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Over the last few years I finally became a K Drama fan.  Part of the reason is that my Korean is now good enough to mostly follow the dialogue although i still need sub-titles.  Second because of COVID we’ve been mostly at home  in Korea, and third, I finally just got into K Drama.  I know a bit late, but what the heck. 

Here are some of my favorite K Dramas-  I provide a snyopsis and my comment on each.  

In general K Dramas come in two forms – movies and series. The series are reminiscent of Mexican telenovals – usually 16 episodes, occasionally 20, and occasional fewer.  A few have two seasons.  Most run for about a month.  Almost all are available now on Netflic and Hullu with English sub-titles.   A few were quite controversal.  

 Parasite of course won the 2020 Oscar.  And Minuri won best supporting actress this year.  

Parasite  2020 Best Picture Oscar


Parasite (Korean기생충Hanja寄生蟲RRGisaengchung) is a 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller film directed by Bong Joon-ho, who co-wrote the screenplay with Han Jin-won. The film, starring Song Kang-hoLee Sun-kyunCho Yeo-jeongChoi Woo-shikPark So-damJang Hye-jin, and Lee Jung-eun, follows a poor family who scheme to become employed by a wealthy family and infiltrate their household by posing as unrelated, highly qualified individuals.

Parasite premiered at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival on 21 May 2019, where it became the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or. It was then released in South Korea by CJ Entertainment on 30 May 2019. The film was considered by many critics to be the best film of 2019. It grossed over $258 million worldwide on a production budget of about $15.5 million.

Among its numerous accoladesParasite won a leading four awards at the 92nd Academy AwardsBest PictureBest DirectorBest Original Screenplay, and Best International Feature Film, becoming the first non-English language film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.[note 1]

Parasite is the first South Korean film to receive Academy Award recognition and one of three films to win both the Palme d’Or and the Academy Award for Best Picture.[note 2] It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film and the BAFTA Award for Best Film Not in the English Language, and became the first non-English language film to win the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. At the 56th Grand Bell Awards and the 40th Blue Dragon Film AwardsParasite had eleven nominations with five wins. At the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, it had twelve nominations with three wins. Joon-Ho has confirmed a TV series is in the works while two sequels are also planned.


The Kim family—father Ki-taek, mother Chung-sook, daughter Ki-jung, and son Ki-woo—live in a small semi-basement apartment (banjiha),[10] have low-paying temporary jobs as pizza box folders, and struggle to make ends meet.[11] University student Min-hyuk, a friend of Ki-woo’s, gives the family a scholar’s rock meant to promise wealth. Leaving to study abroad and knowing his friend needs the income, he suggests that Ki-woo pose as a university student to take over his job as an English tutor for the daughter of the wealthy Park family, Da-hye. Ki-woo, presenting himself as a Yonsei University student, is subsequently hired by the Parks.

The Kim family schemes to get each member of the family a job by posing as unrelated and highly qualified workers to become servants of the Parks. Ki-jung poses as “Jessica” and, using Ki-Woo as a reference, becomes an art therapist to the Parks’ young son, Da-song. Ki-jung frames Yoon, Mr Park’s chauffeur, for having sex in the car, then recommends Ki-taek to replace him. Finally, Chung-sook takes over as the Parks’ housekeeper after the Kims exploit the peach allergy of the long-time housekeeper, Moon-gwang, to convince Mrs Park that she has tuberculosis. Ki-woo begins a secret romantic relationship with Da-hye.

When the Parks leave on a camping trip, the Kims revel in the luxuries of their residence before Moon-gwang abruptly appears at the door, telling Chung-sook she has left something in the basement. She enters a hidden entrance to an underground bunker created by the architect and previous homeowner, where Moon-gwang’s husband, Geun-sae, has been secretly living for over four years, hiding from loan sharks. Chung-sook refuses Moon-gwang’s pleas to help Geun-sae remain in the bunker, but the eavesdropping Kims accidentally reveal themselves. Moon-gwang films them on her phone and threatens to expose their ruse to the Parks.

A severe rainstorm brings the Parks home early, and the Kims scramble to clean up the home and subdue Moon-gwang and Geun-sae before they return. The Kims trap Geun-sae and Moon-gwang in the bunker. Mrs Park reveals to Chung-sook that Da-song had a seizure-inducing traumatic experience on a previous birthday, when he saw a “ghost” — actually Geun-sae — emerging from the basement at night. Before the Kims manage to sneak out of the house, they hear Mr Park’s off-handed comments about Ki-taek’s smell. The Kims find their apartment flooded with sewer water and are forced to shelter in a gymnasium with other displaced people.

The next day, Mrs Park hosts a house party for Da-song’s birthday with the Kim family’s help. Ki-woo enters the bunker with the scholar’s rock to find Geun-sae. Finding Moon-gwang has died from a concussion she received during the earlier fight, he is attacked by Geun-sae, who bludgeons his head with the rock and escapes, leaving Ki-woo lying in a pool of blood in the basement. Seeking to avenge Moon-gwang, Geun-sae stabs Ki-jung with a kitchen knife in front of the horrified party guests. Da-song suffers another seizure upon seeing Geun-sae, and a struggle breaks out until Chung-sook fatally impales Geun-sae with a barbecue skewer. While Ki-taek tends to a severely bleeding Ki-jung, Mr Park orders Ki-taek to drive Da-song to the hospital. In the chaos, Ki-taek, upon seeing Mr Park’s disgusted reaction to Geun-sae’s smell, angrily takes the knife and kills him. Ki-taek then flees the scene, leaving behind the rest of the Kim family.

Weeks later, Ki-woo is recovering from brain surgery. He and Chung-sook are convicted of fraud and put on probation. Ki-jung has died and Ki-taek, wanted by the police for Mr Park’s murder, cannot be found. Geun-sae has been assumed to be an insane homeless man, and neither his nor Ki-taek’s motive for the stabbings are known. Ki-woo spies on the Parks’ home, now sold to a German family unaware of its history, and sees a message in Morse code from a flickering light. Ki-taek, who escaped into the bunker via the garage, has buried Moon-gwang in the backyard and now raids the kitchen at night and flickers the light every day, hoping Ki-woo will see it. Still living in their original basement apartment with his mother, Ki-woo writes a letter to Ki-taek, vowing to earn enough money to one day purchase the house and reunite with his father.


  • Song Kang-ho as Kim Ki-taek (Mr Kim; 김기택Gim Gitaek), the father of the Kim family who is hired as Park Dong-ik’s chauffeur.
  • Choi Woo-shik as Kim Ki-woo (Kevin; 김기우Gim Giu), the son of the Kim family who is hired as Da-hye’s English tutor. Choi Woo-shik stated that the character is intelligent but does not have the vigour needed to succeed in examinations.[12]
  • Lee Sun-kyun as Park Dong-ik (Nathan; 박동익Bak Dongik), the father of the Park family.
  • Cho Yeo-jeong as Choi Yeon-gyo (Madame; 최연교Choe Yeongyo), the mother of the Park family.
  • Park So-dam as Kim Ki-jung (Jessica; 김기정Gim Gijeong), the daughter of the Kim family who is hired as Da-song’s art therapist.
  • Lee Jung-eun as Gook Moon-gwang (국문광Guk Mungwang), the housekeeper for the Park family, who also worked for the architect and previous owner of the house. Bong Joon-ho said her relationship with the architect and parts of her story “that happen in between the sequences in the film” will be explored in the spin-off television series.[13]
  • Jang Hye-jin as Chung-sook (박충숙Bak Chungsuk), the mother of the Kim family who is hired as the housekeep for the Park family.
  • Park Myung-hoon as Oh Geun-sae (오근세O Geunse), Moon-gwang’s husband.
  • Jung Ji-so as Park Da-hye (박다혜Bak Dahye), the daughter of the Park family.
  • Jung Hyeon-jun as Park Da-song (박다송Bak Dasong), the son of the Park family.
  • Park Keun-rok as Yoon (Yun), Park Dong-ik’s chauffeur.
  • Park Seo-joon as Min-hyuk (민혁Minhyeok), Ki-woo’s friend.[14]

Crashlanding on you 

Crash Landing on You is a 2019–2020 South Korean television series written by Park Ji-Eun, directed by Lee Jeong-Hyo, and starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-Hyun, and Seo Ji-Hye. It is about a South Korean chaebol heiress who, while paragliding in Seoul, South Korea, is swept up in a sudden storm, crash-lands in the North Korean portion of the DMZ, and meets a captain in the Korean People’s Army. Over time, they fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries. Wikipedia 

Genre: Romantic Drama, Romantic comedy 

Created by: Studio Dragon 

Written by: Park Ji-Eun 


One of my favorites.  It is a classic romcom opposites attract theme.   Almost a Romeo and Juliet star crossed lovers theme with the division of the Korean peninsular separating the lovers.   When Captain Ri meets Se-Yeong who literary crash lands on him after a freak paragliding accident took over the DMZ, has to decide to risk everything to save her life and return her to South Korea, or turn her in as duty would dictate.  He chose to follow his heart and enlists the aid of his squad of soldiers who all fall in love with her as well. She also becomes friendly with the local woman in the village.  

When a notorious gangster follows her to Seoul to kill her to take revenge on Captain Ri, Captain Ri and his squad follow her to save her and bring down the gangsters.  I won’t say more than that.  

This series led to the North Koreans to blow up the inter-Korean liaison office as they saw the movie as an insult to the North.  Some southern politicians denounced it as being too sympathetic to the North. It also of course featured rich people behaving badly in both the North and the South.  – Common theme in most K Drama’s these days. 

And a sub-romance between the Captain’s soon to be ex and Se-Young Ex who is End Commenta con artist who is hiding out in the north after defrauding her father and brother. 

End Comment 

Memories of Alhambra 

Memories of the Alhambra is a 2018 South Korean television series, starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin-Hye. Primarily set in Spain, the series centers on a company CEO and a hostel owner who gets entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a new and intricate augmented reality game inspired by the stories of the Alhambra Palace. It aired on cable network tvN from December 1, 2018, to January 20, 2019, every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00. It is also available for online streaming on Netflix.Wikipedia 

Genre: Science fantasy, Action, Thriller, Romance 

Created by: Jinnie Choi (Studio Dragon), Lee Myung-Han 

Written by: Song Jae-Jung 


Did not finish it but will return to it soon.  Had an intriguing SF plot line. 

End Comment 

The Negotiation (film) 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


The Negotiation 



Hangul  협상 
Hanja  協商 
Revised Romanization  Hyeobsang 
Directed by  Lee Jong-Seok 
Screenplay by  Choi Sung-Hyun 
Produced by  Yoon Je-kyoon
Lee Sang-jik 
Starring  Son Ye-jin
Hyun Bin 
Cinematography  Lee Tae-Joon 
Edited by  Jung Jin-hee 
Music by  Hwang Sang-Joon 
JK Film
CJ E&M[1] 
Distributed by  CJ Entertainment 
Release date 
  • September 19, 2018 (South Korea) 
Running time  114 minutes 
Country  South Korea 
Language  Korean 
Budget  10 billion[2] 
Box office  US$15.6 million[3] 

The Negotiation (Korean: 협상; Hanja: 協商; RR: Hyeobsang) is a 2018 South Koreanactioncrimethriller film directed by Lee Jong-Seok and starring Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin.[4][1] The film was released on September 19, 2018.[5][6][7] 

Two Flipinos kidnap some Koreans. Crisis negotiator Inspector Ha Chae-youn of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, who was on a date and was called by her colleague, Superintendent Ahn Hyuk-su, is brought in to handle the situation, despite strong protests from her superior, Captain Jung Jun-gu. While Chae-youn is negotiating with the kidnappers, Captain Jung decides to send a police officer hit team to kill the men, shooting one kidnapper on the shoulder. He immediately kills the man he was holding and was shot dead afterward. The remaining kidnapper used the woman as a shield and dragged her to a room. The police team arrives and kills the kidnapper in the room. Chae-youn enters the room to find the woman who had been killed by the kidnapper before the police team entering the house. The woman dies in Chae-youn’s arms, leaving Chae-youn shocked. 

Ten days later, a devastated Chae-youn decides to resign from the police force, but Captain Jung urges her to reconsider, before leaving on a work trip. Chae-youn is then urgently called upon by Ahn, who informs her that she has been urgently summoned to deal with a hostage crisis by the Commissioner himself. Upon arrival to a secret location, she meets with the Commissioner of Police Moon Jong-hyuk and Presidential Secretary Gong of National Security. She is ordered to negotiate with the kidnapper – Min Tae-gu, a Korea-based international arms dealer and UK citizen, who had kidnapped several Korean nationals from Bangkok – including a reporter named Lee Su-mok. Without any additional information, she hung up on Min twice after being offended by him and asks Secretary Gong to reveal to her the necessary details. Not wanting to talk, the two men ordered Chief Han to talk to Min instead, while she is being hesitant about doing so. Upon seeing the negotiations going sour, she takes the seat from Chief Han. While negotiating with Min video conferencing, she is shocked to discover that Captain Jung, who was supposed to be on a trip, has also been kidnapped by Min as well, 

Chae-youn is later informed that the hostages are being held at an island in the Malacca Straits, where a joint military-police op has been sent to, intent on freeing them. Han also informs them that Daehan Daily, a news outlet Lee is working for, had been ordered to keep silent of their employee’s situation, as requested by the President. Min later demands to see the CEO of Daehan Daily, Yoon Dong-hoon, Lee’s boss. While talking with Dong-hoon, Min demands to know whether Lee is one of his reporters or not. Min threatens Yoon that his own family could be in danger, revealing that he knows of their whereabouts. Commissioner Moon cuts into their conversation to stop Yoon from telling the truth. Because of this, Min shoots Captain Jung dead, which further shocked Chae-youn. Commissioner Moon and Secretary Gong bring in negotiators from the National Intelligence Services to take over and order Chae-youn, Ahn, and even Han to leave the site. 

