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cheating Death twenty Times

ode to Kombucha

Growing Kombucha and Kefir in Korea

In 1996, I went jogging and fell down a ledge in the dark and broke my heel.  I ended up in the hospital undergoing 14 operations due to a mutant multiple drug resistant staph infection.  Almost had to my life amputated, and almost lost my life. Ever since the operations, I have had low-level chronic pain, which can be overwhelming.  I also have arthritis pain, and suffer from insomnia, and migraines.

When I came to Oregon, I tried CBD oil and have been putting in my coffee for the last six weeks and the results are in.

My chronic pain due to fibromyalgia and arthritis pain has been reduced by 70 percent! I wake up almost pain free, the first time in almost 25 years since my great accident and 14 operations. See cheating death above for details.

It is great.  It is legal in most states.  A bit expensive but worth it. When I return to Korea, I will try to get a prescription as it is legal now with a prescription, marine remains illegal.

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