more audio files available

more audio files available

Updated to include new audio files, will update this site everything I post an audio file so you can easily find the sexy vocal readings of my poems.

Good News, Cosmos fans. audio files now available

I finally got Microsoft recordings to work and successfully transferred them to MP3 file. I will over time go back and record all my poetry on the site and update files as needed. But for now, here’s the first set of audio files now available. I will update this page as I record more audio files. Eventually hope to add video as well.

more audio files available

fake Things

Fake Things

photo of fake people laughing
fake people laughing

Fake Science

Fake Jake

Fake Gods

Fake Food

Fake Food Part One

photos of fake fast food
fake food images

Fake Healthy Food

Fake Food

Fake Fish

Fake Eggs

Fake Coffee

Fake Cheese

Fake Bread

fake booze

Fake Meat

Fake Mc Donalds

Fake KFC

photos of fake fast food
fake food images

Fake Eggs

Fake Science

Dream Girl Part One

Dream Girl Part Three

Chains That Bind Us

Lost and Found

Instantgram Poems
instagram home page

Morning Thoughts

Hell is Here To Stay

General Zod Takes Over the World

Morphing Images from a Hellish Nightmare

Confession of God


Howling at the Moon – lunatic poems

Imagining the End of the World

White Lady Dressed in Death

white lady getting off a bus

traveler’s tales

In Search of America 1975 Hitchiking Tales

Bus Riding Through America’s Underbelly and Other Bus Poems

update Haiku

Current Haiku


story of how we met cherita version

Cheating Death

Last Bee Ends Humanity’s Reign

last bee
last bee

7th Extinction Event

end audio updates