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April 12 to April 13, 2022 Poems

April 12 to April 13, 2022 Poems

I am falling behind as I took a trip last week.  I have kept my quota but slipping on posting them.   Here’s poems for April 12 and 13

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Begin Poems

Tuesday Day 12:

The unexpected visitor from the Stars Dew Drop Inn


One day Sam Adams
Received an unexpected visitor
Who walked into his office
Of Rebel news



Telling him he was a space alien
Who wanted him to explain
Humanity to him.

The alien had tried
To understand humans
The craziness species
In the universe.

Who believes
in some nonsense
About nonexistent gods.

But the one thing
He did not understand
Was love.

Could Sam Explain love to him?
Sam thought and said,

“Yes, Love is what it is
And love is what it ain’t,
If you are in love
You know it.

But those who know it
Can’t describe it
It is more than just

Chemistry, and biology
It is that but more than that

Love happens
When you least expect it.

When she walks
Into your life.
You know she is the one

The alien said thanks
For the lesson.

And drank his beer
Saying that humans
Make the best beer
And the best coffee
In the universe,

The Palaskian Conspiracy PSH prompt





The leader of Palaskin
Was being briefed
By his national security team
About Operation Disrupt Planet Earth

Their operative Donald J Trump
Had not succeeded in taking over
The number one country yet.

He was tormenting unrest
And his country was floundering

Operative Putin
Was doing a fine job
Preparing the world
for the Palaskinian
Empire’s invasion.

It would be time soon.
To launch the invasion fleet

Which will arrive
And reinstate Trump
And Putin to rule the world
On behalf of their Palaskian overlords.

They would finally reveal
That they are aliens

And the earth is now
Part of the Palaskinian Empire.

The Emperor smiled
Victory would soon be theirs
Long Live the Palestinian Empire

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Ellen Sander:

palish kin

A non-existent word. You decide how it is pronounced. Whether it’s a noun or a verb. Or someone’s name. Perhaps a country? A religion? Up to you, brave soul. Write a poem using what you determine palishkin to mean.

Writer’s Digest The Powers That Be –  Who are They?  (Revised)

Conspiracy craze: why 12 million Americans believe alien …https://www.theguardian.com › lifeandstyle › apr › con…
Apr 7, 2016 — But when people leap from thinking their boss is trying to undermine them to believing their boss might be a secret lizard person, they probably …

Watching the news unfold
Every day
I wonder who “they” are

The secret powers
That run the world
From behind the scenes?

There are rumors
That the powers
Of the universe,

The masters of the universe
The secret power brokers
Are not-human.

They are shape-shifting
Reptilian creatures
From the Palaskan empire
in Sirius, the dog star.

their agents Trump and Putin
we’re doing a great job
disrupting and weakening the world.

It was time though
Said the head of the committee
The committee does not exist.

That was the control tower
Of the alien conspiracy
Of the secret powers that be.

For the invasion fleet to arrive
And finish the job
Of enslaving humanity

A job that they failed to do
When they controlled Atlantis
And later the Roman Empire.

For today’s prompt, write a power poem. Your poem could somehow involve electricity, solar power, fossil fuels, wind, or water. It could illustrate a power play or someone exerting their power over someone else. Of course, you could also write about a power outage. You alone have the power to poem your way through this prompt.

Computer Blues (revised) Local Gems

evil computer
evil computer






Sometimes I think
My computer is plotting against me
And only me

Trying deliberately to drive me mad.
My computer knows
when I am busy

Then it throws
A hissy fit.
Refuses to boot up,
and crashes constantly.

Loses data it had the day before.
Or five minutes before,
Or refuses to save the data.

Just fucks with me
As it loves toying with me
Making me yell and scream
At my damn computer screen

Cursing up a blue stream
of blue curses
As the blue screen of death
The borders across the dark blue screen

Smiling at me
As I beg it
To do what
It is supposed to do

Just once I beg it
Do what you
Are supposed to do

Open the document once
Not twenty times
Do “Not respond”

Endless spinning blue wheels.
In endless loops of opening

Not responding
refusing to close
Until I respond to the error code.
Please Mr. Computer

Quit playing games
Play my music, don’t wipe out the sound
On the fifth attempt to play music

Don’t take a half-hour to load Microsoft products
Don’t freeze up on opening music programs

Don’t give me computer haiku error messages
That only makes sense to a computer geek.

