movies watched during 2018

Movies Watched During 2018

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Jake’s Cosmos Aller’s Movies Watched During 2018.

Like my book list, I have been keeping a list of movies and TV shows watched during the year. Here is my list of movies watched during 2018.

I saw 76 movies/TV shows during the year. Many of them I saw while flying to and from Asia four times this year – I almost always watch five movies enroute as I can’t sleep very well on planes.

re TV shows, I enjoyed “Better Call Saul”, “Enterprise”, “Discovery”, “Once Upon a Time”, “Mr. Sunshine”,
“the Expanse” and “Travelers”.

the worst movie of the year for me was “Rage”, the best was “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Manchurian Candidate,” the original movie.

The best series was “Once Upon a Time” and “Mr. Sunshine”.

Would love to see what my friends have watched. For the first time I tried to grade the movie/show. I have been binge watching a lot of shows as well as movies of course. Most were English movies, but I did see some Korean movies as well.

For 2019 I hope to see a lot more movies as a megabox theater opened about one mile from my house. It has a great shabu shabu restaurant, will soon have a sauna and a bowling ally. I can see spending a lot of time there! saw Bohemian Rhapsody there on Christmas day.

hope to hear from you regarding your own favorite movies of the year.

Jake Cosmos Aller

here’s the list of Movies Watched During 2018

1. Once Upon a Time ABC mini-series a
2. Taken Earth c
3. Alice Through the Looking Glass b
4. The Vault c too scary a movie
5. GORA Turkish SF comedy c
6. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales b
7. Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs b
8. Enterprise complete season b
9. Frequency series b
10. Coverdale Paradox d

On plane

11. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (on plane) b
12. Kong Island of Skulls (on plane) c
13. GeoStorm (on plane) c


14. Lost and Found
15. Beatriz at Dinner
16. The Expanse Netflix Original b
17. Discovery Netflix b
18. Drone Wars c
19. Prometheus Trap c
20. Backway c
21. The Mermaid b
22. The Great Wall c
23. Gold c
24. King Arthur c
25. The Legend of Zoro c
26. Jumper c

On Plane

27. The Kingsman Golden Circle b
28. King Arthur 2016 b
29. The Black Panther a
30. The Death Cure b

In Korea

31. Guardian of the Tomb 2018 Netflix c
32. Timeless Series three seasons Netflix b

On Plane

33. Atomic Blond c
34. Central Intelligence Agency b
35. All the Money in the World b
36. Molly’s Game b


37. Erased b
38. Bad Lieutenant c
39. Bangkok Dangerous c
40. Bodies of Lies b
41. Princess Diary b
42. Phenomenon a
43. Do Over c

On Plane

44. Going Out in Style b
45. Nice Guys b

In Oregon

46. Extinction b
47. Beyond Skyline c
48. Secret City one episode is enough
49. Ripped c
50. A Series of Unfortunate Events b
51. Hamlet OSF A
52. Revolutionary Road b
53. The experimenter b
54. Rage c
55. Wild Oats c
56. Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom Eastern Market Cinema b
57. Stasis b

On Plane

58. Han Solo b
59. Rampage c
60. Wrinkle in Time b
61. Manchurian Candidate A

Back in Korea

62. Better Call Saul A
63. Tau b
64. Earth’s Final Hour c
65. Get Out A
66. Prometheus Trap b
67. The Postman b
68. Doc Holliday’s Revenge b
69. The Horseman b
70. Young Gun b
71. Ballade of Buster Scruggs b
72. Mr. Sunshine Korean TV mini-series A
73. Travelers all three seasons b
75. Bohemian Rhapsody Theater A
76. The Happening 2008 movie b

rotten tomatoes best movies of 2018

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