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Joe Go Bold or Go Home, revised

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The Ex-presidents decide to get vaccinated together as a public service and offer their advice to President Biden and Trump.

President Biden decides to hold a separate event later in the day with Vice President Harris, as he did not want to steal their thunder so to speak.  The event started with the oldest getting it first, Carter and the youngest Obama getting it last.  Trump and Pence refuse the invitation.

They then hold a press conference and talk about their vaccines, but they wanted to discuss a few other things.  Obama started it off, taking the lead per a prior agreement, and said he wanted to ask each of the ex-presidents to comment on the one biggest mistake or regret of their time in office and their advice to president Biden and President Trump.  He would start it off,

“Well, my biggest regrets were Libya, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan in terms of foreign policy, in terms of domestic policy, not doing enough with infrastructure including rebuilding our social infrastructure, and not addressing climate change My biggest advice to Biden is that he has to rebuild trust and goodwill and end the decades of the politics of destruction or else perhaps we will indeed fall apart and no longer be the United States of America. We are facing an existential crisis.  I would let Trump retire peacefully and not prosecute him or his family.   He also must rebuild our crumbling physical and social infrastructure figure out how to provide health care for everyone and figure out how to provide a college education to everyone. Finally, my advice to Trump retire gracefully write your memoirs play some golf sport hang out with your family, and let it go let Joe Biden be president Provide your advice in private and your concerns to him in private but let him govern the country that is what I did during the eight years he was president with a few exceptions when he pissed me off.

Generally, that has been the rule of all ex-presidents and we hope that you will join our club and we have all agreed that we are going to have a once a month zoom session and we hope that you will join us the zoom sessions.  This is something we should have done a long time ago and we will do it from now on it will be bringing together these living ex-presidents, ex-vice presidents, ex secretaries of state, and ex secretaries of defense for a free flow of ideas and suggestions for the current president and vice president and secretaries of state. We also hoped that Biden and Harris will join us in these monthly zoom conversations which will be off the record and done in a secure zoom special conference room. OK now let us go to George Bush.

George, your biggest regret and your advice to Biden and Trump?

“OK, my biggest regrets are not preparing for 911 and of course the Afghanistan war, and Iraq war, and the great economic collapse in 2007.  all of those perhaps could have been preventable if we had paid attention to the intelligence and warnings which were flashing red lights. My advice tom pays attention to all these things that are out there that may not be apparent but will bite you in the butt if you do not take care of them and particularly climate change, I think is an existential crisis that we must deal with. I also agree that we only rebuild our crumbling social and physical infrastructure I agree that we have to override health care for everyone and I think we need to provide a college education for everyone but I would offer to pay for it if people did government service in the military or otherwise first so government service then you get a free college education and this is something I feel strongly about and I would like to work with the rest of you to come up with a plan we can present to Joe Biden.  For Trump, I echo your call for him to retire gracefully go home write your memoirs and take it easy and let Joe Biden be president it is time to let it go OK over to Bill,

” well, I think my biggest crises were Yugoslavia, the Mideast, Libya, North Korea, Rwanda and not taking care of bin Laden when we knew where he was. I also did not anticipate bust nor did I anticipate the impact of the Internet on everything we were doing in the world and I think I would have wanted to do more to prepare for the future and rebuild our crumbling social and physical infrastructure. Finally, my advice to Trump is the same please dude let it go home write your memoirs, but please let Joe Biden be president, but reach out to him talk to him openly and give him the benefit of your advice if he does not take it well it is his decision after all, and we would welcome you joining our monthly ex-president zoom conversations. I just want to know note that although I disagreed with your administration on a lot of things, I never really felt that you were another Hitler and I thought that those on the left were engaging in hyperbole and that was wrong I also although I felt that you had betrayed our friendship. I had considered you to be a friend year earlier and I hope perhaps we can rekindle that friendship now over to you Jimmy Carter to conclude.

Well, I think the biggest mistakes I made was dealing with the Soviet Union Afghanistan, and dealing with Iran of course now and of course the economy as a problem throughout my administration, and we blew it by not pushing for renewable energy in a big way when it could have made a huge difference and we could have led the world in building green energy, it is long overdue, and we should have started it back then.  I was much too much a micro-manager I never really learned how to manage the big picture stuff I got bogged down in the weeds. my advice for Joe Biden is to keep the focus on the big picture issues, focus on rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure rebuilding healthcare, building education and I agree with George Bush that we should also have a national service requirement and I pledge here to work with other ex-residents to come up with a plan we can give to Biden and the Congress along those lines


Finally, I also wish to express to Donald Trump welcome to the club you had your shot you did your time and then you failed, and we are both one-term presidents. I went through that. I know how difficult it is but afterward, I decided to spend the rest of my life working on behalf of the American public as an ex-resident and I know that each of us has done the same and I hope that you will do the same and I hope that you will join our monthly zoom conversations and that you will offer Joe Biden your private council but in the end, it is his time and you just have to let it go thank you very much that concludes this press conference and remember to get vaccinated.





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