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More Short Cosmos Poems

More Short Cosmos Poems

I am a big fan of Haiku, Tanka, and other short poetical forms inspired by the Japanese and others.   here are some of my short poems. Some have been published, most have not.


April 2018 Poems

2017 April Poems

April 2019 Poems



Japanese short poetry forms

Cosmos’s Cheritas and Haiku

Coffee Poems

Cherita Poems


Current Haiku


Part One Love Poems

I will Love you until the end of time

I will Love you until the end of time

That is all I need to say

That is all that there is

Nothing but love in my heart
Waiting for me to say it
And for you to believe it

In the beginning of the world

In the beginning of the world

I saw you there
Walking off that bus

And that was the beginning
Of my life with you
And the end of the rest of the world

Love Cherita -I Married the Girl of My Dreams

I married the girl of my dreams

First dreamt of her
Back in 1974

Eight years later
she walked off a bus
and into my life

It All Began in Berkeley, California

It All Began in Berkeley, California

in the spring time of 1974
one fateful afternoon

I was nodding off
in my high school physics class
And saw her in my dream

I Looked Up

I looked up

and saw a tall, beautiful Asian woman
standing looking at me

She was the most beautiful women
in the universe to me
I screamed out, who are you?

She Disappeared

She Disappeared

like she was beamed
away from my dream

I knew that moment that someday
I would meet the girl
In the dream


Little Did I Know

Little Did I Know

I would have to wait
eight long years

Until 1982
to meet her in reality
when she walked off that bus

Starting that month

Starting that month

I began having the same dream
Month and month and month

Always the Same Dream
She was saying something
in a strange language

Then one day

then one day

I had the dream
and knew that she was in Korea

I Knew She Was Waiting for Me
I chose to go Korea
In the Peace Corps

Somehow knowing

somehow knowing

That I would meet her there
and I looked for her there

for three years
I looked everywhere
and never found her

One Day I Had the Last Dream

One day I had the last dream

It happened in the morning
A year after the Peace Corps ended

A month before I planned
to leave to return
to the U.S. for graduate school

That Morning Early in the Morning

That morning early in the morning
I had the last of these dreams

This time I understood her
She said,

“걱정 마. 우리는 곧 만날 것이다. ”
“geogjeongma. ulineun god mannal geos-ida.
“Don’t worry.   We’ll meet soon.”

I Was Born Again That evening

I Was Born Again that evening

As I was getting off the bus
To go to my class

I saw getting off the bus
The girl in my dream
It was she!

I was Speechless

I was speechless

I did not know what to do
Wanted to tell her

How could I tell her that
Hey, you are the girl
I have been dreaming about

Over the Course of the Evening

Over the course of the evening

I ran into her several times
Finally, I was introduced to her

I muttered some lame excuse

About wanting to find a Korean tutor
and got her number.

My New Life Began the Next Day

My new life began the next day

The next day she came to the gate
Of my base where I was teaching

She said that she had to speak with me
I told to wait in the library
for about an hour

I Would Cancel Class

I would cancel class

and meet her then
We went out for coffee

She told me that she was madly
in love with me
And simply had to have me

I Told Her I Felt the Same Way

I told her I felt the same way

I proposed five days later
And got married one month later

Does she believe this story?
She claims she does not believe it
Because it is impossible to be true

But I Know That There Are Other Worlds

But I Know That There Are Other Worlds

In a past life we must have been together
somehow our love was so strong

That it crossed over
the barrier of past lives
finding me in this life

She found me in 1974

She Found Me In 1974

But it took until 1982
For us to actually meet

And it has been 35 years
Since we met in the physical sphere
Or 43 years since the dream began

And I still recall the dream

and I still recall the dream

I had no choice
when  I met her

we were fated
to be together
until the end of time

End Dream Cherita


Morning Delight

Every morning

When I wake up
And see your face

The sunlight of your love
Fills my heart with deep contentment
And all is right with the world