Outside, Han reveals to them that Lee is a black agent working for the NIS, whose mission was to spy on Min’s syndicate. She tells them that Min is an arms dealer working in the Malacca Straits, selling every kind of weapons and equipment to other criminals in the majority of the Southeast Asian countries. Chae-youn’s two colleagues arrive in their van, and Chae-youn sought to find out the truth themselves. She then asks Ahn to follow Yoon and ask him further. Back inside, the NIS team approached Min aggressively, demanding that Min release his hostages or otherwise they will bombard his location, killing Agent Lee with him. Unbothered, Min reveals that he had also kidnapped a family of four, keeping the NIS under this thumb. Min demands to bring Chae-youn back as he will only talk to her. With no other choice, Chief Han goes over to bring Chae-youn, along with her team, back inside. 

This time, Chae-youn demands the NIS to tell her everything that they know about Min. Min demands Chae-youn to bring Koo Gwan-su—chairman of Nine Electronics, an arms company. As they wait, the NIS tells Chae-youn that Min used to work for Koo as the man in charge of dealing with the company’s illegal activities. When Min decided to work alone as an arms dealer in Malacca Straits, Koo betrays Min and tipped him off to the NIS. Koo also revealed the $50 million worth of taxes that he had evaded, and due to his ‘honesty’, the government practically erased his criminal activities. When Chae-youn asks where Koo is, the NIS agent reveals to her that they were all inside the Nine Electrics weapons laboratory. Koo himself had funded the entire operation of the NIS to hunt Min down. In a hotel suite lounge somewhere downtown were Koo, NIS Deputy Chief Park In-kyu, Air Force Commander Son Jung-Tae, and the Chief of National Security himself, Hwang Ju-ik. These four men had been keeping a close eye on the entire operation. 

Meanwhile, Ahn found out from the escaping Yoon that NIS Deputy Chief Park was the one who asked him to give Agent Lee a false Daehan Daily ID. Koo arrives at the site and begins to talk with Min. Min asks Koo to restore a certain Swiss bank account, and Koo agrees to it. However, Min had further demanded. He asks Koo why he had killed a woman named Yoo Hyun-Ju. Koo denies any knowledge of any Hyun-Ju, and Min began to tell Chae-youn of Hyun-Ju. Min introduced Hyun-Ju to Koo as his secretary. In reality, Hyun-Ju was to keep records of hidden, expensive paintings that Koo owned and kept. These paintings were worth 10 billion won each, and profits from these paintings would be shared between Koo, Park, Son, and Hwang. Some of the paintings were kept in a house that Hyun-Ju and presumably her husband stayed in. It is revealed that Hyun-Ju was the woman who died in Chae-youn’s arms ten days ago, and Min convinces Chae-youn that something was amiss during that operation, which resulted in Hyun-Ju’s death, and the disappearance of the paintings in the house almost immediately. To further prove his point, Min plays an audio recording of a conversation between the four corrupt men. This recording was done by Hwang himself, where Min explained that Hwang never fully trusted the three other men he was working with and had a habit of keeping recording devices for important conversations. Min then demands Hwang to show up and talk to him in one hour, otherwise, he’ll kill every hostage—including the children. 

Chae-young and her team validate the information Min had given as they try to figure out the connection between Min and Hyun-Ju. Secretary Gong lies to Chae-young, telling her that Hwang was with the President and that he couldn’t come. Meanwhile, Ahn was able to track down Chief Park’s phone records. There, he found out that Captain Jung had accepted a bribe from Chief Park. Captain Jung was under the command of Chief Park, and that they planned to kill Hyun-Ju by using the Filipino kidnappers as an alibi. Chae-youn resumes the negotiations with Min, telling Min that Hyun-Ju’s case will be reopened. Min demands to talk with Commissioner Moon. Min asks if Koo is being questioned by the police and that if Hwang is really with the President. Before answering, they found out from a Thai server that Min had been live-streaming the entire situation on YouTube, which sends the country into a frenzy. Upon figuring out that Koo is not being questioned, and that Hwang is in hiding, Min shoots Agent Lee in the leg. He gives Hwang one last chance to show himself. 

Back in their lounge, Hwang orders Chief Park to invent a story and Commander Son to begin the military operation immediately. Hwang wants Min dead, along with the hostages. Meanwhile, Ahn returns to Hyun-Ju’s home, where the kidnapping ten days ago occurred. There, he found a photo of Somang Orphanage, an old orphanage where Hyun-Ju came from. He goes over to the new orphanage, and he found out that Hyun-Ju’s real name wasn’t Yoon Hyun-Ju, but Min Hyun-Ju—she was Min’s younger sister. Back in the lab, the military team arrived in Min’s location and authorizes the mission, despite Chae-youn’s protests. Min reveals that a bomb is strapped on one of the hostages, revealing a suicide for all of them. Either way, the team blows up a signal tower—stopping their communication. Chae-youn tries to stop the team from entering Min’s hideout as a bomb is present. Hwang (through Commander Son) pressures them to continue, and the team enters the hideout. However, as soon as they moved in, the room had exploded, presumably from Min’s suicide bomb, and killing the hostages inside. Hwang and his cronies were finally able to relax, and the NIS were packing up their things. 

As Chae-youn stares at the last footage of their negotiations with Min in despair, she notices through the background that Min wasn’t in Southeast Asia, but in South Korea all along. That night, Ahn went to the old orphanage building and found all of the hostages safe. Meanwhile, Min and his gang arrived at the Nine Electronics weapons lab. He orders his fellow gang to go home and takes the bomb with him. Min storms the lounge and finally catches Hwang, Koo, Park, and Son, with the bomb strapped to his chest. Chae-young convinced Secretary Gong to reveal the true location of Hwang and his cronies so that they can stop Min. Min shoots Koo, activates the bomb via a detonator, and Chae-youn arrives at the lounge to finally meet Min. She apologizes to Min for not being able to protect Hyun-Ju, and she vows to defend Min at any cost to bring the remaining cronies to justice. Min reveals to her that he asked Hyun-Ju to betray Koo by stealing every bit of information he had. He believed that his plan ultimately led to his sister’s death. He raises the gun at Hwang, and he was shot to the head by a sniper outside. A flashback reveals that Min backfired with his plan, telling his sister that the plan is too dangerous after all. However, Hyun-Ju wanted to proceed with the plan, so that the two of them can find a place to live in silence and peace. 

As the team arrives to escort Hwang, Park, Son, and Chae-youn outside, Chae-youn overheard that the detonator wasn’t turned on, and Min planned to die in the end and bring the corrupt men to justice. Chae-young chases Hwang outside, prematurely telling them of their arrest as she shouts their rights to them. As their car leaves, the reporters then surround Chae-youn. Chae-youn and Ahn went to an overlooking spot, where they made a makeshift memorial for Min and Hyun-Ju. Chae-youn shows Ahn of Min’s pen drive presumably with the dealings of Hwang and his cronies, as stolen by Hyun-Ju. In court, Hwang, Park, Son, and Chae-young appear, with Chae-young as a prime witness. The pen drive is revealed to the court as evidence, and the film ends with Chae-young reciting an oath. 




  • Kim Jong-goo as CEO Yoon 
  • Yoo Yeon-soo as Chief Moon 
  • Lee Joo-young as Lee Da-bin 
  • Kim Min-sang as Deputy Department Head Park 
  • Park Sung-Geun as Operation officer 
  • Han Ki-Joon as Lieutenant General Son 
  • Park Soo-young as Section Chief Choi 
  • Jung In-gyeom as Lee Sang-mok 
  • Lee Si-a as Yoo Yeon-Joo 
  • Lee Hak-joo as Park Min-woo 

Special appearance[edit] 


Principal photography began on June 17, 2017, in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.[11][12][13] 


The film premiered in South Korea on September 19, 2018.[14][15] 

By September 2018, the film was sold to over 22 countries. It was released in North America on September 20, in Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei on October 4, in Hong Kong and Macau in early October, in Vietnam and Taiwan on October 19, and in Indonesia on October 24, 2018.[16][17] 

The film was released on VOD services and digital downloads on October 17, 2018.[18] 


very engaging police thriller taking place in Bangkok and Seoul.  

 Usual high level polticial corruption and rich people behaving badly.  Also features a woman protagonist who goes against her superiors and saves the day.  

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No exit  movie 


A nother engaging police crime drama.  Very engrossing and great acting. Takes place in Chejuo who a mafia figure goes on the run after being betrayed by his boss.  

 End comment 

This was another great Korean movie. It was packed with action and comedy. This movie kept you on edge on your seat and glued your eyes to the screen. I love how Jo Jung Suk always keeps his quirky side whenever he played a character. He never disappoints me in the comedy area. Love him in dramas and movies. 

Images for no exit k drama 

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EXIT (2018) – MyDramaList 

Exit is an interesting drama with an old concept depicted in a new way. The entire two hours were engrossing for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Choi Tae Joon was natural, strong and intense in playing his role and the rest of the cast also did a pretty good job. The background score is quite good though it has no OSTs. Two hours is not much. 


Exit (Korean Drama, 2018, 엑시트) @ Han Cinema 

Exit (Korean Drama, 2018, 엑시트) – Find the cast, latest updates, latest news, legal streaming links, DVDs, Blu-rays, collectibles, latest trailers, latest … 


 an intense gangster drama taking place in Soeul and Cheju island. The main villain is a mafia figure who is double crossed  by his bosses and hides out in Cheju where he falls in love with a deeply disturbed woman. 

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mine (TV series) – Wikipedia 

Mine (Korean: 마인) is a 2021 South Korean television series directed by Lee Na-Jung and starring Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-Hyung, Lee Hyun-Wook, and Ok Ja-Yeon. It revolves around strong women who free themselves from the prejudice of society and find their real ‘mine’. It also peeps into the mysterious lives of wealthy people. The series premiered ten on May 8, 2021, and aired every … 

Mine (Korean Drama) – AsianWiki 

Profile. Drama: Mine Revise romanization: Mine Hangul: 마인 Director: Lee Na-Jeong Writer: Baek Mi-Kong Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Reléase Date: May 8 – June 27, 2021, Run time: Sat. & Sun. 21:00 Language: Korean Country: South Korea Plot Synopsis by Asianizing Staff © 

Mine (2021) – Dramatist 

Mine (2021) Mine. (2021) “Mine” is about strong and ambitious women who overcome the world’s prejudices to find their true selves. Seo Hee-Soo was a former top actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of Hyo Won Group. She does her best to fit in as a daughter-in-law of that family. 

Mine | Netflix Official Site 

Mine. 2021 | TV-14 | 1 Season | TV Dramas. Encaged in a gold-clad life of secrets and lies, two women in a conglomerate family seek to topple all that stands in their way of finding true joy. Starring: Lee Bo-young, Kim Seo-Hyung, Lee Hyun-Wook. 

Mine (2021) – Full Cast & Crew – Dramatist 

Today, we present some unexpected cameo appearances in K-Dramas by popular actors and actresses. Get Ready to Be Enrolled in the “Police University” of 2021 News – Aug 1, 2021 

Images for mine k drama 


 One of my recent favorites.  Almost a poster child for the rich family behaving badly theme. An interesting LBGT romance sub-theme as well. Another Romeo-Juliet Cinderlla romance sub-plot as well.  The main protagnoist is a real sociopath.  The story revolves around his murder and who wanted him dead the most. Well everyone hated him, everyone wanted him dead.  The suspense was kept alive to the very end. The other theme is the two sister in laws who battle the family and in the end prevail against all the odds to ome out on top and regain what they saw as “Mine” hence the tittle.  Very well done.  

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Stream It or Skip It: ‘Mine’ On Netflix, A Soapy K-Drama … 

It’s harder to compare Mine to a current K-drama, but it sure does have the feel of a good old-fashioned American primetime soap like Dallas or Dynasty, with some hints of Succession mixed in. 

“Mine” (2021 Drama): Cast & Summary | Koopman 

Information. Title: Mine / 마인 Director: Lee Nanjing Writer: Baek MiKyung. Network: ten x Netflix. Runtime: From May 8 # of Episodes: 16. Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Human Language: Korean. Summary. Encaged in a gold-clad life of secrets and lies, two women in a conglomerate family seek to topple all that stands in their way of finding true joy. 

Korean Drama “Mine” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview) – Korean … 

Korean Drama ”Mine” (Synopsis + Cast + Preview) May 9, 2021. admin “Mine” (or “Blue Diamond”) is a ten original drama series that was released on 8 May 2021 and is available to watch online on Netflix*. SYNOPSIS “Mine“ drama story will center around two strong and married women Seo Hee-Soo and Jung Seo Hyun. They both are married … 

Mine episode 16 recap – the finale/ending explained – Ji … 

3.5. Summary. The finale of Mine wraps up the story nicely — episode 16 reveals the killer and gives the audience a taste of life after Ji-yong. There are strong themes of female empowerment in the finale that works well, in the story’s conclusion. This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Mine season 1, episode 16 — the finale/ending … 

K-Dramas | Netflix Official Site 

K-Dramas. Laugh, cry, sigh, scream, shout, or whatever you feel like with these funny, intense, romantic, and suspenseful Korean dramas. 

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  • Network: tyvm 
  • Episodes: 16 
  • Release Date: May 8 – June 27, 2021 
  • Runtime: Sat. & Sun. 21:00 
  • Language: Korean 
  • Country: South Korea 

Plot Synopsis by Asianizing Staff © 

A story of women who try to find their true selves, freeing themselves from prejudices in the world. 

Seo Hi-Soo (Lee Bo-Young) was a star actress, but she gave up her career to marry the second son of a chaebol family. The chaebol family runs the Hyowon Group. She does her best to fit in as a daughter-in-law of that family. She acts confidently all the time to not lose her true self. 

Jung Seo-Hyun (Kim Seo-Hyung) is married to the first son of the same chaebol family. She is also the daughter of a chaebol family. She is elegant and intelligent. She is also very rational. 


  1. “Mine” takes over TV N’s Sat. & Sun. 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “Vincenzo” and followed by “The Devil Judge” on July 3, 2021. 


