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April Poem a Thon Poems

In 2017, I participated in my first April Month of Poetry poetry challenge with Tiferet Journal, and copied to All Poetry, Poetry Soup and  posted all on my blog along with photos and audio links, in 2018 I again submitted poems through Tiferet Journal, but in 2019 just posted on All poetry, poetry soup and  and on my blog of course..

Comments and feedback greatly appreciated.  I intent to make this an annual creative project and keep going as long as I can. 

Due to size restrictions, I am only posting 2019 poems,  The 2017, 2018 and 2019 poems are available on my web page along with photos and audio. 

April 2019 Poem a Thon


63 Years Haut 

A penitent Considers another Coming of Mary 

Springtime in Seoul 

today just for today

Agnostic Dyslectic Wonders if There is a Dog

 It Can’t Happen Here or Has it? 

So Excited to Be Alive at 63 all poetry


It’s a Dog’s Life 

Scorpio Passion all poetry

Just an Unhinged Werewolf Howling at the Moon 

Glow  creative talent unleashed prompt 

Old Lady and the Genie 

Coffee Love Hate Affair

Coffee Blues

Morning Thoughts

Santa James Came to Town

Love Chinquapin 

Nightmare butterfly chinquapin 

Dedication to the Women I love

The Art of Stealing Money, anatomy of a bank scam  

Incheon Beach   waltz wave poem

California Burning Bright

 Shaman Prays for Humanity  

 Catching the Trump Fever

Releasing the Trump Monsters

President Trump, International Fire Fighter in Chief


Darker Than You Think

Berkeley Balanced 

 Springtime in Yeongjongdo 

Four Haiku and One Tanka

Life of an Exiled Poet Wandering the Mountains

Walking Down the Snowing Path

Here We Go Again

NRA Stop Talking 

2019 Poems

note:   see 2019  poems page for audio and photos

April 2019 Poems

end note


April 1, 63 Years Haut

63 years old  

taught me a few things 

life is 

to short

to carry a grudge

live and love a lot 

April 1 A penitent Considers another Coming of Mary

I sometimes wonder about the Virgin Mary

I sometimes wonder about the Virgin Mary

Wonder who she was and what she may

Have had to do with the birth of the savior

For I do not believe that story today

or any day for that matter I can not  leave 

these thoughts that hang in the air 

thinking that she must have been with men

and will be with them again

April 1, Today Just for Today

today just for today

I plan to do nothing

nothing at all

just go with the flow

of the day

as the day turns into night

and the night turns into sleep

I will ride the wave 

along with my love

until the day is done

April 2 Agnostic Dyslectic Wonders if There is a Dog

an agnostic dyslectic

stays up all night

wondering if there is a dog

the Buddhists wonder

about the Buddha nature of the dog

the evangelicals are sure that there is a dog

and you must follow their dog

or go to hell

for following another’s dog

the Muslims agree

there is only one dog

and the dogs

smile at the foolishness

of the human race

of course, there is a dog

and they are the master race

as they growl at their owners

who bow down

and clean up their mess

April 2 It Can’t Happen Here or Can It?