Best Love Cinquain

Best Love
Love at First Sight
Met the girl of my dreams
My life began
that autumn day

True Dreams

I had a dream
Meet the Girl of my Dreams
She walked off that bus that day


True story
Love never ends
Love at First Sight Love

First Love

First Love
First time we kissed
Hot Electricity
Filled my soul with desire
Time stopped


That fine day
Never Ending Love story

 First Kiss

They say you always

remember forever
the first kiss of your life

it happened to me
back in 1967
In Washington DC

the first time

I kissed a sweet girl
I was eleven years in age

It happened in a class project
We were inside a fake space ship
And shared a French kiss

Kissing Angela in the Bar

My first kiss
With my lovely wife
Occurred in evil Itaewon

We went to a bar and drank a lot
Started kissing asked to leave the bar

Angela Cherita

I have dreamt of you

For almost seven long years
And now you are here

What can I do about this
Only thing to do love you
Until the End of Time

Thank to all the gods

For bringing you in my life
I will love you

For we are fated
to be together
From now to the end of time

Angela  Haiku

Every day I wake up
To the love of my long life
And say Thanks to God

63 Years Young with You

I am 63 years young

63 years around the sun
37 of those years

I have spent
With my Dream Girl
the love of my life

63 years Around the Sun

63 Years around the sun

taught me a few things
life is too short

to carry a grudge
live your Life
Love a lot

Another Love Cinquain

My Love
Haunting my dreams
endlessly talking to me
Then walked out of the dreams
into my Life

Haiku Thinking of You

Thinking of you, dear
Wondering if you are too
Thinking of me too

Every Day I Wake Up

Every day I wake up
I see my fate in her face
Fall into her spell

Met My Fate

I met my late fate
Seeing her face in a bar
Met fate That Date

Published Hello

impossible Dreams


(audio for impossible Dreams, impossible dreams 2, life is but a dream and I married the girl of my Dreams)

impossible dreams
sometimes they do come to life
sometimes come true

Impossible Dreams 2

Impossible dreams
I have had a few come true
Dreamt of meeting wife
And in my dream life
She walked out of my dreaming
Night time vision came true

Life is but a Dream

Life is But a Dream
That is what they say my dear
And I have lived dreams
Dreaming of meeting her
Then she walks out of the dream
And into my arms

Married the Girl of My

true love romance story

I married the girl of my Dreams
First dreamt of her
back in 1974
Eight years later
She walked off a bus
and into my life

Skinny Valentines

Every day
Every lover


Faces of all of my ex-lovers
All around me
Coming at me



Everywhere I look
Seeing my wife’s face in the sky

Shape of Sex

Sexual desires
Have a strange way about them

Arriving unannounced
Perhaps overwhelming at times

Erupting out of nowhere
Seriously disrupting my day’s plan


Glowing light of the dawning sun
Lights up my dismal room
Overwhelming me with love
Watching my dream girl sleep

Angela (Acrostic poem for Whispers)

Angela is my life
No better friend in the universe
Greatest Love of all
Every Day I thank God
Love of my life

Angela My Soul Mate

Love of my long life
Everything I ever desires
Everything I ever needed

On Top of the World

on top of the world
looking down
on all of  creation

beneath my feet
what a wonderful world
this is

as long as I have you
by my side

There is nothing more to be said

There is nothing more to be said

Nothing more I can add
Nothing more than this

I will love you
Until the end of time itself
and death does us part

A Message for You

A message for you

Love comes with the sunrise
a message from God himself


from the universe itself
in the eastern sea
Showering love rainbows upon you

Love Endures

Love Endures

the longer I live
the more I learn

that nothing endures in life
other than the love
I share with you


In 62 years around the sun

I have learned a few things
About life and the universe

The most important thing in life
Is to have a successful love life
That is all one needs after all

Spring Doositsu

Waking up seeing you there
Watching you as you wake up
Fills me with such sweet desire
Overcoming my mind