Hyowon Group’s Family 

Lee Bo-Young  Kim Seo-Hyung 
Seo Hi-Soo  Jung Seo-Hyun 


Lee Hyun-Wook  Jeong Hyun-Jun  Park Hyuk-Kwon  Cha Hak-Yeon 
Han Ji-Yong  Han Ha-Joon  Han Jin-Ho  Han Soo-Hyuk 


Park Won-Suk  Jeong Dong-Hwan  Kim Hye-Hwa  Jo Eon-Sol 
Yang Soon-Hye  Chairman Han Suk-Chula  Han Jin-Hee  Park Jung-Do 

Hyowon Mansion’s Staff 

Ok Ja-Yeon  Jung Yi-Seo 
Kang Ja-Kyong / Lee Hye-Jin  Kim Yu-Yeon 


Park Sung-Yeon  Lee Jong-Ok  Jo Yun-Seo  Kim Nam-Jin  Yoon Gemstone 
Joo Min-Su  Kim Seung-Tae  Secretary Oh Soo-Young  Ko Mi-Jin  Hwang Kyung-Hye 


Son Hyun-Ji  Yeon Bo-Ra  Song Young-A  Kim Sang-Hoon  Lee Eon-Kang 
Lee Ju-Hee  Woo Ju-Yeon  Min Sang-A  vocal coach  Chef Jung 


Kim Die-Woo  Choi Jung-Hwa 
security staff  Caregiver Ko Bo-Hui (ep.13) 

Hyowon Group 

Lee Yoon-Jae  Kim Woo-Dam  Ma Jung-Pill  Lee Ho-Suk  Kim Jung-Suk 
Attorney Choi Jin-Yeong  Secretary Seo  Secretary Cha  Secretary Cho  Chauffeur Kim 


Kim Jin-Tae  Song Kyung-Etui  Kim Soo-Hyun  Park Sang-Yong  Lee Suk-Goo 
Han Ji-Yong’s chauffeur  Dr. Kim  pr team employee (ep.6)  attorney (ep.6)  board of director (ep.8,11) 


Sung Chan-Ho 
board of director (ep.12-13) 

Hagwon Gallery 

Song Seon-Mi 
Gallery Director Seo Jin-Kyung 

Soo-Hyun Gallery 

Ahn Ji-Hye  Kim Sun-Kyung  Jo Su-Bin  Song Seung-Hwan 
deputy director  mother at Seo-Hyun Gallery (ep.3)  daughter at Seo-Hyun Gallery (ep.3)  autistic teen artist (ep.8) 

IL sin 

Ye Soo-Jung  Kim Yoon-Ji  Oh Jung-Yeon  Kim Ki-Bum 
Mother Emma  Jasmin  Mi-Joo  Father Paul (ep.16) 

Jung Seo-Hyun’s Group 

Kim Jung-Hwa  Jo Hye-Won  Kim Yi-Seo 
Suzy Choi  Jung Seo-Hyun (young) (ep.2)  Suzy Choi (young) (ep.2) 

Chairman Han Suk-Chol’s Past 

Yoon Dong-Joo  Choi Soo-Im 
Han Suk-Chula (young)  Kim Mi-Ja 

Fight Club Group 

Jang Depok-Ju  Gil Gem-Sung  Kim Die-Han 
Cho Gyeonggi-Cheol  Kwak Su-Chang  Cho Beam-Gu 


Seo Sung-Jong  Choi Young-Joon 
Detective Hwang Hyeong-Su  Baek Dong-Hun 


Lee Chula  Park Na-Jin  Seo Sang-Won  Ki Hwan 
Reporter Yoon Suk-Ho  reporter (ep.3)  reporter (ep.3)  Reporter, I’m Seung-Su (ep.5) 

Han Jin-Ho’s Mistresses 

Jung Yun-Ha  Oh A-Lin 
Chae-Young  Hui-Bin (ep.6,15) 

Kim Yu-Yeon’s Family 

Choi Hyun-Jin 
Kim Yu-Yeon’s brother (ep.4,16) 

Jung Seo-Hyun’s Parenting Group 

Kwon So-Hyun  Kim Ji-Woo  Kwak Na-Yeon  Jin Yu-Chan  Yoo Ah-Rheum 
Ji-Won’s mother (ep.3-4)  Ji-Won (ep.3-4)  maid for Ji Won’s family (ep.3-4)  Ji-Won’s friend (ep.3)  student’s mother (ep.3) 


Lim Hyang-Ju 
student’s mother (ep.3) 


Jang Ha-Eon  Lee Dong-Kyu  Park Soo-Jin  Lee Ji-Hyun  Kim Yolo-Ho 
Rho A-Rim  JSH news announcer (ep.3)  doctor (ep.4,6)  Maid Jang Hye-Yeong (ep.5,7)  horse riding coach (ep.5) 


Lee Jae-Woo  Lee Ga-Kyung  Kim Hyo-Jin  Kim Hee-Chang  Seal Yoon-Hee 
jeweler (ep.6)  Kang Ja-Kyung (ep.7)  Chairman Yang Chi-Gon’s wife (ep.9)  Attorney Kim Nam-Tae (ep.9)  Jung Seo-Hyun’s acquaintance (ep.9) 


Yun Ki-Chang  Kim Yong-Jin  Jung Soo-Han  Lim Jae-Myung  Jung Young-Do 
Attorney Hwang Bo-In (ep.10-11)  AA counselor (ep.10-11)  AA member (ep.10-11)  AA member (ep.10-11)  veterinarian (ep.10) 


Lee Woo-Shin  Oh Kyu-Taek  Ri Min  Jung Tae-In  Han Yeo-Wool 
judge (ep.10-11)  drama series staff (ep.12)  Mr. Ha (ep.14)  Seo Hi-Soo’s friend (ep.14)  Seo Hi-Soo’s friend (ep.14) 


Choi Young-Min  Kim Joo-A 
video forensics (ep.14)  psychiatrist (ep.15) 

Additional Cast Members: 


 Vincenzo (2021) 

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At the age of eight, Park Joo Hyeong went to Italy after being adopted. Now an adult, he is known as Vincenzo Casino to the Mafia, who employ him as a consigliere. Because mafia factions are at war with each other, he flees to South Korea, where he gets involved with Lawyer Hong Cha Young. She is the type of attorney who will do anything to win a case. Now back at his motherland, he gives an unrivaled conglomerate a taste of its own medicine with a side of justice. (Source: Netflix, Asianizing) Edit Translation 

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  • 한국어 
  • 日本語 
  • Русский 
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Vincenzo: Special (Korean compilation) 

Where to Watch Vincenzo 



Subscription (sub) 

Cast & Credits 

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Song Jong Ki 

Vincenzo Casino / Park Joo Hyung 

Main Role 


Jeon Yeo Bin 

Hong Cha Young 

Main Role 


Ok Teac Yeon 

Jang Jun Woo 

Main Role 


Kim Yeo Jin 

Choi Myung Hee [Prosecutor] 

Support Role 


Jo Han Chula 

Han Seung Hyuk [CEO of Woosung Law firm] 

Support Role 


Kwak Dong Yeon 

Jang Han Seo [Head of Babel Group] 

Support Role 


 another one of my favorites.  An Korean child is adotped by an Italian family who has mob connections.  He graduates from Law School and becomes a lawyer to a Mafia family.  He hides millions of dollars in gold bullion in an office building in South Korea.  Hidden within the gold is a secret file on secrets of all the main corporation and politicial leaders in Korea known as the Guillitine file.  Venzenco goes to Korea to recover the money after the godfather dies.  The building tenants are being evicted by an evil corporation which wants to build their headquarters in their centrally located plaza.  The tenants are being led by a lawyer.  When he dies his daughter takes up the fight.  She enlists the aid of Venzenco who teaches her how to do things the mafia way.  There is the usual rich family behaving badly scenario, political corrution etc.  And a slow burning love affair.  The main villian is a real sociopath, which is also a common theme in Korean dramas nowadays.  There is also an implied LGBT theme – as Venzenco is a very attractive man and both men and women try to seduce him.  Another villain is a corrupt ex-prosecutor who goes to work for the evil Babel corporation and its sociopathic young secret chairman.  He had been exiled to Canada as a young man when he killed a number of his classmates after witnessing his father being left to die by his mother.  End comment 

 Sisyphus: The Myth (2021) 


An unfathomable incident introduces a genius engineer to dangerous secrets of the world — and to a woman from the future who’s come looking for him. Han Tae Sul, a co-founder of Quantum and Time, is a genius engineer with the highest level of coding skills and outstanding looks that outweighs his engineer fashion sense. Due to his innovative achievements, Quantum and Time is a world-class company, dubbed “The Miracle of South Korea’s Engineering Industry.” In reality, Tae Sul has constantly caused his company’s stocks to fluctuate after his brother’s death ten years ago. One day, he witnesses something unbelievable. To reach the truth, he sets off on a dangerous journey. Kang Seo Hai is a survivor of a future dystopian world. With the survival skills that she’s learned from living amongst gangsters and warlords, she travels back to save Han Tae Sul. (Source: Netflix, Newsmen) Edit Translation 

  • English 

n Tae Sul 

Main Role 


Park Shin Hye 

Kang Seo Hai 

Main Role 


Kim Byung Chula 

Seo Won Ju / “Sigma” 

Main Role 


Sung Dong-Il 

President Park [President of Asia Mart] 

Support Role 


Tae In Ho 

Eddie Kim / Kim Seung Bok [Tae Sul’s friend / Co-founder of Quantum & Time] 

Support Role 


Chae Jong Hyeon 

Sun / Choi Jae Sun [Chinese restaurant delivery guy] 

Support Role 

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Rewatch Value8.0 

All you need is love 

Sisyphus: The Myth is an intriguing drama. The thrilling teaser that was released late last year stoked the flames of excitement for many avid K-drama viewers. Coupled with a cast that’s headlined by bankable stars the likes of Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye, it became one of the most talked-about and highly anticipated shows for 2021. When it finally aired, however, it polarized opinions here in MDL and left several viewers’ expectations somewhat unfulfilled, to the extent that the ratings steadily declined to the current score hovering at around 8.

Some continued to enjoy the show, for various reasons, and I happen to be one of them. Allow me to share my (spoiler-free) thoughts and then you can make your own decision on whether or not to embark on what has largely been a fun-filled escapist roller coaster ride.

What is it about?
In a nutshell, a woman from the dystopian future of South Korea travels back in time in the hopes of altering the course of history by preventing the seemingly inevitable fate that befell the country, the looming catastrophe of nuclear war. Central to this mission is the man who invented the time-traveling machine. These two characters are played by Park Shin Hye and Cho Seung Woo respectively.

The drama contains a mix of science fiction, action, drama, and romance genres imbued with themes of revenge, redemption, remorse, love, friendship, and familial bond. The director is Jin Hyeon, who notably helmed The Legend of the Blue Sea, The Master’s Sun, and City Hunter, among others. The screenplay is written by the husband and wife team of Jeon Chan Ho and Lee Je In, for only their third production.

This show is jointly produced by Drama House and JTBC and has been publicized as the network’s 10th-anniversary special drama. Its title is derived from the ancient character from Greek mythology, King Sisyphus of Corinth, and is completely pre-produced with principal photography that has taken place toward the end of 2020.

What’s great about it?

The Production Values
As expected of a JTBC production, this drama is very well, made. I love the cinematography (in particular the indoor lighting), the many gorgeous scenic views of both Seoul in the present time, and the vast landscape of the dystopian future. The set designs for various settings are quite exemplary while the special effects (CGIs, firefights, and pyrotechnics) are considered top tier for a show of this nature.

The Acting and Cast
In my humble opinion, the leads are fantastic and I have absolutely no complaints. While Cho Seung Woo fully embodies the character of Han Tae Sul, the same goes for Park Shin Hye’s Kang Seo Hai. They deliver very strong performances in their portrayal of deeply flawed and emotionally scarred individuals. These are the types of roles that perhaps mature actors with adequate professional and life experiences are better-equipped to articulate and convey convincingly, which is very much the case here.

It’s interesting to note that unlike Cho Seung Woo’s other more serious roles, especially that of Hwang Shi Mock in Stranger, here his Han Tae Sul is much more comedic and mischievous with a copious dose of flamboyance and swagger. Despite possessing similar social awkwardness, this character is remarkably more fun while his ingenuity in getting out of tricky situations bears an uncanny resemblance to the MacGyver persona.

Such nuanced characterization is depicted by the other veteran supporting cast as well, notably Sung Dong Il, Kim Byung Chula, and Kim Jong Tae. Kim Byung Chula in particular surprised me with his depiction of Seo Won Ju. Despite being slightly OTT, I suspect he had the time of his life being “unleashed” from his usual more understated roles. Here he plays “dual characters” where his versatility is quite commendable.

Special mention goes to the young actor Lee Joo Won, who plays the young version of Seo Won Ju. This kid truly gave me goosebumps with his chilling portrayal.

The Action
For the most part, the choreography has been outstanding. From the numerous unarmed combat sequences to the firefights involving some pretty impressive military hardware. It’s not often that we see plenty of intense (and at times, logic-defying) gun battles in a non-military drama so this aspect of the production is indeed praiseworthy. Other forms of action include a lot of hard running in chasing (and being chased by) a multitude of characters.

The Romance
This particular theme is so beautifully and convincingly conveyed. It helps immensely that Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hye abundantly possess such wonderful chemistry which is poignantly manifested amidst the ensuing intrigue and mayhem. The pairing of Han Tae Sul and Kang Seo Hai, in many ways, makes a lot of sense. They are each plagued by a traumatic past and rendered seriously flawed, emotionally damaged, and are now fighting against the odds to change their fate.

What could’ve been better?

The Science
I love the concept here about time traveling to the past to change the future which gives me vibes of The Twelve Monkeys where the premise is quite similar. However, I do feel that the science as depicted in the show is super messy. Many technical aspects are open to interpretation and left to the viewers to fill in the blanks, as the story progresses. It’s a process of trial and error where we discover new things during every episode. The finale is quite possibly the most mind-blowing of all.

