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April 2023 Dew Drop In Poems

April 2023 poetry

writing com Dew Drop prompts


April 1—Make a mistake! (Write about a mistake you’ve made and/or literally make one (or more) in the poem!)
April 2—Breaking the ice (Incorporate “ice breaking” literally or metaphorically in a poem.)
April 3—Poem in response to an animal, or an animal video!
April 4—A music poem
April 5—Give in to a temptation!
April 6—A poem that could be a guided meditation…
April 7—A poem of thanks
April 8—A praise poem
April 9—A grief poem
April 10—Somehow use the number ten
April 11—Poem that defines a real or made-up word
April 12—A letter poem
April 13—A diary entry
April 14—Coming-of-age poem
April 15—A book report

Korea Springtime Haiku

Korean springtime
Billowing yellow dust//
Snowing cherry trees



#2. Korean Springtime Haiku
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Korean Springtime Korea







Spring in Korea
Is one of my favorite times
But it is not all flowers
And sunshine

The weather is getting warm
The cherry trees are blooming
Other flowers emerging

But along with the pollen
Comes the infamous yellow dust
Blown to Korea and Japan
From the Gobi Desert in China

The yellow dust fades away
And May is delightful

Not yet too hot
And the pollen count
Is more manageable

#3. Don’t make a Mistake, Vote for Jake
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April 1 Poem—Don’t Make a mistake

Should have run for office
My slogan would have been
“Don’t make a mistake
Vote for jake
He ain’t no fake
he ain’t no flake
He ain’t on the take
he ain’t on the make
He ain’t no rake
He ain’t to snake
Everything is at stake
Even a tax break
So, have a steak
Remember to vote for Jake
And everything’s Jake”

#4. Lonely No More April 2nd entry
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April 2 Poem–Breaking the ice

Sam Adams felt shy
And lonely at times
He was not very good
At small talk

Not able to easily interact
With strangers
Never really learned
How to break the ice
In social settings

One day
At a party
He had reluctantly gone to
At the insistence
Of his roommates

He met his fate
She was so opposite
Of him

Vivacious, charming

and tres sexy
And a champion schmoozer

She told Sam
She would be his mentor
And taught him
How it was done

He soon learned
The art of making conversation
With almost anymore

And over time
Became a champion schmoozer
As well

And their romance flourished
And they were married
Three months later

Sam often thanked
His roommates
For dragging him

To that party
On that date

He met his fate
And now you know
The rest of the story.

April 3 is an animal or animal video!

cat jpg
cat jpg






the Demon Cat
lived in Medford, Oregon

He was mean as hell
Vicious temper
Mean hearted
As only demon cats can be

He lived with an old man
And his daughter
In an old house.

The demon cat
Hated the daughter
Who hated the demon cat.

The demon cat
Would rush at her
Hissing making her back off
Or leave the house.

One day the daughter
Told her father
Either get rid
Of the demon cat
Or I will have to leave you.

The old man
Smiled at his daughter,

Well good luck
on your move
The cat is staying.

The demon cat
Looked at the daughter
With hate in his black eyes,
Smiling at his victory.

The daughter moved out
Refused to step foot
In the house
As long as the demon cat
Was around.

Bonus Demonic Cat Haiku

evil cat
evil cat






The demonic cat
Lived in Medford Oregon –
Dreaming death to humans

April 4—A musical poem
Tower of Power

<iframe width=”1366″ height=”768″ src=”; title=”Tower of Power Down To The Night Club Bump City Live” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

My favorite music
Has always been funk
Make The tower of power

The best funk band
of them all
Formed in the East Bay
in the turbulent 60s

Still going strong
Almost 50 years later!

Their love song
You’re still a young man

Is perhaps the greatest
Make out song
of all time
Of all times

First song
I slowed danced to
Back in high school

A song I played
To seduce my wife

I wonder how many babies
were conceived because
of this classic soul song

Another classic song
“What is hip
Which poised
An unanswered question

And inspired this triolet
What is love,
tell me if you know

Love is what it is
Do you know what love is, Joe?
What is love, tell me if you know
And how can you make it grow?
Madness is what it does
What is love, tell me if you know
Love is what it is

Based loosely on the classic Tower of Power Song, “what is hip?”