Every day when I watch TV

I see the chattering classes

The TV pundits

And their guests

Pontificate about this and that 

And it seems to me 

That they are missing the big picture

In the era of Donald Trump

Nothing that they say

Will make a difference

Donald Trump has slowly conquered

The political world

And he is shaping it into something

That we had hoped we would never see

A truly American neo-fascist state

Wrapped around the flag

And so-called Christian values

And the latest made up outrage 

And the chattering classes

Don’t seem to understand

That they are next 

On the hit parade

As the Donald Trump machinery

Continues to take over the known universe

The question used to be

It can’t happen here

The answer I am afraid 

Is already has 

April 3 So Excited to Be Alive

I wake up

with the dawning sun

so excited

to be alive

at age 63

I look at my sleeping beauty

and realize yet again

my life began

the day I met her

37 years ago

she walked off a bus

out of my dreams

and into my life

and my life began

that autumn day

when I met 

the girl of my dreams

April 4th Trump

Triumphed against all enemies

Remaining unvanquished

Uniting all who oppose him 

Might makes right 

Patriots unite behind the Great Leader 

April 4th I Want a Dog’s Life

I want a dog’s life 

That’s what I want in next life

A dog needs to be cute

And his master will feed him 

It is a dog’s life for me 

April 4th Just an Unhinged Werewolf Howling at the Moon

as the lunatic light of the blood red moon

the super blue moon lights up the night

the werewolf stirs

as the light shines on him

slowly transforming him

into a dark dangerous creature 

of the lunatic night

ready for his flight

out into the world, 

he emerges


howling at the moon 

just another unhinged 


out for blood today

howling at the moon

April 4th Scorpion Nights of Passion

Born in October 

Scorpion Passionate fool

Always taking the lead 

consumed with dark desires 

is this Scorpio buddha nature

consumed with dark desires 

April 5th GLOW

Glowing light of the dawning sun

 Lights up my dismal room 

 Overwhelming me with love 

 Watching my dream girl sleep  

April 6th The Old Lady and the Genie

An old Chinese woman

Stands in a field 

On the lunatic edge of town

Where drinkers gather to drink

And woman of ill repute

Play their games

With the passing drunks

Men ready for a night of passion

She is holding a tea pot

And proclaims 

That the pot contains 

A genie

That will grant the new owner

Three wishes

She had to sell the pot

Because her wishes came true

And she smiles

And laughs insanely

The laughter dies

And she implores people

To buy her tea pot

And put her out of misery

Just buy my pot

And your dreams will come true

Be careful dear thought

Remember all magic

Comes with a price

A terrible price 

April 6th Back of the Bus

Many years ago

When I was a foolish young man

I took a greyhound bus trip

Just to see the country

I was trapped 

In the back of the bus

Where the young 

And restless souls

Gathered together

And drank illegally

And smoked weed 

Also illegally

We stayed there 

Until Winnemucca

Where I got off 

And found my bus pass

Had found another owner

And I went to Salt Lake City

Still trapped in the back of the bus

April 6th The Messenger Dog of God

One day

While studying in Rome

As a priest

I notice a small white dog

Staring at me

He glances at me

Indicating that I am to follow him

I get up

And follow this strange dog

He leads me deep 

Inside the hidden depths 

Of the Vatican

Finally stopping by a door

I open the door

And see St Peter there

He smiles 

Dismisses the dog

Who moves on down the hall

Finished with his cosmic duty

As the secret messenger of God

All in a days work 

I ask why am I here?

St Peter says

Why are any of us here?