The Screenplay
A parallel narrative and converging plot format are used to tell the story, which includes numerous flashbacks and flashforwards by various major characters in multiple timelines – the past, present, and future. Sometimes title cards are used to indicate the date, but not when the scene is obvious. It can get a little disorienting unless viewers pay close attention to the details.

How and why certain events transpire are quite convoluted and require too much deductive reasoning to derive a sense of what the answers could be. The credibility of certain characters is questionable while quite a number of the sequences appear utterly ridiculous and fantastical, despite the sci-fi tag. The seeming lack of logic in certain respects of the overarching plot has led me to strongly suspect the screenwriters were high on recreational psychoactive substances as they were writing this.

The sooner viewers suspend disbelief and forgo questioning how the technology works by accepting the science as it is, the less confusing the show would appear to be. Regardless of the perceived weaknesses resulting from the flawed execution of the concept, I found myself enjoying the wild and, at times, exhilarating ride once I shut down my cerebral process and went instinctive. I would advise you to do the same for this is the only way to truly appreciate Sisyphus: The Myth. And if you do decide to watch this, be rest assured – the ending is very much a happy one, for everyone (kind of). 

At outset, the drama starts as an interesting and pioneering perspective of time travel. With the use of new ideas like uploader and downloader, the science-fiction aspect is on par with that of the contemporary world of science fiction entertainment.

Along with this, is the backdrop of a nuclear war involving Koreas, it provides an exquisite playing field for proficient storytelling. These themes remind me of the “TENET” movie.

The show is almost convincible scientifically about time travel*. But that’s where the spectacle of this show ends. This show has countless flaws.

One, after setting the story, the show becomes more character-driven and not plot-driven. Thus, giving little scope for further exploring the sci-fi elements or packing it with more plot elements. Viewers are taken through detailed narratives about various side characters. These insights could have been less detailed.

Two, Will over Wits. Almost every scene has some sort of test for characters to make a choice. Almost every character ends up making emotion-driven decisions and not reason-driven. This leads to a countless loop of bad folks coercing good folks to fall into their traps. Countless episodes are wasted in these cat-and-mouse endeavors.

Three, Lack of an alternate answer to the recurring question “Girl or World?” Right in the first instance of asking this question, the answer is undeniably obvious. Yet, the protagonist delays to choose the answer giving false hope of the possibility of an alternative answer. Had this been answered earlier, it would have ended the show quicker.

Four, Romance: The Leads’ relationship feels more like comradeship and less like a romantic one. If at all it is present, it is not so passionate and intense given their life-threatening circumstances.

Five, the beginning of the time loop. How did all this begin that is, the events right before the first loop are hardly explained. I believe that explaining a bootstrap paradox is an unimaginable task.

Despite the flaws, there are a couple of appreciable elements like One, ambitious production. The initial fights and stunts scenes felt amateurish in CGI. But the events of the future were well, produced. The drone chase scene was a personal favorite. The fights scenes were really good, especially the last fight of the future timeline. Two, despite the ever-looming question of “save the world”, the intermittent scenes of future events were very imaginative. Three, Badass FL and Genius ML both bring something unique to the plot. Four, the “Act of Kindness” (without letting the spoiler out), was the best moment in the entire drama and gave the best “glimmer of hope”, an essential feature of the Sci-Fi genre.

Acting-wise, both the leads are exceptional. PSH stunt scenes are awe-worthy. Kim Byung Chula does an incredible job. Music-wise, I liked the title music of whizzing sound and the end song. Rewatch value is lower as sci-fi elements are hardly convoluted.

Sisyphus: The Myth is an inventive concept but fails in storytelling.
*Logical inconsistencies do exist. 


 I have to agree with the concensus on this one.  It jsut did not work for me.  The plot was just too convulated and contraditory.  The acting was superb but the writing sub-par particularly the ending.   One principle of creative writing is that when you write you are creating an alternative world.  And every world has rules.  Violating the rules of your alternative unvierse leaves the readers or viewers confused, disappointed or even angry.  The special effects were good, not great. The plot had too many holes in to.  In the end it was defeated by the writing.   End

End comment 

 Stranger (TV series) 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 


Hanja  祕密의  
Created by  Studio Dragon 
Written by  Lee Soo-Yeon 
Directed by 
  • Ahn Gil-ho (Season 1) 
  • Yoo Je-won (Season 1) 
  • Park Hyun-Suk (Season 2) 
Creative directors 
  • Kim Suk-won 
  • Kim Sung-kytoon 
Theme music composer  Kim Jun-Seok 
Opening theme  Stranger 
  • Kim Jun-Seok 
  • Jung Sae-rim 
Country of origin  South Korea 
Original language  Korean 
No. of seasons  2 
No. of episodes  32 (list of episodes) 
Executive producers 
  • Lee Chan-ho 
  • Min Hyun-il 
  • Go Byung-churl 
  • Lee Sung-jin 
  • Park Unyoung 
  • Seo Jae-Hyun 
Cinematography  Jang Jong-Kyung 
Editor  Kim Na-young 
Camera setup  Single-camera 
Running time  63-86 minutes 
Production companies 
Original network  tyvm 
Picture format  HDTV1080i 
Audio format  Dolby Digital 5.1 
Original release  June 10, 2017 –
External links 

Stranger (Korean: 비밀의 ; RR: Baillieu Sup; lit. Secret Forest) is a South Korean crime thriller drama television series. Produced by Signal Entertainment and IOK Media, it was created by Studio Dragon writer Lee Soo-Yeon and broadcast on tvN from June 10, 2017. The series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on August 15, 2020. 

The series was a hit with both domestic and international viewers,[1] and received favorable reviews for its tight plot, gripping sequences, and strong performances.[2][3] It was featured on the New York Times list of Best TV Shows of 2017,[4] and won several awards including the Grand Prize for television at the Baek sang.[5] 




In the first season, Hwang Si-Mok (Cho Seung-woo) is an exemplary prosecutor who suffers from hypersensitivity to certain sound frequencies. After undergoing corrective surgery, he lost his sense of empathy and lacks social skills. While investigating a murder, he meets Police Lieutenant Han Yeo-jin (Bae Dona), who assists his efforts to solve the case. As they begin to unravel the mystery behind the murder, they find that their efforts are continually being obstructed by participants in a major corruption conspiracy between the Prosecutors’ Office and a private chaebol (conglomerate). 

In the second season, set two years later, a dispute arises between the Prosecutors’ Office and the National Police Agency, with the former wanting control over all investigative proceedings while the latter seeks autonomous authority to conduct investigations. Amid their respective agencies’ conflict, Hwang Si-Mok, and Han Yeo-jin team up to conduct their independent investigation of a concealed case.[6] 

Cast and characters[edit] 

Main article: List of Stranger characters 


Main article: List of Stranger episodes 

Season  Episodes  Originally aired  Ave. South Korea
viewers (millions) 
First aired  Last aired 
  1  16  June 10, 2017  July 30, 2017  N/A[a] 
  2  16  August 15, 2020  October 4, 2020  1.774 



The entire series was written by Lee Soo-Yeon who was inspired by the Korean adage “We cannot rule those who want nothing” to create the character of Si-Mok.[7] Ahn Gil-ho directed the majority of the first season with the assistance of Yoo Je-won, while Park Hyun-Seok took over the filming duties for the second season.[8] Unlike usual South Korean dramas, the series was developed as a potential multi-seasonal program, with most of the filming have already been pre-produced before its broadcast.[9][10] 


In January 2017, Cho Seung-woo and Bae Dona were offered the lead roles. The same month Shin Hye-sun was added to the cast.[11] It was the first television drama Cho Seung-woo had accepted since God’s Gift – 14 Days in 2014, after venturing into musical theatre for seven years.[12] For the second season, cast members Cho Seung-woo, Bae Dona, Lee Joon-hyuk, and Yoon Se-ah, were all confirmed to reprise their roles. Jeon Hye-jin and Choi Moo-sung were also confirmed to join the lead cast in January 2020.[6] 


Filming of the first season began in April 2017, preceded by the first script reading with the cast at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul.[12] Script reading for the second season took place in January 2020.[6] 


Stranger (Original Television Soundtrack) 
Soundtrack album by  

Various artists 

Released  September 13, 2017 
Genre  Soundtrack 
Length  157 minutes 

An accompanying soundtrack compilation to Stranger was released by Mog Communications and Kakao M on September 13, 2017, in South Korea.[13] It was later reissued by Universal Music Group in overseas markets on May 11, 2018.[14] A three-disc album, the latter two discs features music composed by Kim Jun-Seok and Jung Sae-rin for the program.[15][16] Ten songs were released from the soundtrack as singles in numbered parts from June to July 2017: “끝도없이 (Ad Infinitum)” by Richard Parkers, “먼지 (Dust)” Evelia, “소나기 (Downpour)” by Ohio, “괴물처럼 (Monster Like)” by Tie, “웃어요 (Smile)” by Han Hee Jung & Sorae, the titular track “비밀의  (Stranger)” by Yoon Do-Hyun, “사랑할  처럼 (As if to Love)” by Kim Kohen of My teen, “물결 (A Billow)” by Yean of Lovelyz, “굿바이 잘가요 (Goodbye)”/”Back in Time” by Peter Han, and “묻는다 (Ask)” by Jung Won-boo of NeighBro & Jun Sang-gun.[17] Of these, the songs “소나기 (Downpour)” and “사랑할  처럼 (As if to Love)” have managed to enter the South Korean Gaon BGM Music Chart at numbers 80 and 79, respectively.[18][19] 

Jin-hai commended the writing as “finely intertwined”, and wrote that audiences gave a strong response to this “drama for thinking people”.[7]The New York Times listed the series in tenth place as they’re The Best TV Shows of 2017.[25] 

At the 54th Buesking Arts Awards, the series received eight nominations, including two considerations for Grand Prize for Television, winning one for the whole series.[26] Cho Seung-woo and Lee Soo-Yeon also won Best Television Actor and Best Television Screenplay, respectively.[26] In a Gallup Korea poll, audiences aged 19 and above selected Stranger as their 12th favorite show in July 2017.[27] While Google Korea listed the series as the ninth most-searched television program of 2017.[28] 


According to data published by Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode of the series was seen by 3.041percent of total nationwide viewers, in metropolitan Seoul, it earned a 3.2percent rating, which made it the highest-rated program of the day among non-terrestrial channel programs.[29] The program achieved its highest rating on the first-season finale, earning a 6.568percent nationwide rating and a 7.622percent rating within Seoul-based viewers.[30] On average, it was seen by 4.562percent of total viewership.[31] On the Times rating system, the series premiered with a 3.2percent rating and ended its first season with a 7.1percent rating.[32] The last episode recorded noticeably strong rating performances as it took the lead rating for the first time against hit variety show Hori’s that aired in the same time slot and became the highest-rated program of the day among non-terrestrial channels programs.[33][34] 





Well done police drama.  The usual rich people behaving badly, political corruption, honest police officers trying to solve crime being thwarted by corrupt senior level figures.  The romance theme was hinted at but never really developed.  There was also a nice sub-theme of a serial killer whose crimes were covered up his father who was a prosecutor.  The series takes place amid the South Korean government’s attempt to reform the prosecutor’s office transferring much of their power to the police.  The movie is perhaps a bit too pro-government reform in that regard.  I would have liked to have seen a stronger romance and would have liked to have seen the political corporation corruption case spelled out a lot more. The plot was a bit confusing but the acting was first rate.   I would have to give it a B.

  End comment 

Space Sweepers 

Space Sweepers is a 2021 South Korean space Western film directed by Jo Sung-hee, starring Song Jong-ki, Kim Tae-Ri, Jin Seon-kyu, and Yoo Hai-jin. Regarded as the first Korean space blockbuster, it was released on Netflix on February 5, 2021.Wikipedia 

Director Sung-hee 

Produced by: Yoon In-beom, Kim Soo-jin 

Writer(s): Yoon Seung-min, Yoo-king Seo-ae, Jo Sung-hee 

Space Sweepers (Korean: 승리호; Hanja: 勝利號; RR: Sangho; lit. Spaceship Victory) is a 2021 South Korean space Western film directed by Jo Sung-hee, starring Song Jong-ki, Kim Tae-Ri, Jin Seon-kyu, and Yoo Hae-jin.[2] Regarded as the first Korean space blockbuster,[3] it was released on Netflix on February 5, 2021.[4][5] 




In the year 2092, Earth has become nearly uninhabitable. The UTS Corporation builds a new orbiting home for humanity that mimics the natural processes on Earth; however, only a chosen few are permitted to ascend and become UTS citizens, while those remaining on Earth breathe polluted air. 

To regulate the population in orbit and keep an eye on the non-citizens, UTS governs them via a strict set of rules and taxes. Many non-citizens from all across the globe work as space sweepers, collecting space debris floating in Earth’s orbit and selling it to the company factory for survival. The plot follows such a crew of space sweepers and their ship, the Victory. 

Victory’s crew has Kim Tae-ho, Tiger Park, and Bubs (an android), all led by Captain Jang. Tiger Park handles the ship’s machinery and was a drug baron on Earth. Bubs used to be a robot soldier but now helps repair the ship and cast the net for space junk while saving up to get a complete skin graft. Jang was one of the child geniuses sponsored by UTS and created several hi-tech inventions for the company but, after discovering the company’s true workings, became a pirate and tried to assassinate James Sullivan. Her crew was killed and Sullivan survived, so she changed identities and had an eye transplant. Tae-ho, once a child soldier, is on a search for his daughter (Su-ni); who was lost and ejected into space after space debris collided with the station they were staying at. His sole life aim is to pay for the authorities’ recovery team to locate her body tracker before she drifts out of orbit and gets lost in space forever. 

After picking up a car floating in orbit, they discover a child in it. News reports say that she is a robot named Dorothy, and has a weapon of mass destruction inside her created by the terrorist group Black Fox. The crew also finds a smartphone in Dorothy’s bag with several missed calls from someone named Kang Hyeon-u. They call back and, assuming the other party to be part of the Black Fox group, negotiate two million dollars for returning Dorothy. Tiger finds Dorothy drawing in his cabin and starts a conversation with her, as he finds himself drawn to her. 

