it can’t happen here

It Can’t Happen Here


Jake Cosmos Aller

It Can’t Happen Here
Masters of the Universe
Fires Burning Bright
Hurricanes from Hell
Idiots in High Places
God Does Not Talk to Idiots

It Can’t Happen Here

The pundits and talking heads
The chaterati classes

All assure us
That it can’t happen here
Fascism will never happen here

Our democratic system
Superior to all others
Check and balances
Power of the media

Will prevent fascism
From taking root
In the American soil

They laugh
And talk amongst themselves
And laugh some more
Convincing themselves

Meantime the darkness
Continues to descend

As our President becomes more erratic
And frankly shows signs of insanity
The fascists supporting him
Gather strength

And one day
They strike back
With furry

When the powers that be
Try to remove the President

He mobilizes his army
His army of deplorables
And they mobilize

And his fascist supporters
In the government
Demand law and order
And restoration of the Leader of the people
As they have started calling the President

He comes back into power
And demands
Unspecified emergency powers

And so, the cycle ends
And fascism wrapped inside a Christian flag

Comes to America
Full vengeance
As they take charge

And the chaterati classes
Are all arrested
The first to be rounded up

America has fallen
The media stars
All comply

The leader is great
America is great
And all who oppose him

Must be terror sympathizers
Or Tersymps for short
And deserve to be rounded up

Public protests are forbidden
Muslims must register
Atheists must be fired

Alt media is shut down
The internet is censored

And I weep
As I see the once great American nation
Descend into a fascist nightmare

And I wait for the midnight knock on the door
Knowing that I am on the list.

Knock Knock knock
Open it is homeland security……

Masters of the Universe

The earth has been invaded
By hideous blood sucking vampires
Disgusting vile alien creatures
Devoid of all compassion
Lacking any human empathy

These so-called Masters of the universe
These psychopathic monsters
Are everywhere
They even took over the White house

And to these vile creatures
Everyone is nothing but a commodity
These alien monsters
Worship the god of the market
While proclaiming that they serve Jesus

Jesus would turn over in his grave
To see these people in action

The airlines in Florida
Facing the worst hurricane in world history
Decided that the expeditated thing to do
The MBA approved thing to do
The profit maximizing, screw the public thing to do

Was to raise prices 600 percent
Without prior notice charging 3,000 dollars

Instead of doing the right thing
The compassion thing
The human thing of offering free flights to all

These executives, these so-called Masters of the Universe
thus, demonstrated that they are no longer human

But greed driven monsters
As are all the other soulless automatons
Who have taken over the world

Perhaps some day
Jesus will come back
And smite these motherfuckers
Send them to the hell they so richly deserve

We can only pray
For our deliverance from such evil
From the soulless evil masters of the universe
Who have taken over the planet

Fires Burning Bright

I look out my window in Medford Oregon
at the unnaturally dark smoke-filled skies

Seems almost like the end of the world
Out here in the smoke-filled skies
Of the west

And realize that that the entire west coast
Is burning up

Quote the Donald,. “Give me clean, beautiful and healthy air – not the same old climate change (global warming) bullshit! I am tired of hearing this nonsense.”

I consult the Donald for further wisdom and advice
and find that this is what he had to say

. “Well, I think the climate change is just a very, very expensive form of tax. A lot of people are making a lot of money. I know much about climate change. I’d be–received environmental awards. And I often joke that this is done for the benefit of China. Obviously, I joke. But this is done for the benefit of China, because China does not do anything to help climate change. They burn everything you could burn; they couldn’t care less. They have very–you know, their standards are nothing. But they–in the meantime, they can undercut us on price. So, it’s very hard on our business.”

Ah it all makes sense
Climate change is a Chinese hoax
So, they can destroy the US economy

Thanks to our dear great leader’s wisdom
I am relieved

And realize that it will all be alright
If I just follow the wisdom
Of our dear leader

Hurricanes from Hell

As I watch the endless coverage of the storms from hell
Harvey, Irma, Jose and so many others
It seems almost end of the world like

As I sit on the smoky west coast
With fires burning everywhere

Thinking of the massive storms from hell
Bearing down on the East Coast
And the burning of the West Coast

As the storms head to Margo Largo
Winter home of our dear leader
Threatening destruction

The thought comes to mind
Perhaps there really is a God

And he is angry at us
For destroying his world

And I realize that God
Has been sending us a message
The end of the world is coming

And I despair
Thinking that we have an idiot in charge
Of the United States Government

As we face the storms of the century
And the ever-growing threats of global terrorism

Nuclear armed North Korea
And global chaos

What does our dear leader say to comfort us
In our hour of need

Nothing but political nonsense
How great he is doing
And how on top of things he is

As the storms batter the country
And the fires consume the west

I realize that the earth
Does not give a whit
About what I think

The world spins and spins around the sun
The climate continues to deteriorate
And mankind might be facing its darkest hours

But we have the Donald
And he will lead us through
To the other side

And so, I pray to the Donald
For deliverance from the storms
the fires burning everywhere
the threat of nuclear war
the end of the world

Idiots in High Places

Many years ago
I was amazed to find
So many idiots in high places
All over the world

Senators, congressmen
Office directors
Corporation CEO’s

All were idiots
Completely stupid

People who should have known
A thing or so
because they should have seen a thing or so

and yet these idiots in high places
would reveal their total ignorance

every time they opened their mouth
or tweet or email their profoundly wrong thoughts

and it never ceased to amaze me
that few ever challenged these idiots

few ever said but you are wrong
or you don’t have a clue

and these idiots caused so much damage
to those around them
to the country and the world

and now we have the idiot in chief
in charge of the richest most powerful country
the world has ever known

and I wonder how in a country of 350 million people
we ended up with such an idiot in charge

But the idiots in high places phenomenon
Exists everywhere

Corporations made stupid decisions
Countries make incredibly bad decisions

All traced back to idiots in high places
And these idiots in high places
Can’t hide their ignorance and pure stupidity

They can’t pretend anymore
In a world of 24/7 constant news
The idiots every pronouncement
Fills the airways 24/7

And the only people who know better
Are too afraid to say what they know

That the idiot in high place
Is an idiot
and is destroying the world

and so we doomed to die
due to the idiot in high places

God Does Not Talk to Idiots

Every day
There is another outrageous statement
From this preacher or that preacher

Saying that God spoke to them
And told them that Trump

Was anointed by God himself
And would bring us all to the promised land

Well I hate to bring it up
But felt that I must

If God exists
And is all powerful

Why would he waste his time
Talking to these idiot preachers?

And why would he anoint Trump
The most ungodly of all politicians

How do these preachers know
It is God calling

Does God speak to them?
And what does God sound like?

How did God talk to them?
On the phone? By email? By tweet
Or by visions or voices in their head?

Or are they just raving lunatics
Who think that God is calling them?

God does not in my opinion
Talk to idiots

Nor should he tolerate these fools any more

God does not send us hurricanes or tornados
To punish us

That is beneath his pay grade

God is god and is mysterious
And if he speaks to us at all

We surely do not understand
Anything he says

As we have surely screwed up
The teachings of his prophets

So I wish to end this by saying
Oh you false prophets


God is not calling you
And never has

Just SFTU already

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