the people
and end the war of words
and constant hate

Chief of Staff, You are Absurd

the President’s chief of staff
said the other day
it was absurd
to suggest that the president’s words
had anything to do
with recent mass shootings

yet is it absurd
to see the lengths
to which the President’s supporters
will twist and turn
spinning away
the inconvenient truth

President Trump
is a racist bigot con man
who somehow
conned his way
to become President

he call immigrants
criminals, vermin, animals
infesting the country

the El Paseo shooter
said that he went to the border
to shoot the invaders
and said
that he was a big Trump fan

it is not absurd
to connect these two huge dots
the President’s words
has real world consequences

Yes Mr. Trump is a racist pig
and his supporters
are being absurd
to suggest otherwise

Guns Kill People

guns kill people
guns do kill people

it is not mental illness
it is not video games
it is not a million other things

it is simply this
a gun is a weapon
a weapon designed to kill people
that is what guns do

guns don’t care
they do as they are told
if you pull the trigger
they will kill the victim

that is what guns do
that is why
in a civilized society
military assault weapons
are locked up

yet in America
the land of the free
home of the brave
everyone and his cousin
must have their gun

guns for everyone
cries the NRA
that’s the solution

The president
and his supporters
deny the obvious

guns kill people
that’s all they do
it is a gun thing
you would not understand

so Mr. President
you can take your words
your empty platitudes
your empty promises

straight to hell
and back

where with any luck
Satan will use you
as target practice

NRA Please Stop Talking

Another day

Another mass shooting
Another incident

of domestic terrorism
another gun man

killing people

because just because
The NRA 
And their stooges
Come out
Flood the airways

With their noxious

Poisonous weasel words
The NRA says

Mass shootings
Are like the weather
You can’t control them

You can’t predict them
And you can’t prevent them

Just have to accept
It is all god’s will
Guns don’t kill people

IF guns were outlawed
Only outlaws
Would have guns

Only solution
Is more guns
For everyone
An armed society

they say
Is a polite society
Support for gun control

socialist/communist/fascist/anti-American/anti-Christian nonsense

The beginning of tyranny
If only the Jews had guns
The holocaust would not have happened

Jesus would want us all
to be armed 
with machine guns

To protect us against the evil doers
It is the Christian thing to do
To blow away evil doers

With heavy arms
In America

Land of the free
Home of the brave

We can’t do anything
At all

About the mass carnage
Unleashed by madmen with guns
Who walk among us
Searching for their next victims

Any restriction of the right
To bear arms
Is tyranny at its worst

The nanny state run amuck
Talking about gun control
After a tragic event

just not the appropriate time
We only need prayers
and meaningless thoughts

Universal background checks
Too onerous

Registering guns
Too burdensome

Researching gun violence
waste of tax payer money

banning military style assault weapons
restricts my right to blow 
Bambi the deer
with a M16

the NRA will keep talking
talking and talking
preventing anything
from being done

and we will have another
Mass shooting event
Before the day is out

So my plead
This day
To the NRA

and their stoogies
Talk is cheap
Your comments
Are not helping

If you can’t
Be a part of the solution

Just stop talking
Please stop talking
And let the rest

Of us  figure out
How to stop
The madness in the streets

And stop the carnage

More Guns for Everyone in the World

The NRA has decided
That the best solution to global problem
Of rampant violence and crime everywhere

Is for the rest of the world
To become like the U.S.
Where anyone can buy a gun
As an armed society is a polite society’

And so the President is about to announce
A global campaign against gun control restrictions
As these restrictions are an undue burden
On the rights of the US arms manufactures

To sell their guns everywhere in the world
As everyone wants what we have to sell
The best weapons in the world

Instead of trying to limit the damage
That unrestricted gun sales
Have done to the U.S.

Our President, our great leader
Wants to sell more guns
Everywhere in the world

And there are eager buyers
Lining up around the world
Eager to buy the best guns
The world has ever seen

We want to export
The gun madness
That has infected our society
Leaving behind so many dead bodies

The dead were not consulted
For they remain dead
They do not vote
They have no voice

For the guns silenced
them for good
just as the guns intended
Just doing their gun thing after all

Humanity has evolved
From stones to arrows
To guns
To nuclear, biological weapons

And the U.S.
While proclaiming itself
A champion of Human Rights

Remains nothing but a country
Of gun runners
Merchants of death
And destruction

Trump Administration Advances Plan to Relax Gun-Export Rules

The Trump administration on Monday advanced a long-sought-after plan to relax export rules for American small arms, including semiautomatic rifles, handguns, and sniper rifles.
In a private briefing with members of Congress, State Department officials outlined a proposed rule change that would transfer oversight of gun exports to the Department of Commerce. The proposed rule will be published in the Federal Register later this week, where it will be subject to public comment for 45 days. While it is unlikely, Congress could block the change using powers under the Congressional Review Act.

The shift, which was first proposed by the Obama administration in 2012, is championed by gunmakers who say it will make them more competitive in the international market. Critics argue an export policy that favors commercial interests could put the national security of the United States at risk or harm diplomatic efforts.
“Weakened Congressional oversight of international small arms and munitions sales is extremely hazardous to global security,” said Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, a Democrat who serves on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, in an emailed statement. “This decision is also politically tone-deaf as our nation reckons with a gun violence epidemic.”
A State Department spokesman said that the change would ease the regulatory burden on American gun makers and allow them to compete better globally.

Currently, the Department of State monitors exports of nearly all weapons through the U.S. Munitions List. Since 2002, the department has been required to notify Congress of overseas sales of firearms worth more than $1 million.

