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Ugly Writer Publishes ” Sleaze” Poems

The Ugly writer publishes “Sleze” Poems

“SLeze” poetry by Jake Cosmos Aller

the Ugly Writer has published a number of my poems including my poems about “Sleaze” and “Searching for God”

Heading Back to the Past

While the rest of the world
Embraces the energy of the future

Our great denier of the truth

picture of President Trump
president trump

wants to boldly take America back
To the 19th century era of oil, and coal

Yet perhaps it does not matter in the end
As long as we have one another

We will overcome
The darkness will flee the land

It Has Been Done Before

Before Trump’s Wall
There were many other walls

trump's sleazy wall
trump’s wall

The Berlin Wall
The Great Wall
Hadrian’s Wall

All the walls of the ancient world
All failed
To keep the enemies out

The enemies of freedom
The enemies of the state

Still came across the border
To loot, steal, rape and plunder

And nothing could stop
The flood of history

The Grim Reaper Is late

the grim reaper
is late
he is behind his quota

so he unleashes
the ravens of death

the ravens of despair
the ravens of madness

they spread out
all over the world

infecting all
with madness

as the world descends
consumed by hate

the grim reaper
smiles his sardonic grin

thinking of all the souls
he will harvest that day

as he carries out
the mandate
of his satanic majesty

The House of the Damned

deep in the woods
in the swamps of the deepest bayou

lies an old abandoned cabin
few have ever visited

it looks long abandoned
but there are stories

of a creature
from beyond time itself

who lives deep in the swamp
devouring everything he comes across

But he hungers for human flesh
once in a while

he keeps a human slave
who goes into town

and drums up business
for his master

the hunters are recruited
and they are brought to the house

where they are commissioned
to go into the woods

and hunt down prisoners
and shoot them dead

and bring back the bodies
for the bounty

and the hunt is on
and the prisoners are caught

and the monster of the deep swamps
has a feast

and the hunters
are added to the fire

a few are left alive
zombies under his control

and so the house of the dead
continues to haunt

the deep swamps

Searching for God

a homeless man

camped out
on the streets
of any city

just another broken down soul
looking for something

and then I see him
painting the face of God
on the ground

and I know
that God is everywhere

and sometimes
only the down and out
can see and feel God

The rest of us
are blind to the divine


Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze
Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze Sleaze
Nothing but Sleaze
Surrounds me 24/7







Led by the evil Sleaze King
King Donald Trump
the one true sleaze King
The Sleaze King from TV

Are we doomed to live
In a world run by sleaze kings
And ruled by sleaze values

Are we addicted to sleaze
And need our sleaze fix daily

As we turn on the sleaze TV
And see nothing but sleaze

Oozing out of our TV sets?


Sleaze surrounds us 24/7
Lots of sleaze on the TV
Everywhere we go nothing but sleaze
All the time 24/7 sleaze rules the air
Zappa had it right calling it the slime
Everything is nothing but slime oozing out of our TV’s

They are Next God Says

God is in his cosmic control room
The ultimate situation room

Where here he watches over mankind 24/7
One day he reads

About protesters
Protesting the operation
of Emergency helicopters

Because they’re too noisy
they stir up dust
and damage their properties

And are just inconvenient as hell
just too bloody inconvenient

the protestors are demanding
that the helicopters be grounded

Disregarding the fact
That they save lives
Given the hellish traffic conditions

God is furious at the callous attitude
The casual disregard for human life
And the pettiness of the protesters

He calls up his chief angels
And reads them the recent articles

All of the angels
Are furious at the callous attitudes of the protesters

God calls the grim reaper
His contractor who handles the details of death

God says I have a commission for you

The Grim Reaper had read the article
As he too monitors the world 24/7

He laughs

and says I know what to do
Obviously, they all have to die
In a horrific accident

and can’t get to the hospital in time
Because they are stuck in traffic

Now you’re talking God said
But I want you to break protocol

Just before they die show up
And explain to them why
They are about to die

That would be poetic justice God said
And you know I’m all about that

Everyone laughs
God has a sense of humor after all

The grim reaper mordantly salutes the boss
And goes about his grim task

Out Law Lady of the Night

Photo by Nishant Vyas on

One wild moonlit night
On the tail end of a Friday Night booze run

I found myself
Twenty drinks too sober
In a bar in the mean streets of Bangkok

Drinking my way to Hell
Just as fast as I could

And on the stage
Dancing her soul away
Was the most beautiful creature

In the known universe

Dancing with an attitude
That could kill an elephant in heat

She looked so fine
Made my eye balls hurt

As I started at her naked body
Admiring the curves
In all the right places

And her ass called to me
Telling me deep dark erotic desires
Inspiring carnal thoughts

And hopes that she would be mine
For the right price

And I stared at her
And she smiled with an evil seductive smile
A true succubus from hell itself

And she gave me a knowing look
And I knew that I was hooked

For a night of wild libertine passion
As I devoured her

Making wild passionate love
All night long

Even if it meant
That I would be selling my soul
To the devil himself

Last Woman on Earth

The last woman on earth
Stands in a deep forest
Contemplating the end of the world

The end of civilization
The end of time itself

She stares out at the dark forest
Watching the world reclaim itself
Watching mankind fade away into dust

The last woman in the world
Clutches her bible against her chest
Wondering why God had forsaken her

She screams out to God
But no answer

Only the silence of the wilderness
And the silence in her heart

The end of the world
Came overnight
Only she survived the final bio plague

She fled the crumbling ruins of the city
Sought refuge in the forest

And found she could not die
And she wanders the world

Looking for survivors
And so the world ends

And mankind fades away

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