Fetal Funerals are Not Christian!

Fetal Funerals are Not Christian!








Note: this may be offensive to some readers, if so, I apologizeI am simply trying to understand why Christian leaders are promoting such a cruel, vindictive, misogamist, inhuman policy that is contradicted by the core teachings of the Christian faith.

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In Texas and other red states, (Indiana) Christian conservatives have been promoting and passing “ Fetus Funeral Bills “that require women who had an abortion or miscarriage to bury the fetus and have a funeral ceremony at their own expense. The reason is that they consider a fetus to be a human being that has full human rights and that all human beings when they die deserve to have a funeral and that women who have an abortion or miscarriage  must pay respect to the dead fetus and this somehow is fully consistent with their view of what their Christian faith commands.

I have been struggling to figure this out . What does the Bible teach about abortion and what does the Bible teach about miscarriages and what does the Bible teach about responsibility to have a funeral after someone dies?

I am not a Christian but I have read my Bible and I have read a lot of Christian writings over the years and I just cannot find any justification in the Bible , or in Jesus’s teachings or in the church itself that would justify such a barbaric cruel inhumane and degrading practice as requiring a woman who had a an abortion  or miscarriage to hold a funeral for the fetus.  I could not find any biblical references that clearly states that birth starts at conception and that fetuses are fully formed human beings and they must be treated as human beings. In fact I might be wrong but I do not believe that the Bible or Jesus address the issue of abortion at all nor did he mention what to do when a woman has a miscarriage, nor does he talk about life beginning at conception.  Nor does he talk about fetus’s as having human rights..

Does God Decides when a woman will get pregnant?

I found a lot of references to the idea that God decides when woman will become pregnant and whether the  woman’s pregnancy will be viable. How God decides that nobody has an explanation other than the usual  “well God is God and God can do anything he wants,” but still assuming that there is a God and that God is directly involved in all of our lives including our sex lives then God must be incredibly busy overseeing the intimate activities of eight billion human beings. At the heart of Christian thinking there is the concept that God impregnated the Virgin Mary who was a virgin, i.e. having never never had sex before, even though she was married. God impregnates  her through the actions of the Holy Spirit which I assume is also known as the Holy Ghost and has some kind of supernatural being that can and does intervene in our daily lives without our knowledge or even our consent.  And how the holly spirit got her pregnant is not explained – other than that is some sort of supernatural act.

I did find some references to the theory that abortion is murder and that doctors who perform abortions should be punished and woman who have an abortion should be punished as well. And some have advocated that women who have a miscarriage due to their activity including drinking, smoking, taking drugs, engaging in sex, or just engaging in work activities that might have contributed to the death of the fetus should also be charged with murder.

What I have not seen in the concept that since God decides when and if a woman gets pregnant, if God allows a miscarriage that miscarriage is a sense an abortion and God should be held responsible for having murdered the fetus. 

No Biblical or other justification for fetal funerals

Therefore it does not seem that there is any biblical or Christian justification for requiring women who have had an abortion or miscarriage to hold a funeral for their Fetus at their own expense. These policies seem to have but one justification to punish women for engaging in sexual activity because pregnancy is a consequence of sexual activity and therefore a miscarriage is possible and or the woman may decide to have an abortion,  at any case a potential human being is killed.  This policy also violates essential Christian thinking about how we should act with compassion and mercy towards other human beings and violate certainly the golden rule that we should treat other people as we would want them to treat us and violates the privacy of women and their families and get the government into their bedroom supervising their intimate activity.  Not to mention violates the religious liberties of the woman who may or may want to hold a funeral ceremony for their fetus. Funeral decisions are normally left to individuals and families to decide on their own.  Up to now governments have not intervened in private funeral decisions. 

 I thought that the Christian conservatives wanted to keep the government out of our private business but apparently if it  involves sex, then the government must intervene to protect us from the consequences of potentially wrong decisions.

To sum up requiring a woman who had abortion or a miscarriage to carry out a funeral for the fetus at her own expense is a cruel vindictive inhumane and anti Christian act, and government officials who are promoting this should go home reflect read their Bibles and do what Jesus would have done which is exactly the opposite of requiring woman who had an abortion or miscarriage having a funeral at their own expense.

Sent to Governor Abbot of Texas 

Dear Governor Abbot

I wrote the following blog piece on your policies promoting Fetus funerals in the State of Texas.  I would love to hear your justification for such a profoundly anti-Christian action?


Jake Cosmos Aller

Not A Christian and not a fan

will post any updates I receive


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