Tae-ho and Tiger carry Dorothy to a nightclub to collect the ransom, but she wanders off in the crowd. UTS soldiers have lain in wait, and a massacre ensues. Tiger and Tae-ho locate Dorothy when Soldier 01 zeroes in and shoots at them. Dorothy’s eyes change color, and the trio is protected from the blast by a sort of force field around them. Jang is watching everything through a feed on the ship. She also notices the man who came to collect Dorothy shouting after her and calling her Kotani. The trio makes it back to the ship, and Dorothy busies herself drawing and playing. When asked by Jang what her name is, Dorothy says Kotani is her Korean name. Tae-ho ignores her, thinking she is a robot, while Tiger becomes friendly with her and suggests keeping her. Tae-ho dismisses the idea and goes to sets up another call with Kang Hyeon-u to rearrange the exchange. 

Dorothy and Tae-ho find tomatoes on the plant that Dorothy had helped revive from a dead tree, and sell them. Jang finds papers in Dorothy’s backpack and goes through them. Bubs put makeup on Dorothy and tell her the story of Tae-ho; as a child soldier, Tae-ho was Soldier 01 at the age of 17. On one of his voyages, Tae-ho shot and boarded a ship that carried several fleeing non-citizens and killed them all. He noticed a baby still alive in the arms of a dead woman and adopted the girl. She rekindled his humanity and Tae-ho found himself unable to hurt others – as a result, he was dismissed from the force, made homeless, and reduced to a non-citizen. After one year of homelessness, Tae-ho became desperate and gambled, neglecting Su-ni. She wandered away to find a snack, and while outside there was a debris impact that caused her to be blown into space, with Tae-ho helplessly witnessing it from an airlock. 

A masked man follows Kotani to the toilet in the factory. Her screams alert Tae-ho and Tiger, who rush to save her but are ambushed by a group of masked people. Tiger beats them all and Jang intervenes, discovering they are other space junk collectors working with Black Fox. Their leader, Karuma, explains that Black Fox is not a terrorist organization, but rather an environmental group and that Kotani is not an android but a human child. Born with a congenital disease, her father Kang Hyeon-u injected her with nanobots found in space debris to save her life. The nanobots helped not only saved Kotani but also gave her a unique power: Kotani could now communicate with other nanobots and heal and protect things. Sullivan found this out and used Kotani to turn Mars into a healthy, green planet. He now plans to kill Dorothy in a hydrogen bomb explosion (since nanobots can only be destroyed by breaking them into atoms through extremely high temperatures). Given its proximity to Earth, the explosion would cause the factory to fall onto the planet, destroying the Earth and making Mars the only viable option for all humans. 

The crew decides to unite Kotani with her father and disable the bomb, with the help of the Black Foxes who will locate and take Dr. Kang to the meeting point. Soldiers attack them, but Tae-ho and Kotani manage to flee on the Victory. They enter a space debris field, where nanobots begin to consume their ship. Kotani communicates with them, and the nanobots disperse. They enter the factory where the meet-up is scheduled, only to be ambushed. The UTS soldiers kill all the Black Foxes and Dr. Kang before kidnapping Kotani. Sullivan leaves Tae-ho four million dollars in return for abandoning Kotani. Tae-ho takes the money, but the rest decide to save Kotani – even if it kills them. Tae-ho goes to give the money to the UTS officers, and they hand over Su-no’s last found remains to him – her clothes, crayons, and Korean writing book. In it, Su-ni had written that she wanted to be a good person like her father. This reminds Tae-ho of the promise he made to Su-ni, to be the best man she had ever known. He takes back the money and returns to the ship with a new zeal before they all go to save Kotani. 

Sullivan goes live, announcing the Mars program. The bomb has been armed in the factory, and Kotani is strapped to it on a chair. The team frees Kotani, but Jang discovers that the bomb cannot be defused. It will not only destroy anything in its blast range but also destroy any nanobots in the vicinity of 5,000 kilometers. The only way Kotani’s nanobots (and her life) can be saved is if she is out of range. The team sets off to fly 5,000 km away, but is interrupted by Soldier 01; Tiger fights her and ejects her from the factory. The team sends out a message to the rest of the Space Sweepers, who come to their aid, fighting the attacking troops. The population of Earth learns of Sullivan’s true goals when they hear him recount his plan through the Space Sweepers’ emergency comm channel. The Victory is intercepted by Sullivan himself, who tries to fight the crew to get back Kotani. When it seems they have lost the battle, Tiger and Tae-ho manage a final boost that puts the ship just out of the blast range. The crew reveals their real plan: Kotani was left safely behind with other Space Sweepers. The Victory had removed the bomb from the core and carried it away, ready to sacrifice their lives to save Earth and Kotani. The bomb explodes; however, Kotani has summoned the nanobots to protect the Victory, keeping the crew safe. 

In the aftermath of the battle, UTS apologizes for the cover-up of the true goals and promise to help make Earth more habitable. Kotani is adopted by the crew and, using her powers, enables Tae-Ho to say goodbye to Su-ni. Bubs get her skin graft. Tiger and Tae-Ho take Kotani down to Earth to help grow trees and they all continue space sweeping. 


  • Song Jong-ki as Kim Tae-ho – Former Commander of the Space Guards and the first-ever UTS Genius. 
  • Kim Tae-Ri as Captain Jang / Jang Hyun-sook – Former Special Forces Squad officer who later deserted her post to create her pirate organization. She attempted to assassinate CEO James Sullivan in which her entire pirate crew was killed. 
  • Jin Seon-kyu as Tiger Park / Park Kyung-soo – Former Drug King who escaped Earth after being arrested and sentenced to death. 
  • Yoo Hai-jin as Robot Bubs – Former military robot trying to save up for her gender confirmation services 
  • Richard Armitage as James Sullivan – The CEO of UTS. 
  • Kim Mu-yell as Kang Hyeon-u – Kang Kotani’s father and a scientist. 
  • Park Ye-rim as Dorothy / Kang Kotani – First believed to be a robot, she is a human who was injected with nanobots by her father as a last resort to heal her. 
  • Kim Hyang-gi as Bubs’ new body 


good solid dyspopian vision of the near future. Usual corporate corruption, and rich epople behaving badly.  Understated romance that does not really develop.

End comment

 last Man Standing K Drama 

 The Man Standing Next 

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he Man Standing Next
 (Korean: 남산의 부장들; Hanja: 南山의 部長들; RR: Nnamani bujangdeul; lit. Chiefs of Namsan) is a 2020 South Koreanpolitical drama film directed by Woo Min-ho. Based on an original novel of the same title, the film stars Lee Byung-Hun, Lee Sung-min, Kwak Do-won, and Lee Hee-Joon as the high ranking officials of the Korean government and the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) during the presidency of Park Chung-hee 40 days before his assassination in 1979.[2] 



Comment: an enjoyable dsyotpian story taking place in space after much of the earth is uninhabital and an Mars colonization drive is launched.  Usual polticial and corporate corruption and rich people behaving badly.   The romance between the lead characters is hinted at but never resolved.  The child star is future star in the making.  The dialogue was well done.   I enjoyed this one. End comment 


Mr. Sunshine 




Hangul  미스터 션샤인 
Created by  Jennie Choi 
Written by  Kim Eon-sook 
Directed by  Lee Aung-bok [ko] 
Composer  Nam Hye-Seung 
Country of origin  South Korea 
Original languages  Korean, Japanese, English 
No. of seasons  1 
No. of episodes  24[1] (list of episodes) 
Executive producers  Kim Young-kyu
Yoon Ha-rim 
Camera setup  Single-camera 
Production companies 
Budget  40 billion[2] 
Original network  TV 
Picture format  1080i (HDTV) 
Audio format  Dolby Digital 
Original release  July 7 –
September 30, 2018[3] 
External links 
Production website 

Mr. Sunshine (Korean: 미스터 션샤인; RR: Misquote Syeonsyain) is a 2018 South Korean television series written by Kim Eon-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok [ko], starring Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Ri, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Min-jung, and Byun Yo-hand.[4][5] The series is set in Hansen (present-day Seoul) in the early 1900s and focuses on activists fighting for Korea’s independence.[6][7] The series aired every Saturday and Sunday on tyvm starting from July 7, 2018 and ended on September 30, 2018. It premiered internationally on Netflix.[8] 

The series recorded the 6th highest ratings for cable television with its final episode reaching 18.129percent and netting an average rating of 12.955percent, which is the second-highest average rating ever recorded for cable television.[9] It received critical acclaim for its cinematography and storytelling but was also criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of historical facts, with some even accusing it of being “pro-Japanese“.[10] 




Mr. Sunshine centers around Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-Hun), who was born into slavery in Joseon. After escaping to the United States after the 1871 Shimmying, he becomes a Marine Corps officer. 

When he returns to Joseon for a mission, Eugene meets and falls in love with an aristocrat’s granddaughter, Go Ae-shin (Kim Tae-Ri), who is part of the Righteous Army. However, their love is challenged by their different classes and the presence of Kim Hui-song (Byun Yo-han), a nobleman who has been Ae-shin’s betrothed since childhood. Eugene also encounters Goo Dong-Mae (Yoo Yeon-Seok), a ruthless samurai, and Kudo Hana (Kim Min-jung), owner of the popular “Glory Hotel” where Eugene stays. At the same time, he discovers a plot by the Empire of Japan to colonize Korea and soon becomes embroiled in the fight for Joseon’s sovereignty. 

Historical background[edit] 

Unlike most Suns dramas dealing with the Japanese occupation of Korea, Mr. Sunshine takes place before the Japanese annexation, in the late 1800s to early 1900s. It has a heavy focus on the Righteous Army and depicts the lives of people who fought for Joseon’s freedom. Real-life historical events such as Shimmying, the Spanish-American War,[11] the assassination of Empress Kyongsang, the Russo-Japanese War,[12]Gojong‘s forced abdication, and the Battle of Mandamus are portrayed or mentioned.[13] 

Historical figures such as Emperor Gojong, Ito Hiromi, Hayashi Gonsuke, Yoshimichi Hasegawa, Horace Newton Allen, and the Five Elsa Traitors[12] appear as recurring characters, with others, such as Theodore Roosevelt,[14]Ahn Chang-ho,[15]Eum Sun-heon [ko],[16]Park Seung-hwan [ko],[13] and Frederick Arthur Mackenzie, also making cameo appearances. 

Main Historical Events Described in Mr. Sunshine[edit] 

  • The Battle of Ganghwa (1871): It was a major battle that occurred on June 10, 1871, between the United States and the Joseon Dynasty. On June 1, the American ships entered the Ganghwa Straits to establish trade and ensure the safety of the shipwrecked sailors of the SS Sherman, which was destroyed by the army of Joseon. However, they came under fire. The United States gave Joseon ten days to apologize, but they refused. As a result, on June 10, the U.S ships USS Palos and USS Monocacy fired their weapons against the Choi Garrison on Ganghwa Island and wiped out the Joseon army.[17] In Mr. Sunshine, the battle scenes are thoroughly described as its character Jang Seung-goo fought in this battle as a teen and lost his father. This battle was a pivotal moment for Seung-goo as it caused him to believe that King Gojong abandoned his people and let them die. 
  • The Japan-Korean Treaty of 1905: This treaty was made between the Empire of Japan and the Korean Empire on November 17, 1905. Through it, Japan effectively overtook the diplomatic control of Korea.[18] While Mr. Sunshine does not demonstrate this treaty and its effects in detail, it contains a scene in which Kim Hui-song takes pictures of the pro-Japanese Korean officials. Through these pictures, Hui-song intends to let his descendants know the misconduct of the corrupted government officials. 
  • The Battle of Mandamus: This battle was fought between the Korean and Japanese armies on August 1, 1907. It took place at the Namdaemun Gate, in Hansen and was a revolt of the Korean army against the order of disbandment that was issued through the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1907.[19] In Mr. Sunshine, the battle scenes are depicted in detail. The character Jang Seung-goo sacrifices himself to protect his soldiers. This battle is a turning point for Seung-goo as he sacrifices himself for a country and an emperor he dislikes. 



Eugene Choi was born as a slave of Kim Pan-see, the paternal grandfather of Kim Hui-song. After witnessing his parents’ murder at the hands of their landlord, Eugene managed to escape to the United States and overcome the racial discrimination and become an American, he joins the Marine Corps and fights in the Spanish-American War. Later, Eugene returns to Joseon to carry a mission and falls in love with Go Ae-shin, a noblewoman who is secretly part of the Righteous army. Eugene has to choose between helping Ae-shin in her fight and maintaining his neutral position as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. 

A Joseon noblewoman who lost her parents as an infant. Ae-shin’s mother and father were independence fighters and were both killed in Japan due to their colleague’s betrayal. She is raised by her paternal grandfather, Go Sa-Hong, who helps Ae-shin train as a sniper under Jang Seung-goo and becomes part of the Righteous army. She meets Eugene Choi, who looks like people from Joseon yet claims to be an American, and falls in love with him. 

The son of a butcher flees to Japan upon his parents’ death and becomes a samurai and member of the Music Society, which is part of a Yakuza group. Dong-Mae returns to Joseon with a mission of tormenting the people and helping the Japanese army overtake the country. He believes that it is Joseon’s unjust social hierarchical system that killed his parents. As a teen, Dong-Mae met Go Ae-shin, who saved his life, by purposely hiding him in her palanquin. 

An influential widow who runs a hotel in Joseon. She was married off to an old, rich Japanese man by her father, Lee Wan-ink. Upon her husband’s mysterious death, she inherited the “Glory Hotel” and successfully operates it on her own. China is deeply ashamed of her father’s misdeeds and reputation and to find her mother, she helps Lee Jung-moon in fighting against the Japanese government and the pro-Japanese officials. 

