Five Poems About Noise

Five Poems about Noise


Jake (John) Cosmos Aller


Lost in Internet Space

Shutting Down the Noise

It Don’t Mean Shit



Lost in Internet Space (Microsoft dictation Found Poem)

All night I felt lost

In that last Internet space

Lost and consumed by the constant noise

All around us

Consumed with anxiety

I’m wondering About Future

and about me

And finally decided

Just focus I’m living day by day

Helping the best

Ashland I can be

I’m not Worry too much

About things I can’t control

Were home

Too many things to do

and I Well

Just him and I can eat

to do

And hopefully

The world make me laugh

yes again

I sound fun too

Shutting down the Noise

Watching from afar

The endless constant changing

Reality that is the Trump Presidency

Watching one political norm after another

Tossed aside at the mercurial whim of the President

And the right wing spin machine at work

And the left wing

Saying the world is ending

And everything is going to hell

As I sucked into the void

Watching watching watching

As the political process

Destroys the country

And the world

Then I realized

It is all a delusion

It means nothing

And the world is not ending

At least not today

I shut off the TV

I realize that I would be happier

If I just shut it all down

Shut down the internet

Shut down the media

Shut off the radio

Put down the newspaper

And cut through the noise machine

That surronds us 24/7

Listen to classical music

Listin to old time blues

Go with a walk with my wife

Enjoy the day

And let the noise of the media

Fade away into nothingness

It Don’t Mean Shit

Watching the news

Sucked into the The 24/7 noise machine,

Watching the constant lies, spin, accusations counter accusations

Dark conspiracies, deep state, fake news, Evil plots, The Trump reality TV show

Run amuck, The Republicans in congress, Fiddling as the world burns

And the democrats Fanning the flames of discontent Just like the Republicans did

For eight years under Obama

I breath deeply

Turn off the TV

And go for a walk

In the hills

Just to get away

From the nosie of the world

Just for a moment

Mr. Natural

That beloved 60’s mascot

Used to say

It don’t meet shit

And just went trucking along

But as I tried to recall that wisdom

My resolve only lasts a few minutes

soon enough I am

sucked back into another marathon

Watching the news

The noise that surrounds us

Driving us mad

As the anxiety consumes us all

In the new Trump world order


Nothing but constant noise
On the air,

In the internet
Surrounding us 24/7
Everywhere we turn

Nonsense – Nothing but noise

Nothing but nonsense, noise, chattering idiots

On the news, on the internet, all over the place

Nothing but nonsense, noise about dark conspiracies

Seldom is spoken a word of truth

Even in the darkest corner of the world

Nothing but noise when you turn on the TV

Sometimes I want to smash my TV

Eventually the mood fades and I am drawn back into its embrace

© Copyright 2018 JCosmos (jcosmos at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

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