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Ink Pantry Publishes Recent Poems

Ink Pantry Publishes Recent Poems

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Only the Elders Remembered a Blue Sky.
Smoke on the water
True Love Trinet
Left Hand of Reality

Only The Elders Remembered a Blue Sky.

Only the elders
Remembered a blue sky
The sky has been brown,
Red and yellow
Ashen and sere,
Forever it seems.

Climate change run amok
Fire season all the time
Deadly yellow dust falling
Acid rains burning
The sea levels rising
The ice caps melting.

The average temperature
In the summer heat zone
Over 130  F everywhere

No relief to the deadly
Heatwaves all year long.
Air conditioning running
Less than 50 percent

Constant brownouts everywhere
As the electric grid failed.
End of civilization
Came upon the world

Millions starve to death
Millions burning up in the heat.

The elders cry
Remembering the way
It once was
When they wore
A younger person’s clothes.

Smoke On the Water

Smoke on the water
fire in the air
Stormy weather

Climate change run amuck
The end of the world comes
Rustling in the wind.

True Love Trinet

drinking my hot coffee
looking at my smiling wife
with love in the air

for her.

Left Hand of Reality

Obtaining a big bounce,
Would be insurrectionists,
Sitting in a bar

Drinking Siamese liquor,
Brawny men and women,
On the Record,

Playing craps for Cents,
Right, they think
Telling colossal lies

Before they turn in
To sleep on a wooden bed
On the left-hand side
Of reality.


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