A Joseon nobleman is considered to be the richest after the emperor in terms of land ownership. Hui-song is emotionally tormented by his grandfather’s past and lives for over a decade in Japan to avoid marrying the woman his grandfather chose for him. However, once he returns to Joseon, he discovers that his fiancé is Go Ae-shin and falls in love with her, only to realize that there is no place left for him in her heart. Unlike his father and grandfather, Hui-song helps the Righteous army in many ways as he desperately desires to free himself from the sense of guiltiness. 




Joseon Government/ 


 as Emperor Gojong[29] 


Kang Yi-Seok as young Emperor Gojong 

The ruler of Joseon, who desperately fights for the country’s sovereignty. 


Kang Shin-il as Lee Jung-moon 

An anti-Japanese Minister who is loyal to the emperor. He secretly commands the Righteous Army. 


Kim Etui-sung as Lee Wan-ik[30] 

A selfish and cruel pro-Japanese official who killed Go Ae-shin’s parents. The father of Kudo China, he soon becomes Joseon’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. He walks with a limp after a young Jang Seung-goo shot his leg during the Shimmying.  Kim Jong-hee [ko] as Lee Deok-moon 

A pro-Japanese nobleman who works as an assistant for Lee Wan-ink. He is Go Ae-son’s abusive husband.   


Choi Jin-ho as Lee Se-hoon[31] 

The arrogant and corrupt Minister of Foreign Affairs whose actions indirectly led to the deaths of Eugene Choi’s family.  


 Jung Hee-tea [ko] as Police Commissioner Jung Shin Mun-sung as Postmaster Yoon 

Kim Kang-il [ko] as Dr. Matsuyama 

A Japanese doctor secretly working for Lee Wan-ink.  


Jung Seung-Gil [ko] as Ye Wan-yong 

An infamous pro-Japanese Minister and part of the Five Elsa Traitors.   


Righteous Army[Kim Kapp-soo as Hwang Eun-san[32] 


A skilled potter who helped a young Choi Yoo-jin flee to the United States. He is now the leader of the Righteous army.  Lee Si-hoon as Ko Yoshino[33] 

A Japanese man works as an assistant for Hwang Eon-san. 


Comment   one of the top K dramas in the last few years. It is set in the late 19th century. The end of the Korea Chosen dynasty a period that led directly to modern Korea.  Many of the things that make modern Korea has to do with how the last dynasty ended with the Japanese colonization, and the ending of the Japanese era. 


In many ways the last dynasty was doomed from the onset.  The leaders were corrupt, self-interested, and reactionary. They were unable to adapt to changing circumstances and Japan was on the ascendent as the new power in east Asia.   


Perhaps under different leadership. Korea might have retained its independence as Thailand did during that period. But unfortunately Korea had inept leaders as well as chronic political corruption which the nefarious Japanese utilized aided by pro-Japanese Koreans who saw Japan as the future and sold out their country. 


That dynamic plays out through the drama. The story is an unlikely love story between a young korean orphan who is send to the US by a missionary and eventually joins the US Marines as an officer and is send to Korea to work in the legation there and serves in Korean until the Japanese annexation, and a young Korean noblewoman who joins the “righteous army” of guerilla fighters who are fighting the Japanese takeover and of course lose the battle after the Japanese-Russian war of 1905. 


There are many historical allusions throughout the series.  Some of it is accuratre, some is overblown and some well are just wrong. 


As far as I know there were no Korean American troops in Korea during this period. Also it is highly unlikely that a noblewoman would have been involved with the Righteous army. 


There is also an implied theme throughout that the US sold Korean out to the evil Japanese.  The reality is more that the U.S.  looked the other way, not wanting to lose the Philippines.   Korea was just not that important to the U.S.  So in that sense perhaps one could say that the U.S sold out Korea but then again it is hard to imagine that the U.S. would have done anything else given how marginal Korea was to U.S. strategic interests back then. 


The writing was first rate, the dialogue sizzling.  The sub-themes well done.  Overall I would give it an B+. 




 Itaewon Class 

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Promotional poster 

Hangul  이태원 클라쓰 
Hanja  梨泰院 클라쓰 
Genre  Drama 
Based on  Itaewon Class
by Gang Jin 
Developed by  Kim Do-soo for Showbox 
Written by  Gang Jin 
Directed by  Kim Sung-Yoon 
Composer  Various artists 
Country of origin  South Korea 
Original language  Korean 
No. of episodes  16 
Executive producer  Jo Joon-Hyung 
  • Lee Sang-Yoon 
  • Jung Soo-jin 
  • Han Suk-won 
Camera setup  Single-camera 
Running time  70 minutes 
Production companies 
  • Showbox 
  • Sium Content[a] 
  • Itaewon Class Production Partners 

Drama House (JTBC Studios) 

Original network  JTBC 
Picture format  1080i (HDTV) 
Audio format  Dolby Digital 
Original release  January 31 –
March 21, 2020 
External links 

Itaewon Class (Korean: 이태원 클라쓰; Hanja: 梨泰院 클라쓰; RR: Itaewon Keelless) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Park Seo-Joon, Kim Da-mi, Yoo Jae-Myung, and Kwon Nara. Based on the webtoon of the same name,[2] it is the first series to be produced by the film distribution company Showbox. It aired on JTBC in Korea from January 31 to March 21, 2020, and is streaming worldwide on Netflix.[3][4][5] The series won Best Drama Series at the 25th Asian Television Awards.[6][7] 

In the case of the webtoon, when Kakao Page and Daum webtoon were added together, the cumulative number of readers was 10 million, the cumulative number of views was 300 million, and the rating was 9.9 points. 


Due to an accident that killed his father, Park Sae-ro-Yi (Park Seo-Joon) attempted to kill Jang Geun-won (Ahn Bo-Hyun), the son of Janggi Group’s founder, Jang Die-hee (Yoo Jae-Myung). He was jailed and the woman he loved, Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Na-ra), was offered a university scholarship by Jang Die-hee and later became the Strategic Planning Head of Janggi Group. 

After his release from prison, Park Sae-ro-Yi opens Danbam in Itaewon. He wants to be successful and seeks revenge on the Janggi Group. However, he is not too smart at managing his business. He then meets Jo Yi-see (Kim Da-mi). 

Cast and characters[edit] 


  • Proprietor of Dana, a bar-restaurant in Itaewon. In his youth, Sae-ro-Yi gets expelled from high school for punching CEO Jang’s son Geun-won, who was bullying a classmate, and becomes bereaved when his father is killed by Geun-won’s reckless driving. Angered by the loss, he attacks Geun-won, leading to his three-year imprisonment. Following his father’s steps, Sae-ro-Yi opens his bar-restaurant Dana in Itaewon seven years after he is released from jail, with the aim of expanding it into a franchise and defeating CEO Jang’s food company Janggi Group. In 2020, he becomes the CEO of his company IC Group. 
  • Manager of Sae-Ro-Yi’s bar-restaurant Dana. Yi-see is a multi-talented and intelligent girl with an IQ of 162. She moved from New York to continue her studies in South Korea. She is also famous on social media as a power blogger and social mediainternet celebrity. Having a crush on Sae-Ro-Yi, she offers to become the manager of Dana. Her lack of empathy and callous behavior has many people believe she is a sociopath, but she does end up caring for her Dana coworkers. Despite being declined by Sae-ro-Yi, Yi-seo remains by his side as his manager and work partner while still maintaining feelings for him. In 2020, Yi-see becomes the CFO of Sae-ro-Yi’s company IC Group. Eventually, Saroyan realizes his feelings for Yi-Seo and he confesses his love for her. 
  • CEO of food company Janggi Group. CEO Jang is a self-made man who, despite the odds, succeeds in turning his once small bar into a large franchise company. In his years of experience leading Janggi, he develops a strong belief in power and authority as a means to achieve his goals. He meets Sae-ro-Yi when the latter has a fight with his son Geun-won in high school and expects him to kneel as submission of his power. However, Sasori always resisted kneeling and made his life harder for it. In 2020, he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and doesn’t have much longer to live. Unfortunately, his illegal activities under Janggi were exposed and ruined his company. Despite kneeling before Sae-Ro-Yi for help, Sae-Ro-Yi absorbed Janggi into his company, leaving Die-Hee with nothing. 
  • Head of the strategic planning team in Janggi Group; Sae-ro-Yi’s former classmate and first love. Abandoned by her mother, Soo-ah grew up in an orphanage and became close with Sae-ro-Yi’s father Sung-yeol. She becomes acquainted with Sae-ro-Yi, who has a crush on her. After Sung-yell’s death, she receives a scholarship offer from Janggi Group and soon becomes an employee in the company. Though passionate about her work, she is torn between her allegiance to Janggi and her love for Sae-ro-Yi. Due to their conflicts of interests, the two would hold a long-term emotional relationship, but never a truly romantic one. Eventually, Soo-ah realizes Saroyan’s feelings have changed and the two remain friends. She later became a whistle blower to the authorities on the crimes that Janggi has committed in the past during her time in the company and later starts her restaurant. 


Dana staff[edit] 

  • CEO Jang’s second and illegitimate son; Yi-see’s classmate and staff member at Dana. Geun-soo has been bullied by his older brother Geun-won and he never felt loved by his parents. Upon turning 17, he left the Jang family and lived by himself from then on. After inconveniencing Dana in an incident, he decides to work for Sae-ro-Yi, whom he considers to be a “real adult.” He has a crush on Yi-see. However, after leaving Dana, Geun-soo chooses to work at his father’s company to become the successor to the Janggi Group. In 2020, he is the director of Janggi Group. 
  • A staff member at Dana. Seung-Kwon was Sae-ro-Yi’s cellmate in prison. Believing that he cannot better his life outside of jail, he became a gangster under a gang leader upon his release. Seven years later, he meets Sae-ro-Yi who, to his surprise, had already opened a bar in Itaewon. Deeply respecting Sae-ro-Yi and his way to live a better life, he gives up being a gangster and starts working at Dana. In 2020, he becomes one of the directors of Sae-ro-Yi’s company IC Group. 
  • Dunam’s chief cook. Hyun-Yi first met Sae-ro-yi in a factory where the two formerly worked, years before the start of Dana. She was hired as Dunam’s cook when Sae-ro-yi liked the food she once cooked for him back then. Hyun-Yi is a transgender woman and has been saving money for her sex reassignment surgery. In 2020, she becomes one of the directors of Sae-ro-Yi’s company IC Group. 
  • Chris Lyon as Kim To-ni[15] 
  • Dammam’s GuineanKoreanpart-timer. Even though he cannot speak and understand English, To-ni is fluent in speaking Korean, owing to his Korean father and his one-year residence in South Korea, and French, the language he speaks in Guinea. Eventually, he can learn and speak a satisfactory amount of English. 

Janggi Group[edit] 

  • CEO Jang’s first son and heir to Janggi Group. Geun-won was Sae-ro-Yi and Soo-ah’s classmate in high school who frequently bullied their classmate Ho-jin. He caused the vehicular accident that killed Sae-ro-Yi’s father Sung-yeol. Years later when he attempts to recruit Yi-see into Jangga, his confession to the crime is recorded by her and he attacks her until Sae-ro-Yi intervenes and gets him arrested. Die-hee deserts Geun-won by admitting his son’s crimes during his apology meeting and getting him sent to prison. In 2020, he is released and alongside Kim Hee-hon and his gang, Geun-won plans to get revenge on Yi-see. 
  • Janggi Group’s executive director, who secretly plots to usurp CEO Jang. She is a close friend of Park Sung-yell, Park Sae-ro-Yi’s father. 
  • Hong Seo-Joon as Mr. Kim[18] 
  • Jang Daeheon’s right-hand man. He is very loyal to his boss. 
  • Yoo Da-mi as Kim Sun-ae[19] 
  • Jang Daeheon’s secretary and Kang Min-Jung’s spy. 


Sae-Moji’s investment manager. Ho-jin was Sae-ro-Yi, Soo-ah, and Geun-won’s classmate in high school. After years of bearing the constant bullying from Geun-won, he gets into a prestigious college and takes up business administration. He partners up with Sae-ro-Yi in taking revenge against Geun-won and CEO Jang. In 2020, he becomes the financial manager for Sae-ro-Yi’s company IC Group. In one of the flashback scenes when he visited Sae-ro-Yi in prison; he listed Sae-ro-Yi as a friend. 

Yi-see’s mother, who disapproves of Yi-see quitting college and working at Dammam. 

  • Yoon Kyung-ho as Oh Byeong-heon[22] 

Detective in charge of Geun-won’s hit-and-run case which he was pressured to cover up. He quit his job after the case and is now one of Sae-ro-Yi’s suppliers. 

  • Choi Yu-ri as Oh Hye-won[23] 

Oh, Byeong-heron’s daughter, who is oblivious to Sae-ro-Yi’s connection with her father. 

  • Kim Mi-keying as Kim Soon-rye[24] 

To-nose Korean paternal grandmother. After her son’s death, she deeply regrets disapproving of her son’s marriage to a Guinean woman (To-nose mother), as it caused her son to run away. She is a loan shark who offers her services to Sae-ro-Yi when he moves his bar to a new location. She was also one of the first supporters of Janggi. 

  • Won Hyun-Joon as Kim Hee-hoon[25] 

Sae-ro-Yi’s former cellmate and a leader of a group of gangsters. Though initially cordial to both Sae-ro-Yi and Choi Seung-Kwon, he later allies himself with Jang Geun-won. 

  • Han Hye-ji as Kook Bok-hee[26] 

Yi-see and Geun-soo’s former classmate. Her bullying activities were exposed after Yi-see recorded her performing the act. After running into Yi-see months later, she attempted to assault her for ruining her reputation alongside her friends, only to be beaten down by Yi-see. 

Special appearances[edit] 

A student who had a crush on Sae-ro-Yi and had her confession rejected by him. 

Sae-ro-Yi’s father and former employee in Janggi Group. He taught Sae-ro-Yi to stick to his beliefs and to fight for what is right. He resigned from Janggi in defense of Sae-ro-Yi’s deed of stopping Geun-won’s bullying. He died in an accident caused by Geun-won. 