It is time for you to go

But I don’t want to go

Don’t want to leave this mortal plane

St Peter smiles

Says it is time to go 

I wake up

Back in my bed

With my wife

And realize it was all a dream 

It was not yet time

To go

But I am afraid

I will find the messenger dog

Outside my door

Any day now

The grim reaper waits

And it will soon be my time

April 6 Coffee Love Hate Affair

I love coffee 

Always have

Always will

But I have a love hate affair

With coffee

Love it when it gets me up

Flying high in the sky

As the sun comes over

Filling with hope

And anticipation

As I conquer the day’s

Daunting tasks

With a little help

From my drug of choice

But coffee turns on me

Late in the day

And I can’t not sleep

As the coffee burns

In my soul

And I toss and turn

And sleep no more

Coffee does that to me

And so, I am reduced 

To drinking decaf coffee

Not the same thing at all

But that is all I can handle

As I am a coffee addict 

And always will be 

April 6 Coffee Blues

Coffee is my drug of choice

Always has been

Ever since I first tried

As a young lad

Loved coffee’s power

To speed up my synaptic nerves

Turning me on

Keeping me going and going and going

But there is a dark side to everything

And coffee is a drug

And it will take you 

Where it wants to go

Enslaving you 

Making you its victim

As it toys with you

Messes with you

Prevents you from sleeping

Coffee is a harsh mistress

It demands respect

As you fall under it seductive powers

Slave again 

To the drug of choice

Just another over caffeinated

Coffee addict

Stumbling along the street

Looking for a fix

At six in the morning

As the coffee wears off

And you finally 

Can get some sleep

Until the alarm 

Blasts you away

And you reach out 

Trembling for you fix

Coffee you scream out

I need coffee

The universe laughs

As you get your coffee high

Just another pathetic coffee junkie

When all is said and done

April 7th Morning Thoughts

Every morning I wake up

And see the love of my life

Sleeping soundly

In our bed

The sun fills my room

And I get up

To do my morning routine

Just marveling at the sight

And as I do my thing

I am drawn back to bed

Just to look 

At this strange creature

That captured my heart

So many years ago

And I wonder yet again

At the mystery of our love

How and why 

Did the universe bring us together

Where did she come from

And why did she summoned me 

I have no answers

Our love transcended

The barriers of time 

And space

And somehow 

We found each other

And will be together

Until the death of time

April 8  Lucky Numbers Blues 

There are many gambler’s fallacies

the statisticians say 

each roll of the roulette table

is an independent event

Yet the gamblers believe

that if for example

there were ten red numbers

in a row

that the next one should be black


A statistician in the U,K.

decided to prove

that the gamblers

were all delusional

in insisting that there were patterns

in the endless spin of the wheel

and that it was more of a curve

that the noise of random numbers 

after thousands of spins

recorded on a computer

the pattern was clear

there was a bell shape curve

with an upswing 

and a downswing to the data

an early experiment 

in chaos theory

but with a practical application

if you are on a winning curve

keep going until the curve

turns into a losing curve

then walk away

and you might be a winner

according to science

but they have yet 

to be able to prove/disprove


that lucky numbers exist 

for you and me

mine was always 32

and when it pops

I swore that my lucky number

came up 

just a fluke 

according to science

another iron clad rule

the regression to the mean

the curve may go up 

and may go down 

but in the end 

it regresses to the mean 

and that means

the house always win

Anatomy of a legal Bank Scam 

Not too long ago

One trusted the banks

And the government


With your money,

your stocks

Your investments

Your financial life


Then the states discovered

That if you claim

Because you did not look at your account

Or perform an activity


They can send it to the State

Where it goes

into the lost property division

And the State can sell your assets


The banks are required to notify you

they never send you a letter

They falsely claim

They don’t have your address


Yet three months

before they had sent you a statement

which did not bounce


so you received it

three months later

without your knowledge or permission,


the bank declares

your property has been abandoned

violating their own rules

they have to wait three years

of no “activity”


but they send it in after 15 months

why ?