Such as general error reading files
Who the ***** is this damn general
And why is NSA reading my files?

Or can’t save the file
Or can’t save the  “An open file”
When it just did ten times in a role,
Or kicks me out, while losing my data.

And in Microsoft Excel
Refusing to move the cursor
Just freezing in place for a moment
Before kicking me out.

Excell had a problem
Copying data from other sources
Generating an error message

About not being able to load fonts
Then asking you to say okay
Then kicking you out

Once I did that 200 times
I finally ditched Excel
And moved to Google Docs.

And all the other gobbledygook messages
That pop up every five minutes it seems
As the computer slowly drives me mad

Flashing the final insult
User-driven mad
Mission accomplished.

Day 12: Modern Item You Loathe

Wednesday Day 13:

It Is The Small Things That Matter NaPoWriMo

It is the small things
That matters the most

The small things
That adds up.

To show how much
You love someone
The way you glance
At your lover.

The way you laugh
At her jokes
You have heard
A million times before.

The way she smells
The way she eats
Her food.

The way she kisses
The way she makes love
Every time special.

Yes it is the small things
That matters in the end.

Today’s featured participant is a double dose again because you all are producing such lovely work that I’m finding it difficult to pick! In response to Day Eleven’s “big” prompt, we first have Wind Rush‘s quiet meditation on relative size. Second, The Silver Cow Creamer brings us a short and snappy quatrain in homage to a giant poppadom.

Our featured online journal for the day is Stirring. In their latest issue, I’ll point you to these two haibuns by Jennifer Perrine.

Today’s prompt (optional, as always) should come as no surprise. Yesterday, I challenged you to write a poem about a very large thing. Today, I’d like you to invert your inspiration, and write a poem about a very small thing. Whether it’s an atom, a button, a hummingbird’s egg, dollhouse furniture, or the mythical world’s smallest violin, I hope you enjoy your poetic adventures into the microscopic.

The haunted house in Eagle Creek PSH







There is a house
In Eagle Creek, Oregon
That is an old mansion.

That is largely abandoned
Except for the owner
Who is over 100 years old

The house has several doors
That led to other worlds.

According to the rumor
The old man has used rituals
From the Necronomicon.

To summon aliens, banshees, bigfoot,
Cerebos, demons, devils, hell hounds,
ghosts, goblins, monsters, leprechauns,
Yeti and Zombies.

The gateway to other worlds
Open up
And they storm through.

From the deepest corner
Of Hell and Hades.

As they chant
From the Necronomicon

The ghosts of the dead
Haunting the old mansion
On the hillside
Outside of Eagle Creek,

This poetry writing prompt submitted by Frog Corpse:

Frog Corpse Writing Prompt:

Create a seven-hundred-word short story or thirty-three-line poem describing a haunted house. The story or poem’s main focus must bear emphasis on the details of the house itself. Explain in detail its architecture/landscape on what makes it stand out. What will make these details different from an average run-of-the-mill home? This prompt is to help improve set & setting when building the locations in your tales.

*Your characters are not the focus of this prompt.

I love You Let Me count the Ways Writing com

I love you
Ever since you walked
Off that bus,
Out of my dreams
Into my life

But why do I love you
Let me count the ways
here are a million
Different reasons.

But these are the most
Important ones

I love your smile
I love your smell
I love your walk
I love your body.

I love your
delightful, wicked
Sense of humor.

I love kissing you
I love making love
To you.

You are the best thing
Whatever happened to me
And I want to proclaim
To the entire world
How much I love you.

Write a poem every day of April with the 2022 April Poem-A-Day Challenge. For today’s prompt (the first Two-for-Tuesday prompt of the month), write a counting poem and/or not counting poem.

The Sound of Temple Bell Brings Me Peace Local Gem

temple blog bell-zen
temple blog bell-zen

The sound of a temple bell
ringing in the crisp mountain air
in the Buddhist temple
deep in the mountains.

Brings me peace and joy
and fills me with happiness
as I contemplate
the meaning of Buddha.

And seek to find
in the everyday life
around me.

And I ring the bell again,
wishing hoping for an end
to our suffering
on this planet of ours.

Day 13: A Bell Ringing

The End

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