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Poetryezine Publishes Cats

Poetryezine Publishes Cats

here are the published poems


The Cosmic Cat from Berkeley
Buddha Cat of Edsall Road
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Walking By A Winter’s Frozen Lake
Playing The Piano At The End Of Time

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In the future, I am planning to publish the anthology of the poems published in Poetryzine, I will let you know on time

Cats Truly alien species?








I often wonder about Cats
What do they think of us?
It seems at times

That cats think of humans
As their slaves
We exist to feed them
To comfort them
To save them from their enemies
And to worship them

Yes, cats are an alien species
Totally different from humanity
Detached, and almost evil

If we ever encounter an alien civilization,
God help us if it’s a cat based civilization,
We would then be engaged

In the epic mother of all wars
As cats and humans would not get along
The cats would think we were their slaves
And we would resent and fear them
And secretly worship their alien ways

Buddha Cat


I had another encounter
With the divine recently
Another Cosmic cat perhaps

Perhaps not
who knows what cats are
are they aliens from another dimension
or was he channeling God?

I call him the Buddha cat
For the cat loves
Sitting in a meditative pose

Not moving
Just starting at me

With his soulful deep eyes
Boring into my soul
exploring all my secret thoughts

the buddha cat
does not move
does not react

as he is so deep
into his interior mediation
truly in tune
with the cat universe
and the cosmos as well

the buddha cat
seems to be
one with God
one with Buddha
One with Allah

And all the other
Billion Names of God
Known and unknown

The buddha cat

Can teach us all
About the art of meditation
As he zones inward
And loses his soul

Joining the cosmos
And becoming
The buddha cat

The buddha cat
Lives in a modest
In a modest suburb,

Proving yet again
The divine spirit of God
Is everywhere all around us

The buddha cat
Reminds us all
To look for god
In the everyday

All around us
If we but have eyes
To see

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay


Sitting on the dock of the bay
Wasting time
Listening to the old classic blues song
Wondering how I got to this spot
This lonely place
By the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll in
And my life roll on
Rapidly fading into the past
As my life’s choices catch up to me
I will sit by the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll on in
With my life fading into darkness
As the sunsets
Over the bay
And the blues come over me
And I cry
Listening to the old song
These blues do not leave me alone

Walking By A Winter’s Frozen Lake

winter scene






Walking by a winter’s frozen lake
Under the glow of the full moon paraselene
As we abscond along the forest path
Blowing out my breath
On a jade necklace
With a lilt and tremor in my voice
I collapse on the ground
Asking my wife for a kiss
Telling her this is not a joke

Playing The Piano At The End Of Time

Playing the piano
In a blues band
Playing blues
For the end of time

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The End


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