Soo-ah’s acquaintance. He works at a bar that Sae-ro-Yi visits twice (years before and after opening Dana). They meet again after Sae-ro-Yi moves the location of his bar. 

Geun-so’s elder friend goes to Dana with Geun-soo and Yi-see where the two get caught for underage drinking. 

  • Cha Chung-hwa as Bureau Chief’s wife (Ep. 3)[31] 

Mother of Bok-hee, whose behavior was exposed online by Yi-see. 

One of Bok-he’s friends. She, alongside Bok-hee and her friend, attempted to assault Yi-see after running into each other months after high school graduation. 

  • Jung Yoo-min as Seo Jeong-In (Ep. 6)[33] 

The daughter of the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and Geun-won’s blind date. The blind date was arranged by Geun-won’s father. 

Sae-ro-Yi’s acquaintance. She applied for the job that was eventually offered to Kim To-ni. Yi-see rejected her application out of jealousy of her and Sae-ro-Yi’s close relationship. 

  • Kim Il-Jong as himself (Ep. 11 & 13)[35] 

Host of the cooking program shows The Best Pub. 

CEO of the investment firm Jung Myung Holdings. He offers Sae-ro-Yi to franchiseDanBam. Later he was one of the sleeper agents for Die Hee to thwart Sae-ro-Yi plan to franchise Dana. 

A contestant on The Best Pub. He represents Janggi Group as the head cook and comes in second to Hyun-Yi during the final. He subsequently gets fired. 

The new chef at Soo-ah’s restaurant in which Hong Seok-Cheon invested after he passed the job interview. 

BTS member V visited his friend Seo-Joon to perform a rendition of the show’s OST. 


 Very enjoyable drama set in one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Korea, Itaewon’s- Seoul’s international quarter.  


The basic plot is that of revenge.  The usual themes of rich people behaving badly, and corporate corruption. A young man in junior high comes to the aid of his classmate who is being bullied by the son of a rich family.  His father worked for the corporation.  The young man is told to apologize for calling out the actions of the bullies and refuses to do so.  His father is fired and attempts to open his own restaurant with the aid of his son who has to drop out of school after the controversy.  The father is killed by his enemy drunk driving.  The young man attempts to kill his enemy and is sentenced to three years in prison.  He decides to get revenge.  It takes him ten years but in the end he destroys  the corporation.  


There are several romantic sub-plots in the movie. The protagonist has to decide between two woman.  He eventually choses the woman who comes to work for him in his restaurant he opens in Itaewon.  There is also a LGBT sub-theme as one of his staff members is trans transiting to a woman.  There is also an intriguing sub-plot involving an half African young man who comes to Korea to find his Korean family. 

 Overall very well done.   

 end comment

Mr. Kim’s convenience  


Kim’s Convenience’s convenience 

Kim’s Convenience is a Canadian television sitcom that premiered on CBC Television in October 2016. It depicts the Korean Canadian Kim family that runs a convenience store in the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto: parents “Papa” and “Umma” – Korean for dad and mom, respectively – along with their daughter Janet and estranged son Jung. Wikipedia 

Developed by: Ins Choi, Kevin White 

Starring: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jean Yoon, Andrea Bang, Simu Liu, Andrew Phung, Nicole Power 

Country of origin: Canada 



Not exactly a typical K drama.  It takes place in Canada and depicts the life of a Korean immigrant famiy running a convenience store in Toronto.  Well done. Good acting, and story lines. 

My Love from the Stars K Drama 


Honest Candidate

Honest Candidate

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Honest Candidate
Honest Candidate.jpg

Theatrical release poster
Hangul 정직한 후보
Hanja 正直한 候補
Revised Romanization Jeongjikhan Hubo
Directed by Jang Yu-jeong
Written by
  • Jang Yu-jeong
  • Heo Sung-hye
Based on O Candidato Honesto
by Roberto Santucci
Produced by Song Jung-min
Cinematography Park Yong-soo
Edited by Jung Ji-eun
Music by Lee Jae-jin
  • Hong Film
  • Soo Film
Distributed by Next Entertainment World
Release date
  • February 12, 2020
Running time
104 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office $10,468,890[1]

Honest Candidate (Korean정직한 후보Hanja正直한 候補RRJeongjikhan Hubo) is a 2020 South Korean comedy film directed by Jang Yu-jeong, starring Ra Mi-ranKim Mu-yeolNa Moon-hee, Yoon Kyung-ho and Jang Dong-joo.[2] It is the remake of the 2014 Brazilian film O Candidato Honesto.[3] It was released on February 12, 2020.[4][5]

A sequel was confirmed on February 10, 2021.[6]


A third-term congresswoman who is running for the fourth time is suddenly unable to lie a few days before the elections are about to take place. The problem is that her whole political career is based on lies.


Ra Mi-ran and Kim Mu-yeol for Marie Claire Korea

  • Song Young-chang as Lee Woon-hak
  • Son Jong-hak as Kim Sang-pyo
  • Cho Soo-hyang as Shin Ji-sun
  • Ahn Se-ho as Lee Jeong-min
  • Kim Na-yoon as Yoon Mi-kyung
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Reporter Hwang
  • Kim Yong-rim as mother-in-law
Special appearances

My Love from the Star

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My Love from the Star
The poster features two people, one man and one women, with white and blue themed colour in the background. Bigger font text reveals the title of the series. While the text at the bottom of the poster reveals the name of the distributor, the name of the production company, the name of the main cast, the release date and the rest of the credits.

Promotional poster
Hangul 별에서 온 그대
Revised Romanization Byeoreseo On Geudae
McCune–Reischauer Pyŏresŏ On Kŭdae
Literally You Who Came from the Stars
Created by
  • Moon Bo-mi
  • Park Ji-eun
Written by Park Ji-eun
Directed by Jang Tae-yoo
Opening theme “Man From Star (Opening Title)”
Ending theme “My Destiny” by Lyn
Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
No. of episodes 21 (+1 special)
Executive producer Choi Moon-suk
Producer Moon Bo-mi
  • Lee Gil-bok
  • Jung Min-gyun
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 60 minutes
Production company HB Entertainment
Distributor SBS
Original network SBS TV
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio format Dolby Digital
Original release December 18, 2013 –
February 27, 2014
Related shows My Love from the Star (Philippines)
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My Love from the Star (Korean별에서 온 그대RRByeoreseo On GeudaeMRPyŏresŏ On Kŭdae; lit. You Who Came from the Stars) is a South Korean fantasy romantic comedy television series written by Park Ji-eun and directed by Jang Tae-yoo. Produced by Choi Moon-suk and Moon Bo-mi, it stars Jun Ji-hyunKim Soo-hyunPark Hae-jinYoo In-naShin Sung-rok and Ahn Jae-hyun. It tells the story of an extraterrestrial alien who landed on Earth in 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty and 400 years later falls in love with a top female actor.

The series aired for 21 episodes on Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) from December 18, 2013, to February 27, 2014. According to Nielsen Korea, it recorded an average nationwide television viewership rating of 24 percent. It garnered widespread popularity during its broadcast and sparked trends in fashion, make-up and restaurants. It has been also credited for spreading Korean wave.

My Love from the Star received several accolades. At the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, it received nine nominations with three wins; Jun Ji-hyun won the Grand Prize – Television and Kim Soo-hyun won the Most Popular Actor – Television. The series won the Korea Drama Award for Best Drama, the Seoul International Drama Award for Excellent Korean Drama and the Magnolia Award for Best Foreign Television Series.

Min-joon (Kim Soo-hyun) is an alien who landed on Earth in 1609 during the Joseon Dynasty. He saves a girl named Seo Yi-hwa from falling off a cliff and misses his return trip to his home planet and is stranded on Earth for the next four centuries. He has a near-perfect human appearance, enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed, and a cynical, jaded view of human beings. Min-joon never ages and is forced to take on a new identity every ten years; he has worked as a doctor, an astronomer, a lawyer, and a banker, and is now working as a college professor.

Cheon Song-yi (Jun Ji-hyun) is a famous Hallyu actor who attained stardom as a schoolchild; her haughty demeanor has earned derision in the entertainment industry and on social media. Song-yi’s spendthrift mother has mismanaged her finances and her younger brother Cheon Yoon-jae (Ahn Jae-hyun) is estranged by her success. Lee Hee-kyung (Park Hae-jin) has been Song-yi’s friend since middle school and remains in love with her but is continually rejected. In turn, Yoo Se-mi (Yoo In-na), Song-yi’s childhood friend who is frequently cast in a supporting role alongside Song-yi has had a crush on Hee-kyung since middle school despite her love being unrequited. As a result, Se-mi secretly harbors a deep jealousy towards Song-yi for standing in the way of her career and love interest.

With only three months left before Min-joon’s long-awaited departure to his planet of origin, Song-yi suddenly becomes his next-door neighbor in the condominium where he lives. Slowly, Min-joon finds himself entangled in Song-yi’s crazy and unpredictable situations, saving her multiple times using his special powers and eventually acting as her manager due to his vast legal knowledge. He finds out that she at a young age resembles Yi-hwa, with whom he fell in love with 400 years earlier. Min-joon and Song-yi eventually fall in love; Min-joon aims to leave Earth without being emotionally attached so he tries to avoid her but fails. While Song-yi initially does not understand his impending departure, she ultimately accepts letting him go to assure his survival.

Song-yi’s career goes into a downturn when her talent agency and sponsors drop her in a backlash against her recent behavior, particularly rumors that she caused the suicide of her arch-rival, actor Han Yoo-ra. Earlier at a celebrity wedding, Song-yi had discovered Yoo-ra was in a secret relationship with Lee Jae-kyung (Shin Sung-rok), the elder brother of Hee-hyung. Jae-kyung tries to silence Song-yi until Min-joon brokers a deal to spare her in return for burying the evidence. Jae-kyung, however, turns out to be much more dangerous than Min-joon suspected, learning to exploit Min-joon’s weaknesses and injuring Se-mi’s older brother, a prosecutor who is investigating Yoo-ra’s suicide. Min-joon, despite being discreet in the use of his special abilities, eventually draws the attention of police while losing control of his powers as his departure date nears. While jealous of Min-joon for winning Song-yi’s heart, Hee-kyung works with Min-joon to protect her from Jae-kyung.[1]


A photograph of Kim Soo-hyun looking at camera

Kim Soo-hyun plays the character of an extraterrestrial alien, Do Min-joon



Cheon Song-yi’s family[edit]

People around Do Min-joon[edit]

  • Kim Chang-wan as Jang Young-mok, Min-joon’s lawyer who serves as a close confidant and “father figure”[9]

Lee Hee-kyung’s family[edit]

Yoo Se-mi’s family[edit]

People around Cheon Song-yi[edit]


  • Kim Hee-won as Park Byung-hee, a detective who works with Yoo Seok [17]
  • Lee Yi-kyung as Lee Shin, Jae-kyung’s secretary[18]
  • Jo Se-ho as Cheol-soo, a patron of Bok-ja’s comic book store who twists celebrity gossip and creates rumours
  • Nam Chang-hee [ko] as Hyuk, Cheol-soo’s partner

Special appearances[edit]

t candidate

To  watch 

Minuri Movie 

Sky Castle 


Reply 1988 


My Mister 

Hospital PlayList 

Flower of Evil  

Best Korean Dramas (50 Must Watch) 

by itaws88| created – 01 May 2017 | updated – 22 Mar 2019 | Public 

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Rye(2016) 

15 | 60 min | Drama, Fantasy, History 

Korean melodramatic adaptation of Chinese drama Startling by Each Step (2011) follows a woman who travels back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea whenever a total eclipse of the sun took place. 

Stars: Lee Joon-Gi, Ji-eon Lee, Kang Ha-Neal, Nam Joo-Hyuk 


15 | 55 min | Comedí, Drama, Romance 

After a chance encounter in LA, two teens from different social backgrounds reunite at an exclusive high school attended by Korea’s Uber rich. 

Stars: Lee Min-Ho, Park Shin-Hye, Woo-bin Kim, Kim Ji-Won 

3.Kill Me, Heal Me(2015) 

15 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

A love story between the son from a wealthy family who has 7 personalities Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) and Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Elum) who becomes his secret psychiatrist. 

Stars: Seong Ji, Hwang Jeong-elm, Kim Hee-Jung, Shim Hye-jin 


TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Crime 

An old murder incident involving a group who ran an illegal broadcasting station brings together different people – a mysterious errand guy “Healer” who possesses disguise and fighting … See full summary » 

Stars: Ji Chang-Wook, Park Min-Young, Tae-Mi, Jeong Guy-Su 

6. Oogonium (2013) 

Tae Gong Sil can see ghosts, but their constant demands of help make her life impossible until she meets Joo Jong Won, handsome CEO that measures everything with money since when she touches him, the ghosts disappear. 

Stars: Kong Hyo-Jin, So Ji-sob, Seo In-Guk, Yoo-Ri Kim 

7.Haereul poteen dal(2012) 

TV-Y | Drama, Fantasy, Romance 

The story of the secret love between Lee Hwan, a fictional king of Joseon, and Wool, a female shaman. Wool was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the … See full summary » 

Stars: Mi-seen Jeon, Mi-keying Yang, Eung-soo Kim, Eun-Byul 

8.Boys Over Flowers(2009) 

TV-14 | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Poor girl attends the elite Shin Hwa High and is bullied by the leader of F4 (the four richest boys). He becomes attracted to her; however, she has a crush on his best friend. Whom will she choose? 

Stars: Ku Hye-Sun, Lee Min-Ho, Kim Hyun-Jong, Kim Bum 

9.Minami Shiny(2009) 

15 | 60 min | Comedy, Drama, Music 

Go Mi-Nya, a girl about to become a nun is asked to cover for her indisposed twin brother, Mi-Nam, who’s on the verge of becoming a k-idol. To do so, she disguises herself as a boy and joins Arnell, a really popular boy band. 

