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Full Moon Lunacy


yellow moon illustration
Photo by Nishant Vyas on Pexels.com


The Blood Red Super Blue
Full Moon hangs
In the evening sky

Huge, heavy and full of mystery
It almost looks like it will fall
Out of the sky

The blood red super blue full moon
brings out the lunatics to run amuk
Howling at the light of the moon

The blood red super blue full moon
inspires lustful thoughts
And wild erotic imaginings
And dark secret desires

As the lunatic light of the full moon
Causes civilized people
To lose themselves
And embrace their inner wild child

And so, I stare
At the lunatic light
Of the blood red super blue full moon

And howl like an escaped banshee
Howling at the full moon


Life In Between

For years I have lived
In-between two worlds

Korea where my wife’s family
comes from

And the Bay area
Where I grew up

And Washington DC
Where I worked for 27 Years

And I live be-tween
My official duties
And my desire
To be a wild-eyed poet

And life in-between
Means you belong nowhere

Yet are everywhere
Always disoriented
Always half lost
Never really feeling you belong

That is life
Living in-between


Bus – Travels Through America’s Underbelly

bus city local outdoors
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

I am a bus rider
That makes me unusual
For a white male
From an upper middle-class family

Our people are not bus riders
Though some are subway riders

Bus riders are other people
The poor, minorities, immigrants
People who don’t drive
Because they are blind
Or have a DUI

And in my case
I don’t drive
Because I have bad vision
And bad coordination
Just never got the hang
Of the whole driving thing

Fortunately for me
My wife does the driving
But I still take the bus
From time to time

I rode the AC buses in Berkeley
As a child
Line 67, line 51, line 43 F bus
Rode them long before BART came along
And afterward as well

As an adult seldom rode the bus
But when I did so
I was always impressed
By the sheer diversity
Of the bus riding population

Hundreds of languages
All sorts of sexual orientation
Some were white
Most were not

Most of my fellow passengers
Were nice enough
Some were friendly
And some were lost
In their own thoughts

And a few
Were scary looking dudes
With the look
Of someone who had done time
And were capable of more violence

I also rode the bus
In Seattle as a graduate student
A lot of fellow UW students
And the usual immigrants
Minorities etc

And some white people

And in DC
Over the years
I rode a lot of buses

Mostly to and from the metro
But I got to know
And love the DC buses as well

I also took the greyhound bus
Across the country
Several times over the years
All over the U.S.

From Bay Area to Stockton
From Bay Area to Clear Lake
From Bay area to NYC
All over the USA

Taking the Greyhound
Was always an adventure
Met a lot of interesting people
As people on long distant bus rides
Tend to open up and talk
To pass the time away

Overseas I took the bus
All over
In India, in Barbados
In Spain and in Korea

The Korean buses
For many years
Were difficult for foreign visitors
As the signs were all in Korean

Most have signs
Now in English, Chinese and Korean
And are much more foreigner friendly

Riding the bus
In America
Allows one access
To the underbelly of American society
The poor, the marginalized
The immigrant communities

That many middle-class white people
Just never see

And for that reason
I am glad
That I am a bus rider


Returning America to a Christian Paradise


jesus christ
Photo by Alem Sánchez on Pexels.com

President Trump in a speech
to a Christian activist group
calls for a “return to traditional values”
that made America great.

Folks we need to go back to those days
Remember back when everyone was a Christian,
God was in the schools,
no one worried about offending Jews
or others by saying Merry Christmas,

when we had an Easter Break
and a Christmas break from school

when people asked you
what Church you went
It was a polite way of saying
welcome to the community,

I recall an America
when people went to Church
every weekend,

when stores were closed
on Sundays, Christmas, Eastern,
New Years, July 4th and Thanksgiving,
When there was no black Friday

when no one knew
what Islam was about
because there were few
if no Muslims living in America,

same thing for Buddhists,
Hindus and other minority religions,

atheism was not a thing
that one was proud of or promoted,

when movies and TV’s were family entertainment
instead of being filled with violence,
sexual immorality
and contempt for Christians,

when being a boy scout
was a good thing
not a curse word,

Prostitution was illegal,
Abortion was illegal,
homosexuality was illegal,
transgenderism did not exist,

men were men
women were woman,
women got married
stayed home
with their children,

men could earn enough money
to take care of their wife and children,
people had three or more children,

parents ruled their children
and not the other way around,

sex was between married couples only,
and extra-marital affairs were condemned,
not celebrated

same sex marriage would be seen as absurd
and contrary to God’s will

pornography was illegal,
drugs were illegal,
drinking was frowned upon
if not illegal,

people served in the military,
we respected the troops,
respected the police
and respected authority

Yes, folks, we have to return
To an America
That was a true Christian paradise



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