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“Strangeness in the Air”

Strangeness in the Air

My poem, “Strangeness in the Air”, has been published by Scars TV in their literary calendar for 2018. “Strangeness in the Air” appears on the November 3, 2019 entry.

Details follow:

Hi there from Scars Publications – we wanted to let you know that Scars Publications released a 2019 weekly literary date book. On the right-hand side of every open set of pages in the book is a week of the 2019 calendar year (from 12/23/18 through 1/4/20), and on the left-hand side of every page (and sometimes at the bottom of right-hand page weeks with the beginnings or endings of the month leaving space) there is room for short poetry, micro-prose and artwork chosen from 2018 issues of cc&d magazine and Down in the Dirt magazine. Since your material was chosen (both writing and select artwork was chosen to be included) from the past year of accepted materials for inclusion in this annual literary date book, we wanted to let you know about this brand-new annual collection book is titled “2019 literary review date book”! Links to see all of chosen writers and artists (and the titles of their work) in “the 2019 literary review date book”: scars TV literary calendar for 2019

Scars TV Literary Calendar 2019

(for November 3, 2019)

Strangeness in the Air

There is strangeness in the air
A sense of cosmic Unease
Hangs silently in the Purple Crystalline Sky

America woke up

and decided
to quit
following like lemmings
over the Clift

As the Pied Piper chants

image of pied piper
pied piper says stay the course

stay the course, stay the course
we were like lemmings
dying to save his wounded pride

Today there is that strange difference
in the Air

As Americans woke up
and threw off
their chains of fear

Down in the Dirty also published my poem, “My Name Is Nobody” in their anthology, “Natural Light”

natural light text
class=”size-medium wp-image-1115″ /> natural light

My Name is Nobody

My name, it is Nobody
No one cares who I am
I am just a nameless clone
In the cold unfeeling bureaucracy

Just one of the army
Of civilians who flood into and out of the city
Every day

A non-entity,
A ghost
A govbot
A cyber
A spook
A faceless automan
A bureaucrat

Just a grey suited cog in the machinery
And no one cares
No one knows who I really am

And I am legend
Everywhere and nowhere

Just the way this modern world
All shred of humanity
Crushed beneath the cruel wheel of society

In the cold harsh world
There is no room anymore
For true human feelings

We are just robots, clones, machines
And so I go to work
Put on my mask

And no one hears my inner screams
And no one will ever care

writing by jake cosmos aller

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