because they can


because you are nothing to them

but small cash they can steel

Then the State sends you

An official-looking letter

That screams fraud

You call the Bank Fraud’s office


They claim

It was a bogus letter

Your account is just fine

And you do nothing


Until the banks confirm

Oh yes we sent your funds

To the state

As per our strict rules


They did nothing wrong

You see

Did not know how to contact you

They falsely claim


The state tells you file

A claim

and because the amount is relatively small

no lawyer will help you


and the banks

will laugh at you

for trusting them

to do the right thing


the true bank robbers

are the banks

and the crooked states

working in cahoots


who love to steal

your money

because well they can

and they  just did


caveat emptor

my friends

the banks are not your friend

they will rip you off


with endless nonsensical fees

and rules

and red tape

and blame you for complaining


eventually, you may recover

your funds

After a long fight

perhaps not


welcome to American banking world

where financial crime

is not a crime

in the land of the no longer free


Jake Aller

one of your millions of customers

you screwed over


April 9 Love Chinquapin

My Love

Haunting my dreams

Nightly talking to me 

Then walked out of the dreams into 

my Life

April 10th Nightmare Butterfly Chinquapin

Night mares

Endless fears all night long

Huge Monsters chasing me

Hideous Creatures from Hell Itself


Fiendish Hell hounds escaped Banishes

screaming bloody murder

they chase me all the way

I die

April 10  Nightmare Chinquapin

Night mares 

Endless fears all night long 

Can’t escape running from these dreams

All night  

April 11 Dedication Poem to the women in my Dreams

Dedicated to the woman of my Dreams


lives in my dreams

I dedicate this poem

You came out of my nightly dreams 

My Love

My Love

I dreamt of you 

For eight long years starting 

Dream of you in 79 met in



We met in that year

Love at first sight I knew

You were the one for me my dream girl

My Love

The Art of Stealing Money –Anatomy of a Bank Scam

The bankers 

God rest their evil souls

Have mastered the art

Of stealing 

Their client’s money

Through one means or another

Your money

Is their money

And their money 

Is none of your business

Recently we fell victim 

To such a scam

We had stocks in a bank

But we failed 

To actively manage the account

And the bank said 

Because we had not acted

On the account 

Over three years 

We had abandoned the account

We fell victim 

to such a scam 

The bank 

was supposed to

To contact us

But they lied, 


That they did not know

Where we were

And could not contact us

Thus, our account 


Into the hands 

Of the greedy 

State of Delaware

We have to reclaim

The money

That the bank

Through their mistake

Sent to Delaware

If the bank 

makes a mistake

You loose

If you make a mistake

They win

That’s all part of the art

Of stealing your money

All in a day’s work

For the evil soul sucking bankers

The so called masters of the universe

Incheon Beach Waltz Wave Poem 


near home


sun set

The West Sea



Spring Time

night sun set

over the sea 

Sun goes down 

near by 



waves come in

over beach


is great


California Burning Bright


burning bright wildfires
end of the world
an apocalyptic
a vision of world’s end

April 15, 2019  Prayers for the Future of the Planet 

A shaman priestess

Is deep in thought 

Engaged in Meditation 

on the fate 

Of the earth 

She is deep in the cosmic woods

In the world between worlds

Where she is communing

With the spirits of the universe

Who listen to her tale of woe

She tells them 

Of the rise of the neo fascists

And the refusal to address

The possible end of the world

Due to run away climate change

She prays and prays

And finally

She receives an answer

More a prediction

It is all up to humans 

She has two visions

Of a possible future

Two contrasting visions

One a dystopian nightmare

The other an optimistic vision 

The first 

The neo fascists

Seize control

And usher in a dystopian nightmare

That ends with utter destruction

Nuclear war

Nuclear winter

Ends climate change

As civilization ends

And mankind retreat to caves

And it happens

In a blink of an eye

In less than five years

The world will end 

Game over civilization ends 

The second vision

The optimistic vision

Humanity wakes up

From their collective night mare

Throws off the neo-fascist cabal

And begin to change the world

Making the economy works 

For all of us

Not just the corrupt 1 percent

The so-called masters of the Universe

They are overthrown

In a people’s power revolution

All over the world

People wake up

Demand change

And slowly the world

Begins to recover

And overcome 

The dark hours

Of the present age

The shaman priestess

Returns home

To spread the word

It up to us

To choose our fate

The end is indeed near

It is darker than you think

But it is not over yet

If we choose the path

Of the cosmic light

And overthrow

The neo fascist cabal

And restore democracy

And peace will break out

And all will end well

If not

Well she says

You have been warned

The universe has spoken

So, mote it be

April 16, 2019

Why do all fake Natives call themselves “Cherokees”?

Erasure Poem 

So many fake Indians these days

Elizabeth Warren is one

And according to my DNA results

I am too

But my grand-parents spoke Cherokee my mom claims

And they disappeared into the hills 

She claims

Is the DNA test wrong?

Was I adopted ?

Or is it possible

That I am a real deal

A real Cherokee

Or am I fake Cherokee???

A Cherokee weighed in on this on Quora

First, I would never call them “fake Natives”. 

They are 99% white,

 mostly Blue-collar, and New Age Hippie,


who are simply 

lost without their own specific identity 

that they can proudly Claim, 

so therefore,

 they search for a certain Popular,

 Romanticized segment of Indigenous People 

that will “fit” 

into their Family’s historical Lore.

Second, it just happens to ALWAYS be … 

the Cherokee … 


either Blackfoot or Lakota.