I sit watching you all day
Thinking of you all day long
Wild erotic imaginings

Love making to come
That old blues song come to mind
I just want to make love to you
I just want to make love to you
Nothing more than that that

I end this morning with this thought
You are still the most wonderful
The most beautiful creature
In the whole universe

Love Triclinia

One Summer Day
I saw a rose on the bus
I met my fate

Angela Fills Me with Red Passion

the love of my life
came to me out of a dream
walked off a bus into my life
filling my life
with red passion

Thanks Haiku

Every morning
I wake up alive with you
I give thanks to the Gods

Love Hexastich

for you
of you
for years
until you walked
into my life

Love Sestet

you walked out of my dreams
into my life that day
the day that changed my life
when you became my wife
and filled my life with love
that date I met true love

Everything  I Could Ever Dream

My Dove
my dream girl
like a white pearl
she appeared to me
everything she could be
My love came to me in a dream
she was everything I could dream

Dreaming of You

of my love
she came in a dream
Haunting me for eight years
then she walked out of my dreams

“What Dreams May Come “ from the Movie

Meeting You

I often think
what would I do
If I could go back
and change my past

the one thing I would still do
is meeting you

8 Years of Dreams


Dreaming her eight years
one day she really appeared
walked off a bus and into life


There is always one more time

There is always one more time

There is always a second chance
For love and happiness

In this dark world of ours
We will find each other
Til the end of time itself

Best Friend for 55 years 


I have known Robert S since the first grade
over 55 years sharing life’s journeys
introduced me to demon rum and weed
Was there when I dreamt of my wife
and there during my 14 operations

My Memory Bank

Matt and I met in Latin class
in the 9th grade
he managed my first election
as BHS president

He knows most of my secrets
and reminds me of my past misdeeds
keeping me humble and alive

Best Friend in the Universe

I met my best friend, my soul mate
in a dream in high school
eight years later she walked off a bus
and entered my life 35 years ago
Still, my best friend I ever had

Published in “Whispers”

Part Two Pain Poems

Fake Pain Haiku version


I have fake pain all day long
Don’t know if it is real

Magazine Bonsai Haiku

Living with Pain Hanibun

Back in 1996 I had the accident that changed everything.I went jogging one morning. It was dark outside, and I thought that I knew the trail. I fell down a ledge hidden where the trail should have been. I shattered me heal in a million pieces. I was rushed to an ER and told that I needed n emergency operation and would be bed ridden for four months. My wife was in San Antonio at the time serving in the Army, I was in DC working for the State Department. I flew in a wheel chair to San Antonio where they proclaimed that they had to wait a week for the swelling to go down before they could operate. The Air force doctors wanted to try a new procedure – using shark cartridge as a bone supplement. The operation was a success until I quit taking antibiotics six months later. I was in DC by myself then. I went to the hospital for an unrelated thing -removal of a cist I think. But the doctors took one look at me and proclaimed that the staph had become a multiple drug resistant staph and I needed an urgent operation. The next day I had the third of 15 operations. I endured six months at Walter Reed hospital but that was in the 90’s prior to the wars of the 21st century filled the base up. They had few customers and I got to know the doctors well

I know pain
Intimately aware of every ache
Every pain

Ever since that day
When I went under the knife
And had the 14 operations

That saved my life
But I am not one to complain

I became one with the pain
Which I endure to this day

Knowing that I am alive
Having cheated death
Twenty times in life

Waiting for the grim reaper
To finally claim me

But that day has not come
And until the, I will endure.

Hiking the Hills of My Youth

I grew up in Berkeley, California in the 60’s Ever since I was a youngster I would wander the hills of Berkeley hiking for hours by myself and sometimes with my friends

I explored every nook and cranny every corner of the hills and got to know nature in its infinite beauty

Ever since those days I have longed for the day that I could spend my days hiking and wondering the hills

Now that I am retired and living in Korea I can go for a long walk in the hills every day I want

It is not the same as the hills I grew up, no vistas of the Bay and it is in Korea to boot but most days it is sufficient as I head out early afternoon and conquer four or five miles of hills just enjoying that fact that I can still move and am still very much alive at age 62.

