thoughts about Cats – the true alien life form living amongst us humans.

Watching two cats
Fighting alongside the sidewalk
In suburban Incheon New Airport Town

Completely indifferent
To the humans walking around them

And the humans were indifferent to the cats

As they stood there fighting
And screeching at each other

One orange one
One half black half white one
Both middle age in cat years

As I sat there watching the cats
really getting into it
I wondered what they were arguing about?

But since I don’t speak cat
I really didn’t know

All I know is they were really screeching at each other
And almost look like they were about to attack each other

But one cat backed down
As the other cat stood their proverbial ground

If they were humans one would have pulled out a knife
Or a gun
And someone would have been killed

But being mere cats
They stared at each other

And walked away

but they kept glancing at each other

So I knew the fight as not over
Merely postponed until a later hour

Cats truly are the aliens
Who live among us humans

Or perhaps we are the aliens
Who live among the cats?


Cat thought

watching the black cat

Watching the black cat
Slinking about


I am reminded once again the cats
are not our friends
as I stare at him


an alien invader
From another planet





Mysterious Cat looking at me




As I look out
At the parking lot

I see a black cat
looking at me with dark soulful eyes
filled with mysterious secrets


I wondered
What the cat
thinks of me?


The cat looks at me
With a mysterious grin

The cat smiles at me
Like  the Cheshire cat


He smiles
and runs away into the bushes




Looking Out My Window


Looking out my window

In Incheon
What did I see

The neighboring apartment buildings
Obscured by the April rains


And yellow dust of early Spring
And in the distant the mountains
Aflame with spring colors

Beckoning me outdoors


Looking out my window

In Oregon

What did I see

Green trees
Silently watching me


And the cats gamboling along
Looking at me


While I look at them
Each wondering what sort of weird creatures
The other is

And who is the real alien species?


In Washington DC

Looking out my window
What did I see


I saw the squirrels in the trees
And the peaceful trees
Of Capitol Hill


Near the seat of power
Yet somehow


I felt It all far away

In Suburban Virginia

Looking out the window
What did I see


I often looked out my window
At the trees and the jungle
In my backyard


And heard the distant roar
Of traffic on the busy suburban street
As people rushed to get to the freeway


In the early morning hours

In Madrid Spain

Looking out the window


What did I see
I looked out at our Spanish neighborhood
Seeing the beautiful Madrid ladies


Walking down the street
Secretly admiring them from afar

In Barbados


Looking out the window
What did I see

The monkeys in the trees


Looking at me
Contemplating raiding my garden
As soon as I went away


In Seoul

Looking out my window
What did I see

The neighborhood
Alive outside my window
For so many years


In Seattle

Looking out my window
What did I see

I saw the everchanging green


Sea of trees
that is Seattle’s true color

The city is so lush and green
And alive with life’s endless possibilities

In Stockton


Looking out the window
What did I see

The traffic moving
Through the dense fog
That often fell upon the city


Obscuring everything in its embrace

And growing up in Berkeley
Looking out my window

I saw nothing


+But the dirt and trees
And shrubs
Of my ancestral home

And felt nothing
But loneliness


And a desire
To leave my home
As soon as I grew up


That is what I see
When I look out my window
Even to this day


I see where I have been
And wonder where I am going
As I stare out the window


Knowing that my life
Will surely come to an end

As I stare out at the world


Waiting waiting waiting
For my fate to unfold




Watching three cats


Watching three cats
gamboling along
Looking at me


While I look at them
Each wondering what sort of weird creatures
The other is

And who is the real alien species?




three cats ready to go

three cats
at play


they look out at the world
and they are ready


they are born hunters
they are hungry
they are restless


and they want
to escape
from the house


to chase birds
and other cats


That’s the cat’s life after all
they tolerate us humans
only because we feed them


But at heart
they are wild things
and wild things
Need to be free




Looking Out My Window


I look out my window
On the parking lot


And see the black mad cat
That lives underneath the apartment house


And look out at the park
Thinking of taking a walk


The cat looks at me
Kindred spirits perhaps
Retired waiting to die

Watching Cats Hunt


Early morning
Watching two white cats
Hunting a white dove


The cats hunt in pairs
Tracking the bird


The bird flies away
Safe for now


And I think about the cats
And the hunt goes on


Such is life
And the fate of cats
And birds


Cats April 19



I often wonder about Cats
What do they think of us

It seems at time
That cats think of humans
As their slaves


We exist to feed them
To comfort them


To save them from their enemies
And to worship them


Yes cats are an alien species
Totally different from humanity
Detached, and almost evil


If we ever encounter an alien civilization
God help us if it’s a cat based civilization


We would then be engaged
In the epic mother of all wars


As cats and humans would not get along
The cats would think we were their slaves


And we would resent and fear them
And secretly worship their alien ways



Photo by Kelvin Valerio on

The Cosmic Cat from Berkeley

Black cat on old rock wall Halloween night
I next encountered the divine many years later in Berkeley, California. I had gone home to be with my Mother while taking leave from my job in the Foreign Service. I had two weeks there by myself. My wife came later near the end of the trip. Every morning I woke up, had coffee, did yoga, read the paper, and spoke to my mother. She was sliding into dementia, day by day losing her reason. Then I would go out and explore the city, go to a museum, go to one neighborhood, see a movie matinee, have dinner with old friends, and just be there and re-discovering the Bay Area of my youth, after years of being away.

Every morning a black cat came to visit me. He was out in front when I got up staring at me, and waiting for to go out the door. The cat was friendly and waited for me and then would join me in my morning rambles following me to the bus stop or to the downtown BART stop if I walked as I frequently did. It was a 40-minute 2-mile stroll. And it was summer and the weather was delightful.

I started talking to the black cat, he looked at me with the spark of divinity in his dark soulful eyes. I called him the cosmic cat. He seemed to like that. He would look at me and I opened to me. I told the cat all my dark secrets as I walked the streets of the old neighborhood. Every morning and every evening the cat would be there to greet me and to carry out our endless conversation.

Then I had to leave and in our final conversation

I asked the cosmic cat

“Say, Cosmic Cat are you just a cat or are you a demonic cat

Are you possessed by God or by Satan? Are you a familiar of some dark witch?”

The cat looked at me and I realized that God was indeed residing in the cat but that God was residing everywhere, all around me. All I had to do was open my mind, and the rest would follow

So, I said goodbye to the cosmic cat and he purred and came up to me and I felt the comforting presence of the divine

As I said goodbye to the cosmic cat. And said goodbye to my demented mother. It turned out that was the last time
that we would be able to really talk. The next time I met her was when I came out to put her in an assisted living facility. I never talked to her again as I had during those two weeks when I hung out with the Cosmic Cat.

I told my mother about the cosmic cat. She smiled and said that the cat was there for me and her to comfort us both in our hour of need. And that the cat was indeed
a cosmic cat.