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Some of my more poetical poetry has been published on Poets Against the Wall today.

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Mr. Trump Tear Down this Wall!

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These Are The Poets Facing The Wall

The idea for the “Poets Facing the Wall” anthology was born right on the U.S. – Mexico border. It has been both the anti-Mexican/immigrant rhetoric and the deafening silence or apathy of most Americans including many living along the border that made the need for such a publication a must. People need to realize what this wall truly represents. At a time when border crossings are down, and many immigrants are actually going back south to their respective homes, why is the wall more needed now than when the influx was higher? Is its true purpose to stop people from coming in? Or could it be that it is meant as a symbol to cast a message broadly and clearly to the world beyond our southern border?


The Statue of Liberty stands on an island turning its eyes toward Europe with a soft demeanor, gently posed holding the torch to light the way for the weary traveler seeking refuge from the darkness of the world they have left behind. The Statue of Liberty’s torch is the light that represents the dream of a better future, where the sun shines equally upon all who look to it seeking its warmth. The statue itself is the guardian and guarantor of that promise.

According to the National Park Service’s website,

“The torch is a symbol of enlightenment. The Statue of Liberty’s torch lights the way to freedom showing us the path to Liberty. Even the Statue’s official name represents her most important symbol ‘Liberty Enlightening the World’.”

By contrast, what does a non-human-like and unnecessary barrier say when its faceless and eyeless semblance stares coldly at our neighbors in Latin America? It speaks of a greater problem than illegal immigration. It speaks of an inability to recognize that without immigration, the U.S. would have been impossible. People in our country like and respect those who “tell it like it is”. And in this case, it is a fact that our country was founded by illegal immigrants first, then legal immigration became the preferred institutionalized method of entry. But there are exceptions. Asylum seekers and refugees must be given a chance to be heard and helped. Especially, since data shows that the vast majority of all immigrants actually prop up our economy; they do not drain it.

But then the question of race comes into play. And that is the biggest obstacle to our future. Perhaps, more than anything, the wall will represent not the need for security form evildoers, but the failure to defeat false beliefs of racial superiority. This has been the greatest stain in our past. The cement holding the construction of those false beliefs must not be allowed to solidify, for like all walls that have ever been erected to divide it will not succeed. Only bridges and roads can take humanity onward toward the future. Let this anthology assist in taking a step in that direction.

Below is the list of accepted works and their authors. (Not in order of appearance in the final publication.)
An Inheritance of Fear
By Jill Evans

As We Forgive Those
By Roger Sippl

Ave Blanca
Seres Jaime Magaña

Blue Again
By C. R. Resetarits

(Traditional 12 Bar Blues Song)
by Laurie Jurs

Construction of First Border Wall Segment to Begin
in a South Texas Wildlife Refuge
By Kristin Barendsen

by Catherine Lee

My Exit
By Richard Nester

-The Greatest, Most Beautiful Soliloquy EVER!
-Ten Commandments Updated
By Rick Blum

Guardian of the Mountains
By Michael Garrigan

-I Am Chicano
-You Make the Call
By Sammy Ybarra

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
By Miranda Rocha
Myopia of belonging
By Sunayna Pal

Northward Bound
By Ana Maria Fores Tamayo

-Nuestros niños
-Tinta negra
By Xanath Carraza

Oh, Say Can You See
By Wendy Baron

On Day 1, We Will Begin Working
By Natalie D-Napoleon

-Wide Open
-The Fool’s Game
-Blurred Vision
By Teri Garcia-Ruiz

-ok | walk on the way
-yr assignment spend a day here along
By Steven Alvarez

-Blood, Sweat and Tears
By Vanessa Caraveo

By Sharon Lundy

by Sheena Pillai Singh

-Song for America XXIII (the nation’s anthem)
-Song for America XXV
-Song for America XXVIII (for Marvin Gaye)
By Fernando Esteban Flores

-De este lado del muro
-Rima infantil
By Gabriel González Núñez

Ten Feet Higher
By Richard King Perkins II

The Promised Wall
By Kimmy Alan

-This Just In
By Sandra Anfang

-more harm than good
By Linda M. Crate

-Walls Divide Us
-Mr. Trump Tear Down This Wall
By John “Jake” Cosmos Aller

Walking Around
By John M. Bellinger

“A, Homeboy”
by Johnny Barboza

-The Wall
-Lament for Emma Lazarus
-Ghost Wall
By Robbi Nester

We are Sisters!
By Patty York Raymond

-What I Need Now
-In Concert
By Dorothy Baird

-The Travel North
-Keep my dream Alive
By Jose Rafael Castilleja

By Jude Brigley

by Octavio Quintanilla

Thanks to all of the poets who submitted their work for evaluation. The accepted submissions are of great significance and literary quality. The poems along with the introduction by Enclave Magazine’s founder and editor, Hector Luis Alamo, make this anthology one of the most important and well-crafted we have put together. I am proud to have my name associated with this project. It should become required reading for public schools, colleges, and universities. We are looking to a late October or early November publication. We will announce an official publishing date in less than two weeks.

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