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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th Reflections

Friday and 13th and other superstitions

Escape from Hell Story

I wrote this on Friday the 13th but it took a few days before I was able to post it. There are many superstitions in the world. Among them, is fear of the numbers four, six, and 13, particularly Friday the 13th. Here are my poetic reflections followed by a list of suggested readings on this topic., generated by our friendly AI Bing, and a few personal memories as well..  Enjoy and would love to hear back from my readers on this or any other topic.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

There are many superstitious

In the world.

In the West –

The number 13

Is considered particularly unlucky,

On Friday for some reason.

There are words for it.



Frigga triskaidekaphobia.

I don’t have the fear.

But many do

So why is Friday the 13th so unlucky?

The hearsay is.

That is because of Judas.

The Betrayer of Jesus

Was the 13th dinner guest

On the Last Supper.

Another Friday the 13th Poem

Friday the 13th
An unlucky day
According to ancient superstitions

According to ancient history
There were 13 people
At the last supper

And the 13th guest
Judas betrayed Jesus
Giving him up to the Romans
For a piece of silver

Be that as it may
13 remains a unlucky number
For many people
Ever since

But for me
It does not seem to matter
Can’t recall whether

I ever won or lost
Playing the number 13
At a casino

Seems to be just another number
Number seven is more
Of a lucky number to me

Met my wife
On September 7th
And that number
Has remained
my good luck number


Fear of the number 13

from Bing AI Chat

People fear Friday the 13th because of various superstitions and folklore that associate the number 13 and the day of Friday with bad luck, misfortune, or death. Some possible reasons why people fear Friday the 13th is:

In Norse mythology, there was a dinner party for 12 gods in Valhalla, but Loki, the trickster god, crashed the party and became the 13th guest. This resulted in chaos and the death of one of the gods3.

The number 13

Fear of the number four


A counterpart

To the fear of 13th

In the west

Is the fear of the number four

Throughout East Asia

And the East Asia diaspora worldwide

Called Tetraphobia

This has to do with the fact.

The word “death” and “four”

Are homophones in Chinese?

This originates from Classical Chinese,

in which the pronunciation

of the word for “four” (四, is in Mandarin)

is very similar.

to that of the word for “death” (死, is in Mandarin),

and remains so in the other countries’ Sino-Xenic vocabulary.

(Korean sa for both.

Japanese she for both.

Vietnamese tự “four” vs. tự “death”).

So, throughout Asia

And Asian communities

There are no fourth floors.

Sometimes they use the English word.

Or simply the letter F

And in SF, NYC and LA

444 buildings

Are not to be found.

Fear of Number 4

(from Bing AI Chatbox)

this (fear of the number 4 sic) originates from Classical Chinese, in which the pronunciation of the word for “four” (四, is in Mandarin) is very similar to that of the word for “death” (死, is in Mandarin), and remains so in the other countries’ Sino-Xenic vocabulary (Korean sa for both; Japanese she for both; Vietnamese tự “four” vs. tự “death”).

The word “death” and “four”

The number 4 is considered unlucky in some Asian cultures, such as China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam because it sounds similar or identical to the word for death in those languages. This is called tetraphobia, which means fear of the number 412

Some examples of how this fear affects people’s behavior are:

However, not all Asian cultures have the same attitude towards the number 4. For example, in Vietnam, the number 4 does not sound like death because of the different tones and pronunciations. Also, some people may consider the number 4 as an auspicious number, depending on their personal beliefs or experiences23

Personal note:

in 1985, I spent the summer studying in Korea through a grant from the Korea Research Foundation. I was given a room in the International House and complained that they gave me room 444 and that was a bad luck number. The building owners did not consider 444 to be an unlucky number for foreigners, so they did not move me.

The Number of The Beast


In some cultures

The number 6

Is considered bad luck.

The number of the beast


in revelations

 Many buildings are not numbered


among the most notorious 666  buildings

are  666 Sixth Avenue

in NYC

and 666 5th Avenue

Also in NYC

Fear of number 6

Therefore, the perception of the number 6 as unlucky depends on the cultural and religious context of the person who uses it. There is no definitive answer to why the number 6 is considered unlucky by some people and lucky by others. It is mostly a matter of personal belief and interpretation.

666 6th Avenue

666 6th avenue
666 6th avenue

The story is that.

666 6th avenues

Was renamed.

other some number

On Lexington Avenue

because ever since it open

there were so many mysterious

fires, and crimes

committed in the building

The building has a distinctive facade

with the number 666 on it.

there was a fatal fire

in 1912

and in 2015

a murder-suicide

they finally renamed it

and it is re-opening


from AI Chat

666 6th Avenue

There is some controversy surrounding the building at 666 6th Avenue in New York City, which is not to be confused with the more famous 666 Fifth Avenue that was owned by the Kushner family. According to the web search results, here are some of the reasons why 666 6th Avenue is controversial:

The building was also the site of a murder-suicide in 2015 when a man shot his wife and then himself in their apartment on the fifth floor. The motive for the killing was unclear, but some speculated that it was related to financial troubles or domestic violence

666 5th avenue

666 5th
666 5th

Jared Kushner bought

666 5th Avenue

and paid way more

than he should have

1.8 billion Dollars

It had so many problems.

he lost almost a billion dollars

but was finally able to recoup

some of his losses

through the provision

of “dark” money from shadowy investors

just before he went

to work in the White House.

