Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Museum

Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Museum

Poetry Superhighway will publish my poem, “Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum “On April 25, 2022. They had published my poem, “Never Again” in their 22nd annual Yom HaShoah edition in April 2020.

Dear Jake,

Thanks for sending work to Poetry Super Highway for us to consider for our 24th annual Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) issue.

We will be publishing your poem “Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC ” in this issue, which will go online Saturday morning (Pacific) and officially published during the dates of April 25 – May 1, and then forever thereafter in our Past Poets of the Week Archive.

Congratulations and thanks very much for participating in this special annual project.


Rick Lupert

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Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC
Never Again -published in April 2022 20th Yom HaShoah PSH special edition

Other Holocaust Poems submitted

Holocaust Remembrance in The Trump Era
Holocaust Remembrance in the Biden Era

Thoughts on Visiting the Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC

 holacaust-image-webp.webp April 23, 2022

April 23, 2022

San Adams
Had never been
To the Holocaust Museum,

Despite the fact
He had lived
And worked in DC for decades.

One day after he retired
He said to himself
It was long past time
To finally see the holocaust museum.

He went the week
After Charleston,
When the mob had chanted,
Jews will not replace us.

The museum affected him deeply
He had just confirmed
Through DNA

That he had at least 10 percent
Jewish ancestry
Among the 18 other nationalities
Swirling among his bloodlines.

Sam Adams was concerned
Those elements of antisemitism
We’re emerging among
The MAGA crowd.

But he dismissed
The fears that Trump
Was another Hitler
As liberal hyperbole.

It could not happen here
A new holocaust
Would never happen
But now he was not so sure.

Neo-Fascism Must Be Defeated Again


In this day and age of fake news
And neo-fascism rising yet again



It is important to bear witness
To the undeniable fact
That the holocaust can never come again
That is what we must vow every day.
Never again!

The rest of the poems I submitted follow:

Holocaust Remembrance in The Trump Era


While touring the Holocaust Museum
For the first time in his life,

Sam Adams
Encountered three young white MAGA boys.
Wearing Red hats and making
Sexually suggestive jokes About Jewish women
While they were touring the Holocaust.

One wondered if the Nazi guards
Were given an opportunity
To have sex with Jewish women
Before they were killed

Sam Adams was very angry
And wanted to confront the MAGA boys.
But finally decided what the hell

It probably would not
Make a difference,
They might think that he was just
An old Jewish man.
And dismiss his complaints.

The Holocaust Museum
Moved him deeply
Because he had just confirmed
Via DNA testing

That he indeed was part Jewish.
Maybe 10%.
He wondered what happened
To his Jewish Cousins
He didn’t even know he had.

And he vowed to himself.
That he would do
All he could to make sure

The world would
Never see another Holocaust.

Holocaust Remembrance in the Biden Era



Sam Adams thought naively
That when Biden was elected
That the US had turned a corner.

The Trump-inspired
Anti-Semitism, discrimination,
Fear, hatred, and xenophobia.

Would gradually
As a dark memory.

And that Americans
Would regain a sense of compassion,
Decency, hope, and love.

And a sense
That we are all in this together
As Americans.

Unfortunately, Sam thought
The MAGA Madness had not gone away,
Perhaps it was getting worse.

He was concerned that the recent
Anti-Asian violence could spread
Out of control.

And underlying
all that racism and xenophobia
Was anti-Semitism

Sam thought
If Trump becomes president again,
There’s a strong possibility

We could end up
with another Holocaust.

Perhaps this time targeted against
Asians, communists, blacks,
Coastal elites, democrats, Drug users,
foreigners, Hispanics, Gays,
Mexicans, Muslims, and socialists.

Of course, Jewish people
Would eventually
be rounded up.

Underlying all racism
Lies a deep vein
Of anti-Semitism.

Sam Adams felt depressed.
Realizing the Magna Madness
Was not over.

And another holocaust
Another final solution
Could emerge.

As America embraced
American Style fascism
Under a resurgent Trump
Or his successor demagogue.

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