AND, “My GGM was a Cherokee Princess”,

 as an add-on VALUE.

This is primarily

 because of the vast area 

formerly inhabited by the Cherokee.

 However, the tribes’ interaction 

with European immigrants since colonial times, 

led to a great deal of intermarriage 

with non-indigenous populations.

In many cases people have limited knowledge 

of the other Native American nations, 

that inhabited the areas in which they live. 

However, a lot of this is wishful thinking, 

and these people have African American 

or other non-European ancestry.

It is fashionable to claim indigenous ancestry , 

in an attempt to legitimize t

Their sense of belonging on our lands.

The reason is simple,

 they don’t know the names of the other tribes.

There has never been a song called 

“Indian Reservation” about Apache People

 or any other tribe but, the Cherokee.

“Indian Reservation” 

by Paul Revere and the Raiders.

So if those people aren’t Cherokee 

by blood at least it’s in spirit.

And so I conclude

I may be part Cherokee

Part of the lost tribe

Of the Cherokee

But who really knows 

My mother took many things

With her to the grave

Lots of family secrets

Things I will never know

But in my heart

I know

That I am part Cherokee

And so I will proudly 

Claim I am part Cherokee

In spirt 

If not in blood

Catching the Trump Madness

It seems that every day

The trump madness deepens

As our leader descends 

Into dementia and madness

And his followers continue 

To follow having drunk the Kool aide

They don’t see the madness 

That Trump has engendered

They are immune from all criticism

It is all fake news to them

Nothing but nonsense

Part of the anti-Trump cabal

And as the world descends 

Into more madness

Led by the mad king 

I despair

Wondering if and when

The world will wake up

And shake off this madness

This trump fever

Releasing the Trump Monsters

The Trump madness deepens

And the world grows darker

The evil ones have been released

The wild things are growling

The dogs of war

Satan’s hell hounds

Are on the loose

Howling at the moon

Running amuck

Infecting us all

With their madness

As we all turn into mindless zombies

Filled with hatred

Jealousy and insanity

As Trump and his neo-fascist

Cabal unleash the monsters

Of their dangerous id

Devouring all reason

Turning all they see

Into raving lunatics

As they set the world on fire

Ushering in the ends of days

Armageddon looms

Will Trump be raptured away?

Only God knows

And he is not telling

As we descend 

Into the maelstrom 

Hoping against hope

That we can overcome

The monsters 

That Trump has unleashed

In the end 

Perhaps it does not matter

As the world careens

Deeper into hell

There is no end 

Nothing but despair

Forever and ever

The Trump madness never ends

President Trump International Fire Fighter in Chief?

Our dear leader

Our favorite President

President Trump

Once again

Interjected himself

Into areas that he knows nothing about

Making a fool of himself 

In the process

Why does he do this?

Time after time

Talking nonsense

It is because

He is the smartest man

In the universe

Knows more than anyone else

And so he feels

He has to comment

On everything

Under the sun

And then some more

Even when he 

Does not know 

What he is talking about

So painful to watch such a fool

Mark Twain had sage advice

If you want people to think 

You are a fool

Open your mouth 

and remove all doubt

In the midst 

Of the devastating Paris Norte Dame Fire

He tweeted 

“So horrible to watch the massive fire 

at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris,”

“Perhaps flying water tankers 

could be used to put it out. 

Must act quickly!”

Later, Mr. Obvious noted, 

They’re having a terrible, 

terrible fire,” 

Mr Trump later told reporters. 

“It looks like it’s burning to the ground.”

The French were not amused

By the unwanted advice

By the fire fighter in chief 

France’s civil defense agency, 

Sécurité Civile, tweeted — 

once in French 

and once in English 

— less than two hours after Mr Trump 

sent his tweet 

and appeared 

to directly respond to the US president.

“Helicopter or aeroplane, 

the weight of the water 

and the intensity of the drop 

at low altitude 

could indeed weaken 

the structure of Notre Dame 

and result in collateral damage 

to the buildings in the vicinity,” 

the agency wrote in French.