What Is Hip Lyrics

[Verse 1]

So ya wanna dump out yo’ trick bag
Ease on in a hip thang
But you ain’t exactly sure what is hip
So you started to let your hair grow
Spent big bucks on your wardrobe
Somehow, ya know there’s much more to the trip

What is hip?
Tell me, tell me, if you think you know
What is hip?
If you’re hip
The question, “Will it show?”
You’re into a hip trip
Maybe hipper than hip
What is hip?

[Verse 2]
You became a part of a new breed
Been smoking’ only the best weed
Hangin’ out with the so-called “Hippie set.”
Seen in all the right places
Seen with just the right faces
You should be satisfied, but it ain’t quite right

What is hip?
Tell me, tell me, if you think you know
What is hip?
If you’re hip
The question, “Will it show?”
You’re into a hip trip
Maybe hipper than hip
What is hip?

Come on

Hipness is. What it is
Hipness is. What it is
Hipness is. What it is
Sometimes hipness is, what it ain’t

You’re still a young man
Baby, Oo oo, don’t waste your time
You’re still a young man
Baby, Oo oo, don’t waste your time

Down on my knees
Oh, heart in hand
I was accused of being too young
But I’m not so young
I could make you happy
I’m not a bad man

You’re too young to love (If you and I could be together)
You’re too young to love (I’ll never never leave you alone baby)
You’re too young Ooo Ooo (No I won’t sweet lady)
Don’t waste your time

The damage is done
You see that you were wrong
You wake up wondering just
How well I’ve done
Well I’ve done alright
Yes there are some girls but you know
I dropped them on sight
Just for you
Because I love you

You’re still a young man
Baby, Oo oo, don’t waste your time
(Someday you’ll understand just what it means when a man
Comes to you with his little heart in his hands
Just to love you)
Don’t waste your time

You better listen to me
Sayin that I’m loving you yeah hey now baby tryin to tell
You that it’s you you you you you you you you talkin to you
Baby, I’ll never never never never I’ll never never do you
No wrong no no lady if you would check my stuff out one time haha
Just to hold you, to squeeze you and all I wanna do is to
Get next to you and please please please you baby
See where I’m coming from!

<iframe width=”1366″ height=”768″ src=”; title=”You&#39;re Still a Young Man (Remastered)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Written by legendary sax players Emilio Castillo and Stephen Kupka, the song portrays a young man at the wrong end of a breakup. The situation is bleak because his lover pins the break-up on an age difference. In an interview with Songfacts Castillo said:

It’s based on a true story. I had a girlfriend that was six years older than me. I was 18, she was 24 and that’s actually what happened. She had kind of cut me loose because of the age difference thing and the whole plea in the story is the young guy’s saying, ‘I’m not too young, I’m not wasting my time and I do love you as a man can truly love a woman.’”

The song would go on to be the band’s first major hit defining their sound with a prominent horn section inspired by Curtis Mayfield:

“On that album, there’s a song called “A Woman’s Love” that starts with beautiful trumpets high. When we heard that we wanted to write a song with a great trumpet intro like that. –

April 5—Give in to temptation!

Henry Kissinger once wrote
Power is the best aphrodisiac
Perhaps that is why
All over the world
Political and business leaders
Refuse to retire
Still lusting after power
And the perks of power

Which includes sexual temptation
The corruption of being famous
And the belief that the rules
Do not apply to them

That they are above the law
That they are the law
Clinging to power
At all cost

Thinking that they are immune
To the laws of political gravity
That applies to ordinary mortals

That they are the masters of the universe
That they are almost gods.

But sometimes the corruption
And temptation of power
Becomes too much.

And they become ensnared
In tawdry sex scandals.
When you are rich and famous

You have a lot of friends
Until you stumble
And find yourself
On the downward spiral

Your friends forget
They ever knew you
ghost your calls
disappear from your life

The knifes come out
Everyone wants to take
You down

especially those who
used to kiss your ass
as you were rising
through the heights
of power

Smiling as they stab you
In the proverbial back

The down and out
Have no friends left
the homeless
are invisible
have no name

And many people,
Who thought they were gods
End up serving time
In prison.

