Minnie’s Diary published “the Market Rules Us All”

Minnie’s Diary has published a cynical look at love in the modern era called, “the Market Rules Us All.  Here it is:

The Market Rules Us All 

The market rules all

We are nothing but products

The rights to us

Have long been sold

Bow down and worship

The all mighty market

Everything we do

Everything we see

Everything we are

Nothing but our personal brand

Nothing human left over

Nothing authentic left over

Nothing but lies

Fake news


The world does not care one whit

About you and me

As people

It is all about the profits that can be made

By exploiting our labor

And once we are used up

We become a liability

And a burden

If you have not made it to the top

By age 55

You are a loser

And should be retired

Forced to live out your life

On your miserable pension

As you wait to die

No longer useful

To the Masters of the Universe

And true love

Nothing but an illusion

It is all about the sex, baby

And how getting your baby

Ahead at all costs

Who cares about love

It is all nothing

But a second hand emotion

As the song puts it

Love is nothing but a sexual commodity

And we are all nothing but interchangeable

Commodities in the marriage and love market

And porno values rules the bedroom

As we are nothing more than used body parts

Who cares about friendship

It is all about how they can use you

And you can use them

To get ahead

True Love and genuine connections

Cannot survive

In this toxic soup

Of the modern materialist world

God and spirituality

Nothing but a scam

As our so call Christian Leaders

Proclaim their love for you

All they love is your donations

And they too are part of the market

Jesus if he ever comes back

Will no doubt

Be used to sell more goods

As the right to Jesus

Has also been sold

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