2020 the Year the World Came Unhinged

2020 the Year the World Came Unhinged

Writer’s Egg Magazine published in the UK for their 7th issue had a theme of 2020 and what it meant.  They published my entry,  “The Year the World Came Unhinged “

The Year the World Came Unhinged




2020 was the year
That the world came unhinged
As the US lost its way

Amid the corona pandemic
18 million cases later
310,000 deaths later

The president has yet to simply say
I am so sorry that everyone died
On my watch

Instead he continues to insist
That he be given an A-plus grade
For the great victory

he achieved
In battling the corona
china virus

Amid the great depression 2.0
The country voted to fire
The former President

Who refused to accept reality
Filed 60 court cases
Lost 59 cases
out of 60 cases
Including twice
at the Supreme Court

Still refuses to concede
Still claims that the election
was stolen

His mindless lemming like followers
Follow his every tweet
His every deranged unhinged world

And go down his rabbit hole
Of delusional insanity

As he tries daily
To destroy American democracy
While claiming

he is the only one
Who can save the U.S.
From the chaos and danger
That the radical left represents

Writer Egg published some of my Corona Virus poems in issue six, and issue five.  Re-printed below

Corona Virus is Not God’s Punishment
Corona Ghosts

Corona Virus Poems
Corona Virus Pandemic Thoughts

corona virus poems google search

writer Egg magazine has published some more poems which drop in issue six to be published in January.


Politicians Lying while people lie dying

Thanksgiving thoughts

Corona Virus Stalks Me
News is still grim
Mad Mask Fears  -content tracing Dante Inferno  Canto one Line 1 to 3
Wearing a Mask is not a political statement
General Corona Leads His Troops Into Battle, crown of sonnets
Corona Ghosts Stalk the President

Politicians Lying while People Lie Dying


Politicians lying
economy crumbling
pandemic spreading
fire burning
storms storming
winter is coming
media screaming
people dying

Thanksgiving Thoughts








On this day of thanksgiving
Our hearts are filled with grief
Anger, and hatred
Instead of love and friendship

Half the company
Feels that they lost
The election
Because of mass fraud
Their candidate could not have lost

The virus is a hoax
Masks are an affront
To our liberties

The other half of the country
Thinking at last
This national nightmare
Is beginning to end

Millions of people are sick
The real economy in ruins
The stock market is crazy
Out of touch with reality

Many Americans are settling down
To a lonely Thanksgiving
Loved ones can’t travel

Or are lost to us now
Corona ghosts
Haunting our thanksgiving

The news bather on and on
The divisions getting worse
The world seems to be spinning
Out of control

How can we come together
While 2,000 people die every day
But in the midst of all of this
If we simply remember
Our shared humanity

That we are all Americans
And we can overcome
These dark and dangerous time

Then we will have something
To celebrate this thanksgiving
That we are still here
Still alive and kicking

And the noise and hate
fades away
And the love comes back
With the rising sun
Happy thanksgiving
To one and all

Corona Virus Stalks Me




the dreaded coronavirus
led by the demented general Corona,
seems to be stalking me
everywhere I go

images of the dead
come to life
accusing me of something
as they fade in and out of view

ghostly images fill\ my fogged up glasses
as I walk down the street
hidden deep inside my masks

and I fear everyone
which is of course
part of the corona virus’s
evil’s plan
to drive us all mad
sending us to hell

News is still grim

cnn logo
cnn logo



watching the daily news
the constant doom and gloom
makes me want to cry

and hide  away




for the end of the news
and a return to normal

but that seems
like a distant dream

perhaps it is our fate
perhaps it will be over

perhaps it will never
be over

and the news drones




Mad Masks Fears Corona Sonnet Form

no masks
no masks





I don’t understand
this fear of wearing a mask
somehow making you weak

that wearing a mask
is a political statement

“Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself with a forest dark
for the straightforward pathway had been lost”


WHAT        IS      WRONG     WITH          THESE       PEOPLE





content tracing Dante Inferno  Canto one Line 1 to 3

masked woman
masked woman






to my friends in America
and around the world
to those who think
that somehow the coronavirus
only infects other people
that it is all a liberal hoax ,
nothing more than a bad flu
and nothing to do with me
demanding that we all go
back to work

what is wrong with you?
have you lost your humanity?
will millions have to die
so you can have a Big Mac?
so you can have a Big Mac
and a beer
whenever you damn, please

and no one can tell you
please wear a mask
have you lost all reason
is it all now
about owning the dems
and the damn libtards
is there any thing left
in your cold, greedy heart?

and you still proclaim
that you are Christian
as you violate all the Christian principles
what would Jesus do

what would Jesus do
what does the bible say
we should do
in the midst of this pandemic
is it the Christian thing to do
to let millions of people die
did not Christ talk about love
compassion and mercy
would not Jesus
wear a mask
to protect himself
and others
from this ravaging disease
that does not care

who you are
who you voted for
which church you go to
and Jesus and God
are not there
watching all of us
as the virus spreads

it will affect you
sooner or later
and when it does
perhaps if you had worn
a mask
you might have prevented
a few more people
have died

a few more people
including your grandfather
relative might be alive
if you were not such
a self- centered person
and I appeal to you my friend
to grow up, become a member
of the human race again

also published in Plethora Magazine in India

a crown of sonnets






General Corona leads his forces across the world
riding on a black horse
from out of the Apocalypse
ride the four horsemen
which are let loose upon the world

He leads his forces across the world
into battle as the leader of his evil forces
The enemy of humanity

General Corona, he does not care
nor does his virus minions care
about your nationality, he does not care
about your politics, he does not care
or your wealth or who you are
for all you are nothing but humanity

the corona general sees humanity
as nothing but hosts for his virus army
chanting death to humanity
until his evil army
sweeps throughout the world
throughout the world
and millions must die

it is the will of the general all must die
and it is the end of the world
or perhaps the beginning of a new world
filled with hope and love through out the world
humanity comes alive throughout the world
fighting back against the virus army
peace, love and compassion defeats the army
and general corona will finally himself die

Corona Ghosts Haunting the President

corona virus
corona virus





The corona ghosts are angry
Watching the news every day
In limbo land

The corona ghosts decide
To pay the president a visit
To show him the humans
Who have died

Due to his incompetence
And lack of leadership
175,000 Corona ghosts
Descend upon the white house

At midnight
And surround the president
Screaming at him

Saying look at me
Look at me

You did this
You did it
You Mr. President

You are not the smartest man
In the world
Far from it

It is all on you
And you will soon
Be joining us

Be afraid
Your time is up
General corona
Is on the march

And he has you
In his sights

The End




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