And despite never posting updates in English, 

the agency then sent out a second tweet.

Hundreds of firemen of the Paris Fire Brigade are doing everything they can to bring the terrible #NotreDame fire under control. All means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral.

— Sécurité Civile Fr (@SecCivileFrance) April 15, 2019

And the French provided

This helpful advice 

To the Fire Fighter in chief

When California burned 

you did not seem to be a fire expert.

 Please, shut up. 

It is a tragic moment 

for the cultural heritage of humanity.


Bankers have a license to steal

money from their clients 

if you make a mistake

the bank can steal your money

as part of their banking license

Governments have a license

to steal money from the public

its is called taxation

or confiscation 

It seems that police these days

have a license 

to kill unarmed brown people

but only brown people

and the president 

has a license to lie

as he lies all the time

just because he can

and I have the ultimate license

the poetic license

to write these verses

to enlighten the masses

Balanced in Berkeley

Born in Berkeley, California

a product of the wild 70’s

just a lost white brother 

hanging about 



can you hang about  

listen to me  lover

wildness left from the 60’des 

want to fly away from California  


leave the 60’s

ride away my lover 

can you dig that without a doubt

born in Berkeley, California 

It is Darker Than You Think

It is darker than you think

an old hag

an old witch
strictly old school
is talking to young people

She tells them
that it is darker
than they think
the end times approach

She proclaims
she sees the world ending
and is warning them
of what is to come

She is following
the dark master
of the universe
waiting for the end

and she is afraid
she sees the world
the end of things
the end of life

She is afraid
she tells her students
to boldly face
the coming end

Spring Time Sketch in Youngjongdo, Korea

In the early morning dawn

I like to go for a walk

Down among the cherry trees

And flowering plants

Just to welcome

Another fine spring day

As the sun comes up

Dispelling my dismal mood

And filling me 

With love

Hope and peace

As I walk the path

Of the world peace forest

Near my island home

Near the chaos of the airport

Through the forest

and over the mountain

breathing the spring time air

alive filled with life

and I think to myself

this moment 

is the moment

that I am meant to experience

life itself

and nothing more

nothing less

Just breath in life 

Four Haiku

walking on the path
in the world peace forest
snowing cherry trees

the world at peace
walking with love of my life
all is right with me

the falling cherry trees
along the path of the forest
reminds us of love

endless noise on TV
quiet on the path outside
peace in my soul

Dangerous Times Tanka

in dangerous times
we retreat to our corners
convinced we are right
everyone else is evil
everyone else must die