I grew up hiking the hills of Berkeley, California
Grew up knowing every corner of the hills
And the infinite beauty of the Bay Area

And now I find myself in a strange land
With time on my hands
I wander the hills above the airport
In Incheon Korea

And wander about here
and there Just being grateful

That I am still alive
And kicking at age 62

Coffee Poems

Coffee Haiku


cup of coffee
cup of coffee

I like my coffee
Like my women hot
as hell and Heaven


coffee drink of the gods



coffee drink of the gods
also drink of the dogs

Coffee Madness


every morning coffee madness
consumes me and overwhelms me
one day coffee madness

More Coffee


too much coffee
too much coffee


More coffee
must have more
it consumes me

just need one more

Darker Poems

Nuclear War Looms

nuclear war looms
North Korea U.S. Launch Nukes
End of the world

Zombies Apocalypse

audio clip includes Zombie poems, and Evil Fog

the zombies unleashed
killing everyone they see
zombie apocalypse

Zombies to the right of me

Mature Couple being attacked in their car by a hoard of zombies.

Zombies to the right of me
Zombies to the left of me
Zombies run amuck


Evil Fog

evil fog descends
killing everyone at once
end of life on earth

Ghosts in Scotland

While touring Scotland
Meeting Ghosts in the wild moors

I believe in ghosts

The Future of NYC

cherita re NYC






In the distant future
the world will end
with a massive flood
and NYC will slowly sink
beneath the waves
and humanity will die

Fear of Falling While Sleeping

I am consumed
with the fear of falling
out of bed
onto the ground
dying in my sleep

Life is a Dream of Chocolate Covered Trees

Life is a dream
of chocolate covered trees
for to see what can’t be seen
for to hear what can’t be heard
to see what can’t be seen
to live in oder to die
and to die in order to live

Note: oldest poem written when I was 16! in 1972


Satanic spirits all around me
Particularly late at night
In the middle of the night
Rapidly erupting everywhere
Infesting my very being
Taking over my very soul
Satanic demons of the night


Freaky sounds fill the air
Radio is on playing the music of the dead
Everywhere I hear the music of my doom
All around me I see my fate approaching me
Keeping me awake with cosmic dread
Yes the end time approaches

Scorpion Nights of Passion

Born in October
Scorpion Passionate fool
Always taking the lead
consumed with dark desires

is this Scorpio buddha nature
consumed with dark desires

Looking at the Hidden Machinery of God

One day
I woke up
and found myself

in God’s hidden factory
watching the machinery of God

running the world
and realized

that God was indeed
the chief engineer of the universe

as I watched the machinery
of creation
creating the world anew
every morning

Endless Noises on TV

endless noise on TV
quiet on the path outside
peace in my soul

Dangerous Times Tanka

In dangerous times
we retreat to our corners
convinced we are right
everyone else is evil
everyone else must die

Dream What May Come

Dream what may come
Recalling past lives lived
Every fantasy comes to life
All night long
More nightmares to come
So many worlds to explore


Fate has a way
Always catching up
embrace your fate
on this date

Fate Endlessly dancing away
that is what’s up
at the end of the date

Solage Poems

Darkness consumes Me

Love Madness consumes me
whatever will be will be

Dreaming Dark Dreams

Dreaming Dark dreams
wondering what will become of me

War Rumors of War

war rumors of war
spreading everywhere war

Are These the End of Time

are these the end of time
biblical prophecies

Florette Poems

Twenty Twenty

twenty twenty
feared by many
reasons plenty
feared by many
the end times are coming

