howling at the moon

Poems by Jake Cosmos Aller
By Jake Cosmos Aller
1. Just an Unhinged Lunatic Howling at The Moon
2. Howling at The Moon
3. One Crazy day*
4. God’s Confession
5. Wild Thoughts Run Amuk
*previously published

Just An Unhinged Lunatic Howling At The Moon

On a moonlit late night
I sat in a bar
Drinking drams of demented, fermented dream dew
Just an unhinged lunatic
Dreaming of howling at the full moon

Watching the world walk by
Looking at all the fine looking babes
Walking by the street
Thinking wild, erotic thoughts
Of endless wild libertine passions

When into the bar
Walked the most beautiful women
In the Universe
So wild, so free
So wonderfully alive

I did not know what to do
As this vision of delight
Sauntered through the bar
In a skin tight leather pants
Looked so fine
That my eyeballs hurt

And finally I had to say something
So I gathered up my manly courage
And walked up to her
And she looked at me
And instantly bewitched my soul
With a devilish grin
I lost all reason
And became a raving lunatic
Unhinged lunatic
Howling at the moon

Foaming at the mouth
A wild, free werewolf
Howling at the lunatic light
Of the full Moon

Howling At The Moon

I stood outside
Between the trees
In a field
On the outside of town

Beneath the lunatic rays
Of the blood red full moon

The lunatic lights of the moon
Casts a wild primeval glow
On me

The hormonal chemicals are unleashed
The wild beast within
Escapes it chain
And I howl with delight
A werewolf
Free at at last

To run amuck
Free of its civilized restrains
Throwing off its clothes
Stripping naked

Running wild
Naked and free
A wild man
Enjoying his freedom

As I sit
Under the lunatic light of the full moon
Of the blood red lights of the moon
Full of wild passions
The lustful beast stirs again

And starts running and running
Howling at the moon
Riding into the new dawn
On a demented Harley Davis cycle
With two naked babes on his back

Riding into the sun
90 miles per second
At the speed of though
He disappears into the lunatic light
Of the full moon

And I wake up
In my bed
Saying, man that was quite a night
I better not go there again

The wild beast
He has heard that before

And I join him
In howling at the moon

One Crazy Day

Last night
I could not get to sleep
At all

Last night
I could not get to sleep
At all

I looked up
Looked out at the window
At the full moon
Saw by its lunatic light

Your face
Was in the moon
And I looked up
At the light
That crazy light
And dreamed

I was with you

And I woke up
And I woke up
Alone in my bed

Dreaming dark dreams
Of You
Wishing it were
Other than it was
All alone
All alone again
In this world

God’s Confession

I was sitting along
In a god forsaken bar
Somewhere on the lunatic fringes
Of society

On the bad part of town
Over by railroad tracks
Heading to hell
As fast as I could drink it down

Enjoying my lonely drink
Drinking by my lonesome self
With my partners
Jimmy Dean, and the Walker brother
And his old Granddad
Just drinking and hanging
With the Jack Daniel’s gang

A crazed bum
With a thousand year stare
Walks up to me

He begins
Muttering to himself
Nutty nonsense
Crazy words
In a lunatic’s voice

He had the look
Of one possessed
By his own demons
That only he can see
Or hear
Possessed by a secret knowledge
Only he knew

Despite myself
I was fascinated
By this lunatic’s tale

So I stopped him
And said
So what’s your game

The short little dude
Stopped his insane prattle
Starting at me
With that thousand year old stare

Just another washed up
Too many drugs
Too many bad nights
On the wrong side of life

He looked at me
And proclaimed his story

He reared up
And filled up the room
And lifted the bar
On his finger
And stared down at me
From the sky

And said
Since you asked
I am God
The alpha and Omega
The real deal
The original dude of dudes
The sultan of Swing
God of hosts
And father of that Jesus dude

But no one knows me
Any more
No one cares
They think I am irrelevant
They think I am dead
They think I am a fairy tale
From some olden, ancient time

Some say I am dead
Others think I should be dead
That my work is done

I looked at him
Carefully now
And what did I see
An old man
With that lunatic look
But there was something else

He was crazy
Sure yes
But perhaps he was the real deal

I mean why not
Why would not God be
A lunatic wandering around loose
Talking to low lives like me
In a bar
On the way to hell

So I looked at him
And invited him to share
His tale of woe

God tells me
Well, it’s like this

Many a year ago
People believed in me
But one day
They quit believing in me
And they went on without me

As they left me
My powers got weaker and weaker
And so eventually I became
What you see today

A broken down drunk
Hanging out
Looking for a hand out
Looking for some company
Or at least a free dinner

And he laughed and laughed
And I looked at him
And saw the beginnings of the end
And the ends of the beginnings

I saw a million planets
Flash by
A billion people
A trillion sentient beings
Thinking all at once
Thoughts filled my head
Lights flashed
And I knew
He was telling the truth
But it did not matter
In this day and age
Of materialism

God has no role
God is truly dead
And so I bought him a drink
And walked out of the bar
Profoundly sadden by what I had seen

God was dead
And we had all conspired
To kill him
Long live God

Wild Thoughts Run Amok

Wild Thoughts
Wild fantasies
Fill my head
Running through my brain
Like electric currency

My eyes are consumed
By the burning fires
Of unquenched desire

She still has that thing
That wild crazy thing
And she still impresses me
Compels me
Inspires fear in me

And I am on fire
All over again

The wild infatuation
She caused in my heart

But I was not prepared
The sight of her
Inspired dreams
Of nights of love
That was not to be fulfilled

My heart is filled
With wild erotic fantasies
And I went her
All over again

That love Jones thing
That wild love Jones thing
Creeps its ugly head
Out of the dark recess
Of my demented soul

Sniffing an opportunity
To cause chaos
Yet again

And so I prepare
To run away
Ere I get consumed
By unrequited passion

Dreams of possible love
And lust
Come bubbling out
Out of the swamps
Of my fertile imagination

And I pray to the gods
To give me wisdom
To avoid taking
The path that leads
To my destruction

John (“Jake” ) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet, and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries – Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career.
Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed two novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders and the Great Divorce) and is pursuing publication.
He has been writing poetry all his life and has published his poetry in electronic poetry forums, including All Poetry, Moon Café and Duane’s Poetree. (under the name Jake Lee).
He is looking forward to transitioning to his third career – full-time novelist and poet after completing his second career as a Foreign Service officer, and his first career as an educator overseas for six years upon completion of his Peace Corps service in South Korea.
Linkinlin: https://kr.lin

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