Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy, Time to Go Dear

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Nancy Pelosi to run for re-election

Steve Jobs Hier eyeing Nancy Pelosi’s seat

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Letter sent to Nancy Pelosi calling for her to retire to save the party and the nation. I’ll let you know if she bothers to respond.


Dear Nancy, Time to Go Dear

Dear Nancy,

I am writing to you to plead with you to reconsider your decision to run for re-election.  It is more important than anything else right now for the Democratic party to retain control of the House and the Senate given the insane backward policies that the Republicans in the House and the Senate would try to implement if they were to win in November. Not to mention that they would shut down the Biden administrations’ entire agenda.

I am a life-long democrat having grown up in Berkeley in the late 60s and 70s.  I served in the Peace Corps and became a foreign service officer retiring in 2016. I live in South Korea as I have my wife’s family living here.  I hope to return to the Bay area in another year.  Incidentally, you may know about my family. My father, Curtis Cosmos Aller, was the President of the Berkeley Co-Op and the Peralta community college district and a professor and Dean at SF State.

There is a time in one’s life when one needs to retire from active work and slow down and enjoy the golden years of one’s life.  There is no shame in deciding it is time to retire and let the next generation of leaders emerge.  At age 83 you have done so much for the country.   It is always a good idea to leave on a high note.  If you retire now, you will be leaving at a high note.  If you run for re-election, you might run the risk of losing the primary.  The voters in SF just recalled the school board because they felt that they were simply out of touch with the average resident of San Francisco. Perhaps that should be a wake-up call for you to consider.

But if you run for re-election, the Republicans will no doubt run a campaign demonizing you and the entire democratic leadership as being, old political hacks elites out of with the American people.   They will portray themselves as the next generation of leaders fighting for the American people.

As you know, the Republicans are the masters of dirty politics. They will lie, cheat and do what it takes to take back the house and Senate.  Given what’s going on right now with the aftermath of the pullout from Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, and rampant inflation, the American public is feeling that things are not going in the right direction and unfortunately they will blame the democrats.

Having most of the leadership of the party, including of course the President all in their 70s or older leads itself to this attack. I can see the attack ads already.  The Republicans will no doubt push that narrative to the maximum because sadly there is some truth to it.

I hope that you don’t see this plead as a “agist’ attack on you and the democratic leadership because it is not.  I am 66 myself.  And to be fair, I believe all the leaders in both parties, the Supreme Court, and the President who are over 70 years of age, should all announce that they are retiring at the end of their terms to let the next generation of leaders emerge to deal with the problems of today, as our old aged leaders are lost battling yesterday’s political battles.  You should set the example, and the rest will follow.

The bottom line is this:  the stakes are so high that the democratic leadership must do all they can to keep the house.  If you announce that you and the senior leadership are all retiring to let a new generation of leaders emerge will change the game and perhaps save the House and the Senate.

And if you do retire, please do not let your daughter run for your seat because you know nepotism?

I hope that you can consider my request and retire for the good of the party, and the nation.


John “ Jake” Cosmos Aller





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