Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
Donald Trump and the Vulgarians Rise to Power
Strong Wine
The Shape of History
Yesterday Morning

Lost and Found

I was lost
And you found me

You walked out of my dreams
And into my life

And that made all the difference
In the world

As you entered my life
I was all alone in this cruel world

And you provided shelter
And comfort

I did not know what I wanted
And you gave me what I wanted

You gave me meaning
You gave me purpose

You gave me love
And understanding

peace and happiness
Joy, laughter and fun

You were endlessly fascinating
Could not keep my eyes off of you

You were the most beautiful women
In the world to me

And you still are
So many years later

Like a fine bottle of wine
Gets better with age

And you gave me
Endless nights of wild lovemaking

Which has gotten better
As well

And I fell under your spell
from the day I met you

I was lost
And you found me

And if you go first
I will be lost again

Can’t live without you
By my side

Thus is has always been
Between us

We are so entangled
So interwoven

And that is the way
It was meant to me

the voice of my doom

walking deep in the woods
high above the city
near the airport

I heard them
then saw them

hideous black crows
looking at me
cackling at me
laughing at me
mocking me

calling me names

I asked what they wanted
they laughed
and said
nothing but your doom

and they flew around me
dive bombing me

and surrounding me
calling me names
in Korean and English

as I fled down the trail
with the demon birds
hot on my trail

Donald Trump and the Vulgarians Rise to Power

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

Trump and the Vulgarians
Lusting for power and revenge

It ain’t right they say

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

The white man has been given the shaft
The nigger president gone too far
And now they want to make a bitch President

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

They have gone too far they shout and scream
Anger pouring out of their faces and their whatever

Rabid dogs from the no fly lands
I hear them coming

I see them coming
I fear them coming

The elites on the coast
Continue to look down on the Trump

Say he is a clown say he is a simpleton
Say he is dangerous demagogue

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

But the more they sling at him
the more they deride him
The stronger he gets

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

The deplorable who support him
Know that they have got the elites right where they want them
Behind the barrel of their proverbial guns

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

The fly over country
the fuckistanian
Jesus land multitudes

Are on the march on the coastal elites
Rabble rousers out for blood tonight

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

And blood they will have
If their hero their champion their Donald
Is denied his right to rule over them?

The rights to them have sold
To the highest bidder

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

And Donald knows that he is a fraud
A con man a film flam artist

But he knows his marks knows his rubes
And gives them what they want
Gives them what they need

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

As they give the whole rotten system
A god damn finger up the ass
Hoping to blow the whole thing down

I hear them coming
I see them coming
I fear them coming

You Will Be Punished

You Will Be Punished for Protesting
The Principle has a message
For those who don’t stand for the National Anthem:
Obey or be punished.

“You will stand, and you will stay quiet.
If you don’t. you are going to be sent home,
and you’re not going to have a refund of your ticket price,


I would love to see some brave students
defying Nemeth’s idiotic proposal
by conducting a mass sit-in during the Anthem at the next game.
He can’t do anything about it.

It’s appalling,
really, because

you have to wonder
how awful the government classes
must be at his school

Is his school in the US?
Or in North Korea?

Do they not teach students about the Constitution anymore?
What happens to students who refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance?

Are they punished, too?

What happens to athletes
who remain seated during the Anthem?
Will they be allowed to play at all?

When will Nemeth issue an apology?

(When he stops being an ignorant fool,

I would also love to hear him explain

— in a video to the students —

why he’s wrong about this issue.)

“The statement made by the principal of Lely High School
arises out of a context
in which students
in the stands
at a school athletic event

we’re being disruptive
at the start of
and during the national anthem.

He has spoken
with our students

to explain that his statement
was based upon the disruption
that school administrators observed occurring.

The district recognizes a student’s First Amendment right
to express his/her thoughts and ideas.
For now

But if President Trump Becomes President
All bets are off
Ha ha ha

However, the law refuses to see
As Frank Zappa sang so many years ago

That there is no great society
As it applies to you and me
Unless your uncle owns the store

if a student paid to see a game
and sat quietly in the stands
during the national anthem,
we would not remove the student.

The student is seeing the game
at that point
as a member of the public.

True patriotism is upholding the First Amendment right to free speech.”

All Hail President Trump
The invincible
Leader of our great country

Strong Wine

One night
I was starring
In my wine glass

Deep in thought
When I saw
Something in my wine

That haunts me still
I saw in the bottom of the glass

Evil doers abandon evil
And became saints

I saw rich men give up
Their awesome greed

And poor people
Awarded dignity

And all men
Became brothers

All women
Became sisters

And war ended once and for all
And peace broke out
And hatred disappear

And I stared
Into my glass wine

I drink the wine
Hoping the vision

Would infect me
And change the world

But alas the world
Remained the same

The evil doers came back
The rich continued to conspire
And the poor still remained poor
And the war continued on and on

So I drank my wine
And went to sleep

The Shape of History

Once I too had ambition
I had the usual dreams of glory and grandeur
All I wanted to be was to be a great creative genius

Only I did not know
How to kiss ass creatively

Once I had dreams of greatness
I would be glorious and free
All would envy and admire

This man so noble and great
Now I am tied down in mirthless mire

Once I hustled
Once I took no shit from anyone

Once I wanted the universe
Now I am contended to shit

And refuse to bustle
Why bother anymore

In the gathering gloom
Of the foreseeable future

One thing is certain
I do not want a room

On the scrap heap of society
And yet that might be my fate

Yesterday Morning

Yesterday morning, I awoke
Like most mornings

I was still dead I walked
Out of my drug infested slum
Into my computerized car

Down the freeways of my mind
Searching for the pot of golden dreams

I stopped in at a Resturant
Drank copious amounts of free coffee

And saw all the people

One by one disappearing into the crowds
All I knew was wrong

Or worst yet a figment of your imagination
Every person changed

Transformed into an interchangeable computer’s robot

All the same
All the same

Everything living in instant suburbia
Moving their meaningless life

All the same all the same

Not me screamed my coffee as I sat

Yet another victim
Of our creeping collective insanity

Just cogs in the wheel
Cogs in the wheel

And so I go down the road
And get in line

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