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From GF bread, (really good for you) to Healthy Choice food choices meh not so good for you and KFC and McDonalds more fake food for ya

Fake Bread

Fake Bread

Most of the time

I eat fake bread
GF bread

For health reasons
My wife can’t tolerate the real thing

And so,
I eat fake bread
Fake pasta
Fake pizza

But every so often
I want the real deal

I crave bread
Made with wheat

And a real pizza
And real pasta
And real donuts

comments: No disrespect to those like my wife who has celiac disease. But bread was originally made with wheat, hence in that sense “GF bread is Fake Bread, a kind of “fake food” ” given my definition of “fake” meaning altered from the original in some fashioned. Granted the wheat used nowadays has little to do with the original wheat used by our ancestors. and gluten is probably bad for everyone, and I do like it but once in a while I want bread made with wheat. end comments

Fake Cheese

In America
Most commercial cheese
Are processed cheese products

Chemically enhanced fake cheese
With maybe 25 percent
Real cheese from real cows

The rest
Chemicals and flavorings
And who knows what

Can’t pronounce the damn ingredients
And that can’t be good

I crave real cheese
My favorite is Tillamook cheese
From Oregon

But I love real cheese
But I have to restrict myself

If I eat what I want
I would gain 25 pounds

My wife claims
Even thinking about cheese
Causes me to gain weight

And so,
cheese is banned
From my house

And boy do I miss
Real cheese

Never liked the fake stuff though
Just not a Velveeta cheese product fan

comments: can’t handle cheese any more – I gain weight just looking at it! but Velveeta is not cheese! end comments

Fake KFC

There is a joke
That many years ago
KFC was ordered to change
Their name

From Kentucky Fried Chicken

Because according to the court
The chicken contained only 10 percent chicken meat
The rest was chemicals, soy, other extenders

And the chicken was not fried
And not made anymore
in Kentucky

That may or not be true
But I did visit the KFC museum
Near the highway rest stop
Where the first KFC opened up

Back when they produced real fried chicken
From chickens sourced in Kentucky

And it was 100 percent chicken meat
With spices etc
No extenders at all

I toured the museum
But did not eat there

Last time I ate at a KFC
Was in Sapporo Japan
for five weeks

When my American co-workers
Insisted on an American fast food lunch

I got sick from the KFC
My body just could not handle
The chemicals anymore

And so,
I never went back
And never will

Comment: enough said

Fake Mc Donald’s

Mcdonalds Fast Food Stockfoto Getty Images

Mc Donald’s is the king
Of the fake food industry

Their burgers are unnatural abominations
If you leave the burgers out for days

You can still cook them
And that ain’t natural
And ain’t right

No one knows really
What is in the burgers
That is a corporate secret

But one knows
That it can’t be good for you

I lost my taste for Mc Donald’s
And Burger King and Wendy’s
About ten years ago

I last ate at Burger King in St Lucia
And ate at Mc Donalds in India

Mc Donalds in India
Is not allowed to serve beef

They finally settled on a chicken burger
As their burger of choice

Wisely abandoning the Raja mutton burger
Which just tasted horrible
The veggie burgers were the best though

But I still crave a burger
And will eat at other chains
Or gourmet burger places

But the sad reality
The burgers are all the same

Ten percent beef
The rest chemicals and extenders

One day a study came out
Linking eating fast food burgers
To ED among men

And that may be true
It is also true

That eating fast food daily
is courting death at an early age

One day the CEO of Burger King
Came out in a Press conference
To denounce the movie
Super Size me

He said

“Fast food burgers are perfectly safe
And delicious
I had a Whopper for lunch”

Then he collapsed and died
From a massive heart attack

Poetic justice
At work

comment: May be an urban legend but boy is that an illustration of poetic justice at work! comment

Fake healthy Food

The evil food industry executives
Are on to us

They proclaim
That they get it
They need to sell us healthier food

And so, they present
all sorts of so-called healthy food
For us to consume

Only problem
The food is still

the chemical enhanced fake food
they always make

25 percent real ingredients
75 percent chemicals and extenders

they just slap a healthy choice label on it
charge you double

and proclaim it is healthier for you
Than the other crap they sell

but no processed food is healthy
only food created from scratch
can be considered healthy food

So, as you enjoy
your healthy choice fake food
just remember this

it is still fake food
still poison

comments: Sums up my feelings on fake food. I try to eat mostly healthy real food but when traveling don’t have much choices outside of my own kitchen. End Comments

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