Hidden Jewels in Seoul

In Seoul

A vibrant thriving city

Of a million stories

Of a million tales 

There are hidden jewels

All around the city


The city is laced 

With secret mountain paths

Only the locals know 


Where these paths go

As the mountain paths

Criss cross the city


Every neighborhood

Has their mountain


At the top

Lies the exercise equipment

And old men and woman


Perhaps the guardian angels

Of the mountain


Mountain spirits 

Stand guard 

At the top of the mountain


Looking down 

At the teaming masses


Old men and woman

Walk about 

In the trails


High in the mountains

The city is also laced

With canals and stream beds


Everywhere you wander

You are not far from water ways


The secret trails cover the city

Yet the city does not seem 

To know how to promote


These wondrous trails

Yes, the city of Seoul

Is filled with hidden treasures

Hidden gems

Deep in the mountains 


As I walk in the hills

Lost in thought


The cherry trees 

Snowing all around


I reflect again

On the hidden gems

The hidden trails

The hidden treasure of Seoul 

Life of an Exiled Poet Wandering the Mountains

I am living a lonely life

Exiled from my home land

A stranger in a strange land 

Far from where I grew up 

Searching for what I lost 

Just an exiled poet

Wandering the mountains

Deep in thought

Wondering what 

Adventures wait me 

As I wander the mountain paths

Wandering here and there 

Just searching for my lost life

Wondering where my life 

Has gone so terribly wrong 

And why I am on this path 

I see on the mountain path

A secret climbing cave

And I enter the cave

Hoping to find

A portal 

Back to my lost world

To my lost time

To the beginning

Of my journal

The beginning

Of my long exile 

But I can’t find 

My way back

And am soon lost 

And so I become

A ghost like figure

A lost soul of the damn

Doomed to wander 

The world 

Wandering the mountains

Lost in dark thoughts 

Forever exiled

From my love 

Walking Down the Frozen White Path

walking down the frozen white path

as the evening starts to falls 

as I walk in the snow and talk

listening to the bird calls

filling the air with the music of Bach 

I find myself getting lost 

as I continue my lonely walk

death waits heading to the end of time 

As I walk the snowing cold path

the dark evil evening continues to fall

the very stars are on the war path

lightening the up air as they fall 

littering the ground with their cosmic sprawl

as the dying sun sets into the dark night 

I come upon an ancient ruined wall 

No one around as the end time approaches 

I continue my lonely dismal walk 

Rushing towards the end of time

no more time for mere talk 

death waits heading to the end of time

Here We Go Again

In a few short months
The political silly season
Will be upon us

As the nation
And world
Prepares to choose

The next leader
Of these disunited States
Of America

Will the people
Wake up
And toss

The boy child president
Out on his proverbial butt?

Will sanity prevail
And reason return
To the body politic?

One can only hope
But I fear
That the Trumpmeister

And the dark shadow figures
Behind him

Have many cards
Up their proverbial sleeves

And they know
That the game is rigged
They know how it is played
And they know

Where the bodies are buried
For they buried the bodies

And are prepared
To do
Whatever it takes

To ensure
Their buddy

Their clown show

Will be reelected
So that they can continue
To rape, and pillage
The earth

Making gazzilions
Of dollars
As the world burns
And civilization grinds
To a halt

They will find a way
To escape
They are the ultimate survivors
After all

And they never
Get voted off the island
Because they own the island
The TV station
And everyone’s soul

And so, here we go again
And again

Until the end of time itself
A constant battle

Against the dark evil forces
Conspiring against common good

To them
We are just cogs
In the machinery
Mere inputs

They don’t care
About you or me
All they care about
Is how much they
Money they can make
Off of you

Strap in
Here we go again
The ride will get bumpy
Before it is all over

NRA Please Stop Talking

Another day
Another mass shooting
Another incident
of domestic terrorism

another gun man
killing people
because just because

And their stooges
Come out

Flood the airways
With their noxious
Poisionous weasel words

The NRA says
Mass shootings
Are like the weather

You can’t control them
You can’t predict them
And you can’t prevent them
Just have to accept it
It is all god’s will

Guns don’t kill people
If guns were outlawed
Only outlaws
Would have guns

Only solution
Is more guns
For everyone

An armed society they say
Is a polite society

Support for gun control
Is socialist/communist/fascist/anti-American/anti-Christian nonsense
The beginning of tyranny

If only the Jews had guns
The holocaust would not have happened

Jesus would want us all to be armed
with machine guns
To protect us against the evil doers

It is the Christian thing to do
To blow away evil doers
With heavy arms

In America
Land of the free
Home of the brave

We can’t do anything
At all
About the mass carnage

Unleashed by madmen with guns
Who walk among us
Searching for their next victims

Any restriction of the right
To bear arms
Is tyranny at its worst
The nanny state run amuck

Talking about gun control
After a tragic event
Is just not the appropriate time

We need prayers
And meaningless thoughts

Universal background checks
Too onerous

Registering guns
Too burdensome

Researching gun violence
waste of tax payer money

banning military style assault weapons
restricts my right to blow
away Bambi the deer with a M16

in the end
the NRA will keep talking
talking and talking

preventing anything
from being done

and we will have another
Mass shooting event
Before the day is out

So my plead
This day

To the NRA
And their stooges

Talk is cheap
Your comments
Are not helping

If you can’t
Be a part of the solution
Just stop talking
Please stop talking

And let the rest
Of us
Figure out

How to stop
The madness in the streets
And stop the carnage



The End

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the end

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