From Bing AI Chat

666 Fifth Avenue is a skyscraper in New York City that has a long and controversial history. Here are some of the main events that shaped its story:

666 5th Avenue

Learn more:

The history of 666 Fifth Avenue is a story of ambition, controversy, and debt. Here are some of the main events that shaped its story:

666 Fifth Avenue is a skyscraper in New York City that has been the subject of controversy due to its connection to Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and former senior adviser of former President Donald Trump. Kushner bought the building in 2007 for $1.8 billion, which was the most expensive real estate deal in the city’s history at the time1. However, the purchase turned out to be a bad investment, as the building suffered from low occupancy, high debt, and outdated design. Kushner tried to find investors to help him redevelop the property into a luxury tower designed by the late architect Zaha Hadid, but his efforts were unsuccessful and raised questions about potential conflicts of interest with his role in the White House2.

One of the most controversial aspects of the deal was Kushner’s alleged involvement with Qatar, a Middle Eastern country that has been at odds with Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the Trump administration. In 2017, Kushner reportedly met with a Qatari official who offered to invest in 666 Fifth Avenue, but Kushner turned him down. Shortly after, Trump backed a Saudi-led blockade of Qatar, which some critics suspected was influenced by Kushner’s personal interests2. In 2018, however, Kushner’s family business received a bailout from Brookfield Asset Management, a Canadian company that had a major investment from Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund. Brookfield agreed to lease the entire building for 99 years and pay $1.1 billion in upfront rent, effectively saving the Kushners from defaulting on their loan1Brookfield denied any involvement of Qatar in the deal, but some lawmakers and watchdog groups called for an investigation into whether Kushner’s actions on US policy in the Persian Gulf region were influenced by his family’s financial troubles2.

The saga of 666 Fifth Avenue illustrates how Kushner’s business dealings and political influence have been intertwined and scrutinized throughout his tenure in the White House. The building has also been seen as a symbol of Kushner’s ambition and hubris, as well as his failure to deliver on his grand vision. As one critic put it, “The prospect that he may have been jockeying for Chinese or Russian financiers to bail out him and his family from a potentially disastrous investment at 666 Fifth Avenue presents complex but obvious conflicts of interest as well as the prospect of injudicious or self-serving White House policymaking” 1.

Entrance to Hell

in one of my short stories, “Escape from Hell” I write about secret entrances to Hell scattered around the world. Hell is in another dimension and one can only go to Hell or escape from Hell through gateways known only to a few. the Lovecraftian occult classic book, The Necromicron is a real book that provides clues to some of the ancient gateways to Hell and other dimensions.

The founder of the Church of Satan claimed he had a map accurate of 1930 that showed entrances. Most gateways were located in rough neighborhoods the so-called Hell hole neighborhoods found in every big city. SF Tenderloin is one such location and NYC Chelsea is another. Later a secret VIP gateway was built between 666 6th and 666 5th Avenue, the other end opened up on 666 Hell Central Plaza where Satan Inc is located. Satan Inc. manages Satanic investments in our world. Demon functionaries are allowed R and R on full moon nights and that is while there is always a spike in weird violent crimes around the world as demons run wild in these Hell hole hoods, they have to be back by dawn.

For more info see the following (from Bing search chat box results)

List of phobias

Some common phobias are:

These phobias can cause symptoms such as nausea, trembling, rapid heartbeat, feelings of unreality, and being preoccupied with the fear object. They can also interfere with a person’s daily life and well-being. Phobias are treatable conditions that can be minimized or eliminated with cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques and medication. If you or someone you know suffers from a phobia, you may want to seek professional help.

Note: I cured my Cynophobia: an intense fear of dogs by having two dogs in my life.

Common superstitions

personal note:

in 1974, I broke a mirror, My mom who was a woman well-versed in superstitions and occult lore, said I would have seven years of bad luck. I met my wife eight years later. Go figure,

Bad news comes in threes:

This superstition is based on the idea that bad things tend to happen in groups of three, and after the third one, you can expect some relief. Some people believe that this superstition comes from the Christian belief in the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit12.


“samjae” Three Years of Bad Luck – 1994-1997

in Korean and East Asia, fortune tellers say that bad luck comes in a wave of bad luck for three years in a row, known as “Samjae”.  I experienced this in 1995- to 1997 when I almost lost my life due to breaking my  heel while jogging and developing a multiple resistance staph infection and spend eight months in the hospital and had 14 operations, later i spend a few weeks in the ICU as my internal flora went wild due to excessive antibodies, and also developed a frozen shoulder syndrome for the same reason.

for more details on my health nightmares, see

cheating Death twenty Times

AI Chat:

Superstitions are beliefs that certain actions or events can influence the outcome of something else, usually positively or negatively. There are many common superstitions around the world, and some of them may vary depending on the culture or religion of the people who believe in them. Here are some examples of common superstitions and their possible origins:

These are just some of the common superstitions that people believe in. There are many more superstitions out there, and some of them may be very personal or specific to certain situations. Superstitions can sometimes help people cope with uncertainty or fear, but they can also limit their choices or actions. Superstitions are not based on facts or evidence, but rather on beliefs and traditions. Therefore, it is important to be aware of them, but not to let them control your life.

I hope you enjoyed my poetic musings on common superstitions and additional reading provided by Bing.

Escape from Hell Story

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