That is the nature
Of power.

It corrupts you
Then turns on you
Destroying you
In the end.

April 6—your happy place meditation

When the news of the day
All the storm gloom and doom
Gives you the blue

Remember this
It will all be over
It does not mean a thing

As Mr. Natural taught us
It doesn’t meet s……

So when the news blues
Comes over you
Turn off your TV

Silence your phone
Turn off your computer

Take deep-breaths
Following the example
Of the buddha cat

Tune in
Drop deep inside
Your head

Om shanti om shanti
Om om om

Imagine yourself
In your happy place
A nice tropical breath
Of warm scented air

By a beach
With the sounds
Of a steel drum band playing

A rum punch in your hand
Barbados calling you
And most importantly

The love of your life
Is next to you
And you smile at her
And everything’s Jake

Make no mistake
Just go with the flow
Embrace your happiness.

April 7—A poem of thanks

Every moment
Every minute

Every second
I thank the love of Gods
For having brought you
Into my life
Thankful you found me
And saved my life
When you became my wife

That date
I met my fate

Based loosely on my true love story. I first dreamt of meeting her in 1974, she walked out of my dreams into my life in 1982, we got married seven weeks later and have been together now 41 years.

April 8—A praise poem

Every day I wake up
And praise the love Gods
For having brought you
Into my life.

I praise them
For having sent
An angel.

And I praise you
The most wonderful woman
In the whole world.

Based loosely on my true love story. I first dreamt of meeting her in 1974, she walked out of my dreams into my life in 1982, we got married seven weeks later and have been together now 41 years.

April 9—A grief poem
Gun Grief







After every incident
Of mass gun violence
In the U.S.

And sadly, around the world
But not as much
As the US

Remains the mass murder
capital of the world.
We are number one in gun murders
Because we have so many guns
25 percent of the world’s guns.

Pictures emerge
Of the killers
Almost always white men.

Who stares out at you
With soulless dead eyes
Filled with hate, fear
And sheer madness.

With the thousand-year stare
Of the madman
Who only hears

The voices in his head
Screaming kill them all
Kill them all.

And as always
They usually legally bought
The guns.

This case was a bit different
The gunman briefly had his guns
Taken away from him
And his 60 knives as well

But the red flag law
Is not a permanent ban
As it should be

And so he was able
To re-arm himself
With the best weapons
In the world
At a very affordable price

And so he became lost
Down the rabbit hole
Of drugs and insanity

Went out determined to kill
As many people as he could
And he did.

And on this day
We all experience grief
Sadness at the madness

And anger at the feckless
Politicians who shed crocodile tears
Offering useless thoughts and prayers

The gun ghosts don’t care
They are dead
Because guns killed them

So enough no more
Let’s get up
From our chairs

And demand action
Rather than give into
Grief and despair

But sadly
Nothing will change
There will be another

Mass shooting
And another
And another

That is just the way
It is in this day and age
Of America

The land of the free
Home of the brave
And 400 million guns.

Bonus Gun Dizaine






There are too many guns around, just no fun
Now there are too many people dying
The problem is simply too many guns
Just too many politicians lying
Too many people are now gun ghosts crying
As a result, there is much sadness
There is no end in sight to this madness
Politicians offering prayers
Nothing will be done to stop this badness
We will continue to have dark nightmares

The Dizain is an ancient French form of ten lines with eight or ten syllables per line and a mirrored rhyme scheme of ababbccdcd, as described and demonstrated in the following links:;

Dizain is a decastich, the whole poem is made up of a single Ballade Supreme stanza, a 10-line stanza without an envoy. Lines of 8 or 10 syllables each with a rhyme scheme ababbccdcd.