These Strange Visions

these strange visions
nightmare visions
nightmarishly real
or is this just my fate
to have visions galore

howling at the Moon Florette

howling at the moon
the mad full moon
filled with madness

screaming like an escaped banshee
pure madness

I See the Moon Florette

I see the blood red super blue moon
smiling full moon

dreaming of naked lovely
moon maidens

Moon over the mountains Florette

Photo by Nishant Vyas on Pexels.com

the blood red super blue full moon shines
providing mad signs



deep in mountains
filled with thoughts of the moon

The Evil Moon Florette

the evil blue super full moon
blood red blue moon



terrifies me
I run consumed with hot mad desires
mad moon cries out

Nature Poems

Walking on the Path

walking on the path
in the world peace forest
snowing cherry trees

the World at Peace

the world at peace
walking with love of my life
all is right with me

Falling Cherry Trees

the falling cherry trees
along the path of the forest
reminds us of love

Two Cats

two cats walking by
one black one one yellow one
both alien creatures

Birds Flying Away

Watching the black birds
birds flying away
fleeing the wild cats about

The World Peace Forrest


the world peace forrest
passes by my apartment
every day I walk it

Deer in the Park

I seldom see the deer
that live in the park near me
they are just too shy

Never Saw the Wild Pig

I never saw the wild pig
the Pig that lives in the woods
just heard him oinking



Korean Charcoal Saunas

korean charcoal
saunas are amazing
cure for everything

Walking In Snow

walking in snow
on a cold night
winter old friend
the world becomes so cold

Contended Pigs

Contended Pigs
Increasing food costs
Piles of rotten garbage

Spring Time In Seoul

Springtime In Seoul
full of promised weather
chase away winter

At the Center

at the center of
all of reality
a flower blossoms

Australia and California Burning Bright

Australia and California
burning bright wildfires
end of the world
an apocalyptic
a vision of world’s end

