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Fake Food Poems

Poems About Fake Food

These are my poems about fake food. this is the first part of my “fake food” chapbook which is a sub-set of my “Fake Things” manuscript. I hope to shop both around for publication in the Spring. For both collection I use as a working definition of “fake” anything that is not 100 percent the original deal or state. Thus most of the world we live in is that sense “fake” fake things can be better than the original, or just meet a different need but some are insidious like “fake food”. I have posted some of these earlier, and they can be found on Cosmosfunnel, All poetry, Hello Poetry (where is trending whatever that means) and poetry magnum opus.

of course these opinions are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinions of any my prior employers.

here we go my poems about fake food! comments and feedback welcomed.

Fake Food

in this world of fake things
Nothing is more fake
Than the food we eat

Most of the fake food crap we eat
Is nothing but chemicals
And flavorings

Added to a small amount
Of real food

All packaged and sold
And marketed

Scientifically designed to taste good
So we eat the poisoned food
And get sicker and sicker

While the food industry giants
Make obscene profits
Selling us poison

Comments: almost all processed food sold in the market is fake in the sense that it has chemicals and preservatives added to it along with gluten, corn syrup and who knows what else, not to mention GMO’s. Fresh fruits and vegetables often have wax on it.

it is difficult but not impossible to find real food but the big food companies don’t make a lot of profit so they push all the various processed foods on us and we mostly consume as Frank Zappa once sang,

“eat the garbage that I feed you” from ” I am the Slime” end comment

Fake coffee

I used to be a big coffee drinker
Had to have my four or five cups
Of real fresh brewed coffee

Not for me the weak instant coffee
Of decaf coffee or herbal fake coffee

But over time coffee caught up to me
And now I can not handle the real deal
And I am forced to drink decaf coffee
Which is a kind of fake coffee to me

Or herbal coffee
Which is entirely fake
Designed to taste like the real thing

But without that caffeine kick
That true coffee drinkers crave

Since we are all caffeine addicts at heart
Just need that rush to get going
And keep going

And the fake coffee
Just does not do the trick

And so, I am doomed
To drink decaf coffee
And fake coffee

Missing my real cup of coffee
Until the day I enjoy the last drop


I do like my coffee so I drink a cup of decaf almost every day and once in a great while real coffee and I will resume drinking herbal coffee but these are fake in the sense that coffee in its original state has caffeine in it. see my other coffee poems on my web page. Several have been published. Particularly snarling cup of coffee.

here in Korea, there seems to be a coffee shop on every corner. Only in the last year has decaf become widely available, before then it was impossible to find anywhere so there is progress for those like me who can’t handle caffeine.

End comment

Fake vegan meat

A Man Eating A Vegan Burger. Stock Photo – Image of hamburger, meat_ 113961446

When I go to a vegetarian restaurant
I often encounter fake meat
Often called mock meat

Made out of soybeans, and other things
And I wonder
Why bother with the façade

I mean if you are a vegan
Be a vegan

Don’t eat or make fake meat
You don’t need it
You really don’t like it

And it is somehow
just wrong to me

So please no more fake meat
No more tofu turkey for me

Either give me my meat
Or give me my vegan delight

comment: no offense to my vegan friends, but I just don’t get the concept of fake meat. I have had some great fake meat dishes and enjoyed it but just don’t get the concept. end comments

Fake fish

Everywhere in the world
When you eat fish
In a restaurant

The restaurant owners
Claim it is salmon or tuna
Or other delicious fish

But the sad reality
60 percent of the time
You are eating fake fish

The fish may be fish
Or may not be fish
But if it is indeed fish
It is probably tilapia

Or some other cheap
Bottom feeding scumbag fish
Filled with toxins

And possibly tape worms
And other parasites

And as you eat your delicious fish
You are eating the fake fish

And helping the fish industry
Continue this con game

But there is nothing you can do
Except for catching your own fish
And preparing it yourself

So, when you eat fish
Pretend if you must

That you eating salmon or tuna
While you eat your tilapia
And pay the salmon/tuna premium price

comment: there are so many fake fish products in the market. one study estimated that less than 50 percent of the time the customers are getting what they thought they had ordered, and it is difficult to tell at times whether the fish you eating is the real deal. Here in Korea though you can buy real fish from the fish market and be somewhat assured that you are eating the real deal. End comment

are you eating fake fish

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