In 2016, the State Department alerted the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to a proposed sale of more than 26,000 rifles to the Philippines. Cardin at the time objected to arming the regime of PhilippinePresident Rodrigo Duterte, who had inaugurated a wave of thousands of extrajudicial killings as part of a crackdown on drugs. The weapons deal was canceled as a result.

The proposed rule change would transfer control over the sale of small arms to the Commerce Control List, and Congress would no longer be notified of large purchases.
Some arms control experts say reduced oversight could provide criminals, terrorists, or hostile states an opportunity to purchase American weapons.
Under Department of Commerce weapon-export rules, “companies aren’t required to provide as much information about brokers or shipping” as they must under State Department supervision, said Colby Goodman, who examines American weapons exports as director of the Security Assistance Monitor program at the Center for International Policy in Washington. “The world of firearms exports is full of questionable, dubious characters.”

The rule change has been long in the making. It was first proposed in 2012 by the Obama administration, but abandoned shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. At the time, the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security criticized the change because it could make it easier for transnational criminal organizations or terrorists to get American-made guns.

In September, Reuters reported that the Trump administration was interested in reviving the rule change to encourage more international arms sales. With the formal commencement of the public comment period, the preparation has become a policy reality.
In April, the Trump administration said it would now consider economic factors in addition to security when it comes to selling American weapons overseas.
The Trump administration has argued that the change would aid the domestic gun industry by cutting down on export regulation. American consumer sales of firearms have suffered since the 2016 election. After years of elevated sales in anticipation of possible new gun-control measures imposed by Democratic lawmakers, domestic demand subsided as Republicans took full control of the federal government.

more guns for everyone

Virginia Beach Massacre Never Again Ever

Virgina Beach
In a night of horrific scumbagery violence
Rarely seen in this jaded age of ours
Gone in one hour

In a spasm of horrific scumbagery violence
In just a few short minutes
Nothing more than that
In just a few moments
All 12 victims were murdered

By a disgruntled employee
Every one he knew was shot
And killed for no reason

Caused by the demons
His soul was so infected

Murderous demonic voices
All in his head
Screaming kill them all kill them all
Screaming none stop violence in his head
All the time

Causing him to start shooting everyone he saw
Regardless of who they were or where they were
Everyone must die screamed the demonic voices in his head

No one can be left alive
Everyone must die
Virtually all must die in his internal video game
Everyone must die
Regardless of who they were or where they were

Again just another day
Gone horribly wrong
All across America
In every town
No where is safe anymore

Virgina Beach massacre

Virgina Beach massacre
Just another

Average night in America
An Active Shooter

scumbagery violence
Rarely seen

in this jaded wild world
Gone in one hour

In a spasm of horrific

In just a less than 30 short minutes
Nothing more than

In just a few short 30 moments
All the victims

were murdered while at their daily work
wrong place wrong time

act of a demotic deranged madman
voices screaming Kill

The voices scream death to all humans
All must be killed

The voices scream over and over
All must die now

Just another night in America
Home of the free

It’s a Gun Situation, Mr. President

Mr. President
You are wrong once again
You said that the tragic events in Texas
And Las Vegas were not “gun situations”
But rather were mental health problems

And that in Texas if there had been gun controls
Perhaps fewer people would have died

Mr. President
I know you a smart man
The smartest man in the world
According to you

So please contemplate this fact
According to the latest findings
It is a gun situation

In fact, the reason the U.S.
Has so many gun deaths
Is because we have so many guns
45% of the worlds guns in fact

And 33 percent of the world’s shooters
Are Americans killing other Americans

And most of them the majority of them
Are White People killing other people

Not Islamic terrorists
Most are in fact
Self-proclaimed Christians

So Mr. President
When will you come to your senses

And do what 90 percent of the public wants
Enact nation wide effective gun controls?

And tell the NRA
they can take their blood money elsewhere

When Mr. President
When will you act
When will you take charge

And become a President of the people
Instead of the President of the NRA?

Based on following article

Prayer Works

Dear Speaker Ryan

I want to tell you something
The dead don’t want your prayers
The dead don’t care that you pray for them
They are dead after all

And you and your so-called Christians
Are to blame
You refuse to do anything
Anything at all to stop the carnage
In our streets

The U.S. is flooded with guns
And more are sold every day

Millions of people don’t have health coverage
Millions are barely surviving
And your answer
Our dear great compassionate Speaker

Your answer
Is Prayer works
Government action does not

You act as if the gun violence
Plaguing our country
Was like the weather
Beyond our control

So here’s my prayer for you
And your colleagues

When you die
I pray that God
Will send you

And your friends
Straight to hell

Where Satan and his demons
Will use you for target practice

That’s my prayer to you
And as you know
Prayer works

I don’t Get It


Mr. Speaker
I admit I don’t get it
How does prayer
Stop gun violence?

Prayer did not work in Texas.
26 people were murdered
while praying.

God if he exists
Obviously does not care
About the poor people
Who died in his church

Because a mad man
Got a gun

And no they were not praying
To be delivered from death
No one deserves to die like this

So my prayer to you
Is simply this
Get off your rear end
Rally the country

And do something
About gun violence

That’s a prayer
I hope works

Add House Speaker Paul Ryan to the list of Republicans offering only thoughts and prayers in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in a Texas church, because taking meaningful action is always off the table with him and his party.
Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham last night, Ryan reiterated that the victims and their families need more prayers because “prayer works.”

Prayer doesn’t work.

26 people were murdered while praying. Even Christians ought to admit that prayer doesn’t make a damn bit of difference and their God will do whatever their God wants to do, even if it means letting people die in church because a domestic abuser got his hands on a semi-automatic weapon.
Not that Ryan would ever say that.

Instead, he just blamed the “far secular Left” for not getting it.

Read more at Ryan blames secular left for gun violence


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