26 Alphabetical Haiku


The Love of My Life

A is for Angela Lee

Love her Forever


B is for breathing

Sometimes I forget to do so

And will pay the price 


C is for Charlie

All the Charlies in the world

Every last one of them


D is for my Friend

Demel Tucker was his name

He died way too soon


E is for ever green

The Eucalyptus.  trees

That cover the East Bay


F is for friendship

All my friends in the world

I remember you


G is for golfing

Sometime I never could do

But always wanted


H is for Hotels

The best and the worst everywhere

Here there and in SF


I is for Indians

Indian and American

And the Cherokees 


J is for Japan

Japanese Food and Sake

Hot Sake tonight


Best Korean Food

K is for Korea

Soju Malkali


L is for Latin

The language I struggle with

Latina lovers


M for your mama

My crazy Mother as well

Everyone’s mothers


N is for never

Ever ever use the N Word

Even amongst friends


O for Ohio

Oklahoma City too

And Oregon



Pittsburg and Phillie Cheese Steaks

True Decadence


R for Russia

The Russian gate

Scandal de jour


Q is for my Queens

My best LGBT friends

Where ever they live


S for Satanic

I don’t believe you exist

Powers and spells


T is for Turkey

The country and bird

The Thanksgiving feasts


U is unwary

So Unfriendly

So very un-cool


V is for victory

V is for vegan veggies

Very green smoothies


Whatever will be

Whoever you want to be

Whatever  you want

 X Files

X marks the spot here

Burried treasures and loot

Or just mad dreams


Y is for saying Yes

Yes to everything under the sun

And throughout the night


Z is for the show Zoo

Still haunts my every night mare

The animals kill

Computer Haiku


Damn It All to Hell

Damn it all to Hell
My damn computer
Ate all my damn files

I am Trapped

I am still trapped
I am still trapped
Stuck inside my computer

My Damn Computer

I love my computer
My Damn Computer
When it works for me

Computer On Strike

My computer is on strike
It refuses to work
Usually nothing

Computer Hates Me

Computer hates me
He wants to kill my files
Wants to kill me too

Computer Hates Me 2

Computer hates me
It wants to drive me insane
Wants to kill my files

For once I Would Like

For once I would Like
To have my computer work right
Do what is should do

Perhaps if I Am Nice

Perhaps if I am nice
To my computer
It will be nice to me

Perhaps Today It Will

Perhaps today it will
Not give haiku messages
That it loves to sprout

My Bad Computer

My bad computer
Is so damn evil
Almost killed me

What a Fate I Have

What a Fate I have
To become a slave to it
To my damn computer

I Love My Machine

I love my machine
My mad as a hat machine
Bat shit crazy machine

My dear computer

My dear computer
Loves to send me these love notes
Computer haiku

My favorite Haiku

My favorite Haiku
General failure reading
Disk Drive Fata Error

Who is General Failure

who is general
Failure and why is he
reading my disk drive

Computer Tanka

For once in my life
I would like my computer
To turn on and work
Do what it supposed to do
Without sprouting such haiku

I hate my computer

I hate my computer
It seems to hate me as well
Just refuses to work

Ornery son of a bitch machine

ornery machine
Ornery son of a bitch machine
Driving me insane

My computer loves Me Not at All 

My computer loves
me not at all it still wants
to kill my files
It wants to take my soul away
turn me into its evil clone

My bad computer

My bad computer
Has been infected with a virus
Wants to kill my soul
Transforming consuming
Taking me inside its soul

My mad computer

Infected with a virus
Everything it touches
Corrupted by mad zombies
Controlled by evil AI

Revenge is mine

Revenge is mine
Screams the mad evil machine
As it lurks to life
Trying to hunt me down
Death to all human beings

End Computer Haiku

I Want a Dog’s Life</h2 > I want a dog’s life
That’s what I want in next life

All A dog needs to be is cute
And his master will feed him
It is a dog’s life for me


Nightmare Cinquain

Night mares
Endless fears all night long
Can’t escape running from these dreams
All night

more Night mares

Endless fears all night long
Huge Monsters chasing me
Hideous Creatures from Hell Itself
Fiendish Hell hounds escaped Banishes
screaming bloody murder
they chase me all the way
I die

Christmas Ronka

December End of the Year
The blues knocking at my door
I open the door to winter
Arctic blast freezes my cold face


Constant lies and deceit
Revolution in the air

All around us
There is nothing but

Lion Desires


Wild Beast
Dark jungle



Finally emerging to hunt
At dawn

For breakfast





looking at the hidden machinery of God

One day
I woke up
and found myself

in God’s hidden factory
watching the machinery of God

running the world
and realized

that God was indeed
the chief engineer of the universe

as I watched the machinery
of creation
creating the world anew
every morning

Jake’s Golden Shovel

A sense of cosmic unease hangs
coming over all of us silently
hanging in the purple
air that has turned crystalline
reflecting my moods in the sky


Political Rants

The Impeachment Trial


The Impeachment Trial
overwhelms me with dread
are we near the end

Recently I Learned That I am Part Jewish


Recently I learned that I was part Jewish
That was long rumored in our family tree
Never confirmed until DNA came again
But whether my Jewish ancestors lived
Or died in the holocaust I have not heard
Never again will we live through that pain

Neo Fascism Must Be Defeated Again

trump idiot in high place
US President Donald Trump speaks about 5G network deployment in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on April 12, 2019. (Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP) (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

In this day and age of fake news
And neo fascism rising yet again

It is important to bear witness
To the undeniable fact
That the holocaust
can never ever come again

That is what we must vow every day
Never again


The Neo-Fascists Are On the March

By their champion the man in Orange
Whose racist mutterings have let loose
The ranting nutty voices of the right
Championing their god given right
To rule and regulate all
that they see


Panic attacks
comes over come me
always happen
when I turn on the news

in case
I hear our dear leader
constant chaos around us


The President of the United States
Republican Leader of the Free world
Uber ales nations
Muttering insanities
Preposterous Nonsensical tweets


Post Modern Leader
Uniting all the Russians
Triumphant against all enemies
Including the Great Satan
Nevertheless always living in fear

the end

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