Dizain for the evolutionary
socialist dream of edouard Bernstein
by DC Martinson

Sleep no more, you working classes,
don’t fight the pulse to congregate.
Rise, you the power of the masses,
and from the grip of wealth luxate
your innate dignity.
Don’t spill blood like those in power,
don’t prattle like those who cower
behind the stench of flame and flag;
for those who live in the tower
will fall: we will not have to drag.

month or two, we’re going to start checking out a new form every week or two.

Dizain Poems
The dizain gets us back in the French form domain, which as regular readers know is a favorite of mine. This particular form was a favorite of 15th and 16th-century French poets, but it has also been employed in English by the likes of Philip Sidney and John Keats.
Here are the basic rules of the dizain:
One 10-line stanza
10 syllables per line
Employs the following rhyme scheme: ababbccdcd

Bonus Gun Septolet





death following
mass shooting

no more death

T1his week’s event is to write a SEPTOLET POEM. You may use the event’s picture or your one. ============================================================================== SEPTOLET is an American variation of haiku. The origin is French but otherwise unknown. First stanza 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 and second stanza 1/2/3/4/3/2/1. It is an unrhymed poem that consists of fourteen words divided in two stanzas. Both stanzas deal with the same thought and create a picture with words. You may use art with your Septolet. The first letter of first word in each stanza begins with a capital letter. Align left. Period at end of each stanza. No proper nouns. Give your poem a title. ============================================================================== septolet origen and form ============================================================================== shadow ============================================================================== all ======================================================================

April 10—Somehow use the number ten

The rule of ten
This applies to so many aspects
Of life

It goes like this
For every 100 people
Who wants to write a novel
Ten will finish it

Of those ten
Ten percent will publish it
Of those ten
Ten percent will make some money

Of those ten
Ten percent will make a living

Of those ten
Ten percent will be a best-seller

In other words
In a land of 350 million people
There are probably only 3,500
bestselling authors

the rule of ten applies
to the drama of the thousands of actors
only a few movie stars

Of the thousands of musicians
only a few superstars

modeling – only a few supermodels

to sports  only a few hundred NFL players
out of millions who played the game

to politics only one president
out of thousands who want to be

the rule of ten applies
to life in general

most people fail
in achieving their life goals
but one should not give up

because who knows
you could be the one
who wins in the end
despite the rule of ten.

The Scumbagery of Politicians Never Fails to Astonish Me

The scumbagery of politicians
Never fails to astonish me.

Magaret Taylor Green
George Santos
Kevin Mc Carthy.

Senator Ted Cruz
The Tennessee Republican
legislative leaders
Are among the numerous offenders.

And of course
The former guy
Who is a poster child
The definition of scumbagery.

Scumbagery – the actions of a scumbag – a vile, despicable self-centered egotistical sociopathic asshole, often a political or business leader who should know how to behave better

Letter to God

Dear God,

I am writing to you
On Easter Sunday
With a plea
For your divine intervention.

Please Dear God
Spare us the spectacle
Of a Biden-Trump rematch.

The country and world
May not survive
such a revenge match

Retire both of these old men now
Take them off the proverbial board
Take them both with you
Give them your divine punishment
Or reward as you see fit.

And in the case of the former guy
Shut him up
Silence his evil, mendacious voice
Once and for all

So the voters can choose
a better leader
among the 350 million Americans
for these dark and dangerous times.

Diary entry

Today I woke up
Feeling full of energy Love
and Happiness

drinking my morning coffee
watching the dismal news unfold
I turn it off and listen
to Debussy piano music

realizing that it was Easter
I gave thanks to the Gods

For bringing me my Angela
Who saved my soul
So many years ago.

 April 14—Coming-of-age poem

My life began
When I turned 26
And married
the lady of my dreams,

eight years
after first seeing her
in my dreams

the date that we met
September 7th, 1982
Is a day that I shall
always remember
for that date

was the date I met my fate
when my soul mate
became my mate.

As Time Goes By Book report

While reading
Robert Harris’s Epic History

Of Cicero
One of the greatest politicians
Of the ancient world

I was struck by how
Very little has changed
In this world of ours

To quote the classic song
“As time goes by”

It’s still the same old story
A fight for love and glory,
A case of do or dies
As time goes by.

the End


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