Stars: Park Shin-Hye, Yong-Hwa, Yong-Hwa Jung, Hong-ki Lee 

TV-Y | 60 min | Comedy, Romance 

Love, tradition, and politics collide when a spirited young art student is betrothed to the crown prince of South Korea. 

Stars: Yun Geun-Hye, Ju Ji-Hoon, Song Ji-Hyo, Bool-am Choi 

11.Mischievous Kiss(2010) 

15 | 66 min | Comedy, Romance 

Fate brings polar opposite high school classmates (one obsessively attracted to the other, the other indifferent to all advances) to live under one roof. Is romance possible? 

Stars: Jung So-Min, Kim Hyun-Jong, Tae-Sung Lee, Hye-Young Jung 

12.Sungkyunkwan Scandal(2010) 

TV-Y | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, History 

In the Joseon era, Kim Yoon-hee masquerades as a boy to earn a living as a book transcriber. Her family’s dire circumstances and the encouragement of a noble’s son finally drive her to attend Shunyuan University, forbidden for females. 

Stars: Park Min-Young, Yoo-chum Park, Yoo Ah-in, Song Jong-ki 

13.Ok-tab-bang Wang-se-ja(2012) 

15 | 65 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 

Crown Prince Yi gak finds that he has been transported from Chosun Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. He meets Hong Se Na, who bears a striking resemblance to his dead wife, and is determined to … See full summary » 

Stars: Woo-Sik Choi, Seok-won Jeong, Yu-mi Jeong, Han Ji-min 

14.Mai gel(2005–2006) 

With a perpetually indebted father, Joo Yoo Rin learned to lie on the spot and get herself out of tricky situations, which gets Seal Gong Chan, a rich heir to a company, to hire her to impersonate his long lost cousin. 

Stars: Lee Da-have, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Joon-Gi, Si-yeon Park 

15.Shining Inheritance(2009) 

15 | 70 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

After losing her father Go Eunson’s stepmother kicks her and her autistic brother out of the house. Shortly after her brother is kidnapped. Eon-sung now has to look for her brother while also trying to find a job to survive. 

Stars: Han Hyo-jook, Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-Won, Soo-bin Bae 

16.마이 프린세스(2011) 

15 | 65 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Kim Tae-hee plays Lee Seal, an ordinary college student who finds out she’s a princess and the great-granddaughter of Korea’s last Emperor. But life can be complicated for a princess in this funny, quirky melodrama. 

Stars: Song Seung-Heon, Kim Tae-hee, Park Yeon, Soo-young Ryu 

17.Angkeumhan Dashingly(2014– ) 

Na Ae-ra (Lee Min-Jung) and Cha Jung-woo (Joo Sang-wok) got married young. Ae-ra wanted to have steady life but Jung-woo business led them to lots of debt and hard work so she broke off … See full summary » 

Stars: Lee Min-Jung, Sang-UK Joo, Gyu-Ri, Seo Kang-Joon 

18.All About My Romance(2013– ) 

A conservative government party member falls for the feisty young leader of an upstart liberal party in this Korean romantic comedy. 

Stars: Shin Ha-kin, Lee Min-Jung, Hee-soon Park, Chae-Ah Han 

19.Protect the Boss(2011) 

TV-Y | 65 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

After a long stretch of unemployment, No Eon Seol lands a job as secretary to Cha Ji Heon the youngest son of a rich family. However, her secretary duties go beyond the ordinary, helping her boss cope and function in normal society. 

Stars: Gi-soo Byion, Hwa-Yeon Cha, Kang-hee Choi, Jeong Gyu-Su 

0.The King 2 Hearts(2012) 

15 | 65 min | Action, Drama, Romance 

The crown prince of South Korea is forced to work alongside a female North Korean military officer. Political and emotional complications lead to an uneasy marriage engagement. 

Stars: Lee Seung-gi, Ha Ji-Won, Jo Jung-Suk, Jason-Patrick Taylor 

21.Bool-up Eosin Jungyi(2013– ) 

15 | Drama, History, Romance 

A Historical drama about Yoo Jung, also known as Jung Yi, the first female potter in the Joseon Dynasty and regarded as the dojo of Shin taro porcelain. ‘Yoo Jung’ is based on the real … See full summary » 

Stars: Moon Geun-young, Sang-Yoon Lee, Kim Bum, Keon-Hyeong Park 

22.Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumshoe(2010) 

15 | 60 min | Comedy, Fantasy, Romance 

Chae Die Wong, an aspiring actor, unwillingly releases a Gumshoe, a legendary nine-tailed fox, from her centuries-old prison. He runs away terrified and ends up injuring himself badly, but she saves his life and asks him to stay by his side. 

Stars: Shin Min-a, Lee Seung-gi, Min-woo No, Park Soo-Jin 

23.Naege Geothermally Haebwa(2011) 

A woman, jealous when her friend steals her first love and marries him, lies that she is married too. The lie ensnares a hotel president who goes along with the lie for his reasons. Will the lie become reality? 

Stars: Seung-us Ryu, Yun Geun-hye, Yun-hie Jo, Sung Jun 

24.Un-Myong-Cheol-eom neol sa-rang-hae(2014) 

TV-14 | 60 min | Comedy, Romance 

A touching Korean drama filled with comedy about a girl who finds happiness, friendship, and love in the most unexpected way! 

Stars: Jang Hyuk, Jang Na-ra, Choi Jin-Hyuk, churl 

25. Shinai (2012) 

60 min | Drama, Fantasy, History 

When the queen-to-be of medieval Korea is badly wounded, Captain Choi Young uses a wormhole to “heaven,” which is 21st-century South Korea, to bring back the spoiled Dr. Yoo Eon-Soo who becomes a pawn in a game of human chess. 

Stars: Kim Hee-seen, Yoon Kyun-Sang, Lee Min-Ho, Deok-Hwan Ryu 

26.The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince(2007) 

15 | 55 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance 

A tomboy, mistaken for a lad, maintains the deception for the sake of employment. The situation becomes complicated when her male boss begins to develop feelings for this “boy.” 

Stars: Gong Yoo, Yun Geun-Hye, Sun-Kyun Lee, Jeong-an Chae 

Story a simple maid that rises high in the royal harem as a consort and, ultimately, mother of the Korean king. 

SARS: Han Hyo-Joo, Julia Lim, Kim Yoo-Jeong, Da-Min Han 

28.Love in the Moonlight(2016) 

The unlikely love story between a crown prince and his eunuch. 

Stars: Park Bo-Gum, Kim Yoo-Jeong, Chae Soo-bin, Kwak Dong-Yeon 

29.She Was Pretty(2015) 

When Ji Sung-Joon was young, he was ugly. As he grew up, he began to have an attractive appearance. When Kim Hye-Jin was young, she was pretty. As she grew up, she became ugly. Ji Sung-Joon tries to find his first love. 

Stars: Hwang Jeong-elm, Seo Jun Park, Jun-hee Ko, Si Won Choi 


A devoted woman makes the ultimate sacrifice for her boyfriend, only to learn that love doesn’t always conquer all. Yoo Jeong (Hwang Jeong Elum) is a sweet, upbeat person who has always … See full summary » 

Stars: Hwang Jeong-elm, Seong Ji, Soo-bin Bae, Lee Da-hee 

31.Naemsaereul Boneen Sonyeo(2015) 

Detective Tae Ho lost his younger sister to a barcode-murder case and lost his ability to taste, smell, and feel pain. He then meets Oh Cho Rim, the only witness to the murder case who possesses a special sense: she can see smells. 

Stars: Yoo-chum Park, Shin Se-Kyung, Jin-Seo Yoon, Min Nakong 

32.Sesang Eddied Eobneun Chakhan Namja(2012) 

Kang Ma-Ru is a promising medical student until he takes the blame for a crime he didn’t commit. When he finds an opportunity for revenge, he takes it, using Seo Eon-Gi. Ma-Ru soon … See full summary » 

Stars: Song Jong-ki, Moon Chae-Won, Si-Yeon Park, Kwang-Soo Lee 

33.Descendants of the Sun(2016) 

TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Comedy, Drama 

This drama tells of the love story that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer. 

Stars: Song Jong-ki, Song Hye-Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-Won 

34.Haideu, Jail, Na(2015) 

Koo Seo-Jin (Hyun-Bin) has two different personalities. One of his personalities is cold like Hyde and the other is sweet like Jekyll. 

Stars: Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min, Hee-Sung Kwak, Hyerim 

35.O Ma-i Bi-neo-seu(2015–2016) 

A lawyer in her thirties coming out of a long relationship decides to regain her figure and health after meeting a renowned personal trainer who obsesses with leading a healthy lifestyle after suffering a serious injury in his childhood. 

Stars: So Ji-sob, Shin Min-a, Sung Hoon, Yoo In-young 

36.Secret Garden(2010–2011) 

A rich young CEO falls for a poor stuntwoman despite class differences, cultural traditions, and the man’s firmly objecting mother. 

Stars: Ha Ji-Won, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang-Hyun, Sa-rang Kim 

37. Gamy eon (2015) 

Ji-sook facing a hard time because of her father’s debts and begin being chased by moneylenders. When a series of things happen Ji-sook has to live with Eon Ha’s identity (a Woman from an elite family) because she looks exactly like Eon Ha. 

Stars: Soo Ae, Ju Ji-Hoon, Jeong-Hun Yeon, Yoo In-young 

38.Chongriwa Na(2013– ) 

At 42-years-old, Kwon Yolo (Lee Beom Soo) is South Korea’s youngest prime minister ever. On top of his reputation of being an honest man of the utmost integrity, he’s also a widower who … See full summary » 

Stars: Im Yoon-ah, us, Yoon Shi-Yoon, Jeong-an Chae 

39.Pool ha-woo-sue(2004) 

TV-14 | 60 min | Comedy, Romance 

In a bid to reacquire her childhood home, a free-spirited woman agrees to a sham marriage with a selfish actor. Their daily lives are complicated by overlapping love triangles and comic misadventures. 

Stars: Song Hye-Kyo, Rain, Eun-Jeong, Seong-su Kim 

40. Kawagoe (2005– ) 

Chun-Hyang is smart and sassy and becomes involved with good-looking Mongering. His first love Chae-rim enters the picture. An older man, Hak-do, pursues her. Will they find their way back to each other? 

Stars: Chae-young Han, Hee Jae, Tae-wooing Edom, Si-Eun Park 

41.Mary Stayed Out All Night(2010) 

Wi Mae Ri is the cheerful, pragmatic daughter of a failed businessman who had grown used to being constantly on the move to escape from loan sharks. She becomes fast friends with the … See full summary » 

Stars: Moon Geun-young, Hyo-Jin, Kim Jae-Wook, Hyo-jin Kim 

42.City Hunter(2011) 

Lee Yun-song was trained by his father’s best friend to get revenge on the government for killing everyone in his father’s unit. 

Stars: Lee Min-Ho, Park Min-Young, Sang-Jung Kim, Ho-jin Chun 

43.Neon Neace Banhaesseo(2011) 

A series of misunderstandings causes Lee Shin, the cocky leader of “The Stupid” and Lee Guy-won, a student majoring in Traditional Korean Music to start on the wrong foot. Until she sees him performing live, and is immediately captivated. 

Stars: Yong-Hwa Jung, Park Shin-Hye, Chang-up Song, Yi-Hyeon So 


This drama is about Jo Gang-JA, a mother who was known as a tough girl in high school. Her daughter Ah-ran is bullied at school and when Gang-JA finds out, she makes it her responsibility … See full summary » 

Stars: Kim Hee-seen, Kim Yoo-Jeong, Hyun-Woo Ji, Ji Soo 

45.Nae mi-eum-i deul-li-da(2011–) 

Can You Hear My Heart features Hallyu stars Kim Jae Won, Hwang Jung Elum, and Nam Goong Min in this romantic drama that shows us love in defiance of physical limitations? Dong Joo (played by … See full summary » 

Stars: Jae-won Kim, Hwang Jeong-elm, Min Namkoong, Lee Hye-yeong 

46.Jang Ok-Jung, Sarang-e Salda(2013) 

Life Of Jang Ok Jung, Later Known as Jang Hee Bin, was one of the most famous Concubines of The Joseon Dynasty who was known for her hunger for power. 

Stars: Kim Tae-hee, Yoo Ah-in, Geon-Ju Lee, Soo-Hyun Hong 

47.Marriage Contract(2016) 

Ji-Hoon (Lee Seo-Jin) has a cynical personality due to his family background. Even though he comes from a rich family, his mother had an affair with a married man and they had Ji-Hoon. From… See full summary » 

Stars: Seo-jin Lee, Kim You-Jin, Yoo-Ri Kim, Kim Kwang-guy 

48.Won-deo-pool la-i-pea(2005– ) 

The story of Xu Tian who suffers big blows both in his love and work life. When he decides to leave America, where he has been living for 10 years and returns to his home country, luck is not on his side. 

Stars: Frank Powers, Jun-yong Choi, Eun-Jeong, Hyeon Ju 

49.Dream High(2011–2012) 

Dream High tells the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Go Hye Mi is a student who sings … See full summary » 

J.Y. Park, Jin-won Jung, Ji-eon Lee, Kim Soo-Hyun 

50.Personal Taste(2010) 

The surprise hit of 2010, Personal Taste (aka Personal Preference) garnered high ratings and a huge fanbase in a comedy that proves true love is found in the most unlikely places. Quirky … See full summary » 

Stars: Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-Ho, Nam-Gil Kim, Ji-Seok Kim 

The Taeyang Corporation is the largest conglomerate in South Korea. The family that runs Taeyang has been under a curse for hundred years that the first bride of the eldest son will always … See full summary » 

Stars: Jin-Sung Yang, Hong-ki Lee, Jung-Hee Nam 



D.P. (2021)

comment:  a very gripping  look at the  Korean military  life and what led so many people to desert the abusive condictions  they experience.   the Korean government has announced that they are dismantling the DP unit  but insisted that this  drama had anything to do with that decision.   Ha!


Main Role

Support Role

Guest Role

Park Seo Joon is now confirmed to advance to Hollywood with the upcoming movie “The Marvels.”

The end



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